The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Aramynia.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a massive tome lined with fake jewels on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Aramynia' scribed in brilliant green ink.

Author:         Aramynia
Date    Wed Jun 28 22:17:45 2006
Subject   Journey

A quiet child, Aramynia grew up in a loving family that consisted of her
father, mother, a brother, and herself.  Her life was ideal for any child
who would have grown up in her tribetraining for combat, learning to worship
the Gods, and being a child.  Sadly, her life would take an abrupt change. 


A late night attack by a rival tribe sent 9 year old Aramynia's life, along
with her twin brother's life, spiraling into uncertainty.  Her mother and
father, both dead, killed by the rival tribe.  From that point in her life,
she became a ward of the tribe, learning how to fight by the warriors of the
tribe, and learning how to be faithful by the clerics of the tribe.  Her
twin brother, her rock, went hunting with the warriors of the tribe.  It was
on this hunt that he disappeared, vanishing from the face of Krynn.  


Time passed, slowly at timesmore swiftly at others.  Now a beautiful young
woman, Aramynia was a faithful follower of Paladine, as well as a fierce
warrioress.  Her emerald green eyes and her yellow blonde hair reminded
everyone around her of both her f


At the young age of 16, Aramynia was called before the Council of Elders. 
It was there that she learned who her parents really were.  Her father was
Trevathan uth Lethan, a Solamnic Nobleman.  Her mother was Kalise
Windwalker, daughter of the tribal Chieftian, leader of the Tribe after her
own father's death.  

Aramynia sat before the Council of Elders, her head bowed, listening to the
information, tears glistening in her emerald eyes.  When the Council was
finished telling her of her lost family, Aramynia stood and bowed deeply to
the members of the Council.  It was at that time that she told the Council
what her plans were.  She, as the daughter of a noble Solamnic, would take
his place in the Knighthood and become a Knight of Solamnia.  She had faith
that the tribe would be in knowledgeable hands, as it had been for the past
5 years.  The Council agreed with her, and she sat out to find a Knight of
Solamnia in order to report her father's fate to them.  


Aramynia left her home on the plains and made her way to the another camp to
train, with her mother's mace, and her father's sword, at her side.  She
trained hard.  On one day, in particular, she trained harder than normal. 
Her mind on her task, Aramynia picked herself up off the ground where she'd
just landed during a fight with the trainer who was training her in
weaponless combat.  She bowed deeply to him and resumed her stance opposite
him.  He bowed to her.  "That is enough for today, young one."  She nodded
and bowed to him.  "To the Clerics with you.  Heal up.  There will be time
for more lessons at a later date."  She nodded and gracefully bowed in
salute to him.  He returned the low bow and walked away from her.  Rubbing
her sore buttocks, she gathered her bruised pride to her and started for her

She was stopped as she heard voices near her quarters.  "I know, but is it
wise to tell her that it is gone?  She is doing good for a new squire.  What
will happen when she learns that her tribe is gone?"  Hearing this, she made
her presence known.  The Tribal Elder stood before her.  He bowed deeply to
her and motioned for her to walk with him as he told her of the fate of her


Stone-faced, Aramynia walked to the area that housed the horses.  There, she
called for her mount, a sturdy brown and white painted stallion named
Hecran.  She threw her bridle on him and mounted his bare back.  The Master
of Horses started after her as she threw the stallion into a careless canter
out of the camp and off toward the sunset.  

Night fell as Aramynia pulled the stallion from the careless canter to a
stop beneath a grove of trees.  She closed her eyes and slept fitfully. 
Rising the following morning, she looked around and was instantly upset with
herself.  Hecran was nowhere around.  She looked to where she had tied him
the previous evening and noticed that the rope had been untied.  Swearing
under her breath, Aramynia packed up her belongings and started walking in
the direction she thought was correct.  She was unable to make it far in her
travels.  She was surrounded by mounted tribesmen.  She recognized their
tribal markings and their dress as that of a tribe that had been at war with
her own people for many years.  

She was not the only one who showed a bit of recognition.  The leader of the
mounted group knew exactly who she was.  He pointed to her and barked orders
in his tribe's language.  She was seized and bound, the thrown over the back
of the leader's horse.  That done, the mounted men take off to for their

Arriving with her captors, Aramynia was taken from the back of the horse and
thrown roughly into the center of a tent.  The leader followed, his
underlings close behind.  He barked orders to his underlings.  They bowed
and left.  

He laughed as he approached her.  She struggled to get away from him, but he
was quicker.  Grabbing her, he shreaded her clothing from her.  He smiled at
how much she had grown up since the last time he had seen her.  "You are
mine, Princess," he growled.  "I will have you."  He stalked toward her, but
was interrupted by shouts from outside his tent.  He growled and turned and
walked from the tent.  

Aramynia looked around her for a way to escape.  She spied a dagger laying
on the table and, managed to cut her bonds.  She rummaged through the tent
and found clothing.  She quickly dressed and quietly slipped from the tent. 
She quietly slid through the shadows to the corrals where the horses are
kept.  There she found her old friend, her stallion.  

She quietly called to him.  The stallion raised it's head and looked in her
direction.  He quietly nickered to her and slowly crossed the corral, making
his way to her side.  "Let's get out of here," she whispered to him in her
native tongue.  She freed him from the corral and the two of them made their
way from the camp.  


Together the duo traveled for many miles, Aramynia looking over her
shoulder, watching for the chase.  They crossed a small river and
immediately she knew exactly where she was at the lands of her people, at
her home.  With inner knowledge, she carefully guided her stallion through
the land.  


She slowly came upon the outskirts of a burnt village.  Without entering it,
she knew that she is the last survivor of her once proud people.  She
dismounted and dropped to her knees, sobbing in fury.  Lifting her head to
the sky, she screamed to the heavens.  "WHY?!!  THEY DID NOTHING TO YOU. 
ground and cried.  

---to be continued--- 

Author:         Aramynia
Date    Fri Jun 30 05:56:10 2006
Subject   Self Retribution and Moving on

***This is the continuation of the previous story I had posted***

Carefully Aramynia made her way through the burnt village, seeking out those
who might still be alive.  She found no one.  She entered a large tent near
the center of the village.  She looked around it, remembering it from her

She rode out of the village late the next day, mounted on her painted
stallion.  She rode off toward the home of the Knights of Solamnia, her
heart heavy.  As she rode, she thought about what she has knowledge of and
what she does not.  


Her family's tribe gone, burnt to the ground, Aramynia Windwalker sat in a
Temple of Paladine watching people file throught the Main Worship Room.  She
wore simple white robes with silvery trim on them and a medallion depicting
a dragon in flight around her neck.  She nodded her head in reverence at the
priests and acolytes within the hall.  

She looked down at her wrists and saw the bruises from her ordeal, still
vivid purple in their color.  She absently rubbed them.  She had not allow
the clerics to heal them.  They were her reminder of what she had seen.  


Her ordeal with her tribe fresh in her mind, Aramynia decided to walk
unarmed through the city surrounding the Temple of Paladine.  She moved
aside and watched as a group of people passed her.  She nodded to them and
continued on her walk.  Darkened figures followed her, watching her.  "Would
that one have money," they whispered.  

Not knowing that she was being followed, she continued on her way.  She
turned the corner and the figures made their move.  The two men in dark
clothes attacked her.  

Catching her off balance, one of the men managed to throw her to the ground,
pinning her.  "Hello, pretty," he snarled at her.  She struggled, fighting. 
She slowly lifted her knee, drawing her dagger from where it was concealed
in her boot.  Swiftly, she drew it and plunged it into the man's back.  He
rolled off her.  She rolled to her feet, pulling her mace from her side. 
Lifting the comforting weight of the mace, she stepped into a defensive
position.  "Come on," she snarled at them.  They nod and attack.  

A fight broke out, the men attacking Aramynia and she defending herself. 
Finally, Aramynia managed to gain the upper hand when she threw a strike and
caught one of the men in his knee, knocking him to the ground.  She stepped
back, her defenses at ready.  The second man ran at her in a blind attack. 
She quickly sidestepped it and caught the man in the head.  He fell to the
ground.  Both of her opponents on the ground, she placed the mace back at
her side and quickly checked on the fallen men.  The first man lay
unconscious on the ground.  He would be fine.  The second man was dead, his
skull crushed from the blow.  She knelt beside him and said a quick prayer
to Paladine for his soul.  She rose and continued on her way to her
temporary home.  
                 Thus it is done...thus it is written to the chronicles of
                      my life.  So say this is the truth as can best be told.
                                   Aramynia Windwalker uth Lethlan, Solamnic

Author:         Aramynia
Date    Sat Jul  8 10:32:30 2006
Subject   uth Lethlan Bloodline, part I

The journals and histories tell of bravery and honor untold among families of
the Knights of Solamnia.  However, that is not what I tell this day.  What I
tell this day is a story of honor, duty, and love.

