The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Ahmaria.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a massive tome lined with fake jewels on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Ahmaria' scribed in light white ink.

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sat Mar 28 02:40:34 2009
Subject     Leaving Home

She woke in the early morning with the sunlight just peering over the
horizon. A slight breeze drifted through her hair causeing her to shutter.
She blinked trying to put the past few days behind her. It all seemed so
unreal. She closed her eyes and focused for the first time on the strange
events that had led her here.  Her father had smiled at her as she brought
her bow down.  Very good! We will eat well tonight. His pride for his
youngest daughter shined in his eyes as he laughed.  Now go on and claim
your kill so we can get it cleaned. It will be nice to reach home early.  As
she walked the distance to her fallen prey, she had turned in time to see a
figure cloaked in black. Time had seemed to stall there in that moment. Fire
eruupted from the figure. She fell to the ground seeking shelter. The fire
had been magical and disapeared as it consumed its target, her father. She
had remaind face down to the ground for what seemed like hours shocked. She
recognized the caster of the fatal spell without a doubt in her mind, her

It had happend then that voices filled the woods calling her name. The
voices of her four sisters. Something pulled at the back of her mind telling
her her mother had sent them to find her. It was then she ran. To where she
hoped at least the gods knew, but she kept running.  She opened her eyes
fighting the tears that threatend to come. She packed up what little she had
with her glad for atleast the supplies she carried with her when her and her
father would hunt. In time she will find answers to her recent tragic loss.
For now she travels in search of safety and training to help her seek all
that she will need when that time comes. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sat Mar 28 22:32:52 2009
Subject     in Solace

She had taken a chance opening her eyes on the flight to Solace. The
sight was breath taking and she found her grip loosing and the trip became
like a gift of blissful freedom. Astonished with herself, soon she became
comfortable on the back of the gryphon. The view of the large vallenwood
trees brought a smile to her face as the flight neard its end and they
landed. Her head felt clear as she was led to the Inn. Faelri quickly left
after seeing her to a room and said he would return when it was time for the
next meal. She made her way around the small comfortable room, and took
advantage of the time alone to clean p after her journey. Thoughts once
again flooded her mind of her family troubles. It was these thought that
lead her to decide she did not want to run forever. Perhaps the gods had led
these men to her so that she would no longer need to. She finished tending
to herself and waited for Faelri to return. Perhaps they were willing to
help her further. She said a pray silently to her goddess as a knock sounded
on the door. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Mon Mar 30 01:27:20 2009
Subject     Meal time

Faelri and Ahmaria ate in silence for most the meal. After taking a sip
of the watered wine, she looked at his face and studied him for a moment.
"Forgive my forwardness, you have helped me so much already, but I have
something else I would like to ask of you.  Faelri nodded slightly in her
direction letting her continue. " I do not want to live on the run from my
sisters and my mother. I am sure with what has already happend the magic
they control together could easily find me." Again he nodded "And you would
like further protection from the wildrunners?"

Ahmaria shook her head "No. Training....There is little my hunting skills
can do to protect me from these kinds of magics." Faelri sat for a moment as
if thinking it through. "You have a sword?" " Yes, it was acctually my
father's but I have it. " He smiled slightly toward her. "If training is
truley what you desire, we will begin there in the morning". She returned
his smile and thanked him again and they finsihed the meal with light but
pleasant conversation. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sun Apr  5 05:02:45 2009
Subject     Training first test

Faelri's demeanor changed over night and in the long days and weeks that
followed, he was no longer there to protect her. He had become a personal
trainer. She was happy for the chance to learn what he could teach but the
price for it was painful lesson after painful lesson.  "Child your father
taught you well the ways of a hunter and you show skill to rival any master
hunter. Now it is time we take those skills and show you how to use them in
other ways. You will need to mold those skills to be like a warriors as
well." Ahmaria had begun to feel a confidence in herself she had only felt
before when she hunted with her father. She was determined to put her
emotions at the back of her mind and refused to let them interfere in her
daily tasks. It was on one of the colder mornings that she finally realized
how at home she had become holding a blade. She had walked out in to the
woods and came to where they trained every morning and found that Faelri was
no where to be found. Ahmaria began to practice her routine with her sword.
It was not long before Faelri's tardiness began to bother her. She looked
around her carefully and noticed the slightest movement in the trees above
her. She smiled and almost laughed.  "Funny, usually I am the one late to
our early sessions.  She looked up expecting to see Faelri emerge from the
branches. The figure that dropped in front of her was not him. She held her
sword steady at her side unsure of the intrusion. The man was human and it
was hard to read what intentions he had toward her. He smirked at her as she
studied him and took a quick lunge toward her. She jumped back quickly. Her
sword met his as it blocked another swing toward her middle. He continued to
smile as he swung again. Ahmaria parried three of his blows easily enough
but each strike came faster and more aggressive. His next blow knocked her
on her back and disarmed her. She quickly rolled away from another swing of
his sword. Still down, she rolled back toward him and tripped him with a
swift kick. She jumped up quickly and reached for her sword. She swung at
the man as he had returned to standing. He moved with a speed she could not
help but admire. Her next swing he blocked moved out of her reach. They
circled the clearing for a few moments assessing one another. He suddenly
lunged toward her. As Ahmaria moved quickly away, his blade nicked at her
left shoulder. She felt the burning pain of the wound as it bleed freely.
She did not let it slow her momentum and continued in her turn away from
him. She brought her body low and swung her leg to trip him. He fell to the
ground with a startled look on his face and she found it her turn to smirk.
Still armed he swung at her while lying on his back. She parried once again
and stuck his blade hard enough to disarm him. She kicked his sword out of
his reach as she pointed the tip of hers at his throat. " That's enough
Ahmaria." Faelri stepped in to the area as she pulled her sword back as he
continued speaking.  "I think you are ready for the next part of your
training." The man stood and nodded at Faelri and smiling again to Ahmaria "
Thank you for the exercise my dear, now I must return to my duties." Faelri
spoke to her again " Gather your things, child. We have somewhere to be." 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sat Apr 11 03:30:53 2009
Subject     The Trial

