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Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a massive tome lined with fake jewels to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Jonel' scribed in burnt maroon ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Jonel's book..

Author: Jonel Date: Wed Nov 7 21:35:51 2018 Subject [01/17] Wolf Hunt

"Is this the place?" "I'm sure it is. The dowsers don't lie. There's gold under here, and lots of it." "This is a pretty big farm, but seems everyone lives on the homestead. How do you want to kill these peons?" "Like usual. We use these mustard balls that old gnome hag made to flush 'em out, and then we kill them all in the cover of darkness. Simple." The two theiwar grinned at each other. "Textbook raid number three. I like it." They were dressed in dark leathers that helped them blend into the cover of the night. The skies were cloudy and afforded them much cover under the dark sky. They crept along the field, their soft soles emitting no sound as they treaded on the dirt. Suddenly the theiwar male in the lead tripped and fell over onto the mud. He sputtered as he removed his face from the ground. "The hell was that?" "Tripwire," the other whispered as he pointed at the nearly invisible thread in front of him. "You're lucky nothing shot at you or anything." The male spat and glanced around as he wiped his face. There was no apparent sound or alarm triggered from the hidden trap. His partner took out a pair of shears and quietly snipped the offending object. "Not the alarm kind of trap at least. Anyway, hurry up." The two men snuck up to one of the windows. One of the theiwar pulled out the unlit object and silently gestured to the other male to circle toward the back. He nodded and disappeared around the corner. The dark dwarf at the front drew out the unlit explosive along with a match. 'Alright... he should be in position by now. One... two...' He lit the match, and blinked as he caught a split-second view of steel rushing right toward his throat. On the other side of the house, the theiwar's partner waited impatiently for the signal from the other male to begin. 'What's taking him so long to light a stupid fuse? Don't tell me he got the matches wet again.' He crept back toward the front, but as he rounded the corner, the dwarf's eyes dilated as he saw it. The theiwar lay dead against the side of the house. His head lay on his own bleeding lap. 'Oh, shit!' He turned around and came face to face with a figure in the darkness wielding another axe. He opened his mouth to scream, but the axe cleaved straight through his neck before he uttered a single sound. The theiwar's head rolled to meet the face-down head of his partner.

Author: Jonel Date: Wed Nov 7 21:37:37 2018 Subject [02/17] Wolf Hunt

The Solamnic inspector who came to investigate the scene clicked his tongue as he saw the carnage in front of the farm home. 'Not again,' he mentally groaned. The inspector, unlike the squire team who accompanied him, wore full armor and a red cape with the marking of the Rose Order. He looked up from the corpses as he heard the front door open and found a young male standing there on the porch. He was silver-haired with brown eyes and barely into adulthood dressed in farm clothes. Over his shoulders was a cape marked with a blue wing emblem: a typical garb for rangers in training. "Ah. So we meet again, Jonel Redbrook," the inspector said. "Inspector Church." The male nodded and gestured toward the bloody mess that was at his front yard. "As you can see, we've had a rise in thieves and opportunists trying to take us out. This is the second time--" "--this month. Yes, I know," Church finished for him. "Mighty suspicious, if you ask me. They died the same way those thieves got killed the first time: an axe to the face or neck." He gestured for his men to prepare transporting the bodies. "The way they lost their heads matches those other bandits earlier in the month." Jonel frowned and crossed his arms as he leaned on the door arch. "So what are you trying to say, Inspector?" "I'm saying," the inspector replied with a leering eye toward the farm boy, "that we have the work of a real pro here. Someone really skilled, or someone really strong." Jonel's lips tightened. "You're not implying that I'm one of your suspects, are you Inspector?" Church snorted and rolled his eyes. "Please. You only started your ranger training this month. Don't get all big-headed on me now, Redbrook. You don't have the skill or the muscles to do the kind of clean deaths that happened here. However..." He gestured toward the huge farm space. "Since this doesn't seem to be a random hit unlike the last one, I'm mighty curious as to what you all even have that's worth taking. So do you mind if I ask you and your family some questions?"