Many, many years ago, in the times following the Cataclism, the uth Lethlan
family seemed to have stood with honor beside the members of the knighthood. 
However, it was a false face that the older members of the family, my great
grandfather and those before him, presented to those around them.  So good
were they in this subterfuge, that even high ranking Knights believed the
solidity of the foundation with the uth Lethlan Family.  Then, at a time of
need, during my father's 20th year of life, the uth Lethlan family turned it's
back on the Knights of Solamnia and did not assist as they had promised to.

My father, Trevathan, saw through the false face of his father and his
father's father and made the honorable decision to walk away from the family
that had decieved him.  He packed a travel bag of what he could carry and set
off on a horse from the family's stables.

He rode for days, stopping only long enough to rest and hide from those of the
family who wished his forcefully returned to them.

One such day, my father sought cover in a cave.  There he came face to face
with a young woman dressed in skins of animals.  He made a mistake and she
took him captive.  With him as her captive, she took him to her family, a clan
of wandering nomads who live on the Plains. There, he was forced into a life
of slavery and servitude.

My father worked hard at his new position in life and gained respect from some
members of Nomads, but, at the same time, he gained hatred and disgust from
some of the others.  It was some of these others who set in motion the events
that would bring about my existance. Some of the younger members of the Nomads
who fancied themselves a good match for the woman who had captured my father
decided to cause damage to him.  They took him onto the plains and left him
staked out to die.  The woman who rescued him learned of his fate three days
after his ordeal began and went to his side to see what damage had been done.

He had been roughly treated and left tied to die.  She cut the bonds holding
him to the ground and, herself, nursed him back to health, with the assistance
of Paladine.  During the time of healing, she learned his family history as he
shook in terror of his family finding him and returning him to his home.  When
he had healed and woke, she released him from his servitude, giving him the
option to return to his travels, or to remain in the village.  He chose to

The woman, Kelise Windwalker, took it upon herself to make sure that the man
was welcomed into certain circles of the people, including among the warriors,
where he learned a style of fighting different than that of what he had
learned from the Weapon's Master of his family.

---to be continued---

Author:         Aramynia
Date    Sat Jul  8 10:47:57 2006
Subject   uth Lethlan Bloodline, part II

Years passed, and with it, my father grew in rank among the Nomads.  He grew
respected among the warriors and seemed to be sought by female members of the
group as a mate, yet he remained alone and watchful.  The woman, Kelise
Windwalker, also seemed to grow fond of my father, and by luck, they were
allowed to be married in both Nomad fashion and by a Priest of Paladine.

From there, the rest of their life, until my birth, was uneventful, filled by
times of peace among the other Nomadic clans who wandered the Plains and
fighting with the various clans.

The birth of my brother and I occurred during the 3rd year of their union, in
the time of the Hot Sun.  My brother Orin and I lived in happiness and love,
freely shown by both of our parents and by the clan itself.

Our lives were sent spiraling downward during the Time when Leaves fall around
the 6th year of life.  A rival clan attacked in the night and, in the attack,
both my father and my mother were killed.

From that period in time, I vowed that I would become the best of both lives
that I can hold. I have trained, until learning of the destruction of my own,
with clans friendly to my own, learning different styles of fighting.  I have
proven myself on the field of battle and have walked away unharmed with
captives to assist the clan's I have trained with.  I have also studied with
Clerics of the various clans in the proper way to show my loyalty to Paladine.
I even have gone so far as to travel to my father's family's homeland and
introduce myself to the current Head of that Family.  I must say, I am joyous
that my father made the decision to do what he did and leave them.  They are
an unsavory bunch of people who pay lip service to their own coin.  They have
no want to better themselves and seem joyous in what they do.

I take the uth Lethlan name as my own as an unspoken promise to my father to
bring honor to my name, as well as his memory.  I take the Windwalker name as
my own as the unspoken promise to my clan and my mother to serve her memory
and never falter in my beliefs of the teachings of honor, duty, strength of
character, and love.

Thus it is written, thus it is known, thus it is the truth as I know it.

Aramynia Windwalker uth Lethlan

Author:         Aramynia
Date    Fri Aug 11 20:24:20 2006
Subject   A bit of myself

The decision made, Aramynia saddled her painted stallion and headed out
of Palanthas, away from the Solamnic Keep that she had grown tired of, and
on the pathway toward where she knew she would find Lanfer Di'Ternian.  Her
eyes ever cautious and one hand on her weapons, she carefully picked her way
over the terrain.  Miles passed and soon she found herself at the old Keep. 
She quietly dismounted and led her stallion forward.  Then, the Keep loomed
before her.  She smiled as the older man came into view and raised her hand
in a salute to him, as befitting members of the Knights of Solamnia.  

As Lanfer turned, an arrow struck him fatally in the chest.  For only mere
moments, she was shocked, then she stepped forward and took action.  Pulling
the arrow from him, she immediately pulled on her faith in Paladine to help
her heal the deadly wound.  Slowly, the hole began to close.  She, herself,
felt as though her entire body was on fire as she strained to save the life
of the older man.  

The wound closed and new life poured into Lanfer, yet Aramynia felt strange.
She looked down at him and collapsed on the ground.  Her mind raced toward
him, her voice, her soul.  "You are feeling my Pain, Lanfer.  To save you, I
had to give you a piece of my essence, my life force, and my soul.  We are
now bonded as one.  When I feel pain, so shall you, and when You feel pain,
I, in turn, will experience it with you.  You will know when I need you and
know when I am in danger.  You will come when I call, even if you are dead
set against it, as your soul will always strive to be alongside me.  In
return for your life, you are now my warder.  You shall protect me at all
cost.  Now, let's get you inside so you may rest.  I, as well, must lie down
for a bit, and we shall talk more of this after we regain ourselves."  

She felt herself moving, almost flying.  She knew that Lanfer carried her,
but knew not where.  Instead, with her eyes closed tight, she leaned against
him and rested.  

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Mon Sep 25 16:36:20 2006
Subject   A new dadwn

The sun was beginning to rise over the walls of the Temple of Paladine in
Palanthas.  On the wall, looking out over the city, stands a young woman
dressed in white clerical robes.  She seems completely at peace, yet highly
alert to all around her.  At her side hangs a sword in it's scabbard.  On
the other side hangs a well worn mace.  She stands up as the first brilliant
lights of day hit her and she smiles.  "All is well and good," she says
quietly as the day becomes more light.  

Footsteps announce the presence of an acolyte of Light.  Aramynia turns to
him and bows her head in greetings.  He returns the greeting and hands her a
rolled parchment.  She takes it and reads it, immediately exiting the wall
and making her way into the Temple and to her quarters.  She quickly changes
her robe and heads to an inner room.  There she enters a portal and makes
her way to the meeting place of the Holy Order of Light.  There she speaks
with Emla, the High Priestess of Branchala and is charged with a new duty. 
Into her hands now is placed the young acolytes and what they must know in
order to become more within their faith.  She returns to the Temple of
Paladine, then makes her way about her business.  "All is well and good."  

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Mon Mar  5 15:13:03 2007
Subject     Poor Zivilyn

The moral of the story with Chemosh...
Poor little alone in the world.
When there is good things around...he is alone.
And all we can say is...poor wittle zivilyn.
Aramynia - ***who likes to pick on the poor tree***

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Sat Apr 14 03:02:14 2007
Subject     Loss of a Noble Man

Aramynia sat quietly in her office, shuffling papers when a white faced
squire knocked and entered at her word.  He rushed to her side and whispered
quietly.  She stood and rushed from the office, the squire trailing behind
her.  She reached the gate of the Keep and came face to face with Cootah. 
The look on the elderly servant's face told her all that she had to know. 
Tears flooding her eyes, she fled out of the gates and deep into the city. 

She ran to the stables where she housed both her horse and the mount that
she had found for Lanfer.  She threw open the stall door for her stallion
and, tackless, rode him from the small stable and out of the western gate. 

