Ansalon lulz – Sobles WTF? Episode 6

Sobleski WTF? Episode 6

Quantum Entanglement by Sobleski.
Recorded LIVE by Kiri!
March 14, 2009. 9:04.44 A.M.
Sobleski OOCs ‘looking for work sucks’

Tarones OOCs ‘so does having a job :\’

Sobleski OOCs ‘at least you have money’

Kiri OOCs ‘Weren’t you expecting a couple mil from the church Sobleski?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘long story’

Kiri OOCs ‘I got all day. =)’

Sobleski OOCs ‘:)’
Sobleski OOCs ‘well’

Codex OOCs ‘I dont.. sum it up’

Sobleski OOCs ‘let’s say I recieved something worth more than money, but I haven’t figured out how to fully use it yet’

Kiri OOCs ‘worth more than money?’
Kiri OOCs ‘what is it?’

Takhisis: sweet. I had to run, so I’m glad things got going

Sobleski OOCs ‘identity’

Kutaka OOCs ‘a euro, mayhaps?’

Tarones OOCs ‘rofl katuka’

Kiri OOCs ‘care to elaborate on that sob?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘I was getting all these emails about this inheritance’

Kiyohime OOCs ‘He can walk on water, but, doesn’t know how to cpaitalize on it yet?’

Kutaka OOCs ‘da-shiang bao-tza shr duh lah doo-tze’
Kutaka OOCs ‘its kutaka, asshole’

Sobleski OOCs ‘not the typical spam ones’

Kutaka OOCs ‘dont forget it’

Sobleski OOCs ‘back in August’
Sobleski OOCs ‘I put all my faith in something I couldn’t see’
Sobleski OOCs ‘something Divine happened’

Kiri OOCs ‘What happened?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘I re-acquired an identity’

Kiri OOCs ‘What identity?’

Kiyohime OOCs ‘Identity theft?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘my own, my father was killed 48 hours after I was concieved’
Sobleski OOCs ‘on a railroad cross’
Sobleski OOCs ‘took on my older brothers last name’
Sobleski OOCs ‘at brith’

Kiri OOCs ‘Ouch, sorry to hear that.’

Sobleski OOCs ‘birth*’
Sobleski OOCs ‘getting in touch with my real family occured as a result of this inheritance thing’
Sobleski OOCs ‘as they didn’t know I existed’
Sobleski OOCs ‘my father was 22 when he was killed’

Kiri OOCs ‘What do you mean by “real family” ?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘my ancestry’

Kiri OOCs ‘Ah, okay. Well grats man.’

Sobleski OOCs ‘this is why it’s worth more than money’
Sobleski OOCs ‘you know of quantum entanglement?’

Kiri OOCs ‘Nope’
Kiri OOCs ‘what is that?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘well, essentially my body language is very similar to other people within my line of DNA’
Sobleski OOCs ‘I haven’t had access to half of my manifest ability most my life’

Kiri OOCs ‘What is manifest ability?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘since I’ve gotten in contact with my fathers family some very profound things started happening’
Sobleski OOCs ‘since my body language is similar to theirs’
Sobleski OOCs ‘when I get in contact with them, they entangle existance in much the same way I do’

Kiri OOCs ‘What kinds of things been happening man?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘:)’
Sobleski OOCs ‘I’ll explain in just a moment, anyways, since they entangle existance the way I do’
Sobleski OOCs ‘when I contact them, they send out a ripple which is directed toward me through every person they’ve ever talked to’
Sobleski OOCs ‘such is chaos, anything could happen at any moment, when I call a family member in the morning, their body language creates this huge amount of “pull” energy from surrounding minds as it travels my way’
Sobleski OOCs ‘here’s this “grid” as depicted by nobel-winning physicist Franik Wilczek’
Sobleski grats ‘’

Kiri OOCs ‘alright let me take a look..’

