Saving Throws for Highbies…

Hey guys, log in and check out the update on Saving throws.
We’ve adjusted (and can on the fly) saving throw rolls as the original code was built around about half the level of playing that we have now, busted the Matrix and all that.

We are still working on a few things like level vs level impact, as well as a few others.
Let us know of any concerns ‘zomg’ moments. Thanks!

  • Ziv & Co.

One comment to Saving Throws for Highbies…

  • Zivilyn

    In our ongoing ‘saves’ battle, the spell CURSE…
    … became OMG OP…

    Saves used to be 1 * level (spell level)/8.
    So, a 101 casting using a charged staff, could bump that level to 125.
    15.6 rounds to 16.. With our updated saves maxes, that is like making
    the victim into a special needs gully dwarf wearing a magic attractor.


    Curse now does level/25. (Minimum of 1)
    So max is now a 4 impact (+1 if you use a charged staff).

    Bless however, gets caught by the saves ‘cap’ so shouldn’t be an issue.

    PS. PVE is unaffected, still /8. So yeah, they can, and you can fubar
    each other to your hearts content.

    Please let me know if you run into any ‘whaaaauuut?’ moments.
    – Ziv & Co.

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