The Great Library of Palanthas

Astinus' Office

Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a metal bound tome to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Miral' scribed in rich brown ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Miral's book..

Author: Miral Date: Thu Jul 1 14:48:53 2010 Subject Arrival to Palanthas Looking up at the sky here in Palanthas as the rain drips onto my face it reminds me of my homeland and how things were at one time. Never did I expect that my new found talents would have caused my father to lessen his view of me, especially considering our familys lineage. Now I find myself copper less and without access to my familys estate in Qualinest. As I walk these streets I know care little about the petty strife between the commoners of mankind and the mess theyve created for themselves. And yet it seems I must become interested if I am going to continue living away from my home. I see members of the different robes quietly walking around at times, into the guilds where one can find some minor training for a price. I find myself longing to know what they know and see what they have seen. Like a new sapling, I feel that my magic abilities require nourishment, light, and water to make them grow. I have been looking for some time to find someone who would be willing to tutor me in the ways of the arcane. Someone who can teach me to harness this driving force of passion and power into something that is worthwhile. Many things I find are behind me at the tender age of one hundred, but I see in my dreams at night robes, white, red, and black all calling to me. So here again I find myself in the rain and without shelter in Palanthas, looking for members of the conclave. Author: Miral Date: Thu Jul 8 15:55:25 2010 Subject Growth Old yellow and wither pages with old writing prelude this text, showing that has been some time since the last entry took place. Either that or the journal has been through more than any book should. I find myself now an initiate member of the Conclave of Wizard of Kyrnn. The knowledge and wisdom being passed along to me, just within the past few weeks of being here is more than I could have hoped to accomplish in a lifetime. As my previous entry indicates I had been scouring the city of Palanthas looking for a means to be trained. Prayers had gone unanswered and my frustration began to grow, not only with the citizens of Palanthas, but the gods and society in general. As I walked I found myself slaying thieves and thugs of every kind, trying to ease my anger and build my knowledge base within the minor magic groups. A magic missile here, the chill of my touch there gave me a certain feeling of accomplishment, and allowed me to start making a living by working with the local quest master. It was unexpected that once night after completing a quest and doing my usual ritual of preparing for rest; making sure I was invisible, ensuring that wards of protection were in place around me, detecting spells in place. I grew exceptionally tired, at first I thought it was just that a busy month had caught up to me. But I was wrong, and never expected that I would be greeted in my dreams. I had awoken in my dream to a soft, calming voice whispering my name until my attention was fixated on the figure calling to me. I was shocked to find the figure identifying itself as the Avatar of Lunitari. Lunitari had told me that she had been watching me personally, noticing that I had great potential; she said that I could help the world in keeping balance if I would align with her will. Before I could even speak, I was told that she has spoken with Solinari and it was agreed that between the gods that in order for me to grow I would need to see all aspects of magic. Hence being a mage of the Red Robes was the course that was chosen for me. Lunitari has told me that she would appear to the leaders of the Conclave of my presence and need for training. I found myself awakening, no longer in Palanthas but in a very comfortable bed within the Tower of Wayreth. Next to my new accommodations was a table with a fine red robe and a selection of spiced wines and foods laid out on it. Beginning the new day as a member of the conclave for the first time was exquisite, meeting the teachers, trainers and shopkeepers within the Tower gave me a sence of comfort. As they were there to nurture my growth and help me reach my goals, I have been told by them that a master will take me as an apprentice soon. In the mean time Im taking the opportunity to be involved in in-depth study, mastering the minor magic skills I have been taught by the conclave. Author: Miral Date: Mon Jul 12 15:53:24 2010 Subject Miral's Journal Entry, Pages Three and Four The old pages of this wrinkled journal seem to be refreshed in some way. Almost as it has stopped its aging, whats more the new entrys do not seem to have been written by the hands of any mere mortal.... They speak, almost as if the writing is narrated within your head by the voice of the author. ___________________________________ ______________________________________ __ / | \ __ | /| |: |:|| ||:| |: |:|| ||:| I find myself finally beginning to |: As I was working this afternoon in |:|| ||:| tap the potential that is within |: library with my latest Elemental pet, |:|| ||:| me. The mages within the conclave |: I found my mind wandering. It was |:|| ||:| have given the advice to not focus |: more than likely the mental fatige |:|| ||:| on right or wrong per say, but to |: of being awake for several days |:|| ||:| focus on the source of the magic. |: straight in deep concentration. But |:|| ||:| So over the last several weeks I |: it was odd, I began to think of home, |:|| ||:| have traveled in an attempt to put |: mother, father, siblings of what seems|:|| ||:| myself into some really bad situa- |: to be long ago but isn't. |:|| ||:| tions. Most have forced me to |: |:|| ||:| feel things I have never felt were |: I knew that the conclave had a hall |:|| ||:| possible, let alone practical. |: