The Great Library of Palanthas

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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Aelroth.

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Astinus gently places a concise treatise on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Aelroth' scribed in dark orange ink.

Author:  Aelroth
Date    Sat Jan 19 20:06:11 2002

Subject  Aelroth's History

After the day's events, mostly the introduction to Wulfgar and his dragon, I
was exhausted.  But somehow, I just couldn't fall asleep.  I just laid at the
campsite, staring into the flames.

The dancing flames brought me back to my childhood--the nightmare that I will
never forget.

It was hard work sowing the fields under the blaze of the midsummer's sun, but
the serene sound of the ocean waves crashing into the cliffside took your mind
off it all.

You could till the land from dusk til dawn yet remain oblivious to your
surroundings under the spell of the calm ocean breeze.  That was the problem.

They struck without warning.  Their newly docked ship was no sooner noticed
than the entire village was up in smoke.  My peace was destroyed, my way of

I just stood there, safely hidden in the fields as my homeland was burnt to
the ground.  The pirates set sail under the cloak of evening.

Tears rolled down my cheeks in remembrance.  That was the fateful day in which
I left home, an orphan.  I began to study the art of magic in my travels.

Through the guidance of the dark moon Nuitari, I sought power.  I shunned the
world, absorbed in my bitterness...and my magic.

Destruction?  Is that the power I have been seeking all of this time? The dark
cleric Wulfgar has powers beyond my fantasies, yet he lives a life of honor
and duty.  He lives with a purpose, serving the mighty Dark Queen with his
fellow knights.

Do I really want power?  Maybe all of I have been searching for was a family
and a place to call my home.

I drifted into a calm sleep with this flowing through my mind

Author:  Aelroth
Date    Thu May  2 13:58:17 2002

Subject  Takhisis' library

After catching word that my patron knight, Master Trevalin Coldfire, had left
south due to his experiences in the great war, I felt obliged to follow him.

Still a knight-in-training, an acolyte, I felt lost without the guidance of my
master.  I always had a friend in magic, but a part of me felt missing.  So I
persued him.

Suddenly, my legs refused to take another step.  After stumbling upon a rogue
camp under the cloak of night, I had decided to move on - there was nothing of

But somehow, something had caught my vigilant stare.  The tiniest of orbs,
firmly grasped in the hand of a cloaked rogue, was near invisible in the pitch

A faint aura of power surrounded the sphere of black nothingness - an aura
that found its way deep into my memory.

This was an orb from my dream, my vision from Takhisis herself!  Without my
remembering that I put it there, I found the orb within my pouches.

Thorougly exhausted, I camped in an nearby cave, but not near enough for the
rogues to discover me.

I awoke with a feeling of anxiety.  Something wasn't normal, that was for
sure, but the cave was still dark.

The only light present was illuminating from within my pack.  What I had in
there that glowed a pure, radiant white light, I did not know, so I went over
to investigate.

What I found was the most suprising thing yet.  A white scroll, infused with
the power of the white moon Solinari and shining with an equal radiance, had
somehow found its way into my pack.

Why would Solinari, protector of the White Robes of the Conclave and hunterer
of renegades like myself, assist my quest by giving me her scroll.

This was truly a bizarre find, one I was sure was related to the library in my
vision.  I had no time to wonder, however, in my search for Master Trevalin.

I left immediatly, before dawn, so I would not fall even more behind.  For the
first time in my apprenticeship in the Knights of Takhisis, I felt needed. 
And I was not going to fail them, not now.

oocly: I'm adding the black orb of power and a white scroll to our search. 
Solinari gave me the white scroll some time ago, and I thought it would be
cool to incorporate it into the rp.  Hope that helps.


Author:  Aelroth
Date    Sat May  4 18:51:18 2002

Subject  Undead Flight

I could feel their biting touch graze my neck as I ran through the Khalkist

On and on I ran from their icy gaze, oblivious to where I was, oblivious to
where I was going.

Unaccostumed to such physical excersion, my legs soon tired, and I found
myself surrounded, and too winded to move on.

I had winded my way along a westward past, shrouded in fog.  I had hit a dead
end at the worse possible time.

I attempted to gather myself for a final assault and tried not to think about
the impossibility of harming the already dead.

I was thinking these thoughts when it hit me, the aura of magic that
surrounded a pair of rocks on the wall of my cage.

In desperation I tore at the rocks, grasping at the nooks and cranies in hopes
of a miracle.  As the horde closed in, I took one last desperate thrust at the
rocks...and I fell straight through.

