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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Ainuna.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Ainuna' scribed in dark yellow ink.

Author:    Ainuna         
Date:      Sat May 30 05:11:27 2009
Subject     The Irony of Goblin Intelect.

"Those stupid men! They think they are so wonderful. I will show them
all. And I mean it this time. They think they can out smart me? I will cut
them in bits. Kill em till they are dead dead". The small figure of a goblin
woman paced along a bridge waiting. Every now and again she glanced toward a
cloud of dust as it came closer. She was furious. "I see them coming now", 
she muttered as she climbed in to her hiding spot along the stone bridge.
Three goblin riders dismounted their small horses as they reached the
bridge. "This aint on the map", one exclaimed as he glanced around. The
woman smirked from her hiding place. "Theres nothing here either." The
smaller of the three leaned along the edge of the bridge. The larger of the
group spoke up as he snatched the map from the others hand. Still the woman
waited. "Shut it will ya, Ainuna swore we would find us a big reward and we
will." The smaller looked up at the other two. "And what if she lied to us?"
He stood up straight as he continued, "For all we know she could have given
a fake map to take the reward all her self." Ainuna pulled her dagger from
her side and listened. The larger one nodded. "Yeah, thats it she sent us on
the wrong way and is keeping it to herself." With his back to her, Ainuna
stepped out slowly pressing her dagger in to the larger goblins back. She
held the blade pressed in to his back as he lifted his arms. "Yes, thats
what I did. Only you lunk heads cant read a damn map right and followed me
here. I wont have it now. You cant follow proper orders, so I am just going
to kill you all." The smaller one looked at her with a frightened gaze. "Ah
come on now, Ainuna, we was following your orders we just got lost." She
stood back a moment lowering her dagger. "All right but your on trial
prohibition time now." She shoved the larger one away from her. "And I am
docking your pay". As the larger one stood and straightened he nodded and
asked "What then you say ten percent, Sis?" "Oh no, you dont get off that
easyAnd dont call me Sis." She stood calculating in her head and looked at
them seriously. "You each are docked six percent". They each nodded looking
slightly ashamed. "Yes, boss." With that she snatched the map from them and
tore it to shreds, still very angry with them all. Smart or not, Ainuna was
considered deadly enough that no one chose to cross her. Even though they
had apologized, before the night was through her three brothers would die
for making her look like a fool. 

Author:    Ainuna         
Date:      Sat May 30 15:23:41 2009
Subject     Lunk heads

Ainuna did not regret the deaths of her brothers at all but as she
slipped out of the city she could not help wonder where she would find
another 'Lunk head' to work all her grand schemes with her. She had no
intention of staying in the area and longer and quickend her pace as yet
another alarm sounded from with in the city. "They will not be picking my
bones out of those dragon teeth, no not mine." She muttered to herself as
she tried to remain unseen and off the main road. Once she felt there was
enough distance between Tarsis and herself she explored the road ahead as
she walked. It was not long before she came to a mess in the road. The large
gates were still in view and she then regretting coming out on to the path
so soon. She looked over the few dead bodies quickly grabbing anything of
value. "Need to hurry before the lunk head dragon men come and find this all
here." As she raided the bodies, the balde of an axe lying on the ground
caught her eye. She tried to lift it. "That's worth a bit or two wouldn't
you say?", she mockingly asked the body nearest to her. The body suddenly
moved and she heard a groan from it. Shocked she dropped the axe and looked
at him again. His head was bleeding badly but he was breathing still. Ainuna
looked around the road carefully and thought for a moment coming to a
decission, she grabbed the unconsious ogre and the axe and pulled them off
the path. "You are a heavy lunk head you know." She kneeled next to him
after finding a good place to hide them. She did not know much about healing
but figured she should stop the bleeding. Using cloth from the ogres own
clothing she cleaned his head the best she could. With the bleeding stopped,
she took what little of a healing potion she had and spoke to herself as she
worked. "I hope who ever you are you appriciate what I do for you now. I
stole this potion from a drunk guard in town and if it helps you you will be
in debt to help me. Yes, that's look like you cold be a strong
fighter and when you heal you will owe me a return of your gratitude." She
continued to watch the orge sleep, remaining hidden on the road side as the
night came. She kept smiling to herself. "Yes, I worked hard to help you,
and you will help me", she repeated again as she fought to stay awake and
keep watch. 