The stallion sensed her pain and seemed to fly with his hooves barely
touching the ground.  She seemed to lay close to his neck, her arms wrapped
around it.  

He shuttered to a stop in front of the chieftains tent.  The old man exited
the tent and she slipped/fell of her stallion and collapsed in a pile at his
feet.  He lifted her and helped her into his tent.  

Night fell, followed by the sun rising to greet the next morning.  With the
rising of the sun, Aramynia exited the tent, her face reddened from the
amount of crying she had done.  Beside her stood the old man.  Together they
walked out of the village and over a nearby hill.  

The morning passed, as did most of the afternoon before both Aramynia and
the old man.  She was wrapped in a long flowing cape, her hair shortened and
close cropped to her head.  The old man helped her back to the tent.  A
little while later she exited the tent and whistled for her stallion.  She
mounted his back and turned him back toward Palanthas.  

Her arrival back in Palanthas was sedate and quiet.  She rode the stallion
back to the small stable, putting him back in his stall.  That task
finished, she quietly walked back to the Solamnic Keep, a hooded cloak
wrapped completely around her body.  She entered the Keep and slowly made
her way to where Cootah sat.  Placing her hand on his arm, she motioned for
him to follow her to her office.  

A while later, Cootah exited, followed closely by Aramynia, once again
covered in the hooded cloak.  Cootah seemed to escort Aramynia to the
Chapel, where Lanfer's body lay in state, awaiting the funeral.  The elderly
servant stopped at entrance to the Chapel as Aramynia entered and closed the
doors behind her.  

It seemed like hours passed as Cootah guarded the closed door to the Chapel.
Aramynia exited, the cloak draped over her arm.  Squires and Knights alike
got a new glimpse of her new look.  Her hair was short cropped, cut like a
male knight's would have been.  On her left hand, she seemed to be missing
something, but she kept the hand well hidden.  She nodded to Cootah.  "It is
finished," were the only words said as she walked back to her office and
closed the door.  

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Sun Apr 15 17:57:19 2007
Subject     Lanfer's Funeral Part 1

* Aramynia kneels quietly in the center of the Chapel, her head bowed in
deep prayer.  She has completly changed her clothing, this time wearing the
snow white robes of a cleric of Paladine.  Those robes edged with crimson
and gold.  *

* Jahrun walks into the chapel, his armor covered with the robes of a cleric
of Habbakuk, deep blue edged in white.  Jahrun's head is held down, in
respect for Lady Aramynia's time of grief.  *

* Aramynia hears the steps behind her and slowly raises her head.  Her hands
hold an old cloak embroidered with roses and Solamnic glyphs.  She turns her
head and nods to Jahrun.  "It is time?"  *

* Jahrun nods, "Yes Lady Aramynia, it is time."  Jahrun turns around,
leading her out.  *

* Aramynia stands and flips the cloak around her shoulders.  She quickly
pulls the cloak around her and follows Jahrun from the Chapel.  *

* Aramynia As she steps from the Chapel, she sees the honor guard of
Solamnic Knights.  Aramynia nods to them.  "Are you ready to escort one of
our own on his journey?"  *

* Jahrun pauses as Lady Aramynia talks with the Honor Guard, his head still
head down, and silent.  *

* Aramynia nods and starts toward where the casket lay in state, her body
still completely wrapped in the old cloak.  *

* Jahrun moves into position at the bottom of the casket, waiting for the
Honor Guard to life it, his lips moving silently in a prayer for the fallen
warrior.  *

* Aramynia walks to the head of the casket and turns, looking into the open
lid.  She takes a deep breath and kneels slowly in front of it.  *

* The Honor Guard marches in step toward the casket, lining up on either
side.  They pause and stand at attention.  *

* Jahrun continues with his head down, praying to the Triumvirat.  *

* Aramynia stands up, her left hand momentarily showing.  She quickly pulls
the hand back under the cloak and turns to the assembled Knights.  *

* Jahrun notes her left hand as he prays, letting it slide as now is not the
time.  *

You IC in Common 'To know one's self, often times someone has to spend time
with themself.  It is the same to get to know someone else.  You must see
exactly how they lived and what they once were.  ' 

You IC in Common 'Lord Lanfer Di' Tearnian started his warrior career as a
follower of the Dark Queen, taking the life of strict followers of the
Triumvriate.  With thanks to GrandMaster Tillov Di'Tiearnian, Lanfer was
persuaded to' turn his back on his former diety and made the decision to
turn toward following Paladine.  '

* Railen appears at the back of the assembly, His face full of grief.  He
simply stands there at the back, looking foward at Aramynia.  *

* Aramynia turns and looks toward Lord Railen, then toward Cleric Jahrun *

* Jahrun keeps his head bowed, though his eyes steel themselves as Lady
Aramynia mentions the Dark Queen.  *

You IC in Common 'I first met Lanfer when I was a squire.  He, being a
knowledgable fighter, intrigued me so that I took it upon myself to seek him
out to learn.  He was kind to me and answered my question.  '

You IC in Common 'It was during that time that he was the target of an
assassin's arrow.  I was luckily able to heal his wound and, in essence,
returned him from death.  '

You IC in Common 'Our relationship grew to such a point where Lanfer and I
made it known to all around us that we were betrothed.  '

You IC in Common 'As well as being my betrothed, Lanfer was an honorable and
noble fighter and a kind teacher.  '

You IC in Common 'His past was filled with his following of the Dark Queen. 
Somehow, within the last bit of time, he was captured and murdered by the
agents of the Dark Queen.  '

* Aramynia turns to Jahrun and nods.  "It is time for him to join Paladine."
* You IC in Common 'Return this man to Huma's breast'

* Jahrun intones, "Let him be lost in sunlight, In the chorus of air where
breath is translated, At the sky's border receive him."  *

* Railen simply stands there silently.  *

* Aramynia raises her eyes toward the sky.  "Beyond the wild impartial
skies" *

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Sun Apr 15 18:02:03 2007
Subject     Lanfer's Funeral Part 2

* Jahrun intones, "Have you set your lodgings, In contonments of starts,
where the sword aspires, In an arc of yearning, where we join in singing." 

You IC in Common 'Grant to him a warriors rest'

* Jahrun intones, "Above our singing, above song itself, May the ages of
peace converge in a day, May he dwell in the heat of Paladine."  *

You IC in Common 'And set the last spark of his eyes '

* Jahrun intones, "In a fixed and holy place, Above words and the borrowed
land too loved, As we recount the ages."  *

You IC in Common 'Free from the smothering clouds of war'

* Jahrun intones, "As he once rose in infancy, The long world possible, and
bright before him, Lord HUma, deliver him."  *

* Aramynia draws a deep breath of air.  She closes her eyes.  "Upon the
torches of the stars " *

* Jahrun intones, "Was mapped the immaculate glory of childhood, From the
wronged and nestling country, Lord Huma, deliver him."  Jahrun looks up at
Lady Aramynia, his eyes soft.  *

* Aramynia eyes are still closes as a tear escapes her eyes.  "Let the last
surge of his breath" *

* Jahrun intones, "Perpetuate wine, the attar of flowers, From the vanguard
of love, the last to surrender, Lord Huma, deliver him."  Jahrun's
expression of mute silence, melts away.  *

You IC in Common 'The refuge in the cradling air'

* Jahrun intones, "From the heart of the sword descending, from the weight
of battle on battle, Lord Huma deliver him."  *

You IC in Common 'Above the dreams of ravens where '

* Jahrun intones, "The dreams first tried a rest beyond changing, From the
yearning for war and the war's ending, Lord Huma, deliver him."  *

You IC in Common 'Only the hawk remembers death '

* Jahrun intones, "IN a late country; from the dusk, From teh fade of the
senses, we are thankful that you, Lord Huma, deliver him."  *

You IC in Common 'then let his shade to Huma raise '

* Jahrun intones, "Out of the body of death, of the huck unraveling, from
the lodging of mind upon nothing, we are thankful that you, Lord Huma,
deliver him."  *

You IC in Common 'Beyond the wild impartial skies'

* Jahrun intones, "Have you set your lodgings, in cantonments of stars,
where the sword aspires, in an arc of yearning, where we join in singing." 