Sobleski OOCs ‘things that have happened.. hmm’
Sobleski OOCs ‘well, my dad had a Brother named Andrew, whom I look like’

Kiri OOCs ‘Anything more profound? I’m trying to understand’

Sobleski OOCs ‘I got this impulse to email him on Feb. 11th, within which I included information about building a philosophers stone and a bunch of pictures from stones I made’
Sobleski OOCs ‘it was his birthday’
Sobleski OOCs ‘I hadn’t messaged him since September’
Sobleski OOCs ‘had no idea’
Sobleski OOCs ‘I started calling my brother in the morning a few weeks back’

Codex OOCs ‘philosphers stone? that like your version of a sorcerer’s stone? *duck*’

Sobleski OOCs ‘3 days later, his work in Seattle started sending him to Bellingham’

Kiri OOCs ‘Most people call that a coincidence, no?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘he was sent up 3 times in one week, he hasn’t been up here more than once in the last two years’

Kutaka OOCs ‘its obviously the NWO’

Sobleski OOCs ‘every morning I call my mom and grandma, the afternoon is sunny’
Sobleski OOCs ‘quantum entanglement’

Kiri OOCs ‘and if you don’t call them?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘over time, things will get shitty’
Sobleski OOCs ‘why do you think women are so critical of men being on good terms with their mothers?’

Mennik OOCs ‘they’re jealous’

Sobleski OOCs ‘the way in which you entangle your surroundings becomes similar to that individual and as such this energy is easily stackable.’

Kutaka OOCs ‘ive known quite a few that arent’

Sobleski OOCs ‘What it really comes down to is having the ability to communicate with people youve spent a long period of time with on a consistent basis. ‘
Sobleski OOCs ‘this extends beyond death’
Sobleski OOCs ‘into the extended fabric of your DNA’
Sobleski OOCs ‘it’s worth more than money’
Sobleski OOCs ‘because it can influence everything, including the weather your experience’
Sobleski OOCs ‘your = you’
Sobleski OOCs ‘When family members do this, theyre constantly putting energy through the system that is directed towards each other.’
Sobleski OOCs ‘As this energy scatters and recombines at both ends it entangles with it a huge amount of vacuum/pull energy from surrounding minds, which can essentially pull you into a completely new dimension, or “sweet tangent” on your day that otherwise wouldnt’
Sobleski OOCs ‘have been there’

Kiri OOCs ‘How can one man’s entanglement affect so many others’ weather though?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘Fusing Dimensions’
Sobleski OOCs ‘do you think it is possible to consistantly walk within the eye of the storm?’

Sobleski makes this poor kid vaporize himself…

Gardain is contemplating deletion.
Gardain turns himself into line noise.
Gardain rejoins the real world (Room 32451).

Kiri OOCs ‘I’m not sure what you mean’

Kutaka OOCs ‘no, the storm goes away at a certain point’

Sobleski OOCs ‘what if the storm breaks around you’

Kiri OOCs ‘Are you speaking in metapohors or do you mean literally?’

Kutaka OOCs ‘i dunno, its done storming?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘literally’

Tarones OOCs ‘so one person can affect the weather for everyone in that area because of this energy?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘but it could be taken either way’
Sobleski OOCs ‘if someone truly believes and understands that they are their own God, they become capable of anything through their loved ones’

Kiri OOCs ‘Well, then there we have it.’
Kiri OOCs ‘So in a nutshell, you are a god?’

Codex OOCs ‘Wow.. so.. domination through family.. Im getting out there to spread my seed again’
Codex OOCs ‘and all this time i just thought sex wsa for fun’

Sobleski OOCs ‘that’s an amusing question coming from an immortal’
Sobleski OOCs ‘but essentially yes’
Sobleski OOCs ‘so are you’
Sobleski OOCs ‘we’re the same God :)’

Tarones OOCs ‘so do you mean we are all gods in our own right?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘yes’

Kiri OOCs ‘I’m afraid I’m just workin’ man’

Kutaka OOCs ‘its just semantics really, it depends on your own defination of what a god is and does’

Codex OOCs ‘WE’RE not Sob..’

