The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Adon.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a thread-bare book bound in cloth on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Adon' scribed in unearthly white ink.

Author:  Adon
Date    Sat Jun  1 15:40:58 2002

SubjectA Weekend Excursion

They were still following him after a day of solid travel.  Adon smiled to
himself as he trudged on, feeling the group of thugs slowly closing in on him
every hour.

This was the second day of Adon's trip along the Knight's High Road.  He felt
cramped by months indoors and instead of magicking his way through Solamnia,
he decided to walk.

Thinking back, he did not notice the small group of humanoids following him
until he began to look around for a spot to rest the night before.  He had
played the fool for a day, and now it was his turn.

Walking for a whole day, even magically enhanced, was tiring business, but the
scenery and the colorful people travelling along staved off boredom.  He
breathed deeply, feeling free under the sky.

Sneaking another glance back at his pursuers, he counted four dark, wrapped
humanoids of indiscernable race.  He smirked, deciding on a place to set up
camp this night.

Just then, a slow drizzle began, putting the horizon in a blur.  Wrapping
himself up, his robed protected him from such minor inconveniences.

For another hour he continued, looking for a suitable stop.  Spotting a cave
to the east, he walked in cautiously, checking for life.  The cave was cold
and damp with the rain, but not wet.  He could see to the end with his

Setting a small fire, he cooked some rations, preferring to not show his
pursuers the breadth of his magical aptitude.  He settled down with his eyes
open and waited.

About three hours after sunset, he saw his followers approach the mouth of the
cave.  He laid motionless, waiting for all four to enter the mouth of the

They looked lighter than when travelling, and he perceived two to be human
males and the other two to be slighter, perhaps halfelven.  The two men took
out potions and drank them.

Adon guessed that since they could not see, the potions must have been of
infravision, and the other two were halfelves, so they could pick up the heat
from his body.

The two in front silently unsheathed their swords as the two in back stepped
back and spread out.  Tensing his muscles, Adon prepared for action.

Author:  Adon
Date    Sat Jun  1 15:59:30 2002

SubjectA Weekend Excursion (part II)

As the two men creeped up, one in back began chanting in a low voice.  Adon
leaped to his feet, suprising both in front.  They stood there, gawking.

Reaching down for a pile he prepared, Adon lobbed a smooth stone at the
chanting figure.  As it hit, she screamed in frustration.  Adon smiled and
grabbed his mace.

Leaping forward with speed enhanced by magic, Adon swung his mace and
connected with the nose of the forward man.  Led by the magical strength of a
storm giant, the mace slid through his face easily.

Feeling the warm blood splattering across his face, Adon laughed out loud. 
The second man, coming out of his stupor, lunged with his sword.  Turning to
his side with reflexes born from experience, Adon caught the blade in his
robes and twisted, Disarming the man.  Kicking savagely, Adon sent the man
into the side of the wall, where he slumped over, motionless.  Turning to the
spellcaster, he pointed his empty finger at her, grabbing his medallion with
his mace hand.

He whispered, "Die."  He fancied seeing her soul screaming as it dislodged
from her body, which fell onto its face.  He scanned the cave, looking for his
fourth assailant.

About fifteen feet ahead, he saw the last person sprinting.  Preparing for an
assault, Adon was not prepared for his next action.

The man took out a torch, which seemingly burst into light.  Adon staggered,
dazzled by the sudden light and the spoiling of his infravision.

The next thing Adon felt was the pommel of the man's dagger slamming into his
nose and his mouth filling with the taste of blood.  Adon staggered back to
the wall, blinking to regain his vision.

Dodging to the side just in time, Adon missed the dagger thrust that would
have pinned his throat to the wall.  Jumping to the side, he scrambled for his
mace that he dropped to the floor.

Wiping the blood off his face, Adon looked at his assailant.  The thief again
jumped forward, but Adon expected it.

Chanting as the man drew closer, Adon reached forward, touching the thief in
the chest.  With the last syllable, heat spread from his fingers, setting his
clothes on fire.  The man screamed in agony and staggered toward the cave

Collapsing near the fallen mage, he slowly smouldered to ashes.  Adon held his
pendant and touched his face, cleaning the wounds with the power of magic.

With the adrenaline rush subsiding with the battle, Adon's legs quivered as he
slumped down in exhaustion.  He slept until late in the morning.

Author:  Adon
Date    Sun Nov 10 19:41:12 2002

Subject Gem RP Part I

Larukon rolled in his bed.  The beautiful woman wearing scales handed him a
powerful sceptre, able to locate the gem causing the recent drought.  He
walked toward Adon's office prepared to begin.

Adon finished his prayers and began gathering his belongings, ready to find
the location of the gem and disable it.  Larukon entered and took a seat. 
"Are you ready?" they both asked.

Larukon demanded, "Tell me everything Elms said," referring to the man who
attacked Palanthas several days ago.  Adon responded, "He came into the
city, claiming to be able to stop the drought."

"Instead, he began to destroy the area with powerful winds and
thunderstorms.  I was forced to end his life, but he spoke to me before he
died.  He said that the cause of the drought was a gem, and it was held under
a mountain."

Larukon growled, "Did he say the name of the mountain?"  Adon shook his
head.  "Well?  What do you think we should do then!?" Adon smirked, "We
should go out to the town square, hold that sceptre at arm's length and spin

Larukon fumed, his eyes glowing a fiery red.  "We will make portals to the
mountain ranges around the area and walk into them, seeing if the sceptre
responds and says they're nearby."  Adon nods, agreeing with the plan.

Adon asked, "When will we begin?" Larukon replied, "As soon as you
gather your order and the Lights show up we can begin constructing the
portals.  The faster the better."  They set off to begin to end the drought

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