You IC in Common 'Return this man to Huma's breast Beyond the wild impartial
Skies Grant to him a warriors rest And set the last spark of his eyes Free
from the smothering clouds of war Upon the torches of the stars Let the last
surge of his breath'

You IC in Common 'the refuge in the cradling air Above the dreams of ravens
where only the hawk remembers death then let his shade to Huma raise Beyond
the wild impartial skies'

* Aramynia turns to the Honor Guard.  "Will the honor guard please return
Lord Lanfer Di'Tieranan to the ground?"  *

* The Honor Guard salute Lady Aramynia, turn to the casket and slowly raise
it upon their shoulders.  *

* Railen starts to move forward now, Moving toward the front.  He stops
beside to Aramynia, and bows his head.  *

* Jahrun keeps to his position in the rear, his head going back down to pray
for the fallen Knights soul.  *

* Aramynia closes her eyes, breathing deeply.  She slowly opens her eyes and
looks at Railen, trying not to show the torment of emotion bottled up inside
her.  She slowly follows the Honor Guard to the open ground and watches.  *

* Railen follows Aramynia and the Honor guard, a single tear falling down
his right cheek.  *

* Reaching the open grave, the Honor Guard pause a moment before carefully
lowering Lanfer Di'Tiearnian's body into its final resting place.  *

* Jahrun heads to the front as the reach the grave, standing to the side of
Aramynia, Railen being on the opposite.  *

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Sun Apr 15 18:04:37 2007
Subject     Lanfer's Funeral Part 3

* Aramynia sinks to her knees as the casket into the grave.  She sobs
uncontrollably, her left hand, minus a finger, rests on the ground.  *

* A hollow 'thud' is heard as it reaches the bottom.  The Honor Guard stand
stiffly at attention beside the grave, showing no emotion...  But an intense
respect is obvious.  *

* Jahrun puts a comforting hand on Aramynia's shoulder, squeezing
reassuringly, his own eyes on the verge of tears, as he sees in that casket,
his own fate.  *

* Railen drops to a knee and wraps his arms around Aramynia.  "Its okay
Aram..  Let it out."  He whispers to her.  *

* Railen smooths her hair gently and stands.  "Jahrun..  Take care of Aram..
I'll finish things here."  He says quietly, fighting back tears.  *

* Jahrun nods, "Yes Sir."  Jahrun, swings around, offering his other hand
for Lady Aramynia to grasp.  *

* Aramynia seems to hear nothing, only seeing the open grave that holds the
body of her beloved.  *

* Jahrun notes her state, and gently crouches down, beside her, taking her
hands in his own, and standing, gently coaxing her to stand.  *

* Aramynia allows Jahrun to help her to her feet, her head still bowed
deeply.  *

* Jahrun puts his arm around her, turning her and leading her towards the
Keep, his own head bowed.  *

* Railen removes his cloak and sword and lays them down, before grabbing a
shovel to start filling the grave.  He pushes the shovel into the dirt that
lay there and gently tosses it into the grave.  *

* Aramynia hears the thunk of the dirt landing as she allows Jahrun to
escort her back into the Keep *

* Relaxing a bit as Jahrun and Aramynia depart, the Honor Guard glance at
each other before reaching for nearby shovels to assist Railen fill the
grave.  *

* Railen slowly preceeds to toss shovel after shovel of dirt into the grave.
He glances at the honor guard and gives a thankful nod, before tossing
another shovelfull of dirt into the grave.  *

* Jahrun enters the keep with Lady Aramynia, his head bowed, deep in
thought, but his heart goes out for Lady Aramynia and her lose, he gently
brings her to the common room, and to a place where she can sit.  *

* Railen shoves his shovel into the ground and looks down at the grave.  He
sinks to his knees and bows his head, tears openly streaming down his face. 
"I'll nuss you my friend.."  He says as he touches the top of the grave. 
"Sleep Well."  *

* Railen stands and thanks the honor guard, before grabbing his cloak and
sword and walking inside.  *

* The Honor Guard mill about the grave for a few moments, before saluting
Lanfer one final time.  They slowly disperse to the barracks.  * 

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Wed Apr 18 01:54:57 2007
Subject     After the funeral

Images running through her head, and all she could do was sleep it off. 
She should have tasted that strange sweetness in the water that Railen had
brought her.  She tossed and turned in her forced sleep, unable to reach out
to the dreams that haunted her.  Her love, the man who trained her in the
ways of the sword, seemed to reach out to her, yet she could not grasp the
hand he held out to her.  Then, behind him was the shadow that haunted his

Then, the pain seemed to ebb from her heart.  The loss that she felt so
deeply.  No longer would she have to worry about when and where he would
return to her.  Now, she could see him daily, at least where his lifeless
body was buried.  

The daylight was now starting to peek through her eyelids and she slowly
woke up.  And there they were, both Sir Jahrun and Lord Railen.  Both former
followers of Takhisis, both now Knights of Solamnia.  

What followed was hard to believe.  The talking, the blame that one of the
knights placed upon himself for a deed done in the past.  And she forgave
him for what he had done.  Yet he still tried to end his suffering.  What a
noble thing for him to try.  Then, there was sheer pain once again, the pain
that she had not felt since the assassin's arrow had pierced the heart of
her beloved.  And once again, she denied the Abyss it's victim.  

The bloody sword in her grasp, she had no clue how she got to the small
stables near the outskirts of Palanthas.  She didn't even feel any problems
as she swung upon her painted stallion and kneed him to the gate and beyond.

Hours later, she fell to the ground, pushing the swords away from her.  She
landed hard, laying on the ground.  She opened her eyes, seeing the feather
still grasped in her hand.  

Looking around, she spied a deep cave.  With what little strength she had,
she stumbled to her feet and into the cave, collapsing in a heap.  The
painted stallion walked cautiously behind her, protecting her.  With the
feather grasped tightly in her hand and her "friend" watching over her, she
fell into a fitful sleep full of demons and dreams that she could not stop. 

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Tue May  8 22:58:10 2007
Subject     Remembrance and knowledge

It seemed empty.  The walls seemed cold and unfeeling, yet they were
home.  At least, that was my plan.  I had followed him here, and now, with
Cootah's help, I planned on making this my home.  The only problem was that
everywhere I looked, I saw things that reminded me of what I had lost.  A
cloak dropped on the floor, a boot discarded in the corner.  Tears seemed to
fill my eyes, but I kept blinking them back, hiding the anguish and pain
that I felt.  Even Cootah knew that I was on the brink of breaking down.  He
stayed nearby, ready to lend his shoulder if I needed it.  

I had looked at New Thalos as I walked through it on my way here.  I could
see the streets where I had patroled, under his command.  I saw the street
where I had proved that I was a fighter and not just a pretty face and a
novelty for the Solamnics.  He had known what I was capable of.  

I glanced down, looking at the healing scars on my arms.  They were self
inflicted, causing as much pain as my heart had felt when he was lowered
into the ground.  Unconsciously, my hand rested on my chest above my heart. 
There was still a great empty hole where I could feel him gone.  

Would he recognize me now?  I had shorn my once long hair off, now keeping
it cropped just above my shirt collar.  I spoke little to many people around
me, with the exception to Cootah.  Right now, he was all that I had to
connect me to the one I had lost.  

I kneeled down and picked up the cloak, remembering the gift that he had
given to me.  It hung in a cabinet in his former rooms.  It had once been
his brothers, but he had given it to me.  I was not ready to wear it yet. 
Not yet, but soon.  

Dropping to my knees, I let all the anguish out, the tears flowing down my
cheeks.  Cootah heard me and came to my side, his arms wrapping around me. 
"It's okay.  Let it out.  He would not want you to hold it in," the man
said, his own tears flowing.  Together, we sat and remembered the man who
had lived here.  

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Sat May 19 15:37:52 2007
Subject     Return to Palanthas

She slowly rode out of New Thalos, her direction pointed toward
Palanthas.  She saluted the Knights who walked by on her way.  Around her
shoulders, she wore the cloak that her beloved had given her.  

Later that day, she entered Palanthas, taking her stallion to the stables
near the western gates.  There she left him, walking through the fair city
with her hand on the sword she wore at her waist.  She nodded to other
members of the knighthood as she walked toward the Solamnic Keep.  She held
her head high, but there was a bit of sadness in how she carried herself.  

She entered the Solamnic Keep, looking around for other members of the
Knighthood.  Seeing no one, she moved to her quarters and divested herself
of the Sword-embossed armor.  

Throwing the cloak back around her shoulders, she made her way out of the
Keep and into Palanthas.  She sat quietly at the fountain in the center of
the city, where she was approached by a man wishing to become a knight.  

