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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Aliran.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Aliran' scribed in earth-colored red ink.

Author:           Aliran
Date    Mon Dec 12 22:24:08 2005
Subject   The surge of night

 The moon rose solemnly over the seas, its brilliance threatening to 
reveal my troops, anxious by now, each soldier fidgeting quietly in his 
position on the ships.  Two fleets was all we could afford to the front of 
Kalaman but Paladine guides me and I know these will be the best two fleets 
that has ever come under my command.  An ancient charm clasped tightly in my 
hand, I whispered a few words to the no one in particular, "I will not fail 
the Knighthood and the Order", my thoughts wandered to the Chosen prophet of 
Light and to my Lord, Kael Encuintras of the Order blessed by Kiri-Jolith.  
Numerous years of training in spirit and in the physical will finally come 
to fruition now.   
My brethren of the Holy Order now gathered around me, questioning looks in 
their eyes.  I nodded briefly, and we set to work promptly.  Azurath, 
skilled in the art of manipulating weather, slowly conjured up a mist, 
giving our fleets cover, while others called upon the winds to gather dark 
clouds before the moon, casting the land into temporary darkness.  In the 
growing murkiness, I sense my archers stiffen as they notice the change in 
light and realised that it was time.   
Like ghost ships, the two fleets glided out of the cove we were hiding in, 
our masts pushed forth urgently, but soundlessly, by magical wind.  The 
archers rose to the feet, bow at the ready, even in the dark I could see 
Solsthas eyes glint dangerously.  The elven and half-elven archers who had 
come to my aid were some of the best amongst their ranks, all whom I had 
braved hell and high waters with in our days in Qualinesti.   
The ships came to a halt.  Without a word, we all knew what was to be done.  
A force held our hearts together as we acted in the same moment.  Bows 
raised, with three arrows fitted to them, my archers took silent aim.  It 
was too late to give any more commands, I could only pray what we had 
discussed days before would be carried out as we had planned.   
I didn't need to see to know that the arrows drew blood, not one falling to 
the ground of the dark mass 400 yards before us, anchored some north of 
Kalaman's northern docks.  Angry shouts and howls of pain now pierced the 
night air as our enemies awoke and found themselves under a furious rain of 
arrows.  If we estimated right, there should be two thirds sleeping under 
the deck now aroused by the anguished yells by their compatriots.  "NOW!"  I 
commanded, and all on board the two fleets, dropped graciously to one knee 
as my fellow clerics murmured incantations, working a strong shield 
protecting the ships while the enemies fired back wildly, arrows deflected 
firmly by the shield.  They cannot see, I thought victoriously to myself, 
and they are angry and panicking.  Anger and panic do not make good 
bedfellows with archery.  What would have half their normal accuracy in this 
enchanted darkness, is now reduced to none in their anxiety.  I can hear 
their commander calling wildly, to the Thorn knights no less, to dispel this 
sightlessness.  "Rise!"  We had timed this perfectly.  The shield 
disappeared at once, and my archers rose and let fly several more arrows 
from each bow.  More cries of agony unleashed from the mass before us, now 
growing larger as our ships sailed quickly but silently towards them, still 
unbeknownst to our enemy.  We are now evenly matched in numbers, at last.   
(continued on next storynote)  

Author:           Aliran
Date    Mon Dec 12 22:39:30 2005
Subject   The surge of night (cont.)

 Gangplanks fell quickly in succession as the ships came near to 
touching.  "Whuh?!"  Came cries of confusion as dragonarmy fiends fell to 
their knees, blood spurting out their sides, as my archers drew their blades 
quickly and worked through the crowd before they realised what hit them.  I 
searched the crowd for the lone figure slashing his sword wildly in his 
magical blindness, "What treachery is this!"  He shouted in vain.  Just 
then, the murkiness cleared away, and he charged for the first thing he 
saw--- I.  I raised my blade countering his vehement slash, he was no novice 
at swordplay but neither was I.  The knighthood had prepared me well.  The 
memory of playful fighting amongst my brethren came to mind, and in one 
fluid motion, I made to thrust left but leapt deftly to the right and hind, 
impaling the commander's side with a defiant thrust.   
--------------------------- We worked quickly to transfer the bodies from 
the enemies' fleets to our own and tardied none in moving our fleets out of 
sight of Kalaman lest any sneaking dark knights informs the overall command 
that their northern troops had fallen.  We uttered a quick prayer over the 
fallen and set to work for the attack on the morrow.  Rumours had it that 
the rest off the dark Queen's forces will invade together come noon.  The 
fall of the northern fleet will greatly disrupt their plans, as our strength 
doubles from within Kalaman.  The healers tended to the injured archers and 
I quickly sent word to the Solamnic commander within Kalaman that we had 
fell the forces in the north, but to act as if nothing as happened, so that 
the dark knights' invasion would go as planned, only to be surprised and 
foiled by increased fortification with the arrival of the competent archers 
on top of the city's already strong defense.  I must now send word to Lord 
Kael and the Knighthood.  Drawing a small flute no thicker than a stick, I 
brought it to my lips and played a poignant tune.  A small black dot 
appeared out of the night skies, now once again illuminated by the moon.   
The darkness was no more.   

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