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Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a worn folio to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Ryna' scribed in dull yellow ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Ryna's book..

Author: Ryna Date: Sat Sep 26 16:06:56 2015 Subject Budding Ambition

On the merky forest trail, north of Neraka a loud wood cracking sound is herd coming from a simple looking covered wagon. The wagon had a single draft horse, whom seems to be well tended and in decent health. The cart however has seen better days. The bottom half wodden with a frame and waterproofed leathers over it. Ryna swears and pulls her stick horse to a stop as she moves to check her cart. She looks over the wood and sighs. Need to get it repaired soon. She hmms determines that it should last the rest of the trip if she moves slow. She looks around while stopped eyeing the litchens and moss about. She moves to collect some samples. Carefully putting them into pouches, tieing unique knots for each. Need to find out if there were any unique properties of them later... find some... volenteers.. maybe. she smiles a little at that thought before she gets back into the drivers seat and signals her horse to a walk. She looks over her pouch and items, stock was low. She just went throuth Nordmaar, so many needing help there. Made a bit of profit, not much. But she followed the oaths she took to gain the medical knowledge she had. Gained some supplies least, better sleeping gear and some items she might could try to install in the cart eventually. She looks ahead to the trail to Naraka. Profits ahead. Interestesting times ahead, and if she didn't get good offers there she will just move on. She keeps an eye out around her, for trouble as well as for any reconizable herbs to replenish her stock. She looks ahead and notices a small family. A child and woman helping a man limp along, headed to Naraka. She eyes their worn clothes and meager packs. Likely refugies. Ryna moves to pull up by them and speaks in common. "Hello there, Get into trouble?" The family stop and look to Ryna warily, "Who are you? What do you want?" The man demands trying to stand on his one and winces as he puts weight on his bad leg. Ryna nods her head, trying to deside if this family might be more trouble then they were worth. "My name is Ryna, As for what I want...." she pauses. Well if they couldn't pay her... she did need those volenteers.... yes... "I am a doctor by profesion. Just noticed you looked to be hurt... as well as traveling the same direction as I am." "You want to help us? Why?" "Well I did not claim my help was free but we can discuss price yet..." Ryna gets down from the cart and moves to look over and tead the wound. Seemed like a bad sprain with some swealling. She looks to the kid and gets him to help by collecting the herbs she needed to help their dad, describing them in detail. She works on setting up a fire and gets her payment before she tends the wounds. Working on a slave to help the swelling before wrapping it. Giving instructions to keep their weight off it and offering a ride the rest of the way, for a price of course. Interesting times ahead indeed...

Author: Ryna Date: Sun Oct 4 14:28:44 2015 Subject Before the storm...

As Ryna moves to get back to her cart she reflects on what brought her here. She had little trouble with the guards. Worked on finding out how much she needed to pay and do to be able to set up her cart where she wanted it. Securing a place at the White inn to have the cart at night. She got her first meal there. Asking only for some hot water for tea. She heard an odd cough here and there as she ate and steeped her tea with herbs for alertness and such. She adds some mild things that might help coughs. Coughs spread. Sure enough by the next day, after getting what herbs and things she can from local shops, she noticed more people with coughs as she set up her cart. She would start her notes. working on trying to track things. Some people would approach asking what she was selling and she explained that she was a doctor and offering her services. Most scoffed at the idea of having a dr not 20 feet from a temple. And not like they get that sick anyway. She shrugs it off and when she noticed some of them coughing she offers them a cup of tea, saying it would help them feel better.... That night she started working on putting together some pouches with tea mixtures. Focusing on the cough first. By that day she had customers wanting more of that teat that helped them the first day, this time coming with coin. That day was when the fever symptoms started showing and that night she adjusted her notes and made the second group of pouches. Trying to be sure she has the supplies. Offering premade tea with the contents to some or the poor. By the time of the meeting with the Highlord her endevors were gaining traction. She had made a bit of profit so far though. She made it back to her cart and thanked the ones watching it. Reminding them of her earlier instructions and suggesting they have soup to eat. Her eyes move to the hoard of poor and to her new guards as she moves to offer to help a few of them to help narrow down if things to help the fatigue and chills could be added to the teas without causing... unfortunate side effects. She even takes the time to explain what she was asking of them and offering... small compensation for the aid. Getting th list with the findings and suggestions. To be sent in well before nightfall. along with estimated costs per person for things. as she doesn't know how much of everything would be needed over all. Least teas could be stretched if steeped together... She also includes a pack of stuff for a night tea for himself, and again mentions that if he She also includes a pack of stuff for a night tea for himself, and again mentions that if he had not already eatten that he should get a bowl of soup.