The task given to her itself was no real problem. Three nights in the
wilderness. Surviving on her own. Alone. It was that one word, 'Alone', that
brought a chill and element of fear in to Ahmaria's heart. She quickly
prayed that Mishakal keep her safe and that her mother and sisters had given
up their search for her. As the sun rose she met Faelri who waited with a
single gryphon and a pack of the only items she would be allowed to take
with her. "The gryphon will take you in to the forest. It is your task to
not only survive, but to find your way to several locations with in." She
crawled up on to the gryphon and held on. Although she had become more
familiar with the creatures, she was still unsure of leaving the safety of
the ground. It was not long in the air before she could make out the outline
of the Qualinost. She focused on keeping her eyes watchful of the forest and
any landmarks she could as it approached. Soon the gryphon landed. The beast
seemed to soar back in to the skys the moment she jumped from it's back.
Looking around she decided the best place to go was up. She climbed in to a
tree and sat to rest on a branch while she inspected her pack. Besides being
allowed her bow in side her pack she had been given a hunting dagger, half a
dozen arrows, a crudly hand drawn map with marks on five locations, and an
empty water skin. "Well first things first,  She spoke to herself,  "I need
to find water." She climbed further in to the tree so that she could see the
surrounding area. After scanning the forest she made out what appeared to be
a small stream not far from her. She made her way slowly out of the tree and
began her small hike toward the flowing water. With in the next hour she had
filled her water skin and found a nice shelterd place along the stream to
sit and study her surroundings once more. She removed the map and studied it
the best she could with the poor quality of it's content. Her first land
mark surprisingly showed to be just further up stream. Not wanting to put
the tasks set before her off, she stood and made her way up stream. Another
silent prayer to her goddess and hopes her family was far from reaching her
ran through her mind as mid day passed. A small clearing came in to view. As
she reached it she could only assume it was her first location. Upon a stump
in the middle of the clearing was a single gryphon feather. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sat Apr 11 06:20:48 2009
Subject     Trail part 2

The night came more quickly then she would have liked. It was only her
first night and her spirits were already begining to sink. Soon after
finding her first location it began to storm. Ahmaria decided then to
continue moving toward the next area hoping she was going in the correct
direction. There was no place she could comfortably rest for the night.
Besides, with or without the storm, she had no intention of lighting a fire.
 " That would be all I would need, to light a fire....I would just as rather
scream in to this foul wind 'Hello Mother I am here come and get me'..."
There was enough lightning flashing through the trees that she was able to
see somewhat of her surroundings. With any luck, any creature that would try
to prey on her would have been smart enough to seek refuge from the storm.
She pulled her cloak around her tighter as the rain and wind beat on her and
slowed any progress she made moving through the forest. As the night wore on
and she grew more tired she almost thought she could hear laughter howling
in the wind. Finally the storm began to die down and there was no longer a
sorce of light that was enough for her to see. Ahmaria climbed a large pine
tree and tried to keep calm. Although the storm had ceased and the wind was
no longer as strong, she could still hear the sounds of laughter. Mocking
her almost it seemd. Convincing herself that it could be nothing more then
lack of sleep, Ahmaria finally drifted in to a light sleep. Her last
thoughts of the night were that she had 4 more check points to get through
and now only 2 more nights to do it in. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sat Apr 11 23:16:54 2009
Subject     Trail part 3

The storm had left the ground wet and hard to traverse. She stayed as
near to the trees as possible, using over grown roots to keep herself from
sinking in to the mud. Her mood seemed to worse and by late morning she
found herself taking an early rest high in another tree. Ahmaria took a
moment to pray once again for safety and guidence. As she raised her head
she took a deep breath. The sun had begun to shine through to the forest
floor. The trees around her almost lit up with the glitening water that
still clung to the branches. She could not help but smile at the sight. The
light around her helped to brighten her mood. If it was something in the air
in the air, or her godess herself, something peaceful came to rest at the
back of her mind. It seemed to tell her to go and and that here her family
would be no threat. Ahmaria stole away a few more of these peaceful moments
before teh sun passed behind a group of clouds. With a quick word of thanks
to the heavens, she climbed from her perch and continued on. By evening she
had collected another two feathers marking her locations. She was blessed
even more with a quick shot that ended in a pleasant meal. It once again
stormed that night as she rested high in the branches. Although the rain
kept her from sleeping she found she did not mind it as much. Besides, it
helped so much more to keep her trial coverd. That in itself seemed a gift
from nature and her goddess in one, helping again her confidence that her
mother and sisters would not come for her here. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Mon Apr 13 16:56:44 2009
Subject     the trial ends

Three nights of bitter cold rain storms were taking a toll on Ahmaria.
Her muscles ached, she was tired, chilled to the bone and hoped for a long
bath. The night before she refused to sleep and had to continue on. By late
morning she had found all but one of the checkpoints. She was overwhelmed
and relieved as a large clearing came in to view. It was the last location
on the map. She hoped that it also meant that her task would be soon
complete. She stood back hidden by the trees and scanned the clearing
carefully. The rain had slowed to a murky drizzle and a light fog covered
the ground. As she continued to watch the clearing she found her self
thinking about the past days. Ahmaria still held a respectful fear of her
sisters and mother, but had decided the fear would not keep her from
pressing on in her life and her own goals. She was able to fully mourn her
fathers passing and would honor him by continuing to live by what he had
taught her as she grew. She had also realized she longed to go home and that
now that home was with the wild runners. She now thought of many of them as
friends as well as a group she was learning much from as well as about them.
The fog was beginning to lift when she heard a familiar cry. Floating in to
the clearing was a young gryphon. She approached it smiling.  "I suppose you
were kind enough to leave these feathers for me?"  She climbed up on its
back and patted him on the neck.  "I suppose if we keep meeting like this I
should at least learn your name."  With a small laugh, the gryphon jumped
and took flight. Ahmaria could not help but smile as she realized some of
the changes in herself. That must have been the purpose of this test she had
been set to. She was happy at what she had learned about herself and new
confidence she had found in herself. She was especially delighted when the
gryphon circled and headed toward home. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Thu Apr 23 03:41:44 2009
Subject     Ahmaria

Ahmaria knew it would be a matter of time before someone else might see
through her disguise. Some how the gryphons themselves had seen past to what
she truly was. Not only that, she did not trust that the magic that hid her
true self would hold much longer. She was amazed it had lasted this long.
She returned to her room that night, still in human form. She sat and began
to write, hoping it would hold off any questions that were likely to come
her way.

