The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Anu.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a private journal on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Anu' scribed in dull red ink.

Author:  Anu
Date    Fri Dec 21 09:19:39 2001

Subject  A diary.

Day of Nuindai, 29th the Month of Mishamont.

Dear Father

As I promised you on your deathbed, I now begin writing the journal I will
take to you, once our queen grants me the gift she so graciously granted you.

As you will know father, Synvenstri left not long after you died, heavy with
sorrow, he returned to his knighthood, one I was still not a part of. I did
not see him in 5 years.

The days grew by quickly as old Jasper trained me from morning till evening,
he'd duel me, loosing 99 out of 100 times. I think Jasper meant it well
father, thinking I would be less grieved if he forced me to think of other
than you.

It worked.

I continued this life for 5 years father, training day in and day out, the
servants helping me with food, otherwise I would not have eaten.

Then, one marvellous day, Synvenstri returned. He had changed, but he greeted
me with the brotherly love that I had expected. Yet, when I looked him in the
eye, I knew he was unhappy.

He spoke of the knighthood and how he had been pursuing the glorious goals,
given to him directly by the queen herself! (Yes father, I was young and had a
large imagination.

He of course never said such a thing) He told me that he had come to bring me
to Storm keep, The lord of the night, Kalevi wished for new trainees, and
Synvenstri had decided I would be useful by this time.

So I left Darksinger keep, leaving nothing but servants to take care of our
marvellous home.

The times were tough, father.

We worked hard from morning to evening, training impossible moves I had never
seen or heard of! But I improved in skill.

I was getting stronger by the day, slowly moving into adulthood, I was truly
happy with my life.

Of course father, we both know this did not continue. One night, during my
posted guarding, my dear brother Synvenstri came to me He spoke with an eerie
voice, one of silent cries and anger. He told me what he had done, how he had
slaughtered hundreds of women and babies, how he had not followed the code as
he should have, but only when in Storm keep, had he even been moderate. He
cried for a short while asking me to end his suffering, killing him.

I said no.

He was angered, pushed me, saying that I would never be the servant of
Takhisis I so desire to be.

We fought, screaming at each other, we fought for what seemed like hours.

Finally, we lay on the ground, fatigued and bruised. I looked him in the eyes
and saw suffering, hate of himself, and anger towards me. I lay down in mud,
welcoming the falling rain to cleanse my skin.

I tried to think father, I was so uncertain of this, that I called upon the
vision, begging the dark queen to let me know what to do.

As I had found my answer I rose and looked at him, lying there in the mud.

I agreed.

He thanked me and said these words: "Find Hirimoyoto and Synvenus, the twins
must know of each other, our family must survive"

I received the sword given to him by you father, the Darksinger family sword,
flaming and deadly.

He crouched, exposing his nect to me, and nodded, as in silently accepting his
destiny. I swung the sword, and in one great arch, I separated the head from
the body.

Synvenstri fell to the ground in spasms, blood gushing violently from
his neck, still in rhythmical bursts, as the heart sent its flow of Pulse
through the body...

It faded slowly, and Synvenstri finally lay still. I tried to mourn, crying
and sulking,

I rode his dragon to the keep, landing slowly, Greeting jasper with Syn's head
in one hand, body in the other.

As a last honor to my brother, I dug his grave with my bare hands. Believe
me father, I could not use a sword for months after this, but in my vision,
that is what I saw myself doing.

I left the keep as soon as I was done, returning to storm Keep, telling the
sorrowful news to The lord f the night. He understood, and accepted the death.

I returned to my quarters, honoring my brother as I do now.

Author:  Anu
Date    Fri Dec 21 09:26:16 2001

Subject  Diary episode 2.

*The writing on the next few lines are one big blur, all that can be
depicted are what seem to be water dropped in small amounts on the ink, making
it completely unreadable*

Sorry father, it is still hard to bear I worked hard for the following months,
not accepting myself as the murderer I was. One day, I could not contact the
vision, as I had done so many times during this hard times.

I do not know what got into me, but as I recall, I lost the sword to a
defector, one by the name of Lanfer D'tiernan.

He would not return the sword to its rightful owner, so I attacked him, and
lost. I would not accept this great dishonor of loosing a fight, especially
not loosing a fight to a solamnic, so I ran away, hiding from the Knighthood
of Takhisis.

A long time passed and as I finally found myself the looser of my quest to
retrieve my sword, I found myself on top of an inn in Palanthas, yet I do not
know how I got there. I stabbed myself father, Stabbed myself multiple times
with a rusty sword I had found only hours before.

That is how low I was, but I continued this path, for long more father.

Sadly, I am neering the village of goblins. I will frighten them into fighting
for us father, Then I will continue the diary, soon enough.

Anu, the only Darksinger left on this plane.

Author:  Anu
Date    Thu Jan 16 20:57:20 2003

Subject  A massacre

As the solamnic Sergeant entered the bloody room, he felt an urge to empty his

Within the room were five corpses, all laid in conspicuous positions, all
hacked into 3 parts.

The sergeant pulled a handkerchief from his shirt and slowly dubbed it on his

He then focused on the bloody remains again, in wonder.

Before him lay five bodies, what made him ill was the way these bodies had
been mutilated.

All five bodies were cut in three. Decapitated as well as cut at the hips.

"By Paladine! What monster has done this?!" he yelled as he looked to his
gully slave.

The gully, not caring a bit, shrugged his shoulders and picked his nose.

The sergeant entered the room completely, focusing on the details.

He found nothing out of the ordinary, until the gully started dragging the
lumps of flesh out of the room.

Beneath the corpses was a small white piece of paper.

He picked up the paper, and focused on it. There were five names, each
accompanied by a cross.

He knew these people, and he knew they were the dead he was standing amongst.

He bowed to the ground and examined the cuts that had separated the fragile

After emptying his bowels in a nearby bucket, he identified the cuts as those
from an axe.

A very large, very heavy axe that seemed to have burned through the flesh,
leaving the veins closed.

As he turned away from the lumps, he felt his hand touching ground.

He looked down and found a perfect print, a gigantic footprint.

The foot he created in his imagination was almost as long as his entire arm,
and as wide as his thigh, and he is not exactly a fit person.

He gasped in astonishment, as he understood the magnificent size of the
creature that had stood there.

He quickly rose and ran out the door chanting a single word over and over,
"monster! A monster!"

As he runs down the street, the gully slave is left alone with the corpses.

A cynical, suspicious smile escapes the gully as he closes the door and locks
it from the inside.

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