Author: Ryna Date: Fri Oct 23 01:32:28 2015 Subject Preparing for the new Clinic...

Ryna moves to check the contents of the cases of supplies she had stored in her cart. She looks at her notes about the sickness. The sickness seemed to be respatory in nature. It was those whom suffered by breathing problems that were most vunerable to it. She looks over the timeline she was working on for when and where the symptoms show. {pDay 1 - 4 The patent comes in contact with someone whom is either a carrier or is sick. Something about the contact seems to spread the infection. Sparse cough seems to sometimes show. As it is in the breathing and lungs, I suspect being in close contact is what causes this. Family are more suspeptiable to catch it in this time. A runny nose starts to show up for those that get symptoms. Most think they just have a cold as they cough every so often. {pDay 5 *Key day* If people get access to a black tea infused with borage or ipecac on this day, the first day the fevor, chills, aches, sore throat, worsening cough, and running nose on this day most seem to recover within one to two more days. But catching people on this day, and with the rarity of ipecac this time in the season. Very few cases are fully healed this way. And even when past I am unsure if this stops those whom were sick from still spreading the sickness. {pDay 6 - 9 Is the fight. Green teas of borage, and elderflower helps to fight off the symptoms. Soup is recomended to eat. An extra cup of tea also improves alertness and combats fatigue. Those whom suffer more from the cough and build up need to spend some time in the steam tents with the boiled rampalt steaming in there. doesn't smell the best but it clears the runny nose and congestion fast. Doesn't last and will fade overnight. Those with bad breathing NEED this treatment to survive. Else likely to start decending into worse symptoms that I suspect are a secondary illness. The cough gets worse. the breathing harder. The loss of liquid and not being able to breath tends to be the most common killer of this sickness. Only the weak or already sick will sucumm even without treatment. {pDay 10 - 14 Is the turn around. This happens sooner if the fight is sucessfull and closest to the day things start really hitting. Still feel ill but the cough starts to ease up... yu feel tired a lot. Teas and soup are still recomended. Those whom did not get treated, were heathy and showed symptoms seem to recover by this point. Those That were untreated and ill go into a second worse stage by this point that was the scondary illness. Ryna closes her book. The price of all those herbs were going up due to the illness, especially with some being out of season. Keeping this illness contained. Was not happening.. Trade, and life continued as it did in the early stages and there are some people whom just do not seem to show any sign of being sick. She moves to get her matress out an lays down. Knowing there would still be a guard outside she could rest well. She takes out a coin and rolls it between her fingers. Wealth, Power, Knowledge... all seemed to be offered on this path... yet things are not gained for nothing. She contiplated what the price might be and snatches the coin. She lets out her breath, heavy thoughts for trying to sleep. She sighs and rolls to her side and tries to sleep proper. Even with so much to do... need to get some rest... at times... every so often... She slowly drifted off to sleep wondering how long till the sickness spread right accross Krynn.

Author: Ryna Date: Sat Nov 14 13:02:34 2015 Subject The Clinic (part 1)

The ash drifted through the air of the northern camp in Sanction. Ryna watches as contractors work on the latest upgrades to her cart she could afford. She pats her horse scritching him behind the ear. The Clinic camp starting to seem well organized. It had taken a while to get things in order, she was not used to being in charge of not just the medical aspects but as they came into things at Sanction the being in charge of the Clinic took on more meaning. She was in charge of people and though still unsure about military rank structure and whatnot she had set to work with the Red Watch members she came with. Not afraid to ask their thoughts and advice on the men's desposition. She had a focus to keep the medical comunity safe. She watched the area. The tents orderly but not all occupied. The intake workers are the apprentices of the trade. Knowing, and learning how to diagnose what someone needs and discribing it to the pair of soilders posted whom escort the patient to where they should go. The camp was starting to get along and work well. The soilders almost having a code to help direct. Work had been invested into identifing magi. And everyone had shifts that they worked so everything should run smoothly without people getting burn out. She wanted to ensure the best health and well being for those working with her after all. It would work out to her best advantage. With access to the ports here trade and getting supplies were easier. Her sceduall was booked solid. Between needing to head to the large building some kept calling a palace to be sure the health of everyone there is okay. Hope that no one got jumped in an ally that day and make her daily reports. Then taking her shifts, the same length an volume as everyone else working the clinic. Then spend some time unwinding and exploring the ins and outs of weaponizing sickness, trying to see if there was other ways to use poisons that could work and be useful in a weaponized format. She looks over what she had done. She knew she was not the only one not really sleeping lately. Though with groundwork starting to fall into place it meant a marginally less time needed to be spent supervising. And allowed her an extra few moments of sleep from time to time. The reports were that this illness had started to spread faster then a kender could run at the sound of someone saying "Hey You!". She reflects on the direction of the sudden spread to the east. Yes... kender do seem to move rather swiftly somehow. She didn't mention the talkitive kender whom chose to sit at the clinic for an afternoon in order to help find the man whom had lost something. In person... the guy whose disciption changed each time he was mentioned and she was half surprised the kender had not given him a third eye and a peg leg before he finnally was unable to bear sitting still and made to head off. She had started to worry that maybe she had spoke to him too much and that he might get attached. But was releaved to make it to being able to pull out of Santion without it following.

