The Great Library of Palanthas

Astinus' Office

Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a miniscule pocket book to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Evaan' scribed in faded yellow ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Evaan's book..

Author: Evaan Date: Thu Mar 22 18:19:38 2012 Subject The Grand Master is Dead part II

The battle with the Dragon army knight was a lot shorter then Evaan had first expected. It seemed that the hard chase on horse back had really taken its toll on him. Though if the young Solamnic had really though it through Konan was a Knight of the blue wing under the Baroness's command. She was a great leader, though lax and easy to push around. He had heard Lanfer talk of her with respect though a chuckle or slight glint in his eye when telling such tales gave away his amusement at the Blue reginements commander. A faulty step shortly after their blades first crossed was all it took for Evaan to plant a gauntled hand into the bridge of the dark knights face sending him to the ground. Had he had the time Evaan would have taken Konan in to Solanthis for jailing and questioning, but bringing the news of the deceised Grand Master and perhaps the greatest find to hit Krynn in ages was far more important so he left the Blue Knight holding his face and quickly mounted the fallen mans horse turning for Solanthus, after quickly removing his bags and the staff from his own mount. The ride the rest of the way to Solanthus was uneventful. He stopped once outside of the city to inform the guards stationed there of Lanfers demise and was in the Keep not long after. Pages were sent with the new to all ranking knights. The news would hit hard with all the commotion springing up around the globe, but Evaan knew what he had to do. He quickly made his way to Lanfers office and entered. It was just as they had left it a little more then a week before. Papers were stacked neatly on the desk. Evaan knew almost as much as Lanfer had. For some reason the old man always seemed to keep him in the loop. He would never admit that he was grooming Evaan for something more then just a Knight of the order, but Evaan knew better. He sat in Lanfers Chair easing himself back. A smile crossing his face that sickened him instantly. He had lost a friend this day, it was not the time to begin dreams of grandure, though he knew he was still one of the next best choices. All that would come in time. He had to ready himself for the Knights to enter the office. He had to be firm. He had to take charge. It didnt take long for those knights who were in the keep to come. The gathered, shifting their weight, obvously concerned if not down right nervous. Evaan knew that some would question if it was him who had slain Lanfer. Any who knew their history would know better though and Evaan sat calm in that knowledge. He let the knights assemble infront of him still seated in the Grand Masters chair. He even went as far as to let some time pass before begining to speek. "It is true my friends and fellow Knights that the Grand Master has passed, may Paladine Shine upon him." "May Paladine Shine upon HIM!" came the echo from most everyone in the room. "Our commander and friend did NOT die for naught however. Our mission was a success and I do believe we may hold a piece of history in our keep at this very moment." Evaan brought the staff out from behind the desk and marvled at the glint that rose in every knight there. All thinking the same, Could it be the staff of legend? The staff of Mishkial? Evaan did not give them a chance to speak announcing loudly, "War is upon us, I know you all wish we could just hid here, and I know many of you will say we ar not ready yet, but this is not up to us. We are the Order of this land and we shall do what we can to make sure the people of this world car live with out fear of what goes bump in the night. I want all clerics in the keep here within the hour. And pages sent to any who are not. Lord Tahmus is to be summoned as well as any other ranking Knight. A vote will be held to choose Lanfers replacement. Until such a time as that can be done I will be acting in Lanfers place as I am certain I know more about whats going on then any of you hermits. I also have access to his network of eyes and ears. First we figure out what this staff is. Then we move from there." Evaan could tell that there were many who held issue with the statements the young upstart had made but the group broke to go about the tasks Evaan had laid out leaving him once more alone. "I will not let this order fall old friend. We shall rally against this oncoming tide and prove that we are the might of this land. The Triumvert and their message of good shall prevail," he spoke softly to himself laying his head on Lanfers desk finally catching a few needed moments of sleep.

Author: Evaan Date: Tue Dec 10 19:06:05 2013 Subject A light in the Dark

It had been months since Evaan had step into the position of Grand master. It still gave him a chuckle that he more or less had hijacked the spot and now even the elders of the Ranking advisors did what he asked, at least to his face. Evaan had no delusions that what happened out of his sight was not always in his favor however. Though he was pretty sure had truly had the support of a near majority. The truth of the Knighthood was that everyone wanted to have a say in things but no one really wanted to sit at the helm. Evaan had quite seamlessly filled the shoes of a man who had lead them for quite some time, and as much as those who wanted to see a more traditional sucession take place wanted to find fault Evaan was doing a good job. He had done a few things on purpose to try and ease people as much as he could. He had left the Grand Masters office as it was, making no change in layout or decoration. In honesty the reminder of the man helped him think things through during this time. It was true that the forces were decimated. His personal guard and the Keep guard didnt number many. He had managed to retain most all of the houses loyal to the previous leader, but the number of men of much use more then fodder were few. Evaan did not badger on this topic, instead he taught. He spent time with men in training, he worked through it with them. He had gained trust, and forged friendships among the ranks. Soon he would have his lieutenants to send to train more. How Evaan wished he had even a few of the old knights that his predacessor had. He had sent many emmissaries to Palanthas, but the fools there never entertained them. The city was more or less dark to him even as rumor of the Dragon Army stirring had sprung up once more. There was rumor that multiple claims had been made to Emperor and more information came in every day. Most of everything said was of course false, but even a twinge of chance the Blasted knights were moving again was enough to take pause. It was hard for the young Grand Master to feel nothing but powerless in this all. It was his fate though, the world had put him here to help this band of Knights regain themselves as a power for the Light. He would see them moving that way again. He silently cursed the old man once more for leaving them at this time and promised himself he would mention him no more. It was a new day for the Knights with a new Leader at its front. Things would turn around, they had to . Rising from the desk Evaan smiled at the thought as far away as that becoming fact seemed to be. An hour or two in the yard with the men and then he expected a scout with what he was told was news only for him. Trying not to wonder what it could be about as he grabbed his training sword and moved silently out of the room.

