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Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a leather bound tome with glowing glyphs to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Kevril' scribed in vibrant yellow ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Kevril's book..

Author: Kevril Date: Sat Jun 2 19:21:54 2007 Subject Malion Coincidentally, I had just finished my second week of boot camp. Saige thought that it would toughen me up, as if I wasn't tough already. Don't they know that scrawnies does not equate to weakness? Maybe in the physical sense of the word, compared to that brute, Merek, but mentally, I was as tough as they come. You had to be tough where I come from, weakness is death. That was the motto of the orphan gang I came from, the NS13. I could tell you what that means, but then you'd have to join us, and most people wouldn't want that. But back to the relevant point... The first week of boot camp involved fighting techniques and a specialized night session for clerical spells for the Skull inductees. Thorns' had a similar thing, warriors got off easy. After the first week was over, I was considered battle ready, still untested though. The second week was how to fight in a unit, and how to work alone in the field, somewhat contradictory. We were taught to survive on our own: hunting, fishing, tracking, etc. They then related that to tracking and hunting prey, the sentient kind. I'm sure you're wondering how this all ties in to the coincidence I first mentioned. On the first day of the last week, we were blind folded and magically teleported to an unknown place and had to find our way back, bonus points if someone brought in a victim. I was teleported somewhere in the Taman Busuk, not too far from the camp, as I recognized the landmark that was nearby the area. As part of our training, we were told to stay out at least three days. I made my way down the mountain, when I came upon a cave. Figuring it to be a warm bit of shelter that I could use, I lit a torch and entered. At about the same time, another young man, a teen roughly my age, approached from a side tunnel. He was wearing tattered grey robes, and wore a necklace bearing an upside down axe. Momentarily stunned by the shock of encountering one another, we merely stood there gaping. Then, I backed out of the cave, where I could use my spells more openly. He followed, and the fight that ensued could have only one victor. I could tell that I was infinitely more prepared than he. As I slowly backed up, I muttered various protection incantations. My senses heightened three fold; I could taste the cold that eminated from the snow falling around us; I could feel the pine needles as they crunched quietly beneath my feet; I could hear him muttering his own incantations, far different than mine; I could not hear the aide he had, a wild hog, until it was upon me and speared me to the floor. I managed to wrestle it off of me, but he had disappeared when I rose. I slit the hog's throat, intending to make it a meal later. This is where the coincidence occurs. Having just learned to track, I was able to put it to good use, following his foot steps in the snow. Quickly, I scrambled down the mountain after him to another cave. I squatted above it, patiently awaiting my prey, a spell at the ready. I saw him poke his head out and look around. I held my breath and drew back into the shadows. Apparently he felt it safe because he emerged into the open. I cast my spell upon him and leaped down from my cover. He grabbed his face, moaning about the loss of his sight. Quickly, I cast another spell, aimed at dulling his intelligence. As he started to stumble around, his instincts took over, and he uttered words of magic to some unknown deity that allowed him to regain control of his thought process. He dove back into the cave, still blinded. I prayed to Takhisis, for her divine power, so that I might strike down this foe. I grasped snow with both hand and held them before me, staring deeply into the cave. Icicles formed from the snow and flew into the cave. I knew they'd found their mark, as his screams penetrated the cold mist settling down upon the mountain. I entered the cave to find him writhing on the floor, bloodied and blind from Takhisis's cruel might. I lightly healed his wounds, so that he would live, albeit in pain. Praying once more to Takhisis, I magically bound my peer and left him there, intending to bring him back to camp after my three days were up. I tracked back up to the first cave and found the hog with a layer of snow upon it. It wasn't long before I had it ready to eat. The night of the third day arrived and I brought the remaining meat down to the lower cave, ready to return to the boot camp. When I arrived, torch in hand, I found the cave empty. On the floor, in bubbling blood, was the mark of Morgion. I dropped the meat and fled from the cave, fearing disease. Fevers and chills corrupted me as I fell to the snow. Fortunately, Takhisis is a powerful Goddess. As I lay there, praying to her, I became calm again, healed and pure. I continued my thanks to her as I finished my trek down the mountain. When I arrived at camp, I had nothing to flaunt but my stories, and I told them despite all critics and non-believers. At that time, a wizened Thorn mage came from his tent, grey beard and all, and confirmed my tale, stating a Vision from Her Majesty as his proof. I have four days left before I graduate this awful boot camp. Then, I will be able to serve Her Majesty completely. I am Hers, body, mind, and soul. 24 Hours to Malion, this is with regards to my warnote. Author: Kevril Date: Mon Jun 4 22:25:57 2007 Subject Dhavine I wiped my blood-stained mace on his torn, tarnished robes, more properly termed rags. As the acidic spikes slid across his tunic, the threads pulled apart like cobwebs. One of the spikes caught on his rippled muscles, and I tore it free with ease. The acid helped with that. I dared not rifle through his pouches, nor touch his coin purse. Strangely, I found that this minotaur was a zealot of disease, an affiliate of the deranged cult of Morgion. This was his second follower I'd