Ansalon lulz – Sobles WTF? Episode 2

Sobleski WTF? Episode 2

Sobleski: ?
Sobleski: 😉
Paladine: Hey there Sobleski!
Sobleski: I have that effect on people
Sobleski: why hello there
Sobleski: hehe
Sobleski: I don’t
Sobleski: the world of science is nuts
Sobleski: was even nuttier is how the book of revalations is playin into my life as of now

Sobleski OOCs ‘’
Sobleski OOCs ‘carbon fiber flyin’ scateboards’
Sobleski OOCs ‘skateboards*’
Sobleski OOCs ‘;)’
Sobleski OOCs ‘at least that’s my application idea’
Sobleski OOCs ‘I landed on my face yesterday’
Sobleski OOCs ‘not fun’
Sobleski OOCs ‘so I used this device last week’
Sobleski OOCs ‘that let me use mind control over my computer’
Sobleski OOCs ‘’
Sobleski OOCs ‘yes’
Sobleski OOCs ‘sitting on the toilet :)’
Sobleski OOCs ‘:P’
Sobleski: strange things have been happening in my life lately
Sobleski: like being able to manifest shit with my subconscious
Sobleski: so long as it is selfless
Sobleski: heh, no clue
Sobleski: I can’t really explain it
Sobleski: my life is following a very similar path
Sobleski: to that of the angle of death,
Sobleski: I’m a messenger of natures wrath
Sobleski: have been for some time
Sobleski: now I’m building carbon fiber wings with a hydraulically acculated power source and
Sobleski: compressed air jet system with a vein pump
Sobleski: 12 carbon fiber flaps
Sobleski: the angle of death has 12 wings
Sobleski: like I said, I can’t explain it
Sobleski: but the more I believe it, the more I can control with my mind
Sobleski: I wonder if that headset is fucking me up
Sobleski: what is your email
Sobleski: I’ll send you a picutre of the cad model soon
Sobleski OOCs ‘my friends’
Sobleski OOCs ‘please look at this and really think about it’
Sobleski OOCs ‘because I’m tellin you now’
Sobleski OOCs ‘’
Sobleski OOCs ‘every scientist at NASA is worried about this’
Sobleski OOCs ‘we need to find out what we’re to do’
Sobleski OOCs ‘it’s rather serious at this point’
Sobleski OOCs ‘take care, I love you all’