Author: Jonel Date: Wed Nov 7 21:40:20 2018 Subject [03/17] Wolf Hunt

The ranger initiate scratched his head and shrug. "Sure, Inspector," the youth replied, "but it's just me and Lunera here. My parents are out on a business trip. It takes them at least two days to get to and from Kalaman's market." "Lunera?" the Solamnic male echoed. Upon hearing that particular name, a creature trotted behind Jonel and sat on the porch next to him. It was a wolf with copper red and white fur. It growled at the mustache-toting Solamnic knight, but stopped as it felt its owner's fingers stroking behind her ears. "Easy, Lunera. It's just the officer again," he said. "Sorry, she doesn't much trust strangers." The inspector nodded deeply. "A wise policy," he remarked and took out a notepad and quill. "So, then... what were you two doing last night?" "We were asleep, Inspector," Jonel replied. "But I woke up to Lunera's barking some time after it occurred. I called for the Knights once I saw what happened and... well, here we are." "Don't you have any neighbors who could have seen what happened?" Jonel gave a light shrug. "There's only my neighbor Jilline. She lives on the next farm over." He pointed to the east. "I see." Church wrote down that name and closed the notepad. "Well, once your parents come back, we should finish checking out these bodies. If I have anything more to ask from you I'll come back too. Meanwhile, I'll ask the garrison to increase their patrols around your place, but I suggest you and your wolf here lay low somewhere else for the time being until we find out what's going on. You understand, Redbrook?" Jonel's lips twitched but he nodded obediently. "Yes, Inspector."

Author: Jonel Date: Wed Nov 7 21:42:41 2018 Subject [04/17] Wolf Hunt

The Solamnic carriage trudged slowly along the muddy road. Inspector Church grunted as he noticed their pace was going extremely slow. 'Damnable rains. We might not get back to the outpost until before dawn at this rate. So much for a nice and warm dinner. With how dark this trail is at this of night--' "Uh... Captain, sir?" One of the squires called out from behind the rear of the carriage. Church gave the reins to his fellow knight and turned about. "What is it, squire?" "What's that up ahead?" At the far end of the road to the south, they saw someone standing in the middle of the path. It was a figure in black mail... and had a jack-o-lantern for a head. In its grasp were two battle axes. Church's teeth grit. He didn't like where this was going. "Turn the carriage around," he ordered. "But sir, we can't," one of the rear squires replied. "And why not?" "Because of them!" He pointed toward the stretch of road they just passed. A squad of skeletal archers formed a line and readied their bows. "Ambush!" Church called out into the air. "Stop the carriage! Get into defensive positions!" Those with shields took up the forefront and raised them just as the first volley of arrows came at them. While they were busy blocking, however, decrepit hands burst from the ground and grabbed their ankles. "Get them off me! Get them off me!" The squires behind the shieldmen tried to drag them away from the hands in the earth, but none could maintain their grip. They watched as the warriors sank into the ground, leaving only their swords and shields behind. Church shook his head and removed the shield from his hand. "When I give the signal," he instructed to those who remained, "retreat and call for backup at the nearest garrison." "And what about you, Sir Church?" He didn't reply as he focused instead on concentrating the light into his left palm. An intense ray of light shot forward and seared through the skeletal archers. All of them caught fire and flailed as they dropped their bows. "Go! Now--" The rest of Church's words were caught in his throat as he felt something heavy and sharp latch onto his back. He fell over, blood welling in his lungs, his eyes open and unblinking. He couldn't move, but he could see the form of the pumpkin- wearing figure calmly stride forward toward him, another axe in hand. He couldn't even scream as the axe edge fell onto his neck.

