The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Aragond.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a concise treatise on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Aragond' scribed in dark green ink.

Author:    Aragond        
Date:      Sat Jan 23 11:52:08 2010
Subject     The origins of Aragond

Born a noble Solinari, Aragond has lived among the rich reveling in
constant mixed myriad cultures.However the soon mundane normal frailties of
elven cultures soon lead him to severe boredom. It was in a night where the
moon was full, where this high born noble slipped on garbs for travelling,
leaving but a small note at his home. Knowing that his parents will surely
disapprove of him going into the world of man, the youngster slipped out in
a moonlit night bound for a long journey ..... 

Author:    Aragond        
Date:      Sat Jan 23 11:56:22 2010
Subject     The City of Palanthas

Aragond's travelled along the merchant roads hitching rides along
caravens travessing towns. Finally after a few days the tall spires of the
city of Palanthas appeared before him and he knew, this was just the
beginning. At Palanthas, he finally enlisted himself into the School of
Mages and started a gruesome long study battling sewer rats, prisoners,
goblins and questing for riches and experience .. 

Author:    Aragond        
Date:      Sat Jan 23 13:19:30 2010
Subject     The Guild of Mages

"Bah Humbug", exclaimed the young Solinari elf as he tries to conjures up
magical shards of power that fizzles in his hands. A mentor dressed in white
robes gazes at his new apprentice fumbling at his newly learnt spells
muttering something about impatient youngsters beneath his breath. School to
Aragond was boring, he knew out there beneath the city and out of the walls
there lies greater magic and experience to be wrought. "One day I will join
the Conclave!!!! " exclaimed the young elf suddenly. Steely eyes glared from
this young one at his mentor who only chuckled slightly shaking his head as
he receded out of the room. 

Author:    Aragond        
Date:      Sat Jan 23 14:35:37 2010
Subject     A meeting with a red robe.

Aragond stretches as he prepares to leave the cleric north of the city
fountain.Trudging aimlessly down the steps he walks headlong into a figure
in red. "Excuse me sir!!!" exclaimed the impudent young elf as he gaped at
the figure in surprise. The red robed figure fixes Aragond with a stare.
'Who who are you? ' muttered Aragond. 'I am Valkirakas of the Conclave and
you look like you need better garbs.My Mistress is a Taskmage Kaede of the
Conclave Red Robes.' With a swift movement Valkirakas, shuffles through a
load of junk before pulling out magical items shoving them into the startled
elf's hands until Aragond couldn't move . 'Are you carrying a lot of copper
on you?' Valkirakas gazed directly at the poor elf. 'Yes sir ' replied the
shocked young elf . 'I'll deposit them right away ' as Aragond wades away
thanking his God at his new found wealth. 'I will be back to aid you later'
Valkiras shouts, and trudges off to see the cleric. 

Author:    Aragond        
Date:      Sun Jan 24 06:10:40 2010
Subject     Solace and the Gully Dwarves.

"What !!!" exclaimed the young elf mage . "The Gully dwarfs are all the
way roaming about the trash below Solace . How do you expect me to get the
rat there ?!!!" piped the young mage. "Alright !!!! I'll find a way" the
young mage shouted back as he trudged off to the city centre.

One success of this young mage is his uncanny ability to ask for directions
as he bribed, begged and pleaded for a means to Solace . Remembering the
days he had been lost on the ship and was aided by Takhisis, Aragond had
better luck this time getting to Solace with a kind gate from a cleric of
high standing. 

Truding into the Inn of Last Home, the young mage quickly slipped by the
crowds searching for the kitchen. 

"Ah the trapdoor into the rubbish !!!" exclaimed the elf mage in delight .
Pinching his nostrils Aragond plunged straight down into a dark dark hole to
track a smelly rat.

As usual after finishing the gruesome task, Aragond headed to find the crazy
gully dwarf who operated a machine that sent him catapulting back to
Solace.This time using a golden harp Aragond magically transported himself
back to Palanthas to report his success on the gruesome assassination of a
dirty rat. 

