Ansalon lulz – Havlin wtf?

Havlin…. wtf?

Havlin OOCs ‘you ever where feathers in your hair?’
Havlin OOCs ‘it’s become easy’
Takhisis OOCs ‘oh? what’s new in the science world?’
Havlin OOCs ‘Harnessing Schuman resonance frequencies’
Takhisis OOCs ‘how does one do that?’
Havlin OOCs ‘good question’
Makarth OOCs ‘kay havlin where are ya? :p’
Havlin OOCs ‘in the dark near shades’
Havlin OOCs ‘well, the schuman frequencies are the wavelengths of the EM spectrum which bounce between the earths surface and the ionosphere’
Havlin OOCs ‘so there’s a wide spectrum’
Havlin OOCs ‘there are particular geometric setups which can resonate at the peaks’
Havlin OOCs ‘sacred geometries interestingly enough’
Havlin OOCs ‘this is Tesla’s wireless power stuff’
Havlin OOCs ‘highfive mak’
Havlin OOCs ‘woops’
Havlin OOCs ‘maybe’
Havlin OOCs ‘bleh, sry’
Havlin OOCs ‘I’ve come to find that this game is a source of magic in and of itself’
Havlin OOCs ‘spent so many years playing here that the conversations we’ve had have put a large portion of our energy on the same wavelength here’
Havlin OOCs ‘much of our body language could be considered somewhat similar’
Havlin OOCs ‘everytime I get on here and throw out a new idea, that entanglement of that energy becomes exponentiated through all of you’
Havlin OOCs ‘anyways, fusing a dimension is as simple as wearing a symbol for a desired effect’
Havlin OOCs ‘holy crap’
Havlin OOCs ‘I just realized something’
Kallites OOCs ‘hey havlin you have any gain point coupons for sale?’
Havlin OOCs ‘the street layout of Palanthas is described in the second to last page of revalations’
Havlin OOCs ‘interesting :)’
Makarth OOCs ‘a square within a square within a square?’
Havlin OOCs ‘yes’
Havlin OOCs ‘described in precious stone’
Makarth: thats just because its easy :p
Havlin: lol
Havlin: Heaven is measured in cubits 😉
Makarth: lol
Havlin: just out of curiosity, how many of you have noticed any correlation between events in this game and real life?
Havlin: you can’t deny quantum entanglement
Makarth: rofl
Havlin: I’m serious, lol, anything at all?
Makarth: ive noticed the longer i play, the less women i meet :p
Havlin: haha
Havlin: the day I created a Solinari worshipper on here I met a girl named Solin irl
Havlin: quite a few other strange things
Havlin OOCs ‘it seems that whenever I talk about things on here, they happen in strange ways’
Makarth OOCs ‘*nod* Watch out how you treat the imms then :p’
Havlin OOCs ‘lol’
Havlin OOCs ‘we’re all imms irl :P’
Kallites OOCs ‘of course we are havlin :D’
Havlin OOCs ‘I could prove it to you’
Havlin OOCs ‘think about a paddle going through a pond’
Havlin OOCs ‘it creates a wake’
Havlin OOCs ‘think about yourself, creating a wake in the radiation that composes existance’
Havlin OOCs ‘your wake contains information about you’
Havlin OOCs ‘as such, we cannot be created nor destroyed’
Havlin OOCs ‘we are timeless’
Havlin OOCs ‘now if you’re composed of this ripple followed by your wake’
Havlin OOCs ‘whenever you’re approaching death, it’s like you’re getting stuck in a whirlpool behind a rock’
Havlin OOCs ‘have you ever seen groundhogs day?’
Kallites OOCs ‘love that movie’
Havlin OOCs ‘that explains the event horizon which would be this rock’
Miedo: Havlin, dont you think that’s a stetch? if our information is timeless, sure some of it is saved, but lets go with your energy argument, it just gets transformed into something else and we’re lost..
Miedo: or am I smoking too much tea bags?
Havlin: who says’s we’re lost?
Havlin: you have a computer backup in the stars
Makarth OOCs ‘well that depends on your definition of ‘we’: be ‘we’ consciousness, or particles and energy’
Havlin OOCs ‘true’
Havlin OOCs ‘I like to think of us all as the same point of existance’
Makarth OOCs ‘why not..but we sure as hell wont be playing ansalon for all of existence :p’
Havlin OOCs ‘from 4.5 billion light years away, it would appear that we are the same point of existance’
Havlin OOCs ‘unless all of us have already died and it is actually our characters on ansalon which keep tangents of our existance “alive” ;P’
Makarth OOCs ‘lol..i sure hope so’
Havlin OOCs ‘these conversations are hilarious on here, because we have immortals :D’
Kallites OOCs ‘rofl’