The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Aeveryja.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a small volume on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Aeveryja' scribed in dark green ink.

Author:    Aeveryja       
Date:      Fri Aug 27 23:23:06 2010
Subject     Escape

"Will it hurt?" "I promise-not a bit. Just stop moving." Aevery watched
her brother heat the needle again in the candle flame. "Now, let's try this
again-" "You sure you know what you're doing?" He rolls his eyes and turns
his head to show his piercing. In his left earlobe is a silver hoops. He
holds the second of the pair. She stares at the needle as it slowly heats
and glows a light then deep red- orange...

"There!" "That's it?" "Yup!" Reaching for the wash basin, Aevery peers into
the murky water at her reflection. Under the warm glow of the candles, she
turns her head to get a better look at the piercing. The silver waves
slightly as she moves, and gleams brightly in the light. "It looks cool, but
brother, shouldn't we-" "EVERYONE OUT! GET OUT OF OUR WAY FILTH!" Angry
yells and terrified screams erupt outside. Sounds of breaking glass,
splintering wood, and contact of steel-tipped boots upon flesh-then breaking
bones-fill the night. 

Boots pound the pavement outside, vibrating the floorboards of any shack
within range. Swiftly, brother begins packing what little possessions they
have. He mutters under his breath and Aevery catches the word "Purge". "Sis,
put that light out. NOW." She dumps the washbasin over the candles, and
grabs her leather pack. While strapping on her boots, she noticed brother
waving his hands over the door. Tilting her head to the side, she asks "Uh,
what are you doing?" He doesn't seem to hear her. He continues the strange
antics, passing his hands in intricate motions over the door and does the
same for the windows. "That should do it." A question danced at the edge of
her tongue but she held it.

Smoke floods the night sky-crowding whatever view the shack's windows
provided. Carefully, brother pried apart a few loose boards in a dark corner
of their abode. Aevery moves to help and just as the small opening was
clear, the entire shack shook violently. She didn't have to turn to know
that soldiers were outside. "You first. You're smaller." Not willing to
argue, Aevery crawls through. Brother swifly follows and reseals the exit.
Crouching, they maneuver adeptly in the dark and wet alleys between the

Brows furrowed, she finally asks "Brother, what'd you do back there?"
Grinning, he replies "Just made their job difficult." Suddenly, the walls
beside them explode-a limp bundle of rags flies out, followed by a hulking
figure garbed in chainmail. "That'll teach-. Huh. Two little punks sneaking
around eh? "What's that you got the-" Before he could get a better look,
brother's leg lashes out-connecting with the mans's shin. Reaching down,
brother gathers some dirt, mutters and throws it at the prone soldier. The
ground shudders and shifts; it begins reaching for the man. "You little
wit-" A slab of dirt slides over his mouth, silencing him. His limbs are
similarly bound-underneath solid earth.

They resume their stealthy flight from the waterfront. No one notices two
small figures behind dodging between crates and carts, always in the
shadows. No one notices because the dark moon is in high sanction-cloaking
the fleeing siblings in its dread light. 

Author:    Aeveryja       
Date:      Sat Sep 18 03:51:21 2010
Subject     Finally

"Find Wayreth" were Brother's last words before vanishing. "Who's
Wayreth?" were Aeveryja's last thoughts then and thoughts now. Making her
way down Diamond Street, Aeveryja shadows a pair of scholars deep in
discussion. They arrive at a magnificent marble structure-the two disappear
among the steps and columns. Carefully, she ascends. The whisper of robes
and soft leather sounds from behind-she whirls and crouches, read for her
assailant. "Aren't you a jumpy one?" The Aesthetic chuckles and smooths his
robes. "My apologies if I startled you." He picks some lint off his sleeves.
"No offense, but you're obviously new here. May I help you?" Standing up and
readjusting her black cloak, she nods stiffly. "Yes-uh, I need to find
Wayreth. Where can I find him?" The Aesthetic grins broadly and covers his
mouth to stifle a laugh. "Him? Child, Wayreth is a forest! It's southwest of
Solace. Here-" He takes out some parchment and a quill. Curious, Aevery
peers intently as the Aesthetic inks "Solace" in the center and mutters a
few syllables. The ink in "Solace" spreads and reaches outward. Line swirl,
twist, and turn to the edges. The Aesthetic hands over the finished map.
"This should help you in case you get lost." She slips it into her belt. She
turns to the steps. "Child. Wayreth is no ordinary forest-unless you have
magical interests, I suggest you steer clear of it."

Walking clear of the entrance, Aeveryja takes out and unfurls the map.
Committing it to memory, she crumples the parchment and clenches her fist.
There's a brief flash of red-orange, and she opens her fist. Ashes trickle
down and drift away from her palm. "Magical indeed" she thought.