Author:    Aragond        
Date:      Sun Jan 24 07:45:58 2010
Subject     The fight with a dragon

Aragond swiftly moves towards the fountain as hoards of crazy public push
pass him shouting " Dragon! Dragon! Ruuuuun!!!!!!". The impudent elf steeled
himself and pushed his tiger mount towards the centre pushing pass the

The breath of the dragon could be felt as Aragond reaches the fountain to
find dead corpses lied strewn here and there.

With a crazy leap the stupid mage charged fixing the dragon in his gaze,
steeling himself as dragon fear slowly crepth within his very soul. It was a
fierce bloody fight as the young mage fought till his blood boiled within
his very veins. Shards of energy flew from his fingertips, as his tiger
slashed and bit taking a beating . Finally Aragond thought he felt a below
and smoke and the next thing he knew darkness. He had a vision of Solinari,
he ran naked back back towards the city only to find miraculously he was
whole again. Could this have been some stroke of luck ? The vivid face of
Solinari came into his mind as he sent out a prayer of thanks found his
tiger again this time battered in a street next to the fountain, mastered it
and headed for the dragon again This time with renewed vigour he charged as
dragon fear took hold of his body again.The only thing on the young mages
side was plain utter stupidity . "

As Aragond's mount fled due to dragon fear for the last time, thoughts flew
past the young elf's mind ."The dragon is almost dead, almost dead .."
Suddenly a below and a wail Aragond turned around looking at a grizzled mage
trudging up to him from behind. Aragond recognized him as a senior mage of
the conclave named Lajiwan He stared in horror as the mage exclaimed " Dang
I killed it!!!!". Aragond gaped in horror at the mage muttering beneath his
breath, "Stupid mage killed it " 

Trudging sorrowfully back, Aragond looked on to find another adventure
trying to forget his near kiss of death. 

Author:    Aragond        
Date:      Sun Jan 24 12:17:45 2010
Subject     Conclave

"Bah !!! How on earth does she expect me to do this !!!!!", Aragond looks
in dismay at the newly written orders he received from his new mistress.

"Learning these groups would take me ages to train", Aragond glared at his
new pet as if he could get an intelligent response from it

"Swissshhhhh shooooooo", the elemental made a noise in response to Aragond's
indignant remark as it continues to fidgit impatiently as if waiting for

" Patience, patience my new pet, I have much work to do" . With a wave of
his hand Aragond dismisses his pet and trudges of to his room. 

Author:    Aragond        
Date:      Sun Jan 24 19:47:20 2010
Subject     Conclave training : Fly

It was a bright day as Aragond moved down into the Courtyard . Newly
arrived the young mage examines the hot springs and magical fountains that
spew milk instead of water.

'This looks like a nice place to practice' Aragond thought quietly to
himself. Lifting a finger to the wind he tested the wheather carefully
noting it.

"Shouldn't rain for a bit and there is a nice place to nap inbetween"
muttered the young elf mage as he carefully steeled himself to the following
ideal knowing that this was one of the spells he needed to master.

Muttering and chanting the right words, trying to get everything right,
Aragond's feet slowly rose from the ground as he balanced himself on an
ariel leap up to the clouds.

The winds weren't too strong and the young elf mage swooped around and
finally landed back in the courtyard to take a small nap. The fidgety Water
Element slowly blended itself at home in the hot springs present in the
courtyard as Aragond slumbered away.

The flying routine was always the same to the water elemental who looked
forward to a nice bath in the hot springs.