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Tue May 29 23:45:26 2007
Subject     Trial of Jahrun - Part 1

* Aramynia sits quietly at the Center of the table.  She looks around her
at the people joining her.  She sighs and nods to a guard at the door. 
"Bring Sir Jahrun to us.  It is time."  *

* Glenn clears his throat and cracks his neck, placing one gauntleted hand
over the other while glancing over the papers laid out before him.  *

* Rhuel looks at the paper and the other two keeping quiet as he awaits this
to begin.  *

* Jahrun is brought in before Aramynia, his head held low as he walks, not
wanting to look Armynia.  Jahrun's chain's rattle as he steps, a pair around
his ankles, and another around his wrists.  *

* Leonius quietly enters the courtroom, having just returned from some
personal buisiness.  *

* Aramynia watches as Jahrun is led forward.  She shakes her head, then
stands up.  "Sir Jahrun, you have been arrested for YOUR belief that you
were the cause of Lord Lanfer Di'Tiearnan's death at the hands of agents of
Takhisis."  * Aramynia ICs in Common 'This Council has been called to assess
your guilt or innocence.  What do you have to say for yourself?  '

* Leonius takes a seat near the rear, and listens intently to the
proceedings.  *

* Rhuel watches Jahrun as Aramynia reads the charges.  Slowly he watches the
man as he awaits his answer.  *

* Aramynia takes her seat.  She looks to her left and right.  "Gentlemen, do
you have questions for Sir Jahrun?"  *

* Leonius rises from his seat and speaks, "Pardon me for inquiring, but I
have not heard the tale of these events.  What exactly happened?"  *

* Glenn eyes Jahrun closely, studying his features and attempting to form an
opinion of the man's charges.  *

* Aramynia nods at Leonius.  "Sir Jahrun believes that he is the cause of
Lord Lanfer Di'Tiearnan's death.  He, like other members of our Orders, once
followed the dark path before the Triumvriate changed his ways."  *

Leonius ICs in Common 'With respect to the Grand Mistress, I would like to
hear it from his lips.  ' 

* Aramynia nods again.  She looks directly at Jahrun.  "You have been
questioned by Sir Leonius."  *

* Rhuel watch's as the question go back and forth waiting for the full story
to come forth* 

* Jahrun says softly, "As the Grand Mistress has stated, I was a follower of
the Dark Queen, I was on assignment to find Sir Lanfer, when I was found out
by the local authorities, I don't know how the found out, but that is a moot
point."  *

Leonius ICs in Common 'So you searched for Sir Lanfer, and were set upon by
Knights of Takhisis?  Or discovered by them and tailed?  '

* Jahrun continues, "I penned my last missive to the Knights, detailing what
I had found out about Sir Lanfer, and also letting them know that I had been
found out, it detailed Sir Lanfear's whereabouts."  *

* Jahrun answers Leonius' other question, "I served the Knights of Takhisis,
as a knight in their order."  *

Leonius ICs in Common 'If I'm understanding your testimony correctly, your
telling me you assisted the Knights of Takhisis against a fellow Solamnic? 
Please correct me if I'm wrong.  '

* Rhuel watches and slowly shakes his head as he hears the story unfold.  *

* Glenn remains quiet, listening to the testimony.  *

Jahrun ICs in Common 'I am saying, that before I became a Knight of
Solamnia, I served the Knights of Takhis, and I assisted them in killing a
now fellow, Solamnic Knight.  '

Leonius ICs in Common 'But your a Knight of the Sword, and Sir Lanfer died
only recently...  '

* Rhuel slowly thinks before he spoke.  " Since you have joined the order
have you personal attacked or killed any of are order?"  He softly trying to
understand the meaning of the trail.  *

* Leonius glares at Rhuel and speaks curtly, "Would you mind letting him
respond to my line of questioning before interrupting?  *

Jahrun ICs in Common 'Evidently thats how long it took for my last missive
to get to them."  Answering Rhuel's question he says, "No, I haven't, none
save myself have a attacked or," Jahrun smils abit bitterly, "...  Tried to
kill."  ' 

* Leonius continues on, heedless of the interruption, "Then I fail to see
why we are here.  You have already repented for your deeds as a Knight of
Takhisis and been forgiven for them, else you would never be with us."  *

Leonius ICs in Common 'The damage had been done when you sent the missive,
just because it was used against an ally later doesn't change the fact that
the Triumvirate has already forgiven your past misdeeds.  '

* Aramynia stands up.  "Gentlemen, if I may?"  *

* Glenn nods quietly.  *

* Aramynia looks to the knights in the room.  *

* Rhuel nods*

Leonius ICs in Common 'If you wouldn't mind Grand Mistress, I am nearing the
end of my line of questioning.  Give me but a moment.  '

* Aramynia nods.  "So be it Sir Leonius."  She returns to her seat.  *

* Jahrun looks up at Leonius, his grey eyes empty and haunted, "Wether I
have been forgiven or not, I still commited the deeds, and I must be
punished for it."  *

Leonius ICs in Common 'If you must be punished for anything, it must be for
something you have done as a member of our Knighthood.  The only crime I
have heard you admit to, by your own testimony, was trying to kill a Knight
of Solamnia.  '

* Leonius crosses his arms with a cocky grin, "Yourself of course."  *

* Leonius sits down.  *

* Aramynia returns to her feet.  She looks at Jahrun.  "Have you anything to
say, Sir Jahrun?"  *

* Glenn glances to Sir Jahrun expectantly.  *

* Jahrun says quietly, "Aside from the fact that I am guilty, no, though I
implore the people here to recognize that I am guilty, Sir Lanfer's blood is
on my hands, as surely as if I had killed him."  * 

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Tue May 29 23:52:13 2007
Subject     Trial of Jahrun - Part 2

* Aramynia walks quietly around the table, standing at the side of it. 
She looks at the knights, then clears her throat.  *

* Leonius snarls in frustration, but waits to see what his peers have to
say.  *

* Glenn awaits Aramynia.  *

You IC in Common 'It is no hidden fact that Lanfer and I were to be married.
It is no fact that there are two knights who were once loyal to the dark
queen.  '

* Leonius spits on the floor at the mention of Dark Majesty.  *

* Jahrun listens quietly.  *

You IC in Common 'However, the fact remains that the Triumvriate accepted
the three knights within their ranks.  Their PAST sins against followers of
the Triumvriate have been forgiven by the Gods themselves.  '

You IC in Common 'And it has been established that I have personally
forgiven everything that happened to my beloved.  What happened in the life
before the Triumvriate is done...  What happens now...  That is what
matters.  '

* Aramynia turns and exits the room.  *

* Rhuel waits but a moment looking at Jahrun and follow afther Aramynia *

* Glenn stands and takes one last look at Jahrun before exiting.  *

* Leonius strides out of the room with a determined look on his face.  *

* Jahrun still stands there, his gaze on the ground now.  *

* Aramynia return to the court, her head bowed.  She waits until the other
knights return to their places.  *

* Leonius walks in with a small scowl on his face.  *

* Rhuel slowly follows his head down as well as he takes his place at the
table *

* Jahrun is still standing there, not even looking up as people come in.  *

* Aramynia turns to face Jahrun, her face impassive.  "Sir Leonius will you
stand at your station?"  *

* Glenn enters the chamber and stands behind his seat.  *

* Leonius walks down from the seating area to stand next to Jahrun.  He
grasps Jahrun gently but firmly with a disappointed look clear on his face. 

You IC in Common 'You have been found both guilty and not guilty of your
actions.  '

You IC in Common 'In the manner of the death of Knight of the Sword Lord
Lanfer Di'Tiearnan, the Council deems you not guilty.  '

You IC in Common 'In the matter of the attempted harm and murder of a Knight
of Solamnia, this being the attempted suicide of one Sir Jahrun...  The
council finds you Guilty.  '

* Jahrun nods to the telling of the verdict, waiting for the punishment.  *

You IC in Common 'You are hereby remanded to service in 4 areas.  First off,
you will spend 3 days fasting under guard at the grave of Lord Lanfer
Di'Tiearnan where you can atone to what you believe is your sin.  '

You IC in Common 'Following the 3 days, you will spend 1 month in each
temple of the Triumvriate where you will hold NO rank, nor have privledges. 
You will work side by side with the Clerics in the duties they they deem
fitting.  '

* Aramynia nods at Leonius.  "Remove him for his punishment, if you will Sir
Leonius."  *

* Glenn listens quietly to the verdict that had been decided upon and nods
in agreement.  *

* Rhuel nods as well as he watches then *

Leonius ICs in Common 'Before I do, I would like it to be noted by the court
that I beleive the punishment could've been more severe, including manual
labor with other convicts to show him how paltry his crime is by comparison.