near Qualinost, but I didn't realize |:|| ||:| |: it housed the headquarters of all the |:|| ||:| So from using my combattive spells |: robed mages in Krynn. Truely powerful|:|| ||:| to bring ruin upon goblin keeps |: magic is in place to protect all of |:|| ||:| leaving nothing but rubble or |: us. As I look up from occasion from |:|| ||:| creating food for starving urchins |: my studies, in the far distance I can |:|| ||:| in Krynn's great cities. |: see the Speaker's Tower and remember |:|| ||:| |: having a simular view as a child at |:|| ||:| The positive of these experiences |: home. |:|| ||:| is that, even though I have yet to |: |:|| ||:| aquire a master my growth has been |: A longing or a pulling if you will |:|| ||:| rapid. The negative to this is |: is drawing me home. I desire to see |:|| ||:| that I am beginning to crave and |: my father again, almost as to prove |:|| ||:| lust after the power I see in my |: that I can accomplish anything without|:|| ||:| potential future. Is that the |: outside help. But at the same time I |:|| ||:| purpose of having a master? Is |: see how our culture doesn't allow for |:|| ||:| this the reason why Lunitari spoke |: that type of ... conversation. I do |:|| ||:| to me, telling me that I can aid |: strongly desire to one day return home|:|| ||:| in the balance? I do not know. |: to my families estate and be welcomed |:|| ||:| |: with open arms. |:|| ||:| Time and Events will teach me. |: |:|| ||:| |: But first things first. Where'd that |:|| ||:| |: Air Elemental wander off to? |:|| ||/____________________________________\|:/_______________________________________\|| |_____________________________________ ________________________________________| '----` Author: Miral Date: Wed Jul 14 15:04:46 2010 Subject Journal Entry, Pages Five and Six . ___________________________________ ______________________________________ .__ / | \ __ | /| |: |:|| ||:| At last! One of my studies has led |: But the one person whom I have been |:|| ||:| me to discover a spell that has |: able to count on is Arlaina Lai'ital |:|| ||:| caught my amazement. Whenever fa- |: of the red robes. Shes been kind |:|| ||:| ther would hire a mage for his work|: enough to share a meal or a bottle of |:|| ||:| at home, they would appear without |: spiced wine while helping me to find |:|| ||:| delay almost as if they were there |: a particular text that would make me |:|| ||:| already. This arcane skill is know |: better grasp a subject. |:|| ||:| as "Gate" within the community of |: |:|| ||:| wizards and battlemagi. |: I've notice that while casting gate |:|| ||:| |: at the end, where your destination is |:|| ||:| With great extacy I have been stud-|: spoken in the arcane language. There |:|| ||:| ying the book "Walking the Astral |: is a particular accent that guides in |:|| ||:| Plane", and learning the secrets |: more detail your destination. Though |:|| ||:| of traveling great distances with |: success has been attained in casting |:|| ||:| just a thought and a whisper. I |: the spell. I find myself only arriv- |:|| ||:| have successfully stood at the |: ing in the temples of Lunitari instead|:|| ||:| glyph of transportation at the base|: before a very specific entity. |:|| ||:| of the high towers, whispered a |: |:|| ||:| word and opened my eyes to see |: As I do with any real questions I |:|| ||:| myself standing within the Temple |: traveled to Solace, got some of Arlai-|:|| ||:| of Lunitari in any of the great |: na's favorite wine. Then to Palanthas |:|| ||:| cities of Kyrnn. |: to get some fresh white shark steaks |:|| ||:| |: (cooked by my burning hands spell). |:|| ||:| I have recieved at first smirks and|: Loaded them up on my floating disk, |:|| ||:| chuckles from some of the mages |: and proceeded in normal manner with my|:|| ||:| and masters within the conclave |: face burried into the text I am stuck |:|| ||:| I assume its because they thought |: on, making my way to the scrye pool |:|| ||:| such a skill and power would not |: hoping to have wisdom and experience |:|| ||:| be found in a lowly initiate with- |: passed to me after hours right before |:|| ||:| in the order. But that changed |: she was ready to retire for the day. |:|| ||:| with the first transport. At which|: |:|| ||:| point about five masters arrived |: I lifted up my face briefly to see her|:|| ||:| right behind me, asking me who I |: in the distance, both of us smiling |:|| ||:| was and whom my master is. |: knowing a good evening was before us. |:|| ||:| |: When I arrived we had our normal |:|| ||:| Shocked that no one has taken me |: greeting, when a cingular mage who was|:|| ||:| under their wing, they said that |: by the pool turned to me almost |:|| ||:| would be addressed and I would be |: screaming and pointing "It's you!" |:|| ||:| trained by one whom has much more |: |:|| ||:| ability that a master. Smiling |: In shock and tension I felt my body |:|| ||:| and trying to be polite I thanked |: begin to channel power in such a way |:|| ||:| them for their support. But as |: as if naturally defending me by prepa-|:|| ||:| my experience has shown me, if you |: ring an offensive spell. |:|| ||:| have the desire to do something |: |:|| ||:| within the order, you must do it on|: Arlaina's touch on my shoulder, and |:|| ||:| your own. Most mages, masters, |: the realization of the mage |:|| ||:| archmages, taskmasters, etc. Are |: being dressed in the formal garb of a |:|| ||:| far too busy with their own pursui-|: high ranking taskmage dispelled this |:|| ||:| ts to teach anyone without an |: charging of power. It took a few |:|| ||:| alternate motive it seems. |: moments for the floating disk to disp-|:|| ||:| |: el the magic around me, as was evident|:|| ||:| |: by the chattering of the plates on it.|:|| ||:| |: Ok, Now What? |:|| ||:| |: |:|| ||/____________________________________\|:/_______________________________________\|| |_____________________________________ ________________________________________| . '----`

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