As Aragond slumbered, dreams flying filled his mind as he tried over and
over the again to formulate tricks and to perfect his spells focusing his
concentration on the syllables and ariel acrobatics at the same time. The
routine was the same practice every morning for weeks 

Author:    Aragond        
Date:      Sun Jan 24 19:52:24 2010
Subject     The library of Palanthas

"Fizz fizz " sparks of energy dissipated from the hand of the young mage
as he misuttered the missile spell again. "I need a better place for ideas
and concentration " muttered the young elf.The long corridors of books and
mages studying in the Library of Palanthas suddenly leaped into the young
elf's mind "I know !!!" exclaimed the young elf . " We shall leave for
Palanthas ." the young elf said, beaming all the while at his water
elemental. Quick packing with a strong pet to carry everything for you
wasn't much of a chore. Flying through the forest as Aragond slowly
manipulated himself and his water elemental through the woods that hid the
Conclave towers 

"Aragond !!" exclaimed a wizened old historian as he gasped at the familiar
figure from Palanthas " What are you doing back here?! I thought you went to
take the test !! The young elf grinned mischeviously as energy crackled
around his fingers forming darts that shot straight at the poor historian
singing his robes . It didn't take long for the library to turn into a
ruckus that sent the loremaster coming after the young impudent elves heels.

Fizz fizz . "Not again !!!" gasped the young astonished elf as he fumbled at
his spell trying to throw of his pursuer " Not as good as I thought ",
laughed the loremaster charging after the poor young elf who made a hasty
retreat out of the library. 

Author:    Aragond        
Date:      Sun Jan 24 19:57:33 2010
Subject     The city of Garnet.

Aragond slowly folds the note he received from Valkirakas back into his
pocket.The note stated that he was coming to pick him up from Palanthas on a
long journey to the land of the dwarves. Excitement crept into the young
mages mind as he remembered the black robed mage under the tutelage of a
Reds in Conclave.

It was a couple of days before Valkirakas appeared at the doorway of the
startled mages room. "We leave as soon as possible for Garnet " piped the
mage robed in black. A short stop by the general store for torches and the
group was on the way along the Knights High Road south .. south and further
south .

"Where is that gate to Thorbardin ?" muttered the figure in black as the
group travelled around searching for a pass. A tall mage suddenly appeared
infront of the group suddenly in a puff of smoke. Valkirakas seems to
recognize the mage and plunges deep into conversation with the figure . To
Aragond amazement the figure started distributing potions that protected
against damage in combat. With a puff the same mage disappeared as suddenly
as the coming.

"We are going to be up against some dwarves in Garnet", Valkirakas nodded at
Aragond. The young elf nodded in agreement and flew after the black robed
mage. The long and weary journey brought the group through countless battles
to the city of Garnet. The dwarven architecture found on the buildings
cannot be missed . A carnage soon ensued as the group started out collecting
and hunting for equipment off various dwarves Valkirakas claimed to be

"It didn't fizzle this time!" exclaimed Aragond suddenly, as the young elf
finished a flury of acrobatic display of missiles. The young elf smiled as
he perfected the spell he had been using in combat knowing this would please
Mistress Kah.

" I have to head back on Conclave business" Valkirakas suddenly told the
young elf mage. Aragond nodded in affirmation to Valkirakas and replied "
Save journeys my friend, we shall adventure again someday" With a wave the
group parted and the young mage went on exploring garnet and Tinkerville . 

Author:    Aragond        
Date:      Mon Jan 25 10:34:21 2010
Subject     Conclave : A new Master

Tinkerville was pretty much uneventful, a couple of scavenging here and
there by the young mage brought a bundle of herbs Finally getting tired of
the tinkerish gnomes, Aragond wipped out his harp and struck the tune that
would recall him back to Conclave Hall. A puff of smoke materialized in the
white tower situated deep within the strongholds of Conclave . Aragond
emerged as usual with the grace of nobility looking forward to his new tasks

In the courtyard where Aragond has chosen to practice, the young mage
concentrated on perfecting his next spell . His water elemental took the
chance of slipping into the hot water springs as his master practiced.
"Invis !" Aragond spoke .. only to find a disembodied hand flying pass him..
The soon quiet courtyard was soon filled with incantations, as the young
mage practiced oblivious of the surroundings .