Author:    Ainuna         
Date:      Thu Jun  4 02:13:10 2009
Subject     Understanding Kamafal

 Ainuna sat quietly alone in a corner of the large cave that had recently
become thier new dwelling. She held in her hands a map of the area, studying
it patiently. She looked up now and again to see Kamafal speaking with the
Shaman they had meet in these caves. She reflected on the changes they had
dealt with in just a few days time. 

Kamafals speech had improved enough that communication was much easier. It
was one night before and the weathered face of the ogre had tried to talk to
her. His towering height over her was almost comical as he tried to explain
something to her. What she could understand clearly, were the words {ICOLD and
{IHOME. From the rest, she gatherd that he wanted to return to his homeland
for something. Ainuna assumed that Kamafal had walked some distance. Looking
over the maps she tried to pin point where it might have been he came from.

She glanced up again from the map to see Kamafal with the Shaman. Both males
sat looking at the large axe Kamafal always kept close to himself. She saw
the shaman shrug and heard him mention magical secrets the weapon held. She
could not make out what more was said or if Kamafal understood it all. With
a weapon like that perhaps other treasures were in his homeland. 

Another peek at the map and Ainuna jumped up to join the men. {I"I got it!",
she exclaimed. She showed them both the map and gestured to Kamafal. {I"Home",
she stated as her crooked fingernail pointed at the bottom of the map. {I"Ice
Reach." And then wondered if Kamafal would be able to find his way back

Author:    Ainuna         
Date:      Fri Jun  5 13:48:30 2009
Subject     A Night of Preparations

{I"We can't leave just yet and since night is coming you stay and rest. I
am going to get a few supplies".  Ainuna was looking over what Kamafal had
packed. She herself took a small pack that was mostly empty and headed for
the cave exit. She turned and looked at him once more.{I "I wont be long." 

She moved quickly through the forest and along the road making good time in
to the city. Sticking to the shadows and hiding from the patrols, she made
her way through the evening crowds rushing about. Patiently she worked
through them taking what she wanted from them. She was quiet and fast enough
that she was not noticed by any of them. When the night was half over she
left just as quietly. 

Ainuna entered in to the large cave and watched the even breathing of the
large ogre. He seemed to always sleep soundly. She knew of course if she
made even the slightest sound, he would wake. She set her now full pack
down. She would sleep the last few hours of the night and then the two
unlikely partners would finish the preparations needed. 

Kamafal woke her in what seemed only a few moments. The light shining
through the cave mouth proved that it was in fact morning. She looked again
at him wiping the sleep from her eyes. 

{I "Alright, I am awake lets get all this stuff together." She sat up and
together they went through what they would need. Instead of heading in to
the city the coming night, they would begin traveling along the path heading
toward Bloten. 

Author:    Ainuna         
Date:      Mon Jun  8 20:56:55 2009
Subject     quiet traveling

As they followed along the road, neither Kamafal or Ainuna spoke to each
other. Ainuna was proud of him for now. He seemed to be understanding her.
She also liked the fat that he could not see she made up half of what she
pretended was intelligence. So far she had been lucky enough that it really
had all made sense. Anyway, Ainunas fierceness out weighed what she lacked
in smarts. 

While they walked, she would sneak away and reappear a while later after she
had scouted ahead. So far they traveled without any problems. Ainuna did not
trust luck though, and was sure to check ahead often. As the day ended she
set out from the group one last time from the group. 

At the very least hunting for dinner would bring her some small excitement.
Although they avoided the main road, it still with in her scouting, she knew
it had been all but empty that day. She wondered if the missing patrols had
been discovered yet as she kneeled low watching for prey. 

{I "A fat old noble man would be a much greater kill then a damn hare."  She
grumbled to herself unsatisfied. At least such prey would put coin in her

She quieted herself as a grey rabbit wandered past her hiding place. Her
dagger flew from her hand and hit true. As the fattend hare stopped and
fell, another hopped past. Without much pause, Ainuna pulled another dagger
and threw again. 

Two plump hare later, she returned to Kamafal and the mercenaries with them.
She threw the carcasses to the large ogre. {I "Clean those, Kamafal, I am
hungry.  She spoke to him in goblin knowing he understood her, she started
to walk away. 

{I "Ainuna?"  

{I "What?"  She turned back around to him trying to keep from being annoyed. 

{I "Is somethings wrong?" 

She raised her brow at him and released a breath. {I "Why are you asking me
that ?"  She was in no mood to be bothered with him. 

{I " Well, you call me Kamafal, but not lunkhead?"  

{I "Well I named you didnt I? I have the right to call you it!" Exasperated,
Ainuna stalked off to observe the rest of camp being set, grumbling the
whole way to herself. 