You IC in Common 'Your words have been noted by the Council.  '

* Aramynia nods at Leonius *

Jahrun lets himself be led out of the room by Leonius.  *

* Leonius leads Jahrun towards the door and whispers to him, 'You compound
the tragedy of a noble Knight's death by attempting to throw away Paladine's
most precious gift to us.  I hope this teaches you to wise up.  ' *

* Aramynia watches with a sigh as Jahrun is led away.  She nods the the
Council.  "My thanks to you all."  She stands and heads toward her office. 

* Aramynia "The End" * 

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Tue Jun  5 02:02:40 2007
Subject     Decisions made Part 1

The sun set boldly on the day, bringing with it the sounds of the night
life.  The sounds of booted feet on cobblestones and the nightly sounds of
creatures filled the air.  In Palanthas, this was no different.  In a bit of
contrast, torches were lit in Palanthas, creating an aura of daylight to
those who would travel at night.  Around the city, there were lights shining
out from windows as people continued their business by candle and fire

The Solamnic Keep was no difference.  The guards from the day were relieved
by guards who kept their watch at night.  Evening training and activities
were beginning to wind down.  The lull of conversation lingered in the
hallways as people wandered to their quarters for sleep.  Soon the noise was
greatly diminished and many of the lights from the fires were put out.  All
but one small light.  A single fire lit up the window and placed a shadow
behind a Knight as she stood her personal vigil.  

She stood at the window, looking out into the night, her mind filled with
turmoil of the number of events that had occurred since she had taken the
mantle of Grand Master upon her young shoulders.  Her green eyed gaze
flickered to the ground where the grass was beginning to return and cover
the grave of her beloved as it lay shrouded in the darkness that surrounded
the Keep.  She sighed deeply, thinking to herself that he had always thought
her something more that what was seen by others.  He had known that she was
destined for something, but had not known what it was.  

She turned and looked at the latest missive from the man who had under taken
her training when she had lost her beloved Lanfer.  The trainer was a
warrior cleric at the Temple of Kiri Jolith, and a friend to her in times of
trouble and training.  

She picked up the parchment and read it, her legs carrying her as she paced
within the confines of her office.  'Jahrun's time in the temple progresses,
' she thought to herself.  'He will return soon to continue the path that
Habbakuk has laid out for him.  ' She laid the parchment back down on her
desk and returned to the window, allowing her thoughts to wander to her
current squire.  'Squire Khanon seems to be showing promise.  Will he be the
next one I am going to knight?  He seems like a good candidate for
knighthood, ' she thought, looking back into her memories of the squires she
had taken since becoming a Knight of Solamnia.  Of those squires, all but
this newest one had successfully become knights, all of them rising in rank
to become Patron Knights themselves.  

With a sigh, she shifted, glancing toward one darkened corner of the room. 
A flash of silver filled her eyes.  She turned.  Her armor stood alone, a
solemn guard on duty.  She slowly walked toward the armor on its stand.  Her
left hand caressed the armor of its own accord, feeling the minor details
that her beloved had made sure were included in the specially crafted armor.
Again she let out an audible sigh as she returned to the window.  

Her gaze traveled this time to the skies, seeking out the solace of the
stars that proclaimed her God's place in the heavens above.  And there the
constellation was shining down and filling her with a comforting peace.  She
smiled a bit; remembering the first time she had prayed to that very set of
stars, a mere child wanting to be like her parents; a child with everything
to learn and with no worries and cares.  

Her feet seemed to travel of their own volition, taking her back to her
armor.  Her hands and movements were automatic as she strapped the armor on.
Then her feet set out again, snapping an automatic salute to the Knights who
stood at vigil outside her office door.  She walked as though driven through
the city of Palanthas, to a small out of the way stable near the western
gates.  Into the stable she went, to the single used stall in the complex. 
She opened the door and entered the stall.  

The stall's occupant snorted as its slumber was interrupted, but did nothing
more.  She automatically placed the rope halter on the horse's head and led
him from the stall.  Her hands and body once more moved of their own accord
as she saddled the painted stallion and led him to the gates.  The guards
there were stunned by the midnight visit by their leader, but saluted her
smartly.  She nodded at them, handing one of them a penned note.  The guard
opened the note, read it, and then nodded at her.  "You will return soon,
Grand Master?"  He asked, a note of concern in his voice.  She nodded.  "I
will return.  Take that note to Lord Railen."  The guard nodded, and headed
toward the Solamnic Keep.  The second guard made a motion, but kept his
quiet.  Aramynia nodded to him, mounting her stallion and heading out the
gates and into the darkness.  

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Tue Jun  5 02:08:52 2007
Subject     Decisions Part 2

The sun had begun to rise on the dawn of the second day.  A solitary pair
traveled at a canter that seemed to eat the very ground they moved over.  

The stallion cantered at his present pace, the rider on his back riding with
ease.  The earlier day had passed, followed by the night, followed by
another sunrise.  The rider's destination was in her sight.  The stone home
stood before her, its iron gates closed.  

The rider pulled the stallion to a stop at the gates.  The horse pranced and
pawed at the ground a bit, but obeyed as the rider slid to the ground.  A
guard at the gates looked at the rider, a bit startled by the early morning
visitor.  "I wish to speak with the master of this house," the rider said. 
The guard hesitated for a moment, but sent for the man who owned the house. 

A bit of time passed before any results to her request were seen.  The owner
of the house approached the gate with caution.  Seeing the man, the rider
removed her helm, to reveal Aramynia.  The man smiled and walked toward her
with less abandon.  "My nephew's daughter, you have returned.  ' He flung
open the gate.  "Please enter.  My house is your house."  

Aramynia walked in, her stallion's reins in her hand.  "I have come to see
the archives in the library, Uncle."  The man nodded, his face starting to
show a frown.  "The library is a mess.  I don't think that anyone has
cleaned it in many days."  Aramynia turned on him, her face a stone gaze. 
"What I seek is something that probably has not been touched in 4

She brushed past him, dropping her stallion's reins to the ground.  The man
glanced at the anxious and pawing stallion, then back to his niece, then to
the stallion again.  Swallowing hard, he turned and took off after the
retreating back of his niece as she entered the house.  

He caught up with her as she opened the well worn door of the library.  He
placed his hand on her shoulder.  "What do you hope to find with this
search?"  He said, his eyes turning hard and angry.  

Aramynia shrugged her shoulder, her movement causing her uncle's hand to
slide off the armor.  "What I seek is my business.  Now if you will step
back, I must finish my business and return to my post back in Palanthas,"
she replied in a calm and casual voice.  

Her uncle snarled his nose, showing his distaste.  "And what post do you
have?  You are nothing but a female cleric.  And a heathen at that.  Those
Knights lead you on and trick you into ignoring your true path."  

Aramynia turned to him, her armor catching the light from the windows nearby
and revealing the etched markings on it.  "For your information, Uncle, I
have achieved what my father sought to achieve and have been knighted for my
work.  And you may address my by my proper title, Grand Master.  This rank
is not just a mere female cleric, but something you have never strived to
have any knowledge of.  It entails something called honor and integrity,"
she said, turning and entering the library, closing and locking the door
behind her.  Her uncle merely stood there, looking at the locked door, his
face a mass of confusion.  

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Tue Jun  5 02:14:22 2007
Subject     Decision part 3

She looked through the archives for hours, searching for something from 4
generations ago that would show her an answer to her questions.  She yawned
and pushed her chair back.  Soon she was nodding in a light sleep, her hand
curled around her sword's hilt.  

She woke with a start, pulling the sword partially from its scabbard as a
light knock sounded on the door.  She stood, her sword partially drawn in
her hand and went to the door.  She unlocked the door, opening it slightly
as she peered outside.  Her uncle's wife stood at the door, a tray of food
in her hands.  Aramynia nodded and stepped back, allowing the woman to enter
the library.  

