New Area! Zhakar Fortress!

New area went in today, it’s one for the explorers of the world!

  • Name: Zhakar Fortress
  • Level: Ranges 30-45 for experience

The Fortress of Zhakar is built upon the long since ruined City of Zhakar,
most of which was below ground. Rumors say the city was vast and held
countless tunnels and chambers. During the cataclysm the entire region was
torn apart by volcanic activity. Legend says there are many treasures to be
found within those long lost caverns…

Recently a road was established heading up into the Khalkist Mountains, east
of Sanction. Reports state that the road is treacherous and winds its way
deep into the mountainous regions. The trek is not for the faint of heart
but a well versed explorer may do well deep within those caverns below the

Hint: Look for the Temple.