 My fellow Wildrunners, I have come to regards you all as a new family for
me. It is for this reason that I must share with you a secret I have kept
for these past months. Most of you know how I fled from my mother and
sisters after the death of my father. What I should have told you is that my
father and I had fled from them before although I do not fully understand
why. I believe that my father knew that my mothers heart had backend. I tell
you this in hopes it helps explain things better when I tell you I am not
from the Caergoth region that I was found in. We fled from across the New
Sea. A friend of my fathers cast a spell of some potency to keep us hidden
and protected. I only hope that you are not offended when I reveal to you
that I am not who I have appeared to be. I no longer feel that I should hide
from my family. Because of this, I tell you that I am not human. I am
Qualinesti. I have learned much from you all in my training and I hope that
I am able to continue learning from you all. Thank you all for everything
that you have shown me. 


    _____                               __   __)           
  (, /  |  /)                ,        (, ) /              
    /---| (/  ___   _   __     _        /(  _/_ _____ __  
 ) /    |_/ )_// (_(_(_/ (__(_(_(_   ) /  \_(__(_)/ (_/ (_
(_/                                 (_/                   

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Fri May 15 16:51:34 2009
Subject     new orders

Ahmaria woke unusually early and remained in bed staring at the bunk
above her. Her new room mate was fast asleep. She wished she had been able
to sleep just as soundly. She would have if it had not been for the nagging
restlessness she had been feeling for the past few days. She felt as if she
was stuck in an endless waiting period. A few words of encouragement came
from a wildrunner who had just returned from his own travels. Hilcaia had
come to the hot springs for a quick rest before reporting back in. The brief
exchange of words gave her reassurance that it was better with the time she
had to prepare then to just be sent out never to return if not prepared. She
turned on her side and sighed lightly she knew he was right. In the past
weeks, she had made remarkable discovers. Her mornings were spent in the
practice yards honing her skills with both bow and bladed weapons. Her
afternoons she spent in the stables learning all she could about the nature
and care of the griffons. In that time she also made a new friend. A unique
bond was forged with one of the younger male griffons. It was in fact the
same golden feathered griffon that had come to her in the forest. Rixbreeze,
Dalinoth had told her was his name. Although he was slightly smaller then
the others, Rixbreeze showed promising agility, endurance, and speed. He
came to greet her with unheralded eagerness each day that she came to the
stables. It was this bond that lead to her commander assigning Rixbreeze as
her mount. Each day that passed, her desire for a new assignment for the
pair grew. "Ahmaria Ktorn!". At the sound of her name being bellowed,
Ahmaria sat up hastily, smacking her head on the bunk above. She stood with
a quick rub on her head. "Here,"  she called as she opened the door and
stood at attention. A lean kagonesti warrior stood in the door way. "New
orders recruit. Meet with commander in the stables promptly after the
morning meal." "Yes Sir." "And recruit have your travel gear ready as
well.".  Ahmaria remained at attention until the man closed the door to her
room. She quickly went to her wooden trunk and withdrew a loaded pack. She
smiled to herself as she once again checked through the gear she had already
had prepared for weeks. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sun May 17 17:36:01 2009
Subject     To the skys

Ahmaria joined seven other recruits in the stbles. The sound of heavy
boots on the ground brought them all quickly to an attentive stance. A tall
human came and stood before them. He looked them over on at a time befor
breaking the silence. "Some of you, I have already met." Ahmaria quickly
glaced in his direction to study his face a moment. She realized that she
had no idea who he was as he continued to speak. "For those of you that I
have not, I am your new Flight Leader, Carsh." The recruits all stood
quietly as he spoke to them of the assignment at hand. " This mission will
both further your training with the windriders and hopefully give an
insightful history lesson as well. We will be traveling to the west central
area of the mountains to the Anviltop area. Our destination is the village
of Avalune. There you will observe, train and hopefully bond with the best
companion you will ever have while in this army. Since it has been reported
to me that two of you already have had the chance to form a decent bond with
a griffon already, you will have a slight advantage to a few of the tasks
that will be put to you all." Flight leader Carsh finished his speech by
ordering each recruit in to a pairing with some of the griffon tenders
ranked above them. Ahmaria's partner was a friendly small framed Silvanesti
woman. They greeted each other with smiles. "We will be taking Rixbreeze
instead of my griffon. It is important for you to have the opportunity to
further your bound with him." Ahmaria simply nodded and was silently
grateful that Rix would be going along. They were dismissed to prepare the
griffons for the journey. When all was ready, Carsh spoke a few more words,
making sure that they all understood their orders. "All right you will all
follow my lead. We shall be in the skys for a good part of the day. You will
double up with your partner and share a mount for at least this one time.
You all need to get use to being in flight.  Windriders take flight!" With
one last command, they were lead in to the skys. Ahmaria leaned in to the
wind content in the moment of exhileration as the small wing of new recruits
took to the skys and headed to the south. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Fri May 22 18:31:22 2009
Subject     Avalune

With in the Anviltop peaks of the central Kharolis mountains rested the
samll village of Avalune. The first day there for each of the recruits was
in deed spent in a history lesson. Loyal clerics of Habbakuk along with a
small group of village mystics, spent there days tending to the griffons
living in the surrounding cliffs. The purpose of the village was to help
protect and observe the griffons and honor the tradition of new windriders
who came to find and bond with one. Durning the next few days in the
mountain valley, Ahmaria began lessons in solo flight. With in the first
week most recruits were able to master the basic flight patterns used for
scouting formations. Each day that passed the group learned what it truly
meant to be one of the windriders. As expectations from their wing leader
grew, the group began to learn the basics of mounted combat in flight. Days
passed and their skills improved. The lessons went on for almost a months
time and was not long before each of them could keep their balance and still
almost perfectly aim a bow. The last night of their training brought them
together for a final meal in the village. Orders were given that they would
fly out in the morning to return to the north and return home.
Congratulations were given accompanied with new orders would be given from
there for them to join a full flight. As she headed to bed that night, she
gave a thought to how much she enjoyed this new found lifestyle. Ahmaria
prayed with thanks to her goddess that she had finally found a place where
she felt she truly belonged. She enjoyed each day for it's challenges and
was glad at what she could learn from each. She sent one more silent thought
of thanks before drifting to sleep . 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sat May 30 03:46:55 2009
Subject     Return

Ahmaria walked from the stables after spending the time to see that
Rixbreeze was comfortably resting after the long days flight home. She
wandered amongst the others in her flight group and got to know each one a
little more during the night. They all enjoyed a welcome meal and were able
to socialize. They all questioned what the next day would bring and with
what orders. Mostly they all spoke of being glad to be home although each
one had enjoyed some part of the time spent in Avalune. Ahmaria no longer
felt restless and was glad for the work they had accomplished. She knew
there would be much more training but she no longer felt the haze of the
unknown lingering around her. She slept well most night now. Thoughts of her
family no longer nagged her thoughts. She felt no fear or anxiety over who
she was. She said her normal prayer of thanks and asked for continued
blessing in her skills. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sat Jun 13 16:15:02 2009
Subject     Negotiating Valek's Release. Part 1

Wildruners and Winriders had been set in position amoung the trees and
skies while Ahmaria and her gryphon waited. Messengers had been sent to the
Conclave regarding the capture of Valek. The place designated for the for
the meeting was the lakeshore near Solace. 