The woman turned to her and, for a brief moment, showed an unmasked look of
awe, surprise and happiness.  Aramynia keep her gaze neutral as the woman
set down the food tray.  The woman bowed deeply, motioning to the tray with
a strange gesture.  "My husband had the cook prepared you some food.  My
husband felt that you would be hungry," she said, shaking her head slightly.
Aramynia nodded.  "My thanks to your cook and to your husband.  I will
return the tray when I leave the library," Aramynia replied, nodding in
acknowledgement of the gesture.  

The woman left, leaving Aramynia alone in the library.  She locked the door
behind the woman and turned to the food tray.  'I wonder what that was all
about, ' she thought, picking up a piece of meat.  She spotted a rodent on
the floor and threw the morsel of food toward the critter.  The rodent
picked up the food and ate it quickly as Aramynia watched.  After a while,
the rodent started gagging and collapsed to the floor.  She went to the
creature, checked it, and shook her head.  'So that was what the warning was
about, ' she thought, dumping the tray onto the floor.  She lit a candle and
set the mess on fire, burning the remains of the food.  

Hours passed, but still Aramynia found nothing about what she looked for. 
Her search seemed to be over.  She stood up and walked to the windows,
looking outside.  The sun was starting to set over the hills to the south. 
Then something suspicious caught her eyes.  Her uncle was in deep
conversation with an older man.  The older man seemed to be arguing with her

These actions seeming strange to her, she picked up her helm and left the
library, closing the door behind her.  She hurried out the side doors and
stood in the shadows of the house.  She pulled her traveling cloak close
around her, hiding any hint of armor that would give away her hiding place. 

Her uncle seemed to be herding an older man to a small building near the
edge of the compound walls.  Aramynia smiled, watching the small building. 
Her uncle walked out of the building, slamming the door.  "You stay in
there," he snarled in anger.  "I don't even want her to talk to you.  You
are nothing but a dishonor to this house," he said, stomping toward the main
house.  She turned back, smiling.  'So, he does not want me to speak with
this man.  ' 

She watched as her uncle went back into the house and she quietly made her
way to the building.  She stopped by the door and quietly knocked.  The man
opened the door a bit, looking out with aged eyes.  He spotted her and
opened the door.  "Enter quickly," he said in a raspy voice.  She entered
her helm in her arm.  He shut the door and shuffled to a seat near a fire. 
"You have the look of him," he said with a sigh.  "You are the spitting
image of your father, my girl."  She nodded.  "Thus I have been told," she
replied in a cautious voice.  

The man stood and measured her with a glance.  "But do you know how to
handle yourself," he said, launching himself at her with his crutch.  She
drew her sword with practiced ease, using the flat of the blade against the
man's crutch.  

After a bit, the man slowed and eased himself to his seat, his breathing
coming in ragged gasps.  "It has been many many years since someone battled
me with skills.  I am Deltir.  I was your father's sword trainer.  Tell me,
does he still fight?"  The old man asked with hope in his voice.  Aramynia
sheathed her sword, lowering herself to one knee in front of the man.  "I'm
sorry sir, but my father was killed when I was very young.  He stands watch
with my mother at Paladine's side."  The man nodded a tear in his eyes. 
"Your father was an honorable man.  Did he make knight?"  

Aramynia shook her head and told the man what had happened to her father
after his departure from the house many years before.  The man listened with
great interest, sobbing when he heard of his pupil's fate.  

The man sat for a while, as though remembering things.  After a while he
stood, motioning for her to follow him.  Aramynia stood and followed the man
to a door in the floor of a corner of the building.  He pointed to it. 
"There are things below that door that will interest you.  You should
explore it," he said, looking out the small window.  "I will care for your
mount and take care of him until your return."  Aramynia nodded and opened
the door.  She took a torch from the man and made her descent into the
corridor below.  

The darkness surrounded her, bearing down on her like a heavy weight.  She
drew her sword and walked into the darkness.  The man stood above, watching
her torch until the darkness overwhelmed it.  "Perhaps she is the one I have
waited for all these years," he said in a quiet voice.  

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Tue Jun  5 02:19:34 2007
Subject     Decision Part 4

She walked through the darkness until the torch light ended at a solid
door, her father's crest etched into it with crusted gold and silver.  She
pushed forcefully at the door, causing it to creak open.  She took a deep
breath and entered the room.  

The torchlight glinted off silver near her left side.  She turned toward the
glint, her sword at battle ready.  Armor stood on a stand, spider webs
covering it completely.  She looked once more, then continued deeper into
the room.  At the center of the room, a caudron stood, it's oily surface
blacker than the darkness around her.  

By some inner knowledge, she touched the torch to the oil.  It immediately
ignited, sending light to every corner of the room.  She turned, gasping as
she took in the sights of the room.  

Ten marble carved sarcophagus' stood at attention, their guard eternally
watching the oil basin.  Aramynia dropped to one knee, sending a prayer to
Paladine for the souls of the warriors in their crypt.  

She rose, looking at each of the caskets carefully.  Each of the were
engraved with the uth Lethlan family crest.  Making full circle of the room,
she found herself facing the door.  Beside the door was a marble plaque. 
She approached it and read the inscription.  

Hail thee eternal guard of thee Knights of Solamnia.  

To thee I stand beside ye, forever watching with solitude and honor, thy
sword in thy hand at ready for battle against thy foes and thine.  

Est Solarus Oth Mithas until thee returns to me and asks for my guidance and
help.  May we rest in eternal slumber and our children take our place.  

Lord Tristan uth Lethlan

She read the words, etching them into her brain.  She slowly turned to the
armor in the corner of the room.  Slowly, she walked to it, kneeling before
it.  "Est Solarus Oth Mithas, ancestor mine.  If only you could see what has
happened to your once noble family," she said, the words echoing in the

A cool breeze filled the room.  She stood, her hand going to her sword hilt.
She slowly turned around.  Behind her stood something shadowy in the corner
of the room.  We see and know that thee have done daughter of our sons.  Ye
have brought what was lost back to us.  Take gifts that we have left to thy
ancestors and use them as thee see fit.   She watched as the shadow floated
to each casket and then past her and out the door.  Each casket seemed to
open, then close on their own, something falling from each door.  She
approached the armor and wiped the webs from the breastplate.  It shone with
gold and silver brilliance.  She nodded.  "I will take your gifts and use
them with the honor that you left them with."  

Nine trips it took her to bring all the items to the door below the
building.  Her tenth trip was to a newer crypt.  The only thing that lay by
the casket was a leather bound journal.  She picked it up and sat near the
oil basis.  Opening the pages, she started to read.  

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Tue Jun  5 02:52:09 2007
Subject     Decision Part 5

Look who group The old man sat quietly in his chair in front of the fire,
wondering if she was going to return.  He turned, startled as the door in
the corner opened and she appeared, pulling things from the door.  She
returned down the door ten more times, until she had everything from the
door.  With a salute, she closed the door and knelt, sending a prayer to the
Triumvriate to protect the valuable under the door.  The door seemed to
shimmer and blend in with the corner.  She looked at the man and bowed
deeply to him.  "I have seen what was there and have made a vow to remember
the men down there."  

She walked out into the darkness, looking toward the main house.  Seeing no
lights on, she made her way to the stables, whistling softly.  Her stallion
walked out from a stall, his tack still on.  She looked in the other stalls
and haltered 4 of the horses there.  She quietly led them to the building
and piled the items from the crypt onto three of them.  On the fourth, she
placed a soft saddle.  

The man looked at her quizzically.  "What is that for?"  He asked.  She
turned to him.  "You will no longer stay here.  If you wish, I will take you
from this place and to somewhere you will be respected," she replied.  The
man looked at her and she watched as tears started falling down his cheeks. 
"I want to leave here more than anything."  

She assisted the man in mounting the horse, and walked toward the gates. 
She pushed the gates open and led the horses outside.  She mounted her own
stallion, leading the 3 pack horses and the horse carrying the old man away
from the house.  

Look who group The two days passed, but she made a more eastern approach,
heading toward New Thalos.  The third day passed and she entered New Thalos
with her baggage.  She continued through the city and outside the far gates
to a house.  There she quietly spoke the words that would cause the statues
to slide apart.  

"Cootah," she said, her voice echoing.  The servant exited a room near the
edge of the hall.  "Hello milady, welcome home."  Aramynia smiled at the
man.  "Cootah, I have someone I wish for you to take care of.  He was my
father's trainer.  He is the only person I have left that knew my father as
a child."  She motioned for the old man from the house to enter.  Cootah
stepped forward and motioned for the man to follow him.  "Come with me. 
This is your home now."  The men walked quietly toward the rear of the
house.  Aramynia smiled, knowing that Deltir was in good company.  