Buzzzzzz .. "Aragond !!!!!!", a loud voice shouted suddenly out of nowhere .
The loud booming voice broke the young mage's concentration towards a tall
daunting figure in white. "Don't tell me I'm in trouble now" muttered the
young mage to himself.

The grizzled old mage walked up to the young welp fixing him with a glare .
The young mage shrunk back a step and bowed respectfully at his elder.
Nodding in approval the old mage declared "I am Elinos and I'm back from
leave to assume my teachings. I shall be taking over from Kah now. You shall
from now on address me as master ." 

The young mage bowed cursing beneath his breath at his bad luck as his new
master shoved a note into his hands. " Those are my first orders !! Use your
logic . I will be back with some new stuff for you " as he trudged off
southwards towards the glyph of transportation.

Choosing a spot further south of the courtyard this time, Aragond slowly
unfolded the note . " Where am I going to get ten magical items from around
Krynn!!! " exclaimed the elf in horror . The water element danced up and
down as Aragond's frown turned slowly into a mischevious grin . "Oh where is
my tail, When my heads on a venture, I will spun you a tale, If you give me
adventure ", sang the young mage as he gracefully turned everything around
him invisible without flaw deciding Mistress Kah would be happy with his new
achievements. It won't be long before this young mage leaves the Hall again
.. But that's another story. 

Author:    Aragond        
Date:      Mon Jan 25 11:55:08 2010
Subject     Neraka

Aragond slowly folds a note neatly placing it back into a canvas
backpack. " Neraka is a long way south from Palanthas, you better start
packing . We leave at dawn and you will have to carry most of the stuff .",
said the young elf to his water elemental. The water elemental bowed
fidgeting along the way as he packed bagloads of stuff to carry.

It was a nice bright day the next day as Aragond set out first for
Palanthas.Thinking to check out some last minute accessories the young mage
dismissed his pet at the courtyard to lounge at the springs. "Ah I got the
last bit just intime and the shop was opened early" the young mage chuckled
as he left the tower of learning. Gazing up at the sun the young mage
chanted out his most familiar incantation, "Fly!" . Slowly and surely the
elf soared way above in a south easterly direction into the deep forest he
knew would take him to Qualinost and north to Solace.

The wind brushed across the delighted young elf as he did his usual ariels
in the air..An eagle soared right by his side when he suddenly realized his
pet wasn't with him. "By Solinari, I left him behind at the hot springs
!!!!" exclaimed the young elf. "Well it would be a waste to turn back now "
muttered the young mage as he pushed onwards.Not having his usual servant
Aragond decided to travel without incident and invisible. Sticking to the
forest paths and road signs the young mage speeded along gracefully .

A short drop at the city of Qualinost soon came out without much incident as
he tried to find for more magical items. Turning back towards the roads west
and north through the trade routes the young elf flew on .

The scent of the valenwood trees soom caught the attention of the young elf
and he knew he wouldn't be far off now. The outline of buildings atop trees
soon caught the young elf mages eye as he decended down into Solace.
Bartering his way in at the shops the elf picked up a magical ring that
appears to offer protection and a murky potion that glowed with magic.
"Elinos should be happy!" exclaimed the young elf, "With the stuff I got
from garnet and these two over here I should be having around eight magical
items . That leaves me with two more. Now for the ferry", the young elf
muttered to himself.Leaving the city of treetops the young mage flew
westwords towards the Crystalmir Lake. The rough outline of the dock on the
eastern shore of the lake soon came into view.Gracefully the elf decended
like an eagle towards the booth where the ferrymen lounged. 