Author: Ryna Date: Sat Nov 14 13:03:15 2015 Subject The Clinic (part 2)

Ryna snaps out of her thoughts as the workers flag to her that they are done. She looks over the work and nods approvingly and moves to get them their pay. The most recent work to add more... defencable measures. Things that would give her an advantage if someone with a short temper, and the taunt happy one decided to meet up inside her cart with knives drawn again. They should respect her home more and take that shit outside. The pair likely owes her that much respect at least. Not that one was contious through most of the early trip, or focused enough to realize what all she had done to help him help regain his health. The phenominon of the temple was an interesting subject. She did not notice the same symptoms in those being kept in the temple dungeon since arriving in Santion. There were so many interesting things in the world really. Though... depending how how talks with certain contacts go she may be adding more work to her plate and losing those moments of sleep gained... the prospect of what that would gain her though... yes that would not be a poor investment. That line of thought was interupted yet again by one of the soilders delivering a message at how she should come deliver her report sooner then later today. She arches her brow slightly then moves to be sure she has all the needed data before setting off. There did seem to be some sort of trouble afoot. Might as well find out what it was....

Author: Ryna Date: Tue Jan 5 13:52:32 2016 Subject Sleep is for the weak.

Sleep. Was not as nessisary as most peoples believed in long doses of just staying still. No you can sleep just fine in small naps. Taken spread out over the day. So long as you do not miss any, you will not feel like the walking dead. Ryna moves to get up and get herself some tea. The tea helped too. So many wonderful herbs. And being in a port town. And with the more recent contacts her reach was getting better when it came to supplies. They had almost had a crunch with the herbs for the sickness though. But... she mused... it should be starting to run it's way through. Most whom have gotten it do not seem to relapse. She sipped her tea and looked over the nights reports and considers the recent devolpments. Today she should go into Duerghast. She gets her supplies some new herbs and newest findings. That rather foul combination... that was interesting when she took that to the temple... and other ones that seems to cause a more explostive reaction... how could they best weaponize that... hmm.. She needed to find something... there was something she could do here. Would take extra work but the potential pay out. Even if she is not reconized directly. The undead cannot complain as she tries experiments. But they also do not show all of the side effects. She still needed to do live experiments in tandam. Working with the undead was interesting. And You didn't have to tie them down and use a funnel to get them to take things... though take was a odd term for it really. She was enjoying working with Sylph. Both of them learning from the other. There was so very much to learn yet. Ryna moves to step out to relitive chaos. Men running about far more then usual and shouting. Ryna's brow furrows. She moves to try to get a report. A very nervous guard gets the short stick and has to break the news of recent events. He points out the tent the pirates vacated. Her eyes narrowed. She was having trouble with that tent. "Tedward and Jessibella ha that tent tonight. Not sure why they got scedualled together again. When a group of uncooth looking wounded and sick people suddenly came in. They were taking a while an there was arguing coming from the tent. Lady Sirene was informed and went to try to see what was happening. I think they were planning on turning the group away..." The nervous guard stutters as Ryna's look darkens. "Well a fight broke out out here and we still are trying to find where the group got to..." Ryna fumes and moves for the tent in question. These two again. They hardly even qualify a healers how they got any work sent there way... everywhere else must have been busy. She moves in cool fury to try to address the situation. She considers needing to have to burn that tent down for being so... below standard. Such lax was not excusable. Turning people away though. That must not happen. She sighs and gathers herself after being sure the situation was in hand. Ryna heads for the fight to see Zhell yelling and scolding the people brawling. Ryna moves to get the wounded directed. A guard would report to them that Zeke and Nestos and Sirene were okay but Sirene had be spelled sleeped. When things get to be in hand she notices the guards and running about with far increased vigger to get things in hand. She moves to try to get a report to figure out what in the abyss was going on now...

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