Meanwhile, Jendaron sat inside the tower of High Sorcery, the retired high
Archmage Jendaron, relaxing in the Library, is approached by a Conclavian
messenger who delivers a note to the Archmage Slowly, Jendaron removes the
hood that perpetually covers his face looks coldly at the message in his

 "'That damned fool"

The note reads Valek of the Black Robes has been captured by the Wildrunner
Ahmaria, and is currently imprisoned. Please send a representative to
discuss terms of his release.' 

Jendaron sighs. " Does it ever end? These pitiful fools can't even handle
their own business anymore.  

The final part of the note reads A meeting at Crystalmir Lake is arranged
for this eve.' Jendaron slowly recovers his face with his hood and stands

 "So to Solace, of all places."  Jendaron slowly heads towards the exit of
the Tower of High Sorcery, his path leading to Crystalmir Lake. Speaking a
few words, the Archmage makes himself invisible to others and silently
travels towards the lake. 

Back near Solace, Ahmaria walks along the eastern shore of the lake looking
to the skys and the surrounding area. She waves a signle to the waiting
members of Wildrunners and Windriders still waiting for negotiations to to
begin. Ahmaria keeps her gaze scanning the vallen trees and beyond.
Satisfied she nods and waits patiently. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sat Jun 13 16:22:51 2009
Subject     Negotiating Valek's Release. Part 2

 "It should not be long now, Rix"  Ahmaria places a calming hand lightly
on the back of her griffon, Rixbreeze. Jendaron spots the slender elven
figure and the figure of a gryphon, on the east shore of the lake, as he
approaches. He silently approaches the two, his hood covering his face and
invisible to the eyes of others.

A sudden chill touching her skin, Ahmaria knows someone must be near their
area she turns drawing her swords. She speaks in her own tongue, Qualinesti,
 "Show yourself and this will remain peaceful gathering." 

In Common he answers her,  "I suggest you sheathe that swords, or you and
the runners hidden in the trees will find themselves overrun with the demons
and spirits of the abyss."  He pauses before adding.  "I have come, as
requested, to discuss the terms of the pitiful fool's release, if I wished
to attack you, you would already be dead."  

 "Very well,"  Ahmaria places her swords back at her sides and motions
toward the trees. Jendaron, speaking a word, the black robe archmage reveals
himself to the elf. His hood still covering his face, he stands before her.

 "Before we begin the discussions, I wish to know one thing. 

 "I suppose it depends on what you wish to know."

 "What did this fool do to get himself caught up on the losing side of a
battle with an elven female?" 

Ahmaria trys to hide a slight smile as she answers slowly.  "I know a few
thing of the arcane world. If I had to explain it he traveled to me by way
of a gate, unprepared for my reaction."  

 "Was it a conflict he initiated?"  

 "Aye, it was.  Shaking his head slightly,  "Perhaps his place is not with
those of the Wizards of High Sorcery after all, but that is beside the point
at this moment. What is it you and your fellow runners wish for to ensure
his safe release and return to our... care lets call it."  

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sat Jun 13 16:30:47 2009
Subject     Negotiating Valek's Release. Part 3

 "I would like information to help further an investigation we have

 "An investigation?"

 "It also has some what a personal matter in what I ask."

 "Allow me to speak in your own tongue so that there is nothing lost in
translation, elf."  Jendaron begins to speak Qualinesti  "What is the
meaning of this investigation, and what does it entail?"  

She nods to him slightly surprised  "It is a murder investigation and it
entails my own family"  She stands for a moment thinking of the best way to
choose her words before proceeding. 

 "An investigation involving your own family and a murder?" 

 "'My father was killed while hunting and I too have been pursued since that
day. Those guilty of the crime are my mother and two sisters."  

 "Do you know a location where this occurred?'

 "The forests surrounding Caergoth. '

 "And you think this has something to do with Conclave?' 

"After seeing the black robes of your man I knew I must ask at least for
this information if it could be given."  

 "'When did this happen?"

 "'It has been almost a half year since my father's death.  

"I do not know directly, of any such occurrence involving the mages of my
order, but the matter can be looked into deeper if that would lead to
Valek's safe return. If it happened within my order, I can find out about

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sat Jun 13 16:37:55 2009
Subject     Negotiating Valek's Release. Part 4

 "I will not pretend to know the way that your orders work, but my
sisters and mother are mages. "

 "'Their names?"

 "K'torn is our surname, as for each of their given names I had vowed not to
speak of them."

 "'Then I will investigate of the murder of the K'torn man and these women.
If I indeed find out a connection with the conclave, I will not need the
given names. Is there another thing you wished to ask?"

 "On behalf of the Wildrunners and myself, we will release the man in to
your care. We ask that he not pursue any of our ranks without just cause."

 "Not an unreasonable request, and as you have also requested, I will
investigate what we spoke of and contact you how I see fit if anything is
found out.' 

Jendaron slowly walks closer to the elf until he stands directly be fore the
elf. He slowly moves back his hood off his face, revealing ice blue eyes,
silver hair and a wicked scar down the middle of his face. Ahmaria stands
her ground feeling herself begin quake under his gaze His gaze intensifies
and seems to penetrate right through her. 

Jendaron stares into the elf's eyes and speaks.  "Next time, the fool won't
be so easy to capture, that I assure you. This conflict ends here, on both
ends."  He pulls his hand up to her face in a mocking gesture and runs a
hidden dagger point along her face. His not so gentle brush of her cheek
leaving a line of hot blood in its trail. She remains still while he
continues to speak. Her eyes flash with anger ad the blood drips from her

Stepping back from her, "I do not wish to take the fool back myself.
'Release him in the forest, if he's worth a damn he can find his own way
back." , he says still watching her closely. 

Ahmaria motions toward the sky, signaling for the release of Valek the
careless mage  "He will be released with in the hour"  Before the foolish
mage can see him there, Jendaron speaks a word and disappears as quickly as
he arrived. 