Fog and mositure cling to the cloak, dying it a cool grey. An occaisional
silver gleams from the rune filigree along its lining. Mist and the
occasional blade of grass slide along the soft cloth. A dark shape looms
ahead. Summoning words she heard brother recite so many times before, Aevery
clutches her cloak and melts into the wispy tendrils. "Damn trees..."
Skirting danger, she continues under her veil-emerges from the fog, trips
over a low boulder, and nearly collides into the gates. Metallic sheen
giving them away, they soar, only to be swallowed by the sea of foliage
above. Metal bars shimmer and waver-insubstantial. Aevery reaches out a
dirt-covered hand and hovers near the bars, feeling the air shift and

Too exhausted to care, she shoves. Nothing happens. Her mind screams and
thrashes. "Open damnit! I sacrificed too much for this. I'm tired. I'm
hungry, and I really need to pee. I'm lost in these freaking forests-one
tree tried to trip me and another tried to crush me with its swinging
branches, and cut me with dagger-like leaves. Just open already!" The gates
remain impassive before the silent venting. They just didn't care about
animated trees and the danger they pose. Growling, Aevery throws her pack
down and sits against the boulder.

Fatigue sets in. "What is 'this' you have come for?" a voice intones in her
head. Muttering a few choices words, she says outloud "I don't know..." and
surrenders to rest. Chill air swims across her still form as the gates open.
Silk robes glide over grass and earth and settle before her. Aeveryja
vaguely remembers getting up as she finally drifts away. 

Author:    Aeveryja       
Date:      Wed Nov  3 00:14:24 2010
Subject     Sorcery-Part 1

Pus oozes, drips, slides from various gaping pores. Boils swell and
burst-yellow fluid wells. Barely any skin and fur left; remnants bubble and
cling to the bones-slightly marred and cracked. Pan over. Healthy. Slightly
red and swolled around the eyes-but alive. Nodding once, Aeveryja dispels
the magically heated cage, opens it and grabs the rabbit. Check pulse-quite
fast-examine pupils, breathing, etc. One thing left to do.

Holding the animal with both hands, she mentally summons an image of home: a
burning waterfront flooded with smoke, screams, and steel upon bone. Flames
erupt from her hands and instantly engulf the rabbit. It endures the initial
5 minutes before its resistance is overpowered-still another hour before the
solution wears off. The form squirms helplessly-red orange tongues turn
crimson as they eat through fur, skin, and organs. Nearby flasks fog up as
condensation takes over; a beaker of water begins to boil. Brother gives a
wry grin before vanishing towards the barracks.

An explosion rocks the barracks, jolting Aevery out of memory. Hands
weightless-save for ashes trickling in a staccato towards the stone floor.
Moisture clings to and slides down necks of flasks, and water pools around
the beaker's base. No bloody mess-fire consumed even the life fluids. Echoes
reverberate off the obsidian wall outside her room. Aevery hastily covers
the oozing cage and gathers the ashes into a vial. The door opens.

Deszie stands there in flattering blue-silk. She's a year older.
Shoulder-length red hair cascade in waves down her face and settle lightly
around the neck. Sky-blue eyes glare at her grey-robed friend. "Aev, have
you-Why's it so hot in here?" "Because you walked in." She puts a hand on
her hip and purses her lips. "Funny. Have you seen my spellbook?" Aevery
cocks her head to the side, assumes a mock expression of deep thought. "Hm.
No. I haven't seen a red leather bound book covered with runes and stretched
lamb skin." Deszie growls in frustration. "Gosh Dez, I can see the steam
pouring out of your ears." Grinning, Aevery mutters a few words. "Ok. Ok.
Behind you."

Deszie whirls around to face a book floating and twirling in the air. She
grabs it and storms out. Humor gone, Aevery wonders why so mad-not like she
needs the spellbook anytime soon. Blue silk renters the room- "By the way,
Highmaster Falkore will be lecturing in 2 minutes. I don't think he'll
appreciate late apprentices." "Like I care what you think." Smirking, she
disappears. Aevery places the ash-filled vial among similarly filled tubes
in the tube rack. Grabbing a black-white quill, she sketches the remains of
the failed rabbit and burns the remains-collecting its ashes in another tube
and placing it in another group.

Rearranging her linen tunic and dusting off her wool pants, Aeveryja takes a
gray leather bound journal, an ink well, and the quill, and races out of her
room. She ticks off a silent spell locking her room and turns the corner.
"Lateness be damned" she thinks. "I'm more interested in the new

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