Ansalon lulz – Sobles WTF? Episode 5

Sobleski WTF? Episode 5

The system time is: Tue Oct 7 10:56:03 2008
Sobleski OOCs ‘hello folks’

Keraz OOCs ‘hmm -<[[MOOOOAAARRR!!]]>-‘
Keraz OOCs ‘still kind of weak’

Twistreed OOCs ‘we need multi page ASCII art saying MOAR’

Keraz OOCs ‘lol’

Twistreed OOCs ‘and we need someone to gecho it’

Keraz OOCs ‘like that rick roll one?’

Twistreed OOCs ‘indeed’

Keraz OOCs ‘any patriot act things lately sobleski?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘nope’
Sobleski OOCs ‘but I think I know how a flying staff would work :D’
Sobleski OOCs ‘just think ferromagnetic superfluids’
(or perhaps much acid and mushrooms)

Twistreed OOCs ‘sobleski, you should turn your talents to making porno’

Keraz OOCs ‘do tell’
Keraz OOCs ‘the rest’

Sobleski OOCs ‘I actually had to drop out of school yesterday due to finances’
Sobleski OOCs ‘kind of lame’

Keraz OOCs ‘that blows’

Sobleski OOCs ‘yeah, I’m not too worried though’
Sobleski OOCs ‘4.5 million is on the way’

Twistreed OOCs ‘you could make the money back with porno’

Keraz OOCs ‘congressional pay-off for silence?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘lol, I never really thought of it as that’
Sobleski OOCs ‘it very well could be’
Sobleski OOCs ‘it came to me via my chruch’
Sobleski OOCs ‘interesting’

Twistreed OOCs ‘if you get into porno, money will come to you via your crotch’

Sobleski OOCs ‘that would be fun’

Keraz OOCs ‘yeah more fun that way too’
Keraz OOCs ‘maybe your church is a safehouse for feds’

Sobleski OOCs ‘anyone want to freak someone out?’

Twistreed OOCs ‘you could do for porno, what the masked magician guy does for magic’

Sobleski OOCs ‘via facebook?’

Keraz OOCs ‘shure’

Sobleski OOCs ‘this dude named eric on facebook thinks I’m an alien’

Keraz OOCs ‘there are some dudes here that think that too

Sobleski OOCs ‘he just posted a crazy comment on my wall yesterday’
Sobleski OOCs ‘lol’

Twistreed OOCs ‘I had some aliens that thought my name was eric. ..’

Sobleski OOCs ‘he’s convinced I was implanted’
Sobleski OOCs ‘here’s an interesting thing’

Twistreed OOCs ‘did yout ell him they’re all you’

Sobleski OOCs ‘ever hear of the Illuminati moonchild experiments’

Keraz OOCs ‘when its in the butt its rape not implant’

Sobleski OOCs ‘lol’

Keraz OOCs ‘never heard of it’

Twistreed OOCs ‘I’m out, back to work’

Keraz OOCs ‘cya twist’

Twistreed OOCs ‘hi ho hi ho and all that shit’

Sobleski OOCs ‘it’s interesting’
Sobleski OOCs ‘I think I might be a part of that’
Sobleski OOCs ‘seeing as my father was “killed” 48 hours after I was concieved’

Keraz OOCs ‘that sucks’

Sobleski OOCs ‘there are quite a few interesting things going on, I wish I could tell you folks in person’
Sobleski OOCs ‘later’