Back at the Conclave, Jendaron returns to his quarters in the black robe
tower, snarling angrily. He throws a crystal vase against the wall
shattering it in a million pieces.

 Damn fool! How could he let this happen. They are on to us now.'  

While in Solace, Ahmaria mounts Rixbreeze and take to the skies. She touches
the side of her face and lets out a roar of anger. She turns to the north
with the other windriders and returns home, trying to lose the picture in
her mind of the cold calculating face of the black robed mage known as

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sat Jun 20 23:00:49 2009
Subject     A new young recruit.

Standing in the narrow stone passageway, Ahmaria looked out over the
cliffs with Rixbreeze. The sunset was spectacular. She was grateful for the
few days she had been granted for personal time. She sometimes missed the
seclusion of nature that she had rare time to enjoy. With a smile she turned
to the gryphon next to her and smiled. 

As she turned a small shy figure caught her eye. The female grey elf was
just slightly shorter then Ahmaria. Her raw hide leathers were well made and
seemed fit by any hunters standards. Ahmaria wondered if she too had looked
anything like her as a new recruit. 

She walked toward the younger girl and gave her a kind smile.  "You are new
to the runners, How are you liking it here?" 

The girl looked around with wonder in her eyes, seemingly startled by the
question.  "I um, I guess I like it. so far.  Ahmaria could not help but
smile at her shy demeanor. 

 "There is no need for such shyness. We are all like family here. 

 ""Just my family, my sister, isn't here,"  She spoke quietly. The girl
looked around her at all of the quiet activity of the passage around them. 

 "Your sister is she too a recruit of the Wildrunner?" 

The younger elf nodded absently,  "Yes, but, she had to go away for now and
be an apprentice in magic somewhere...." Her voice trailed of ending with a
small sigh. Ahmaria glanced around the hall and nodded down to her. She
motioned toward the fountain and they sat. 

 "My sisters too are mages, although I would not call us close. I am sure it
wont be too long before she is tested and can return."  

The young elf sat fidgeting with her hair. Ahmaria watched her with concern.
The poor girl was obviously preoccupied..  " "It has already been too long,
"  she pouted. 


Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sat Jun 20 23:05:30 2009
Subject     Talk of gryphons and such

Ahmaria thought to herself for a moment while she watched her.  "Well
perhaps there is something we can do to help pass the time she is away? Have
you been given an assigned regiment yet?  

Returning a questioning gaze she answered,  "Um, no, I don't think so."  She
shook her head lightly. 

Rixbreeze nudged Ahmaria gently, reminding her it was time that his need for
food interested him more then the conversation.  "Perhaps you would like to
join me in seeing that Rixbreeze here is fed?' 

The younger elf tilted her head and became seemingly more accepting of
conversation. She looked at the gryphon curiously.  "That is a funny
looking....bird? Is that a Rixbreeze?" Her question caused Ahmarias smile to

Holding herself from laughing she simply said,  "No, Rixbreeze is his name.
He is a gryphon. A friend to all of the Windriders."  As she spoke the
gryphon lifted his head proudly at the mention of his name. 

 ""That's a gryphon? Sis told me stories about them, but, so they are real?
Can they really talk and all?" Studying the Gryphon closer, the girl quickly
lost all trace of shyness. 

 "They are stubborn and proud animals, fierce flyers, but I have never heard
one speak." 

Ahmaria began to shake her head to say no when the gryphons beak opened and
a deep voice came from it.  "I suppose I could talk if I wanted."  Both
elves stood amazed. 

Her brow raised,  "I guess they do speak."  Ahmaria gave a soft laugh.

The younger girl leaned closer to Rixbreeze, examining him. Her nose almost
touching his beak,  ""Wow, it can speak better than I can, almost as good as
big sis." 

The gryphon made a noise that seemed almost like a chuckle.  " I just never
felt the need to speak we bond with our riders with other means of
communication.  He was rewarded with a gaze of awe and memorized glee from
the younger elf and a look of pride from his rider. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sat Jun 20 23:10:54 2009
Subject     Talk of Mages and Such

 " We just recently returned from the village where Rixbreeze was raised
with the other gryphons, bonding with him has brought new surprises
everyday."  Ahmaria watched the girl regain her composure. Suddenly her face
scrunched up with a look of deep thought. 

Blurting out excitedly,  "Can they fly as far as that Tower where big sis

Ahmaria answered her carefully.  "It is possible we could go to Wayreth, but
we will not find the tower unless the mages want us to. We have ways to get
messages to them though. We normally ask for meetings in Solace with any
from the Conclave."  She sat studying the girls face carefully . She began
to worry about her and tried to think of something that could ease the
concern the girl felt for her missing sister.  " You miss her that much?". 

The girl muttered under her breath while glaring at the mention of the
tower. Ahmaria smiled hearing something about "stodgy, smelly old wizards
and their odd ways." The girl then answered her.  "Yes, miss her, we have
never been apart, what will she do if I am not there to bring the game for
her to cook, or. ..or.."  She once again trailed off with a sad, lost look
on her face. Ahmaria let her remain silent in her thoughts, but stood and
placed a calming hand on her shoulder. 

After a moment she spoke softly.  "She is well taken care of, I am sure." 
Ahmaria sat wondering more on how to comfort the young elf. It suddenly
accrued to her that she may have the perfect solution.  "In the meantime
while you wait for her to return, and for your proper assignments perhaps
you and I could work together to have a place ready for the both of you to
share here.  

The girl nodded and proudly and quietly stated,  "" I kept the goblins away
from our house, she never knew that, she was always keeping me safe, and, I
tried to keep her safe, I can't be there for her".  

 "'You know that the magicks she can learn there will be able to keep you
both safe as well don't you?"  

 "We were safe where we were, I don't know why she wanted to leave there. We
didn't trouble anyone there. Now, we...I am just extra baggage for her." 

Ahmaria shook her head.  "I am sure that is not true" . Remembering what she
felt she needed to say she continued speaking.  " I have a few days off duty
given to me by my flight commander, would you like to spend a few days
hunting with me and Rix " . She continued to try to comfort the young elf.,
who trying to hid her interest remained silent. She grudgingly nodded back
at her. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sat Jun 20 23:19:28 2009
Subject     Talk Of hunting and such

  "There is something you should understand that I learned about mages a
long time ago. If your sister would not have gone to the towers to find a
master, she would have been in more danger. They tend to hunt those who
practice magic without their guidance. Maybe it is again your sister trying
to protect you? "

The girl pouted a bit.  "We work better together, she said, but, she still
left. Now I just wait. What am I supposed to do until she gates back?"