"Hail and Greetings .", the young mage greeted an old ferryman seated behind
a booth."May I have a ticket to Palanthas ?" Aragond asked the man. "Aye if
you have the money", answered the man with a smile obviously recognizing the
noble background of the young youth. Aragond tossed ten gold pieces at the
smiling ferryman who nodded back in acknowledgement . The ferryman ushered
the young mage up a plank towards a ferry as the young mage walked up the
plank gracefully behind. "Swisssh Shoooo" the lake water suddenly rose up in
the air much to the surprise of the people on board. The water soon took
shape swirling around as the boatmen gaped in astonishment. Aragond chuckled
as he recognized what happened .. "That's my pet and he is with me " the
mage grinned as the sailors sighed with relief.

Palanthas docks was bustling with sailors as usual as Aragond decended from
the ferry . "We will have to travel out south east gate southwards towards
High Clerist Tower.", Aragond told his pet as he gave final instructions to
it. Flying south past the village of Yarus Aragond pushed on south after
picking up some supplies from the general store there.

The tall buildings of the clerist tower loomed into view as Aragond flew in.
"We will be detouring around the courtyards out the south gate ", piped the
young mage to his pet. "Swish shooo" answered the elemental nodding in
agreement . Invisible the group slipped pass the monks in the courtyard out
south gate pushing south towards the Solamnic plains.

"Ah Thorin pass atlast ! I remember when I was here with Valkirakas
"exclaimed the young elf. "We shall follow the pass and push southwards",
the young elf smiled . The group went on undetected under the cloak of
invisibility, living of the magical milk from the fountain in clan hall.Evil
seem to lurk everywhere and the usual small rests was done with the water
elemental at guard.

South . South and further south flew the mage and the dark silhoutte of
Nerakas north gate soon loomed into view. Still invisible the group entered
through the gate preparing for combat. "Well my pet, lets get to work ",
Aragond smiled as he finally gave his last instructions and casted his last
protection spell. Carnage was inevitable here I guess for a mage of white
order. Blood sputtered everywhere as draconians fell to the blade and magics
of the young mage. The pet was worth his weight in gold as it ploughed
through the city streets . Aragond picked up a wand that seems to give light
up at the magic shop and continued his exploration of this dark evil city.

The death cry of the last draconian in a courtyard could be heard as Aragond
withdrew a bloody dagger from its writhing body. A bright light flashed
suddenly only to reveal a figure in red. Aragond peered intently and smiled
as he recognized one of the elder mages named Pike. Bowing respectfully the
young elf greeted his senior.

"I was just checking around to see if you needed anything ", marked the red
mage as he fixed his gaze on Aragond. "Well I'm almost done with Neraka, do
you have any suggestions just for kicks?". Pike nodded at Aragond and
disappeared with a blinding flash. Another bright flash and the young mage
also disappeared with his pet. 

Author:    Aragond        
Date:      Wed Jan 27 11:46:24 2010
Subject     Conclave training

Pike transported the young mage to High clerist tower and he introduced
new people for Aragond to gain experience from.The tower was good training
for the young mage but soon Aragond decided to get on with the training of
his mistress. The mage as usually recalled back to clan hall and headed to
the master summoner for a new pet ."Now now, magic detection isn't that easy
to master to perfection. ", Aragond smiled at his new earth elemental. The
new pet was not so fidgety and remain motionless most of the time. "Please
leave me for a bit as I peruse these manuscripts ", Aragond waved his pet
away . Aragonds eyes began to tingle as he muttered out the words to detect

"Now where is my diamond dust ? " muttered the young mage to himself . With
a few gestures the mage started intoning another new spell that he was
mastering "Locate object !" marked the mage suddenly. " Ah !!!there it is .
That elemental must have put the new batch below my bed !!!!!", exclaimed
the elf at the lack of intelligence that his new pet had. Pulling out the
bag of diamond dust, the young mage sprinkled some dust on his feet and
began the incantation " Free Action!" . As the young mage felt less impeded
by his surroundings, he moved with grace towards a chest he knew kept his
belongings picked up during his adventures. A bright glow signifying magic
.., lots of magic . emanated out of the chest as the delighted elf rummaged
through one item after another intoning the spell "Identify!" cataloging one
item after another. " After this batch I can start with some of the stuff in
the hall and library ", cackled the mage with glee.