Author: Jonel Date: Wed Nov 7 21:44:08 2018 Subject [05/17] Wolf Hunt

"Ah... thanks for having me, Jilline. I really didn't know who else to go to." "It's no problem, Jonel. Anything for a good neighbor." Jilline uth Metharis was what Jonel could only describe as an 'unconventional country girl.' While she had blonde hair, blue eyes and a comely housewife look, she was also quite athletic and had some very strong legs. Jonel couldn't recall a day when he wasn't looking at her. "So, um," he said as he nervously thought of something to talk with her, "how's your page training going?" "Oh, I'm not a page yet. Still trying to," she replied. "You're still trying? But I thought the Knights only take in those with a noble background." "Uh uh. Anyone who's Solamnic could apply," Jilline corrected him. "My granddaddy was Sir Roderick Metharis Windscar, a respected Captain before he retired. I know I've got Solamnic blood in here." The blonde girl thumped her chest. "I've just got to get a little stronger and faster with a sword, that's all." "Mmm. Well, it's a lot more ambitious than just tending a beet farm your entire life," the silver-haired youth agreed. "As for me, I'm just trying not to keep blacking out during my ranger training." The farm girl perked an eyebrow. "Oh, right. You still get dizzy real fast when you're stressed, huh?" "Yeah. I don't really know what to do about it. I've taken all sorts of medicines to try to help stop it, but nothing's done any good. At least I haven't blacked out while I'm practicing my axe training..." Jonel's hands drifted down to his sides and realized something was missing. 'Crap. Where'd they go?' "Lunera," he called out to the other room in his neighbor's homestead. "Keep watch over Jilline for me, will you? I'll be right back." The blonde girl frowned. "Now where are you going?" "I've really got to get my axes. I don't much feel safe knowing a lot of people are after me and my land," Jonel replied while hurriedly putting on his boots. "Oh, no you don't. I'm coming with you." "What? But Jilline--" She reached over and tugged on the young man's ears. "Solamnic vow number two: Never abandon someone in need. And I know you need my help if people are really after you." He sighed and gently pushed her away. "Alright already, geez. I swear you keep making up these vows by the day. Wasn't number two 'Justice and love will always win' or something like that?" "That's number seven and that's not the point. Hurry up already," Jilline ushered as she strapped her own broadsword to her back. Lunera cautiously walked forward to step beside her owner. As soon as she opened her front door, what came into sight was a very large man in white plate armor. "{OAre you Jonel Redbrook's neighbor?"

Author: Jonel Date: Wed Nov 7 21:46:51 2018 Subject [06/17] Wolf Hunt

"Yes," she began to say cautiously. "And who are you supposed to be?" "{OMy name is Captain Toma uth Edwin, miss. I lead the Solamnic regiment that protects this zone." He gestured to the soldiers waiting behind him. "{OWe're looking for your neighbor Redbrook. Have you seen him?" 'Why would the knights be back already? That inspector who talked to me earlier couldn't have called them this soon, did they?' As Jilline fretted about how to respond, Jonel and Lunera entered the main room behind his neighbor. "Did something happen to my family farm again?" he grunted. "{ONot necessarily." The captain stood aside and a different male stepped forward with wooden cuffs. "{OJonel Redbrook, you are under arrest under suspicion of murder." Jonel's muscles tensed up, but he couldn't resist against the knight's stronger grip. "Murder?! On what grounds?!" "{OWe found Inspector Church," the captain replied with a deep frown. "{OHis corpse, that is. He and nearly his entire squad were murdered down the road to the south. We found two ranger's axes in his dead body. And you're the only registered ranger in these parts, Redbrook, as well as the last person he talked to according to his notes." "What? That's impossible. I was here with Jilline this entire time!" Jonel gritted his teeth as he was being dragged out of the house. Lunera started to growl and crouch into an attack position, but he sensed the wolf's motives and shook her head. "No, Lunera! You mustn't fight them!" Lunera growled and gritted her teeth, but she made no move to attack them just as the rest of the knights started to reach for their swords. Instead, she turned tail and ran out the back door. "{oWhat do we do with the wolf, sir?" one asked. "{OForget about it, there's no time. You're going to have to come with us too, Miss," Captain Edwin said to the prospective page. "W-what? Why?" Jilline whimpered. 'Although I want to go anyway, this has got to be a grave misunderstanding.' "{OWe've received disturbing reports of a rise of rampant undead in this area. We are evacuating everyone in this precinct to our outpost until we finish suppressing the threat. For your safety, miss, I strongly urge you to follow us." Jilline hmph'd and stepped forward. "I was going to come along anyway. I know for a fact that Jonel didn't murder anyone." 'Lunera...' As the cuffed young ranger was dragged toward the present company's wagon, he looked out into the thick of the night. 'I know she doesn't do well with other people, but where did she go?'