In my flight, I had inadvertedly stumbled upon the lair I had been seeking
after my vision from the goddess, Takhisis.  I was unconcerned with this at
the moment, however, as I laid upon the ground, suceptible to the wrath of the

Using the last ounce of energy I had, I uttered the first words that found my
tongue, a flash of light spell.

I had no time to ponder the effects on the ghouls, as I blacked out possibly
for my last sleep.

oocly: I collected my 20 undead items and stumbled upon Annexamender's Lair in
my flight.


Author:  Aelroth
Date    Wed May 15 15:44:42 2002

Subject  Library Quest

I couldn't believe it.  It wasn't there.  The magical tome had fascinated me
on my prior visit before the War.  And now it wasn't there.

It was possible that the library, obscurely hidden in the small village
Goodland, was ransacked during the plights of the War, but I doubted it.

Kendermore was no more than a few leagues from the library, and I found it
hard to believe that an army would conviscate the one tome I was looking for
then leave the place otherwise undisterbed.  No, this smelled of Kender.

As I strolled into town, I immediatly felt reluctant to do so.  Kender seem
small and harmless enough, despite their curiosity, but in a city like
Kendermore, you are swarmed by thousands of the damn things.  My grey robes
amound with pockets and pouches didn't help my cause either.

I had no idea how I was going to pinpoint the tome that had the strange mark
amidst people that know nothing of posesion.

Although I was still groggy at the time, I was positive that the symbol on the
wall of Annexamender's lair was the same I had seen so long ago in the tome
that I sought.  Of course when I agreed to search for it on my own, I never
dreamed that Kender would become involved.  Why does everything have to be so

I was tugged back into reality by the nimble fingers of a Kender that had been
following me since my entrance into the city.

"Hello Mr. Wizard.  You are a wizard, are you not.  No, you don't have to tell
me.  I knew because of your robes and pouches.  I very observant, so you know.

Anyway, I was wondering if you would be willing to teach me some magic tricks.
 I'm a big magic fan, and I'm trying to learn some of my own tricks, but I
accidently blew up the inn I was staying at.

Well, blew up might be a bit strong.  In fact, a great majority of the
foundation remained intact and there weren't even any casualties.  Of course,
not many people stay at the same inn as I do.  I wonder why that is?"

I could only stare back in amazement as the little fellow droned on.

"But back to the magic tricks, you wouldn't mind of course, would you?  While
your at it, show me how to use this little gizmo.  I couldn't help but notice
that you dropped it back around the gate, and I had the foresight to pick it
up for you.

I've got some great looking toys kind of like it.  I have my own mage
labratory of spooky stuff!  Here, I'll take you there so you can show me your
magic tricks.

I almost forgot, Pesstleknot Greenleaf at your service.  But you can call me
Dalamar the Dark.  That is a big, scary wizard name, so I changed my name to
that.  Come on, my laboratory is this way."

And before I knew it, I was being led to a magic laboratory by Dalamar the

"Isn't it great?  I've been collecting this stuff for almost a week."

Little did Dalamar know that his collection was more than great.  It was
priceless.  Magical artifacts, dating back to pre-Cataclysm were scattered
about in heaps all of his hideaway.  But I couldn't tear my eyes away from an
obscure tome in one of his many piles.

This was the tome, the one with the symbol, that I had been looking for the
whole time!  What luck had me find it without even looking in a city of mazes?

Now, the question was how could I take it from the Kender...

"Ok big wizardy guy, let's see a trick.  I'll just plop down here and watch. 
I'm a very good listener, as you no doubt have noticed."

"Alright Dalamar, here goes.  Make sure you watch your tome closely."

Here was my chance, and I pounced on it.  The tome began levitating, slowly
rising higher and higher of the Kender's awed face.  And then, it exploded in
a shower of sparks and color.  I felt for the tome in my pockets, and indeed
it was there.

The Kender was dumbfounded by my performance, and insisted that I give him

"Simply turn around three times while muttering 'Abra Kadabra' under your
breath.  Now why don't you go practice on some of your friends?"

Author:  Aelroth
Date    Thu May 23 14:44:53 2002

Subject  Library Part 4

'Dalamar, please slow down.  I realize you are excited and full of energy,
but there are two normal people back here in desperate need of oxygen.' We
had reached our fourth peek of the day, and the glint of the sun off of dew
was still present.  Dalamar was in heaven, darting here and there, nearly
falling off several cliff faces, and Kylastra and I were stumbling along in
his wake.