"These four spells are quite difficult to master as it is and probably will
keep me grounded at clan hall for some time.", moaned the young elf.

It was a gruesome six months, the rainy wheather did not make things better
for Aragond and he kept mostly locked up in the tower of learning. Thoughts
of getting the remainder magical items set by his new strict master filled
him with dread .. The young elf knew it would be soon before he had to to
venture towards new lands for this 

Author:    Aragond        
Date:      Wed Jan 27 15:14:12 2010
Subject     In search of Magic Items.

"Now, now lets see what I have so far.. A lute and a harp from the bards
in Garnet, a spyglass from the watchtower guard in Garnet . A bunch of herbs
from Tinkleville. A wand of magic missiles, mmmm can't really remember where
I got that from .. That makes five !" exclaimed the young elf with
delight."Well for the next I think I will try Freeport a place I've never
been.", said the elf beamingly at his new earth elemental. As usually the
pet remained motionless not responding. "Well get to packing !!" exclaimed
the young mage at his new pet as the mighty hulk lumbered to work.

The travel through the now familiar forest to Solace was now a singe for the
mage as he became more familiar with the road. North, north the mage
travelled finally dropping onto Palanthas docks by ferryman he hired at

"Now according to the maps I borrowed from the library in Palanthas
earlier,, there are dangerous shoals reported all around the island . There
is even a map here that shows the route to the beach. We must be careful .
", the young elf beamed at his pet. Gesturing and intoning the mystical
syllables the elf finally cried "Fly!"

Soaring up towards the clouds north of Palanthas docks, the party maneuvered
sailing through winds and clear skies. The mage deftly side stepped the
shoals towards the northern tip of the island where the dock is. Keeping
afloat Aragond's keen eyes spotted a grate leading downwards. "Pirates I
presume, map shows some kind of hidden harbor. We go low undercover ..",
instructed the young mage to his pet. With a few intones and gestures, the
party disappeared into thin air and only the passing movement of wind could
be felt as the duo sweeped low towards the harbor.

Pirates everywhere and crates could be seen being pilled up here. Soon the
party spotted a commosion further north. Under stealth, Aragond crept up to
the noise, only to see two ships at war . The fight lasted quite awhile the
remaining ship was badly damaged and crew was almost dead. Seeking this
opportunity, the mage flew in and it was short work ridding the ship of his
last crew. Commandering a ship, it was mayhem at the cove as the mage
cleaned out the harbor of pirates. 

"Ah my spoils brought me three ships and this .", the mage beamed at the
weed that glowed with magic . " I believe the locals here call this devil's
weed. A poison I wouldn't want to mess around with .", marked the young
mage. Deftly Aragond popped the weed into a bag containing the rest of the
magical items. 

Layden with his new found riches, the mage payed Freeport city a quick visit
before sailing southwards towards Palanthas. 

"You know I've always wanted to visit that Goblin cavern just south east of
Palanthas. The short visit I had earlier, was under cloak, and I bet, the
stories of the chief and his shamans should bring me something to add to
this bag.", thought the young mage to himself.

Flying out through south eastern gate of Palanthas the mage flew along the
road he knew only so well turning east at a trail up the mountains. The
goblins scattered as the mage started his onslaught with his towering pet
tearing through the caverns. Goblin soldiers and warg dogs fell to his blade
and magics. When the mage finally entered the throne room, the leader sat at
his chair there, beads of perspiration appearing at his forehead as he met
his maker.