Author: Jonel Date: Wed Nov 7 21:48:41 2018 Subject [07/17] Wolf Hunt

At surface level, Jilline growled as she was forcibly dragged away from the precinct captain of the Solamnic post and toward the shelter area specifically designated for the evacuated citizens. "Let me go," she grunted, "I need to prove Jonel's innocence!" "I'm sorry, Miss," the knight lieutenant said as he pulled her along her way, "but this isn't the proper time for a trial to discuss your friend's incarceration. Right now, the coming undead forces are a bigger priority." Jilline grunted but said nothing. There was no use arguing in a situation like this. The rest of the rural citizens gathered in the large room huddled fearfully, afraid of the echoing sounds of battle outside. Most of them held only pitchforks and small sickles, hardly proper weapons fit for a real battle. The knights assigned to guard the citizens tensed up as the tremors from the walls increased. "Ah... excuse me, but what's stopping the undead from simply invading from below?" Jilline couldn't help but ask. "This is sanctified ground, miss. Also, we have wardstones in place that prevent the impure from even touching the ground. We may be surrounded from all sides, but know they won't ambush us from below." "Wardstones... is that what that big stone in the middle of the room is for?" The Solamnic lieutenant nodded in the affirmative. "That's right, miss." Jilline opened her mouth for another question, but heard shuffling behind her and turned around. Someone in a dark robe was scurrying awfully quickly away from the giant white ward stone. Her nose twitched. 'Is that... gunpowder?' "Look out!" But her warning came too late.

Author: Jonel Date: Wed Nov 7 21:50:42 2018 Subject [08/17] Wolf Hunt

Jilline narrowed her eyes as she spotted the suspicious figure flee from the scene. "I saw him! He sabotaged the wardstone! I'm going after him!" "Wait, Miss!" Before the Solamnic lieutenant could give chase, he heard a call from the magical communication device on his person. "{OStatus report!" "Captain, the training room wardstone was just destroyed! There's a saboteur within the outpost!" "{OStay at your post, lieutenant!" Edwin's harsh voice replied. "{ODefend the citizens with your lives! Do you copy?!" "But Captain, one of them ran off to pursue the saboteur!" "{OThat is an {oorder{O, lieutenant!" The signal cut off before he could reply. The knight sighed sharply as he turned toward his fellows with a grim expression. "Take up defensive positions. We are not losing these people." "What about the page, Lieutenant?" He shook his head softly. "Do not forget your Solamnic vows. We don't put the needs of one over the needs of the many."

Author: Jonel Date: Wed Nov 7 22:00:25 2018 Subject [09/17] Wolf Hunt

Jonel heard the sounds of fighting even from deep within the prison level. He grunted and thumped the wooden bonds around his wrists against the stone floor, but they refused to give. 'Wow, my strength is really poor if I can't break these... how am I supposed to get out?' He looked around at the small cell he was placed in. 'No... nothing useful. Then I'll have to--' Jonel tensed up as he heard the sound of rattling bones down the hallway. He pressed against the wall away from the doorway, out of sight. The presence outside began to thump and smash the door down. He waited for a moment until it walked into view, and then smashed his cuffs against the presence. The skeleton went down, briefly losing its grip over the mace and shield in its grasp. At the same time, the cuffs shattered from the hard impact. 'Well. That works too,' he mused as he brushed the wooden remains of his binds away. The skeleton began to stir again. 'Although that wasn't enough to knock it out. Run!' Jonel ran out into the hall and away from the unnatural howling from the creature behind him.

Author: Jonel Date: Wed Nov 7 22:02:20 2018 Subject [10/17] Wolf Hunt

'Bugger. I lost him.' Jilline looked around the office that she thought saw the cloaked figure disappear into. Nothing about it was familiar to her at all; she had never been this deep into the Solamnic precinct base before as a potential recruit. She noticed the name plate on the desk within the room. 'Church? Oh, this was the inspector's office.' On top of the desk was the notepad she was sure she saw the mustached male carry. Many pages were torn, but she saw enough legible parts to make sense of it. 'Just what did he write down that made the captain suspect Jonel's a murderer...' She picked up the recovered pad of paper and read through the document. Some keywords of interest caught her attention. Jilline's mouth dropped open once she recognized them. 'No... could it be? It couldn't be... but it makes sense. He has mental blackouts... and he can't remember what happens shortly before and after them. Could he be really a...' A crunching of the ground behind Jilline alerted her to a presence. She began to draw her broadsword and turn around, only for her face to meet a gauntlet-covered fist.