 " It will all turn out to be a good thing, youll see. Now, what do you like
to hunt most?"  

The young girl snarled and excitement came back to her voice.  ""Goblins,
and ogres. I like to hunt those nasty, forest trashing animals the most,
Careless brutes!"  Her eyes took on a feral gleam as she spoke. 

Rixbreeze raised his head once again interested in the conversation.  "What
ever it is that tastes best?"  He smacked his beak at the thought of his own
vision of the perfect prey. 

The girl looking slightly startled said,  ""Oh, to eat, ummm, boar, I

The gryphon nodded in his own way and began to walk away from them.  "Boar
sounds good, excuse me ladies it is time for a snack." He leapt in the air
leaving the two elves to finish planning. 

 "Let us prepare and head for the woods around crystalmire, perhaps we can
get lucky enough for a decent day or two of hunting. We can fly out at dawn
if that sounds alright with you." 

The younger elf tried hard to contain her excitement but could not. She
suddenly babbled forth with conversation .  " I suppose that would be a good
way to learn my surroundings. Sis always said know where you are and what ou
have, but, she may have Meany something else, she was always talking in

Ahmaria smiled patiently.  "I suppose I should give you my name, I am
Ahmaria K'torn." 

 "Ahmaria? Ah, I am Shizuru Viola'vata, Meriele's sister. Very nice meeting
you, ma'am." With that she bowed to Ahmaria. 

 "All right Shizuru it is nice meeting you as well. I must go and prepare
for the morning but, I leave you with a thought passed to me from another
fellow Wildrunner. From now on there is nothing you must do alone."  

Shizuru returned a puzzled look.  "Must do.....? "

 In other words in any thing that life gives you. You don't have to do it
alone the Wildrunners are there to help as well. A Wildrunner never fights

Soon the young Shizuru was heading off to make preparations and leaving
Ahmaria to her own thoughts. Ahmaria sighed hoping that she might help the
confidence of the young elf grow. Perhaps she would stop introducing herself
as Meriele's sister and be able to see her own strengths as well as she was
able to talk of the pairs shared abilities. She also pondered on the wisdom
she had gained in such a short amount of time here. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sat Jun 27 07:17:11 2009
Subject     Dreams and memories.

She woke to the sound of laughter. A womans laugh, soft and light mixed
with a mans, hearty and unrestrained. The laughter sounded so very happy.
She smiled, still lying in bed, to the flawless melody it created. 

The man and woman both looked at her. The light-hearted amusement between
then sparkled in each of their eyes. She could not contain herself from
lending her own small giggle to the mornings glee. When the moment passed
each of their faces still wore a gracious expression. 

She crawled out of her small bed, slowly at first. As her petite feet
touched the cold hard wood floor, she hurried to the man and woman. Her arms
wrapped warmly around the broad neck of her father. She leaned closer to
him, taking in the rich smell of blended pine and sweat. His dark hair fell
in to her face and tickled her nose. He held her there a moment longer. 

She then turned to embrace her mother. Her scent was like a rich spiced
perfume. Her golden hair flowed around her as she cradled her daughter close
to her chest. Her mothers crystal blue eyes shined down at her. 

 "We have something to tell you, Ahmaria, pet."  Her mothers voice was
cheerful and pleasant. Her smile widened as she spoke.  "You are going to be
to be a sister."  


Ahmaria hummed merrily to herself as she ran her fingers through her hair.
She worked her hands through the chestnut colored locks. After a few moments
a tidy braid fell down her back.

She turned on her stool to watch her younger sisters. They too were in the
process of combing their hair. Neither of them smiled her way, nor would
they speak to her. The sharp features of the adolescent Ktorn girls furrowed
in disgust and they continued to ignore her. Her smile faded. 

She left the room and slowly descended the stair case. She ran her hands
along the smooth oak finish of the handrail. She had always marveled the
hand crafted detail throughout the small home she had lived in and matured
in. She quickly stopped at the bottom step. 

She heard voices arguing. The same voices that had once echoed through out
with laughter, now scorned each other. Her mothers voice now sounded out
caterwauls of abrasive comments. Although her fathers voice was firm, it
hinted tones of heartbreak and hopelessness. 

Ahmaria snuck from that bottom step soundlessly and left the house. When the
evening came she returned. The small house was still and shadowy. She saw
her father motionless in the doorway. His eyes were dark and troubled. She
watched him for some time. When he finally noticed her, he forced a smile. 

 "Just you and I, Ahmaria, petjust you and I." 


Ahmaria stirred from her dream. Each memory seemed as clear as if it had
been just yesterday. She struggled not to cry. Thoughts of how her mother
and sisters had left. Each of them had a malicious thirst for power. That
desire ultimately had lead to her fathers murder. 

She sat up all the way. She was glad to have the day to hunt. Glad to have
the day to let her past be forgotten for the day.

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sat Jul 25 02:54:27 2009
Subject     briefing part one

Standing in front of a tall rectangular portion of polished steel,
Ahmaria stood and studied her reflection Her long hair was braided and
pulled in to a tight bun atop her head. A single griffon feather was pinned
neatly in to her wound tresses. She reached to the small table near by. From
there she took a thin royal blue cloth braided in to a cord. She placed the
lanyard over her neck. Once it was positioned, she stood back to inspect her
attire.  "All in proper order"  She told her self and nodded to herself in
the mirror. 

It had been her morning ritual for weeks now. She dressed promptly and
headed straight to the stables. Rixbreeze would be waiting there for her.
Together they would see to the morning training exercises. 

The small flight she had been given responsibility over thus far had shown
extreme promise. Ahmaria found that she quite liked her risen rank and the
potential for further opportunities with in the Windriders. With those
thoughts she headed toward her waiting griffon. 

This day however she was stopped on her way out. As she made her way across
the parade field, she was met by her own Pride Lord. She respectfully
saluted her superior officer and was greeted in return with a warm smile. 

 "Good morning Flight Leader, Ktorn.

 "Good morning Sir". She lowered her hand and returned his smile." 

 "The Wing Commander and I just had a discussion over our morning meal about
you and your flight."  She looked over the tall elven man and saw what
looked to me a proud glint in his eye. He continued on.  "It has been a
while now and you have already shown enough promise to gain the attention of
the Commanders."  Ahmaria lifted her brow with a questioning look.  "You are
to report in twenty minutes for a briefing. New orders and such."  