After all, how can one expect two studious spell casters to keep up with a
hyper kender?

'Explain to me again...why this, this following us around?'
Kylastra exclaimed as she toppled upon a rock, gasping for breath.

'Takhisis must be punishing us for something,' I managed to blurt out
before collapsing right on the path.  'And I must have done something REALLY
bad this time.' 'Come on guys, you're resting again?  This is the third
time this week!  I thought you said that Mistress Kaelay was in a hurry to
meet up with us?' said my little friend, giving us a quiet exaggerated

'Easy for you to say, Dalamar.  We're back here carrying all the
supplies.'  'Why did we need all these supplies again?' I asked Kylastra
for the billionth time, out of the kender's hearing.

'Mistress Kaelay said we'd need them.  We will still have a lengthy journey
from when we meet up with her near the undead town.  You know, the kender is
right.  We really should be going.' 'Don't remind me' I muttered, rising
to my feet.  'I don't think I can take the company of our little magic
friend much longer.  If he shows me another trick, I'll just...' 'Look
guys!' shouted Dalamar, right on cue.  'I found some mulberries.  Those
are great for sleeping spells.' 'Why me, my Goddess?  What did I ever

Author:  Aelroth
Date    Wed May 29 13:34:32 2002

Subject  Library End

'A dragon?  No way, I don't believe it.' Dalamar started poking the
disguised Kylastra with his hoopak.  Can you do something dragony,
Khylastra, like breath fire or eat me?  The kender was still dubious.

I was as suprised as the kender, although it would have probably been better
off of lady Kaelay had not told either of us the truth.  Kaelay jerked me back
into reality with a poke.  'You realize the complexity of the spell I am to

I assume.  You are a mage after all.'  Her solemn stare sent a shiver down
my spine.

'Yes, I am aware.  I will ask Decred's help to guard you in your, how shall
I say it, long nap.  I'll need Kylastra's help in restoring the temple.' She
nodded gravely and went about her spell.  I turned my attention back to the
task at hand: the restoration of the temple.  Lord Decred was doing the actual
rebuilding, luckily, and I only needed to add enchantments.

Even so, I probably won't have the energy to move about for a couple of days.

Of course, I needed to decide what enchantments to add first...

'Hey mister wizard man.  I think I found some great magical goodies lying
about (someone was carless to drop them where they were) and I was wondering
if you could show me how to use them?' First enchantment: kenderproof the

Author:  Aelroth
Date    Wed May 29 14:15:36 2002

Subject  Library End Part II

It says here, in the diary of the great Annexamender, that he sealed his great
temple from the prying eyes of Conclave mages with a barrier which he called
the boundless.

The boundless was made up of a constant maelstrom that encircled the area
surrounding the temple, but left a calm eye over the temple itself.

The boundless protected the temple's secrets with the four elements: water,
wind, fire, and earth.  The spell itself is the most complex I've ever seen.

I guess the kender was useful in finding the diary, if he has been useful in
nothing else.

No time to dwell, however, if I am to finish the spell anytime soon.  It will
probably take an hour to cast, who knows how long to memorize.

I began the incantation on the same eve that Kaelay began her resurection.  I
couldn't help but feel vulnerable.  I didn't have the time nor energy to cast
a shield of protection of Mistress Kaelay and myself and still recreate the

I had to rely on Lord Decred and Kaelay's dragon to protect us from harm's
way, and they were occupied rebuilding.

I cleared all worries, all doubts from my head and began the enchantment.  The
words flowed from mouth, unknowingly from their speaker.  I felt the returning
warmth from the familiar magic, but this was much more powerful, intoxicating.

Time flowed, and the spell progressed without mishap, until the very end.  I
was mere seconds from finishing when Dalamar approached me.  By this point, I
was so drained that my words were barely audible.

'Mister wizard man, I hate to say it but...I'm bored' 'I was thinking of
going back home, to Kendermore, or go off adventuring somewhere.  The truth
is, all this big scary stuff was fun at first, but it is rather dull and
boring after the first couple of minutes...' I nearly misspronounced a
syllable in shock.  I tried madly to concentrate and not break the spell.  It
had only now occured to me that I might be burying all of us in the fury of
the boundless.

I didn't even think of leaving the temple when I began, how stupid am I?

I uttered the last syllable and collapsed.  My last thoughts were of the
nightmare I might have gotten us all into...trapped within the boundless in
the company of the revived Annexamander and a bored kender.

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