pursued in two weeks. I magically bound his hands and feet, beyond what a carnival contortionalist would attempt. The clearing we were in was small, too small to accomodate the disease that coursed through His fanatic. The grass turned black and spiked, not dead, deadly. Methodically, I kicked his unconscious body to the edge of the clearing, where the trees began to mutate into wicked things. Not that I cared for this forest that played host to so many of The Rustlord's followers. The edge of the clearing was two fold. It also served as the beginning of a steep ravine. Finding a thick branch for leverage, I was able to roll the minotaur out of the clearing. As the branch began to turn black and barbed, I threw it after the rolling sap. The only sounds to echo out of the small canyon were of sliding rocks and the tumbling stick, both of which ceased as the two objects splashed into the creek. I abandoned the two and made the return hike back to camp. It was the final day of my three week boot camp. Strength had descended upon me as quickly as an aghar would a rat. The past week had been honing my strength, honor, and clerical prowess. Chain of command was tossed in as an added bonus, but all military recruits were expected to know enough to follow orders. The camp had been my home for the past three weeks; finally, it was over. It was the locus of strictness, it was the locus of independence, it was the habitat of enlightenment, it was the habitat of unlearning, it was the abode of freedom, it was the abode of bondage. 24 Hours to Dhavine Author: Kevril Date: Fri Jul 13 07:13:55 2007 Subject The Return ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- It had been long since my feet left their impression upon the desert sands of my people. Near to a decade ago, I left the place I called home for foreign lands. I sought fame, riches, women; I sought what any tribal youth dreams of but on a grander scale. The petty tribal quarrels resided below the clouds of my ambitions. Now, nearly nine years later, I return. I bring no fame, no riches, no women; I bring maturity, knowledge, and the clerical talents of a malevolent goddess. My adventures from Solamnia to Icewall, from Kothas to Neraka, have shown me the workings of a complicated world. Listening to the humans, the dwarves, the minotaurs, has created a vast well of knowledge about the viewpoints of each race. But my people do not care of the rift between mountain and hill dwarves, nor of the brutality of the minotaur's colliseum. They think only about fame, riches, and women. I have felt the stirrings of the people that I have talked to. There is an anxiousness in the air, a readiness. Already, I have seen Knights gathering their armies. Enlist? Doubtful. My usefulness goes beyond a pike holder and a meat shield. My Queen has enticed me to join her Knights, but I am not one for formalities. I have come to realize that I can make a name for myself, leave my stamp upon Krynn. I am the stamp and my people are the ink. With their blood I will make my mark. They have no clue of my intentions; they cannot think past the three themes of their life. Once I have gained the support of my tribe, I will bring the other tribes of Khur under my flag. Coercively, peaceful or violently. The more people the better, but only the strongest will survive in the end. If the weak die in the process, it is nature's way. As I have mentioned, the return is at hand. I bring back various trinkets, even the armor of a Knight of Takhisis. Riches and shiny objects impress. Thin wisps of smoke float on the wind in the distance, invisible to the untrained eye. The tribe resides in the same place it did almost nine years ago. My return should be interesting. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- To quote Sirrion: "Madness?!" Author: Kevril Date: Wed Jul 18 06:27:47 2007 Subject Tribal Recognition The return could not have gone better. Honestly, I expected hostility of some sort. Undoubtedly, I knew, the tribe would not take well to the desertion that had taken place so long ago. I returned, though, bearing the captured armor of a Knight of Takhisis and numerous trinkets that awed and amazed them. It amazed me to think how like them I used to be. My worldly travels had changed that. I sought fame, riches, and women, but on a far grander scale. To be famous? I'd rather be infamous. To be rich? I'd rather be obnoxiously wealthy. And to have women? How many women resist flocking to the powerful? I explained my travels in great detail. Many of them were too absorbed in my various items, but a few of the smarter ones could see my plan. They knew that glory would fall on the followers of my triumphs. It was not long before word had spread to the closest neighboring tribes, and men came, curiously, trying to find what kind of deserter returned to lead his people to their deaths. But upon our becoming acquainted, it was obvious that my men would rarely die, should they provide not to be weak. That was the standard by which I allowed men to flock to: be weak and die, the strong go to war. While the men returned to their tribes to spread the word, I had a meeting with the shamans of my tribe. Mine was a small tribe, most men consisting of shamans and healers. The magic was strong in my community. The warriors, the fighters, I knew, would come from the other tribes. Victory was waiting in the wings. The meeting went smoothly. These men were not stupid; it was apparent that they were aware of the fame, riches, and women that were coming with this war. They accepted me as their wartime leader, with which I was content because that is the only thing I need them for. As the shamans dispersed to spread the word, I was hospitably granted a tent. Outside of my tent I left a parchment and ink on a table. Each morning, when I awoke, I found more names added to the list and more tents camped around mine. My numbers were swelling rapidly. I was going to milk my lands dry of fighting men. I held my stamp over Ansalon at the ready; all I needed was the ink. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dedicated to the Flamer.

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