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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Aliquin.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Aliquin' scribed in deep red ink.

Author:    Aliquin        
Date:      Sun Jan 27 20:06:27 2008
Subject     What happens to HOME if the HEART breaks?

 Once upon a time there was a lovely elf maiden named Alwrennisis. She
was born and raised in her native lands with but a rumors glance at the
outside world. Always did she beg her father to allow her to leave their
home to see the world but he always refused, afraid to lose his daughters
innocence and purity. It would be many years before she would, against his
wishes, travel into the rest of Anslon. He had been terribly right in his
assumptions of course. It wasnt long before the girl had met a young man
named Marrik, a strong but compassionate rogue who fell in love with her as
quickly as she fell in love with him. They were able to spend a few years
together before her family finally caught up with her, rending the lovers
hold upon each other and stealing her away, back to the safety of her
fathers home. 

Her father was furious with her but even moreso when he found that his only
daughter was pregnant; with a humans child. It wasnt long before little
Aliquin was born unto the unhappy family and, though her mother loved her
beyond comparison, her life among the elves was obviously set to be a
difficult one. It was only three years before her father, still disgusted by
his half-breed granddaughter, ordered Alwrennisis to find the girls father
and give the child to him. He reasoned to his daughter that it would be
better for the child but her heart was broken and she refused. He wouldnt
take no for an answer, however, sending his own trusted guard to find the
man and deposit the little girl.

Two days after the loss of her child, Alwrennisis, hung herself from the
beam in her fathers bedroom.

Her father was devastated by the news of his beloveds death but he took the
child and loved her just as much as Alwrennisis had. Her life as a
half-breed wouldnt be easy but he was determined to try and make it as easy
as possible. He, a roguish sort by trade, took her everywhere he went and
taught her everything he knew. Their life wasnt luxurious but it was good
enough for them.

Thirteen years later, poor Aliquin was forced to cope with her fathers
death. His friends never told her just exactly what they had been doing but
she didnt push the issue much. Her heart was too broken to be suspicious.
With nowhere else to go, she remained with her fathers friends in Palanthas
for another year at their request. It seemed like she would never recover
and her new adopted family, fearing for her soft heart, tried their best to
help her through the difficult time. Alone, unaccepted, and hurting, she
fell deeper and deeper into her own self-made pit of despair. 

The sadness in her heart is only the testament of her love for her family,
this she knows, but still she cannot quite shake this dark cloud that has
settled over her life. Her father always told her that loss was a part of
life just like joy, hope, and love. She just never knew how much heavier the
pain would be.

It wont be long before shell be bright and cheery again, back on her feet,
and working to help out her new family, who she has come to care for in so
many ways. They hope so...

Author:    Aliquin        
Date:      Sat Feb  2 20:32:45 2008
Subject     When the heart leaves home...

 Aliquin crept quietly through the little hideout in Palanthas where she
and those like her found refuge. She paid their sympathetic looks no mind,
unsure as to why they thought she was still sad. Sure, she missed her father
lots...But hed always told her one day she had to be on her own. The day had
simply come a bit earlier than planned. Besides, wherever he was, his leg
wasnt crippled anymore and she was certain he got candied pork every night.
She hadnt let it get her down but everyone else acted like she was torn
apart behind her cheerful demeanor. 

They were wrong. Simple as that.

Tonight, she had finally decided to go back to the old shack shed shared
with her late father but shed have to be super sneaky. Everyone had swept in
on it and taken all of their things away to this place so she wouldnt have
to go back. They didnt think she should go there at all just yet. She
couldnt begin to wonder why though.

Several roof hops and shadowy allies later, shed found herself there. It
hadnt taken too long since the place was pretty close. It was dark and
abandoned without a trace of the home it had once been but she wasnt here
for sulking on what things had been like. Her elvish eyes focused in the
near non-existent light, resting swiftly upon a specific floorboard just
under the cot where he had once slept. In mere moments shed pulled a dagger
and popped it loose to reveal the real treasure she had sought: His

Lifting them as if they were a holy artifact, her eyes widened and glittered
with curiositys fire. She quickly tucked it away in her cloak and made her
way to the nearest pub. She was pretty hungry so she figured she could just
read it there. Of course, she couldnt wait till then so she read all the way
there. Several near-misses and a few collisions later, shed found herself by
a fire and waiting on something hot and tasty as she leafed through the

It was strange how hed spoken of her mother though. Hed never mentioned the
many things her grandfather had told her about her mother staying with him
for so many years, or even their love for each other. It was obvious that he
had cared for her strongly but...And then it came to the day she had
arrived. The entry was old but she could read it just fine. Hed never
expected to see his daughter again because he didnt have one.

With a gasp she dropped the book, excitement and wonder filling her as she
pulled it back for her food to take its place. She gobbled down the food as
she continued to read, not sure what other interesting mysteries she would
find there. Her real fathers name, it seemed, had been Thistle Bandsnatch.
Thats odd, she thought, Ive never heard of a name like that coming
from...A...Human...She took a moment to ponder the situation, but only one.

She jumped to her feet with a whoop, the book and food forgotten. Here it
was! Her fist big adventure! The name was obviously not elvish or human, it
HAD to be Kender. At least she HOPED it wasnt goblin. Thinking on it as she
tore towards her recent home to get her things, she decided she was much too
comely to be half goblin. The affair of an elf and a goblin, while
interesting and sort of romantic in a saddish way, was just too unlikely.
Her mind made up, she threw what few things she owned in her backpack,
donned her wildish coat and scribbled a little note before leaving that
place behind her. Later, they would learn what she was and that shed gone to
find out just who her real father was. They might have tried to stop her but
by then it would be too late.

She was off to Goodlund... 

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