Author: Jonel Date: Wed Nov 7 22:03:44 2018 Subject [11/17] Wolf Hunt

(This log has been heavily damaged, with some sections unreadable or torn.) Date: 30th of Month **** Subject: Redbrook Family, Jonel Redbrook Location: Redbrook farm, Estwilde Following up on a previous incident on the 13th of ****, there was another killing incident that occurred on the Redbrook farm. The victims were two unidentified theiwar with armaments and gear that suggested they were here to [this section damaged] --traces of fur found on both bodies. This may suggest that a lycanthrope is responsible. As lycanthropes typically have great strength under moonlight, this is the only rational conclusion that can be reached. There is not enough information to determine exactly which breed of lycanthrope, but it is clear that it lives somewhere within this region, possibly close to [this section damaged] --Whatever the motivations, it is clear there is a distinct connection between the lycan and the Redbrook family. Recommend close observation to determine the identity of the lycan.

Author: Jonel Date: Wed Nov 7 22:05:24 2018 Subject [12/17] Wolf Hunt

'I have to run... have to get out...!' The sounds of battle and more people dying on the upper floors was more than enough motivation to keep moving, despite the growing headache in Jonel's head. Soft moaning from the side corridors only prompted him to change direction multiple times. 'Zombies and skeletons everywhere... just how many times did I have to change course?' He dared not turn around as he ran. Jonel didn't need to turn around to see the zombies taking notice of his stride and follow him at a sluggish pace. But as he rounded the corner, an armored hand caught his throat. A figure in black armor and a pumpkin head greeted him. "There you are," it intoned in a vaguely masculine voice. "How nice of the final piece to come straight to me." 'Piece?' Jonel gasped and started to beat against the metal hand choking him. From the corner of his eye, he noticed that the pumpkin man grasped another person over his shoulder. He knew that wave of blonde hair anywhere. "Jilline!" "Now that I have what I've came for," he rasped, "let us begin the ceremony." A magical red circle appeared under them. Jonel's eyes shut from the bright light it emitted.

Author: Jonel Date: Wed Nov 7 22:07:47 2018 Subject [13/17] Wolf Hunt

Once the light died down, he realized that they had been transported somewhere else. 'This is... the uth Metharis farmlands?' Jonel gasped and coughed as the pumpkin man let go of his throat and threw him backward into the waiting arms of more skeletons. They grabbed his arms and forced him to watch as the man's jack-o-lantern face practically glowed like magic from his unnatural maw. "W-why," he coughed, "why are you doing this? What do you want with us?" The undead pumpkin male slung Jilline off of his shoulder and more skeletons stepped forward to raise her off of the ground. They spread her arms just as the supernatural being brought out two axes into his hands. Jonel's eyes narrowed as he recognized the make of the axe blades. 'They're also marked with Habbakuk's symbol. But this thing...' "Your blood," he rasped, "and the blood of this girl are necessary to desecrate these lands. They will serve as fresh breeding grounds for our newer, advanced undead. Be so honored and offer your body and soul in the name of Chemosh. Now... observe." The pumpkin-headed man raised up his arms just as Jilline began to stir from unconsciousness. As soon as she saw the pumpkin creature ready to deal the final blow, she began to panic, but saw Jonel to her left. Her expression briefly turned to hope. 'Please... save me,' her unspoken face read. 'If you're really a lycan... please!' "So," the undead leader crooned, "any last words to her?" Jonel struggled against the skeletons' grip, but felt their fingers tear into his shoulders more roughly the more he tried to fight against them. "Stop," he rasped, "please!" The armored pumpkin male brought both axes down in a parallel slice, cleaving through both Jilline's skull and her heart. "JILLINE!"

Author: Jonel Date: Wed Nov 7 22:09:05 2018 Subject [14/17] Wolf Hunt

Her blood pooled almost instantly once her body fell into the freshly tilled earth. The pumpkin man's mouth briefly shined as if satisfied at his work and turned toward the other male. "Pathetic last words," he taunted. "Take him to the other field. His time has come." Jonel's migraine intensified, his gaze fixated on his crush's mutilated body. He couldn't find the energy to resist being dragged. 'Why...' His eyes shut, finding it harder to stay conscious. His heart beat more loudly in his head. 'Jilline...' His teeth grit, though his arms remained limp. 'Lunera...!' A wolf's howling cut into the Lunitari-filled sky.