"A mage and a shaman around here . Must say this leader is quite affluent.",
the mage said grinning at his pet. With a sweep the mage popped a glowing
reddish staff and a crystalline wand into the bag of magic items he kept. "
That makes eight. Two more to go !!!!", laughed the young mage evidently
pleased with his success so far. Better nip back to clan hall for a mite of
rest and learning. I'm done with this adventure ", piped the cheerful elf
mage as he wipped out a familiar harp and disappears with a puff of smoke. 

Author:    Aragond        
Date:      Sat Jan 30 17:13:58 2010
Subject     Revenge of the pirates.

A lone page ran up the still figure of Aragond while he practiced the
spell that invigorated him. "Refresh !!" exclaimed the young elf as winds
blew around him invigiroting him .

Aragond's attention shifted to the young age pulling at his sleeve."Master
Aragond there is a note from the scholars of Palanthas library." Receiving
the note from the page, Aragond's brow furrowed. The note briefly warned the
young mage that the pirates from Freeport was looking for him.Brief moments
of his small plundering of Freeport earlier filled his mind. "What, they are
coming after me for three meagere ships!" exclaimed the young elf as he
trudged briskly towards the Tower of learning.

The aurak draconian smiled as the tall elf entered his chambers. "I need a
new pet Master Summoner, one that is good to take on a city", the elf
muttered fixing the draconian with a steely gaze. "You are ready to control
a Fire Elemental, but I must warn you that they are quite lively and hard to
handle.", hissed the draconian in black robes. With a serious face the elf
nodded back in agreement. "Very well then, I shall summon it right now.",
the young draconian said chuckling all the way to the chambers behind.

Freeport looked the same to the duo as the elf traced out his strategy of
attack. "Mistress Kah was kind enough to summon us here to this island my
pet . It saves us a mite of walk", piped the young elf as he hovered with
his pet above the city of Freeport. Charting out his strategy, the mage
instructed his Fire Elemental on the strategy he was going to take. The pet
soon took towards his task burning the city as Aragond slipped in via the
secreat doorway under the Mayor's office. 

The secreat harbor was a din of fire, and it was not long before Aragond was
face to face with Lord Mourning. This was the guy that obviously was
searching for him. "This is your last days Sir Mourning . Your time is up
!", exclaimed the youg elf at the pirate lord. The Lord merely grinned,
beckoning the elf to start. The fight was a long one and was interrupted by
another Merchant named Oglethorp which the young mage quickly disposed of..
Gaining ground in the battle as the mage threw his usual magics, he suddenly
realized something was amiss. The fire elemental started shivering and
dropped its weapon. To Aragond stuck amazement, he found his control over
his pet diminishing. The young elf was in trouble, he knew he would not be
able to hold the pirates attack without his pet. Hastily the mage retreated
outwards through the door leaving his pet infront. 

Fleeing outdoors wasn't as easy though as he was pinned outside with fresh
recruitments. The stoic guards drew blood and the elf again tried escaping
with all the dexterity he could master. Chasing after the fleeing elf the
mage found a respite in a dead alley, where he casted the all familiar spell
" Invis !!!". It was a close shave as the guards groped around dumfoundedly
at an empty alleyway trying to find where the elf could have disappeared to.
The elf strung his magical harp and recalled himself back to the safe
confines of clan hall.. 

Author:    Aragond        
Date:      Sat Jan 30 17:19:40 2010
Subject     The ninth magical item

Recovery from the wounds was slow as the clan cleric, tended to the
poison and injuries of the duo. The springs helped soothed the pains as
Aragond recovered. It was late night when Solinari was at its zenith a
figure in black robes walked into Aragond's chambers. The elf startled up
from his sleep as the figure motioned with a scaly hand for him to lay
still. The figure removed his hood and the familiar face of the Master
summoner gazed into the eyes of the young elf.

"You had a close shave, young one. But I have been watching your progress
from afar. " hisssssed the draconian. "I believe you are ready for a
mightier pet and this time be ready for the Lord's poison." Aragond muttered
a word of thanks as the draconian receded back out of the room.

