The Great Library of Palanthas

Astinus' Office

Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a metal bound tome encrusted with jewels to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Keraz' scribed in glowing yellow ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Keraz's book..

Author: Keraz Date: Fri Sep 26 19:02:12 2008 Subject Keraz Ohn Koraf Keraz was born a bastard, his mother a Kazelati and his father unknown to him. Even as a young boy his mother had forbade him to ask of his sire and would quickly hush his queries. His quiet life in the village on Nethosak had been shaken one day when he spied a small ship perched partially upon the shoals, not a stones throw from the beach. He was young and proud, having no need for an elder to help him and strode out into the surf. The tides were low so he had no problems climbing across the shoals as they were quite exposed. 'The captain must have been a fool to not see the shoals gleaming brightly as the surf burst into bubbles around them' he muttered as he carefully surveyed the scene. With a quick burst of impetuous youthfulness, Keraz landed upon the deck of the floundering craft and began to look for survivors. After a few moments he dawned the realization... the ship was adrift, how had he not felt the shift? His uncle would surely never let him hear the end of this. The usual creaking of wood and slapping of the gentle waves upon the hull came to him, but there was another sound... snoring? Keraz quietly opened the hatch of the small vessel and looked into the dimly lit cabin below. A figure was there sleeping on the bed, although it's rest seemed different to the young bull. The breathing was too even. So he shook the man, an older human wearing white simple robes, but had no success with waking him. 'Wake up you old... uh' Keraz pondered, what do you call a human again? Then with a lurch, the small ship tipped and just as quickly righted itself. The old man rolled into the headboard and made a loud cracking sound. 'Ouch, that one will leave a mark!' thought Keraz. 'OOOPH!!' the old human cried, then glanced about himself hurriedly and spied the young bull watching him intently. 'Where is this place young one?' the man asked with a gentle demand. 'Nethosak..' the bull began, still in puzzlement of the situation. 'Ah, yes, and the year?' the man continued, baffling the youngster with his nonchalant demeanor. 'Um... 349, Month of the Phoenix....' Keraz began. 'By the glare of Solinari... I've lost so much time!' the old man winced, then continued 'Can you sail?'. At the snort of the incredulous young bull he realized his error... of course this young minotaur could sail, as easily as most could walk. 'Good, then we have a long voyage ahead of us young one!' he exclaimed with a grin. 'But, I can not just leave like that!' the young bull exclaimed with a start. 'Oh, but we already have' explained the man as he fumbled with a small pouch. 'By the way, have I told you the story of Huma?' The young bull puzzled for a moment, then remembered out loud 'Kaziganthi's follower? Hey, my mother had a book like this one' his thoughts quickly turned as he saw the binding of a nice tome. 'Qpabraw dudasabru' the old man uttered quietly and handed a small rose petal to the young bull. 'We must sail now young one, I will see how much she taught you as we go... and this time...' Keraz.

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