Ahmaria smiled again at him. Carsh too had done well climbing to the rank of
Pride Lord. He had always been a fair leader in training new recruits and
had become a close friend as well. 

It was then that she noticed he seemed distracted. "Sir?" He waved off her
concern reminding her to bee in the observation room for the briefing. She
nodded and saluted once more as she left him deep in his own thoughts. 

Ahmaria walked out on to the common long enough to give orders for those
under her command. That done she took one more moment for Rixbreeze. She
nodded to him. 

 "Briefings and meetings today Rix."  She said no more but about laughed
watching him. He seemed very content to lounge in the shade while watching
the others work. She patted him on the neck and headed for the observation

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sat Jul 25 03:26:23 2009
Subject     briefing part two

The observation room was surprisingly crowded. Ahmaria spotted Carsh
across the room and walked to his side. His face still showed signs of
concern but he smiled at her. 

 "Is all well, sir.?" She whispered to him as he leaned in toward her. 

He whispered back to her.  "We will see after this meeting just how well
things really are." 

She looked up at him and began to say something else when the Wing Commander
enters with one of the Wildrunner majors. A hush fell over the room and
everyone saluted the two new men. They gave the cue and everyone took a

The commander brought forth a large rolled parchment and rolled it out on
the table before them. Lying before them all now was a map of the area.
Several read chalked marks caught her eye. In particular, she took note of
one near the southern Kharolis Peaks and another bordering along the
wildwood of the Qaulinesti region. The major spoke first. "As you can see,
we have marked red areas on the map. They are all close to areas along our
southern borders. Each of these markings are confirmed reports from out
scouts of goblin war bands moving further in to our lands." 

He stopped talking as the news sank in to the room. There was an eminent
danger and Ahmaria was sure she knew at least part of the new orders to

 "Our new orders are thus,"  The major continued.  "Each flight will pair
with groups of my Wildrunners and meet here."  He pointed to a central among
the red marks.  "The Wildrunners will be part of the next briefing so you
are all getting the same information for the most part. Several select units
will go out from there and we will remove these unwanted creatures from our

A shout rang out from across the room to slay them all. The wing commander
spoke out for the first time in the whole meeting. 

 "No, we are not going to start a war. If they run from us we are to let
them leave peacefully. The purpose of this mission is to remove them with as
little bloodshed as possible. Granted they are vile beings but we would like
to keep this as clean as possible." 

 "Unnecessary blood shed will not be tolerated and will be punished." 
Ahmaria understood the need for caution but knew the hatred most felt for
the goblinoid race. She knew this would be a challenging mission. The
briefing lasted a good part of an hour and then they were left to prepare. 

Ahmaria spotted the young Shizuru entering the observation room for the next
briefing. She found herself unable to hide a smile thinking of the young
corporal being told hunting goblins may be unnecessary blood shed. This
would defiantly be a learning experience for all those involved. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Fri Aug 14 03:54:40 2009
Subject     Concern for Unnecessary Bloodshed 

Ahmaria stood with the eight other windriders under her command. She saw
her own horror reflected in each of their faces. She found it hard to fight
back tears through the smoke and anger at what she saw before her. They had
sent the gryphons to the skies to signal for the other windriders and
wildrunners in the area, leaving them on the ground surrounded by horrific

The had been scouting the area for half a month looking for signs of raiding
parties with in the borders of Qualinost. The evidence that they had been
there was undeniable. The armies had been too late. The bandits had already
fled, leaving a path of destruction behind them. The mission had changed

Ahmaria pointed to two of the men in her wing, "You two come with me and
look for survivors the rest of you find stable shelter for any wounded. Call
for me as soon as the others begin to arrive." She looked up and watched
Rixbreeze a moment as he circled with the other gryphons above. She sighed
heavily as they went to work. 

She pushed thoughts of hatred and revenge aside and thought only at the task
at hand. The village still burned in parts but as the afternoon wore on and
other wildrunners arrived, the flames stopped. An old warehouse surviving
the flames, soon became a small hospital and headquarters for the army to
begin clean up. By nightfall the building was full of wounded. Other
survivors that had fled in the attack soon came out of hiding and also
worked in the effort to salvage the small village. 

Tired and worn, Ahmaria sat with her own commanding officers and gave her
own report. "The death count is almost 3 to 1 of those found alive. Half of
the survivors are badly injured and reports from the villagers able to speak
have confirmed at least 25 people are still missing." 

She looked at Carsh and recognized the same grim look that all of them
carried. He motioned for her to be dismissed . "Get some rest Ktorn". 

As she tried to sleep that night she could not help but think that they had
come too late. There had been concern for unnecessary bloodshed and this is
what it had come to. Goblin blood spared but at the cost of lives with in
her own country. She finally fell feeling angry and confused. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Mon Aug 17 21:02:15 2009
Subject     More goblins

A graceful young gryphon circled through the skies. The two elven figures
on his back seemed in high spirits as they made a routine perimeter patrol.
As Ahmaria pointed off toward the horizon, Rixbreeze let out a shriek. A
dark line of smoke rose steadily upward from the forest floor. 

The gryphon lowered his flight nearer to the treetops and the three grew
silent. Passing over a small clearing their watchful gaze fell upon a small
goblin encampment. Hilcaia was the first to draw his bow. Ahmaria soon did
the same. It became apparent then that with two riders, taking aim would be
near impossible. 

Ahmaria realized they had not been seen by any in the camp. They circled
staying out of sight. Again she pointed to another area of the wood. Hilcaia
spotted it as well and nodded as they descended. Rix settled down to the
ground and immediately took flight. "Hell signal for the others to join

Quickly the two began to move silently back toward the encampment. When they
again could see the fire, they climbed upward in to the trees. Hilcaia
signaled silently to her and disappeared in to the shadows of the branches.
She remained unseen as she watched the camp below. 

Several goblins sat half sleeping around the camp fire and she could see
tracks below from others. From here she could not se enough to get an
accurate count. Ahmaria kept her watch moving from the camp to the skies.
The rest of her flight would not take long to get here. 

Hilcaia soon came back and signaled again wordlessly to her. She understood
from his hand signals there were close to 30 goblins below. She signaled
back that they would wait for the others. He gave a disappointed look in her
direction but followed the order. 

She smiled at him feeling a bit guilty. He was suppose to be healing. So
much for bringing him along for a peaceful patrol. She scolded herself
inwardly. She should have known better. Both sat waiting, bows still drawn.
It would not be long to wait. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Tue Aug 18 17:35:24 2009
Subject     Preparations for a caravan.