Author: Evaan Date: Mon Jan 6 20:18:05 2014 Subject a Change in the wind

As Evaan worked through th motions of Reed amongst the breeze he couldent help but smile. The young knight he was sparing had come a very long way. Infact all of the recruits he trained with had. The grand master had actuially barly blocked the attack from the young man and was caught further off guard by the shoulder he caught in the chest. It wasent an expected move, but thats how he had taught his men, he taught them to fight to win. When you chose to unsheath your sword you did what it took to stay alive. Battle wasent glorious as the bards and fools would have you blieve. Battle was grusome, the smells were enough to make your eyes swell with tears and telling the famlies of those knights who lost their lives for the "greater good" was never easy. Regaining his footing Evaan lunged forward in Crain strikes for fish only to be parried by a well done willow dance. The men were coming along nicely. It was in the middle of this heated exchange that a member the of the Grand Masters Honor Guard came into the training yard. Noticing the man shifting from one foot to another awaiting his chance to gain Evaans attention the grand master took a final advance knocking his sparing partner flat. After comending the young lad and the rest of the group amassed for their dedication and advancement in training he takes his leave to find out what was going on. The Rose Knights had taken up Evaans closest guards. Ten men, half of which had sword to Lanfer yearsbefore. THe other half men who had come through the ranks with Evaan. They were a band of men perhaps closer to rogues then Knights, but in these times it was nessessary. The Solamnic Knighthood was going to go through some darker times b efore a return to the times where honor blinded common sense and a clean fight trumped living. Honestly if Evaan had his way things would never go back to that stonch arrogance that brought the knight hood to this place. The ranks would be opened to most anyone and all Knights of the Solamnic would be allowed to use common sense over some code written so long in the past. It seemed to him to be the only way to combat the threats they now faced. The Rose knight spilled his story once the grand master approched. It seemed Lord Railen had returned, which was exactly the sign from the gods Evaan needed. He had returned to Palanthas even which culd serve to be useful. Though it seemed that Knights were gathering around him. Evaan knew he did not want a power struggle with Railen, it was not the time for inner struggle. Though from what he knew of the man it would make more sense that he was as upset with the state of things as the Grand mast er was. They simply needed to get into the same place and discuss the next move. Railens military mind was nearly unmatched. Once the Knight finished his report Evaan quickly gave him orders. He was to take a few of the newer Knights and ride for Palanthas. It was true the city had all but shut the Solamnic out and if anyone could bring them to reign it was Railen. He was to tell the Old knight to do so at any cost he saw fit. The governing bodies of the blasted town were upset with the dragon army breeching its walls and saw the Knights as the sole bearers of that fault. Paladin forbid they did something to help themselves Once Palanthas was brough under control he would meet the Crown Leader and figure out where to go from there. Orders were also given to double all training and begin to gather the Rose and Sword Defenders and the Lords were to bring their bannermen to the keep and Solanthus. Supplies were to be amassed and blacksmiths put on the payroll. Things would need to be done in quick fashion. With the Return of Railen the time had come to take back what had been lost.

Author: Evaan Date: Wed Jan 29 23:40:15 2014 Subject a Change in the wind II

Sitting behind the old desk Evaan carefully read over what he had just written. It was a missive to be sent to the corners of the globe. A call to arms for the peoples of Krynn. With this order things would forever be changed within the Solamnic Knighthood. Evaan hoped for the best, though he knew the harsh critisism he was about to face. To the Dwarves of the mountains, The Elves of the forrests, The Minotaur of the Islands, and the Kender dispersed far and wide by travel, dark times are upon us. The armies of evil are once more on the move. The Queens gluttony for power and land is never satiated, and not enough was taken in the last war. Once more then mount attacks all over this land. Once more good citizens of this land are murdered by this wretched foe. Much has been taken from us all. Many loved ones are gone to their final resting place, but again we must rally together. Again we must stand as one and push this savage back to the depths of black that it came from. It is time we fight. We have done this together at times in the past, true. But i now as Grand Master of the Solamnic armies now offer you this. A home. No longer shall race seperate those who can truly devote themselves to the side of light and justice. No longer shall those who have sworn to protect you be sullied by the arrogant thought that only one race of man can do that. I invite any from those kingdoms listed above to join us. Let us unite under one banner and truly rid the land of this Dragon Army. Grandmaster of the Solamnic Knighthood Evaan Di'Sigal Folding the letter Evaan quickly gets up from the desk and leaves the office, the three men outside the door close on his heels as they move to the outer court yard. The three men before Evaan were his closets friends and most loyal of guards. Trained by the same old guard his own mentor was from, and they almost never left his side. Imagine their suprise when the Grandmaster asked the three to make sure that everyone they could get to read it saw this missive. They knew the role in Solamnic history they could be taking. They all knew the axe could fall on anyone who chose to accept this new thought. The old houses of Solamnic land were not ones to be known to accept change. They were all good at playing the game, and lots of lives were lost in playing it. And with the arrival of Railen and his Bannermen the Gransmaster would be more then safe with out them. If Railen was anything the man his mentor had made him to be. The three men finally yet very begrudgingly lifted themselves into their saddles and left the Keep. Evaan himself still was not sure this was a great idea, but if any of his men could get it done they could. He would have to focus on keeping his own head for a while.

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