Kutaka OOCs ‘i obviously didnt create myself’

Sobleski OOCs ‘you didn’t?’
Sobleski OOCs ‘’
Sobleski OOCs ‘maybe you just don’t remember’
Sobleski OOCs ‘that’s a picture of omnipresence’

Diago OOCs ‘I am going to have to agree with Kutaka, on this one, I didn’t create myself’

Sobleski OOCs ‘you are essentially your parent’
Sobleski OOCs ‘so in that respect, you did indeed create yourself’

Kutaka OOCs ‘i mean, are you counting cell division?’

Diago OOCs ‘if you are omnipresnt then wouldn’t you also be omnipotent?’

Kutaka OOCs ‘because i wasnt the source of the cells in the first place’

Sobleski OOCs ‘you are’

Kutaka OOCs ‘and if youre omnipotent, how dont you remember creating yourself?’

Diago OOCs ‘and if i was omnipotent how could i have fogotten?’

Mennik OOCs ‘omniscient and omnipotent are separate’

Sobleski OOCs ‘the neural connections you’re making right now are magnetically/gravitationally/quantumly entangled with everything, your thoughts are forming galaxy clusters 4.7 billion light years away’

Kiri OOCs ‘So, who or what created this quantum entanglement?’

Makarth OOCs ‘sobleski what have you started again? :p’

Sobleski OOCs ‘:)’

Kutaka OOCs ‘so, using a picture of a mouses neurons and what is essentially an artists conception of the universe, you became a god?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘anyone who creates’
Sobleski OOCs ‘think about a slide projector for a moment’

Codex OOCs ‘SOb.. if that were true.. what happens in that galaxy 4.7 lightyears away when some creature of intellict there has a thought? we’d be wipde out here..’

Sobleski OOCs ‘your brain being the slide placed upon the projector’
Sobleski OOCs ‘the image on the wall being the entirety of existance’

Kiri OOCs ‘Well the laws of quantum entanglement must have had a beginning. Everything has a beginning.’

Sobleski OOCs ‘that’s a very good question’
Sobleski OOCs ‘I guess it begins with our collective memory’

Kiri OOCs ‘”our” as in humans?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘I’d say this goes beyond humans’

Kiri OOCs ‘or do animals and plants and bacteria have this same “feature” too?’

Sobleski OOCs ‘You can’t seperate them from omnipresence’
Sobleski OOCs ‘defies the meaning of the word’
Sobleski OOCs ‘It’s kindof hilarious’
Sobleski OOCs ‘I wonder how many people worship a God they believe to be seperate from themself’

Kiri OOCs ‘So let me ask you, what research have you done on this? You seem fairly knowledgable on the subject so I’m curious.’

Sobleski OOCs ‘well :)’
Sobleski OOCs ‘I’ve studied several different religions’

Kiri OOCs ‘not on religion’

Sobleski OOCs ‘the flower of life, tree of life, Qur’an’

Kiri OOCs ‘on quantum entanglement’

Sobleski OOCs ‘my own experience’
Sobleski OOCs ‘I’ve read about it’
Sobleski OOCs ‘this is just the way I’ve understood it’
Sobleski OOCs ‘it’s something that makes sense when I apply it to reality beyond equations’

Kiri OOCs ‘so you believe it to be true because you read it? Not to sound condescending, its just a fair question.’

Sobleski OOCs ‘the idea that everything is connected’
Sobleski OOCs ‘it makes sense logically’

Kiri OOCs ‘Not really. If we are all connected then we would all believe the same stuff.’

Sobleski OOCs ‘you throw a rock in a lake, every point in that lake is going to feel that slight pressure change’
Sobleski OOCs ‘it’s all a matter of interpretation’
Sobleski OOCs ‘we might all be trying to say the same thing’
Sobleski OOCs ‘and have completely different approaches’
Sobleski OOCs ‘I’d never try to prove anyone wrong, because regardless of their message, everything can be reinterpretted as something else entirely’
Sobleski OOCs ‘Like, if I’m to take omnipresence seriously, I’d have to seriously act as if God were speaking to me through all of you. Which I do believe.’
Sobleski OOCs ‘none the less, check this out. ‘
Sobleski grats ‘’
Sobleski OOCs ‘for anyone who wants to shoot lightning bolts from their hands’