If you haven’t been playing, you’ve been missing out!

Hey Gamers!

We have been running immortal quests daily. You can almost always count on a trivia during the evening around 10-11pm EST. Prizes for every correct question and just for participation as well. We have also been hosting some classics like “The Great Ansalonian Race“, “Drunken Hide and Seek“, and one of the Dragonlance World’s Toughest Scavenger Hunts.

We have been running extra games every Tuesday and Saturday night at 11PM EST. This coming Tuesday will see the revival of some of your favorite games from years past. Hot Potato will get its first run in about 6 years on Tuesday night. We will also be bringing back one of our classic Maze games for everyone to play as well.

If we have at least 6 level 101 players on Tuesday night we will be re-opening the Mob Arena so everyone can take a crack at some of the toughest challenges in the game. This will include the traditional prize as well as participation prizes for everyone who plays.

Lastly I have renewed Dice Quest for another round! Start collecting all those diamond dice and you’ll be on your way to a fantastic prize! More details are available on the quest board in-game.

If you haven’t been by in a while, NOW is the time to come back!



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