The ever cheerful mistress Kah, well pleased with the mages advancement was
kind enough to give her young apprentice a second summon to Freeport. " I
shall give you some aid this time " the elder mage beamed at his apprentice.
Spell after spell was weaved as the new air elemental pets muscled wrippled
with new energy and every kind of protective magics was layed on it. Waving
good bye, the mage disappeared as suddenly as she arrived infront of her
bowed apprentice.

Taking out the necessary herb to heal poison from his sack, Aragond passed
it to his Air Elmental which appeared stronger and more disciplined. Staking
out his strategy more carefully this time, Aragond took out first the Mayor
and entered the harbor via the grate below the statue in the mayor's room.
This time Lord Mourning was in for a surprise as he realized that the poison
was being neutralized. The stronger pet kept his ground too with the new
protective magics that was bestowed by Mistress Kah. Wave after wave of
attacks from the pirate lord appeared not even to dent this new pet as he
fought till his energy was spent 

The adventure was a success and the reward a magical troll stone which
appeared invisible to the naked eye. "This would be the ninth magical item
for master Elinos. It was a good experience.", marked the happy mage as he
added it to the bag of magic's he kept.With a puff of smoke the duo
disappeared recalling back home .. 

Author:    Aragond        
Date:      Sun Jan 31 15:00:27 2010
Subject     A mysterious encounter

A nebulous figure stalks silently around his new master . Aragond ignored
his new pet as he tried to tap into the channel that connected the minds of
mages in the clan.

"Hello, anybody knows where I can find the pirate lords?", boomed his
mysterious voice out to the minds of mages around the clan halls.

Poof !!, a startled young mage suddenly found himself in a huge icicle with
caverns witnessing a battle between an invisible body, and Cutter the 5th
pirate lord. It was fast and efficient kill. "Oops I killed him !!", as the
invisible being looted the body and disappeared.

"Bungling mages", cursed the young mage under his breath. "Probably anotherl
high being cause I can't seem to see him . Could be an immortal too !".
Swiftly the elf intoned the word "Invis!", as he disappeared into thin air.

Flying through the narrow cold passageways, Aragond caught sight of a pirate
holding a gleaming stone. "That stone looks interesting!!!!". The young
mages eye grew red as he intoned the words, "Detect evil!". The young mage
smiled knowing the swift kill he would manage on this pirate with the help
of his new astral pet.

"Giant Strength!, Haste!, Armor!, Fly!", intoned the young elf as he threw
his magics to make his Astral elemental stronger. Pointing his finger at the
pirate, the pet new his master's hand signal to attack immediately and
slided gracefully behind the pirate, sword drawn. The fight was quick as the
young mage let off bolts of lightning from his hands . The pirate stood not
much of a chance as he tried hacking a way of a very elusive Astral
elemental which blurred through the strokes leaving a gray trail of light.

Stepping over the motionless corpse, the young mage looted the body and held
up a stone.The ghostly stone glowed blue as Aragond intoned " Detect Magic'.
Smiling the young elf popped the last stone in the all too familiar bag.
"That makes ten! I better find a way out of here!".

Moving invisible and with stealth the young mage flew through rows of frozen
corridors finally finding a shoot which he flew down. "Argh ! " moaned the
elf as he realized the opening was too narrow and the walls clung to him .
The poor elf tried to claw his way out realizing his fly spell through the
small opening that was choking him would just get him further stuck. A brief
respite of struggle, as sharp icicles stabbed through the mages body finally
gave fruit . The young mage tumbled down into a larger opening with four 
corridors below.

Not wanting to chance further hurt, the young mage intoned "Word of recall!"
The spell brought the bleeding young elf back to the white tower. Few of the
white attendants saw the young mage fall to the ground as he appeared
bleeding and shivering. "Send a note to Master Elinos . The task is done .",
the young elf mumbled to the attendant that was trying to hold up the young
mage that just fainted.. 

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