Ahmaria stood before Carsh after retelling all that had happened in the
goblin encampment. He had been pacing back and forth in front of her for
almost an hour questioning her actions. He stopped abruptly in front of

"Before I pass on your report, Ktorn is there anything else you have to

" Only that those under my command are well trained and fought well. I feel
I have done right in my actions. Had we let that group of goblins live they
would have continued tearing our border villages apart." 

He nodded to her and dismissed her. As he turned back across the yard and
mounted, she watched him until the gryphon and rider had flown to the
horizon. She gave a quick sigh and turned back to her work. 

Again new orders had come down the lines and the clean up was to be moved
along. The villagers were now self sufficient enough and a local guard was
to begin training. She looked over the list of supplies coming later by

Most of the Wildrunners would be moving on to another village in need of
help in the aftermath of goblin raiders. Ahmarias small wing would stay and
see to the supplies and training. Motioning to one of her men, Ahmaria
ordered that they all gather in the village square with in the hour. Before
the Wildrunner platoons left her Windriders would go and escort the caravan
the last leg of the journey. She refused to take the chance that any raiders
would have a chance at those supplies. 

She looked across the yard and noticed Hilcaia watching her. She smiled
toward him and waved while wondering if his platoon was one remaining in the
area or if it would be another month before she saw him again. She laughed
out loud thinking that the thought had even occurred to her. She waved again
toward him and returned again to her work. Now to find suitable candidates
to captain the small village militia before Carsh returned. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Sat Sep 12 22:21:33 2009
Subject     Recruits and motivation.....

Looking over the roster of new recruits, Ahmaria had been jotting down
notes to the side on each name. After yesterdays antics, she decided the
best means for training would be to group them together by strengths and
talents. Each new recruit would first be paired with a higher ranking
Runner. After the right match was made, the pair would be assigned to scout
for similar talent with in the village. . She would then have each group
move through each pair to learn a range of all the skills. Hopefully it
would give a base for a solid defense with in the village

Carsh and the other Wildrunners and Windriders had moved on. It was the
first morning Ahmaria had full command of a mission. It had been just short
of a disaster in her mind. After skipping the report session, Ahmaria was
grateful to be in her office alone. Role call was over. She looked down at
the roster and sighed. Corporal Shizuru Viola'vata had thankfully shown up
for the role. Her whereabouts during the caravan travels, were still

If it had not been for her instantly taking to task, and partnering with the
young Kagonesti recruit known as Tesnos, Ahmaria would have dragged her in
here to question her. She made a note to ask for her presence after the
morning meal. The girl had surprisingly gained ranks through her skill but
free spirited nature was at some times taxing on the nerves. 

Another Wildrunner face came to her mind. A bit more rugged and savage,
Hilcaia, had baffled her that morning. His attitude and demeanor had gone
from understanding and pleasant while off duty to insubordinate and almost
cold while they were on duty. His new companion was never far from them
circling the village, but smart enough to stay away when the gryphons were
out hunting. She did not know if the hawk was the cause of his distraction,
but she would talk with him that evening. 

Her quill landed at the name Tesnos on the roster. The younger elf seemed
decent enough as far as recruits went. He had been respectful through out
the morning. Her only concern with him was he seemed afraid of her for some
reason. He reminded her of her first day s as a runner. She smirked at the
thought. Perhaps he too would come to think of thee Runners like she had.
Even armies could be a family. 

Looking through more papers on her desk, Ahmaria atlast came to an
invitation to all of the Wildrunners in the village. The people had planned
a celebration in honor of all the hard work they had helped with. An idea
formed in her head and Ahmaria began to write. First notices to her Runners,
and then A letter to a friend. Maybe a celebration and a break from hard
work would help keep the camp motivated to keep working hard. 

Author:    Ahmaria        
Date:      Thu Sep 24 13:40:50 2009
Subject     From a Captain's Point of View

Captain Nithier, a leader of the local militia, was as patient as men can
come. He had been through a lot in the past months as a result of brutal
raids from invading bands of goblins. The marauders had made it so that he
personally had survived, fire, flood and being left for dead after a savage
attack on the village. Even with his patient nature, he knew something had
to give. 

It was the Captain himself that had first began to form the militia. They
needed an organized way to defend themselves. After months of what seemed
like constant raids, most of the village had evacuated. Not willing to admit
defeat, he was still forced to admit his efforts would not be enough. 

He did the next best thing he could and swallowed his pride. He wrote to
authorities in the city of Quailnost asking for aid to be sent. He answer
came surprisingly soon after in the form of small army. The Wildrunners had
answered his call for help. As they moved in from the forest and the sky,
his first impression was that of unease. A lot of the men and women appeared
to be no more then new recruits. A few of them even came to be more savage
looking then some of the goblins he had encountered. The uneasy feeling grew
when a young wing commander was left in charge. 

He bit his tongue. He would give them a chance to help them. He did not see
any other options. Besides, they had brought tools and supplies. However
they looked, the Wildrunners of Quailnesti had come prepared to work. 

To his surprise, Ahmaria Ktorn had proven to be a fair and organized leader.
She focused on the strengths of his men individually at first, pairing them
with her own for training. Collectively the Runners and the militia worked
together to strengthen weaknesses. Soon they were easily working together
and making their talents work to better the village defenses. 

The village had changed much since the Wildrunner army had arrived. The
buildings had all been repaired, guard posts had been erected around the
village and hidden in the trees around them, and even new wells had been
dug. Villagers, whom had evacuated, were now returning to clean and damage
free homes. He had to admit he had been wrong to fear the worst from the

Now with all the work and training going so well, he knew the time for them
to depart would be soon. He knew their own border patrols would still always
roam the area of the surrounding forests. But now, the village would be his
to protect with his own men. He had been told in a weeks time he would take
command fully, leaving only his instincts and his men to defend their

He walked across the village common toward Ahmarias small makeshift office.
As he walked, he looked around and grinned at what he saw. Everything the
Wildrunners had helped them accomplish made him feel confident that they
would be able to handle the threat of further raids. A sense of peace that
had been a long time coming settled over him. 

His smile grew as the young Windrider s wing commander greeted him at the
door.  "Good Morning Captain." She offered him a seat and they began to
review how the Wildrunners would begin to detach. 

The Storytellers of Ansalon, The DragonLance MUD

Astinus points to the massive wall of books behind him and bids you to make a selection.

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Astinus mentions 'We have had over 864 storytellers on Ansalon pen their epic stories here for all to read.'