Author:    Ainuna         
Date:      Thu Jun 18 00:42:21 2009
Subject     Where is Kamafal?

Ainuna was furious. Some idiot had followed her in to the city and put a
stop to any profit she had collected that night. She paced angrily back and
forth through the camp. It had taken all she had of value to bribe the city
guard watching her to let her go. 

As upset as the mishap in the city had mad her, she was more irate that
Kamafal had seemingly disappeared. She sent a few scouts to look for him.
Yelling at the ogre always helped her feel better. So where in the hell was

She threw a rock hard across the camp almost hitting another goblin. The
scouts had returned. There was no sign of Kamafal. Well this would make
things slightly more difficult to proceed with their plans. 

 "Fine, we give him one more night to show his ugly face before we move on
without him. Be prepared to leave when I give the order."  They all nodded
and hurried away from the angry gobliness. 

She sat near the fire and calmed herself watching the flames. She refused to
admit that she might be concerned for the missing ogre. Concerned or not,
she also refused to let anything get in the way of what she wanted. As she
thought more on things, she knew she would have to do more to insure she had
an army to lead. 

Author:    Ainuna         
Date:      Sat Jun 27 04:04:11 2009
Subject     One night's raid.

Ainuna crept in and out of the small buildings collecting what she saw as
valuable. There was very little light from the moons that night. I was
perfect for visiting the small village they had come across. Within two
hours she had taken what she felt was her share. 

She departed the village just as she had come, quietly and alone. Even her
own scouts had not seen her come and go around them. The same scouts we told
to take what they could to profit the group. They met her on the hill over
looking the village when they had finished. They had also given her plenty
of time to hide anything she planned to keep for herself. 

 "Everything is ready boss lady."  Another grotesque goblin spoke to her.
The sniveling creature handed her a torch and smiled at her. She nodded back
at him as she lit the torch. She lifted it over her head and waved it toward
the thick tree line to the south. A few moments later, they saw the blinking
of another torches light among the trees. 

 "All right, we are done here. Let the fighters finish." 

The small party of bandits quickly gathered their things on to stolen
horses. Ainuna checked to make sure she was not being watched as she slipped
her own secret inventory away safely. Soon they were riding to the east.
After a while they would make to the west with more stealth to cover their

Before the village was out of sight, Ainuna turned back in time to see
flames begin to overtake the small village. She could not help but to laugh
as screams of horror mixed with their parties battle cries echoed through
the valley. 

 "Kamafal is probably enjoying himself down there."  Again she laughed as
the bandits rode hard to the east. After they rode, twisting and weaving to
create false trails, they finally came to the well hidden camp site. They
all ate silently with no fire as they continued to wait until the others
would join them. 

Author:    Ainuna         
Date:      Fri Jul 17 22:17:33 2009
Subject     Raid and occupy

Ainuna and Kamafal sat near a small camp fire. Both were silent and had
been for quite some time. They had been planning the next raid on a near by
village. The two partners realized that there were new challenges this time

Kamafal spoke first. He had been sharpening his axe when he finally looked
up.  "Storm is coming soon."  They both nodded. The signs of a huge storm
lingering in the air. It would come in the next day or so. 

 " We are running out of woods to hide in and the next village is on open
flat ground."  She responded as he again started to work the whetstone over
his blade. They would soon run out of places to harbor them from being

Ainuna scrunched up her nose trying to think very hard. She wanted to be the
first to come up with a brilliant solution to their problem. Although with
her luck, it was Kamafal who thought of one. A sense of pride covered her
annoyance and she grinned at him with all her jagged teeth showing. 

Kamafal spoke with a grin too on his face.  "We kill but no burning the town
and we stay till the storms pass."  He nodded looking quite pleased with
himself and Ainuna agreed. The plan would have to work. It would also allow
more time to collect valuables for themselves. 

With in an hour they set the plan in to motion. Unlike raids in the past,
the two groups went together. The scouts returned from the surrounding area
reporting no signs of hindrances to the raid. So with the knowledge the
large party of marauders moved in. 

The first drops of rain came soon after the last kill had been made. As the
winds picked up, each of the party pushed in to the tavern for shelter. They
all cheered at their success and soon found their way in to the food, and
more importantly, the ale stored there. The celebrated, drank and ate late
in to the night until most had passed out. 

Unknown to the party, the village militia was returning home from patrol.
The driving rain slowed them, causing a greater desire to return. All the
while Ainuna and Kamafal, enjoying the warmth, began to collect valuables
from with in the tavern and inn above. 

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