Author: Jonel Date: Wed Nov 7 22:10:28 2018 Subject [15/17] Wolf Hunt

The skeletons stopped and suddenly became more alert to their surroundings. Their pumpkin leader narrowed his burning eyes. 'Someone is here. Who is...' A blur of red streaked forward from the darkness. Jonel suddenly found himself on the ground as the skeletons dragging him lost their heads and their arms in the span of a second. The remaining two drew their swords, but were too slow as an axe's edge sliced cleanly through their naked ligaments. As the unknown dervish drew nearer to the pumpkin leader, he scowled and drew back. Black smoke steamed from his gauntlet-covered hands and he disappeared into it. The silver-haired ranger blinked rapidly as he slowly registered what happened. The blur became more perceptible as the presence stopped in front of him. It was a creature... a creature he knew very well. "Lunera...?" She held one of Jonel's own axes in her mouth. Panic started to fill his senses and Jonel tried to scuttle back. "N-no... stop! Get away...! Get away!" The wolf continued to trot closer. The edge of the axe in Lunera's mouth dripped with the unholy essence of the undead it had been cleaving throughout the night. The ranger's vision suddenly went black.

Author: Jonel Date: Wed Nov 7 22:12:02 2018 Subject [16/17] Wolf Hunt

One week after the incident... While Jilline uth Metharis's corpse was found and identified easily, to the heart-breaking surprise of her parents, there were no traces found of Jonel Redbrook or his wolf pet Lunera. The undead advance had suddenly ceased after the pumpkin man's departure, and had disappeared as sudden as it had emerged. Neither of Jonel's parents could sleep well for the rest of their days, not knowing of what had become of their son or their wolf. The tainting of the uth Metharis farm, as the undead leader predicted, had quickly withered the crops as well as all sorts of potential for life within a quarter mile from where Jilline's corpse had been found. The rest of the family had no choice but to abandon it and move away, shortly after funeral services were held for their only daughter. And as for the Redbrook family...

Author: Jonel Date: Wed Nov 7 22:14:29 2018 Subject [17/17] Wolf Hunt

On a certain night, long after the rampage of the errant undead, the pumpkin man wandered through the forest outside the Redbrook farm property. The pumpkin head no longer glowed as intensely as it once did, but he was still accompanied by four skeletal warriors. He adjusted the artifact on his head as the homestead came within view. 'I may not have finished the entirety of my plan,' he mused, 'but spilling the blood of the foolish family who remains will suit just as well. A shame that the blood of the old won't desecrate nearly as well... but it will do for our basic purposes.' The smile of the pumpkin's face glowed. 'My peers may have failed in founding a new leader in that druid, but I will succeed where they have failed and ascend to that rank as leader of the Seven Suns. This relic may be on its last legs, but it should last long enough to cement my power--' The bushes all around them suddenly shifted. "Hm?" All brought out their weapons, but the movement of the wilds seemed to originate everywhere. "I know that style of movement..." A familiar red and white blur rushed forward and tackled one of the skeletal warriors out of sight into the underbrush. "Get her," he hissed. "This time I'm ready for you." The warriors rushed forward to where the blur disappeared to last, and the pumpkin-headed leader raised his hands as he prepared a spell. Before he could finish, a hard impact struck his back and he fell forward. The force of his fall dislodged his pumpkin-shaped helmet and rolled to where a certain copper wolf waited with an axe in her mouth. She shattered it in a single swing. The skeletal minions began dissolving instantly. "No---!" Exposed, the human face wearing the black armor desperately reached for his axes, but instead he howled in pain as another axe's edge cut into his forearm. As he writhed in pain and stared at his stump of an arm, another wolf came into view. This one had silver fur and brown eyes that he found vaguely familiar. It too held a ranger's axe in its mouth. 'Another wolf? Wait... no... it can't be...' An unnatural scream echoed from the Redbrook's forest as the two wolves approached the necromancer.

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