Quietly, she walked toward the entrance of the house.  She took the packs
from the horses and stored them in Lanfer's old bedroom.  That task done,
she put the horses in the stables and mounted her stallion.  She turned his
head towards Palanthas, riding back to her post.  

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Tue Jun  5 02:58:29 2007
Subject     Decisions Final part

Aramynia rode back into the gates of Palanthas.  The guards saluted her,
smiling.  She returned their salute, smiling back at them.  Yet she
continued on her way to the stable in the western part of Palanthas.  Once
there, she untacked her stallion and groomed him.  After finishing her
chores, she walked slowly through Palanthas looking at the sights.  She
stopped once, looking at the temple of Kiri Jolith and nodding.  'Yes, ' she
thought.  'Soon he would return from his punishment and would take his place
among the Knights of the Orders.  ' She smiled and turned towards the Keep. 

Her feet carried her to the doors.  She saluted the knights at guard and
entered, returning to her office and to the duties she had left behind her a
week ago.  

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Tue Jun  5 22:21:51 2007
Subject     Thoughts and Remembrances

Her boots clicking on the cobble stones of Palanthas, Aramynia, dressed
in her full armor, made her way back to the Solamnic Keep from the Temple of
Kiri Jolith.  She felt good, almost refreshed, after her work out with the
warrior cleric whom had taken over her training after the death of her
beloved Lanfer.  

She had seen Jahrun from afar, as he went about the menial tasks assigned to
him by the elders of the temple as a part of his punishment.  She had also
spoken with her trainer about him and his willingness to deal with the tasks
assigned to him.  She had asked a favor from her trainer; to see what he
knew in the arts of battle.  There was just something about him that she
could not pinpoint.  

She had a strange, yet comfortable relationship with her trainer.  There was
a respect from each of them to the other; he to her because of her nature
when it came to those who were former followers of the darkness; she to him
due to his willingness to step forward and assist her when Lanfer was

She shook her head as the gates of the Keep came into her view.  She slowed
her walk, watching the Knights on guard at the gates, to see their composure
as she approached them.  They catch her in their sights, snapping their
salutes with their hands only.  She nodded to them, stopping and pulling her
sword from the sheath on her hip.  She raised her sword, sweeping a low arch
in a formal salute.  The knights seemed to stand just a bit straighter and
followed her example, their formal salutes almost hasty in their arch.  She
smiled, sheathing her sword, and continued into the Keep.  

All around her, she saw and heard the work going on; from the training of
new recruits, to hearing the clash of steel from the training grounds.  All
the noise brought a smile to her face as she continued on her path.  

She opened her office door, closing it behind her.  A new squire assisted
her in the removal of her armor and reverently placed it on its stand in the
corner of her office.  

The strange journal lay on her desk, its leather cover still dust covered
from it's tenure in the crypt beneath her family home.  She opened it and,
sitting down in her chair, she began to read.  

I have been knighted, along side some rather shady characters.  My own young
half brother, which is only a year younger than I, still stands as a squire.
He blames me for his misfortune, saying that I am the reason that he has yet
to be knighted.  It bothers me that he has taken up with the shady knights. 
I fear that they will influence him into doing things that my bring dishonor
to the uth Lethlan family name.  

I have little time to think on this as I am being sent to New Thalos with
one of the other men as part of my first assignment.  I am to join the
guards of the fair city and watch for activity of the dark ones.  

I have spoken to my own Patron Knight about these beliefs and he agrees with
me.  He has told me that he will watch the activities of my brother and his
friends with interest.  I dearly hope that I am incorrect with my thoughts. 

Sir Wilham uth Lethlan, Knight of the Crown

She re-read the first entry closely, closing the book after her second read
through.  She stood up, looking out the window at the grave of her beloved. 
'What secrets did the man know about his brother that bothered him?  ' she

Shaking her head, she returned to her desk, picking up a note from her
trainer at the Temple of Kiri Jolith.  She skimmed the cramped handwriting
until a specific passage caught her eyes.  

The man known as Jahrun, being sent to us not of his will but as part of a
punishment, works the tasks set before him without complaint.  He neither
shirks the duties of work nor shirks the revered tasks of prayer, although
it is clear that he worships our God's brother, Habbakuk.  His time is
nearly over and we bless his courage to deal with the sins that he has
spoken to us about.  He truly feels that he has done wrong in his past
service to Takhisis.  This being said and this being the facts, he is the
Phoenix of Habbakuk and thus, anything that happened before his life as the
Chosen of Habbakuk should be absolved by both the Knightly Council and

She shook her head, laying the note back down.  'If only Jahrun would see
this for himself.  He may have very well been the cause of Lanfer's death,
but that occurred before Habbakuk tapped him as what he now is," she said,
her eyes traveling to the window.  She walked to the window and looked down
to the ground below.  

'Lanfer's past was nothing but blood and fighting to please his God.  He
learned that the past was gone; that he could focus on what he had, ' she
thought, sitting down in her chair and leaning back, her arms crossed over
her chest.  'They are alike, Lanfer and Jahrun.  They both feel a sense of
pain for what they have done in their servitude to Takhisis.  ' She stood up
and walked to the armor stand in the corner.  Her armor stood its lonely
guard.  She looked at it deeply; remembering the first time Lanfer helped
her to wear it.  Her thoughts turned to the pain that she had felt when
Lanfer was shot in New Thalos; the time that she had healed him and pulled
him from the grips of death.  Those same thoughts changed slightly; her
pulling Jahrun from the grips of his death.  

She turned, her boots clicking on the office floor as she returned to her
desk.  She sat, taking a clean piece of parchment.  Quickly she penned a
note, followed by a second one.  She called out for two squires when she had
finished and sanded the notes.  The squires knocked and entered on her
command.  "Take this to the Elder of the Temple of Kiri Jolith.  Return with
his answer."  The first squire nodded.  She turned to the second squire. 
"Take this to the Temple of Paladine.  Return post haste."  The squire
nodded, and took off at a run.  Aramynia stood and closed the door left
open.  She again turned and looked at her armor.  A moment later, a cloak
swished around her shoulders and she headed toward the western stables.  She
tacked her stallion and headed through Palanthas to the eastern gates.  She
exited the city and headed towards New Thalos and things that she had left

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Tue Jun  5 22:28:16 2007
Subject     Waiting for an answer

She arrived at the small keep outside New Thalos as lunch was being
prepared.  She entered the foyer, the comfortable presence of the guardian
statues bringing her peace.  She called out to let the two men know of her
presence.  They both smiled as the exited their rooms.  Deltir bowed low to
Aramynia, his weathered face showing the gratitude and thanks that she had
freed him from his former life.  She nodded, taking him by the arm and
seating him in a chair.  She sat across from him.  "My father's trainer,
there are questions that I must pose to you."  The man nodded.  "What can I
answer for you?"  He asked his eyes full of curiosity.  

"Wilham uth Lethlan's brother, was he the starting of the downfall of the
honor of the uth Lethlan name?"  She asked bluntly.  The man nodded.  "You
have seen the journal that was hidden with the body," he said.  She nodded. 
"The brother was jealous that Wilham was knighted and vowed that he would
not allow Wilham to succeed.  He turned his heart and soul toward Takhisis
and followed her ways in silence, feeding secrets and plans to his contacts.
When Wilham found out the depth of the plans, he told the Knights.  They
discharged the younger brother.  It was he who planned Wilham's death and
finally slit the throat of the last uth Lethlan Solamnic Knight.  He too was
put to death, but not until he had corrupted Wilham's heir and turned his
sights toward money and away from the honor of Knighthood."  

Aramynia nodded.  "The journal mentions something about taking back the
honor and being the rightful heir to the lands and estates," she said, a bit
of question in her voice.  The man nodded.  "Wilham had a feeling that
someone would turn from money and return to the old ways, bringing honor
back to themselves and their future.  You, child of Trevathan, are that
someone.  You have returned the honor to the old ones.  They now can rest in
peace and know that, with you, the honor that was tarnished can stand the
test of time.  You and your issue," he said.  

Aramynia stood and started pacing.  Her eyes caught the armor she had
brought with her from the crypts.  She stopped her pacing, looking at it. 
The man followed her gaze.  "It belonged to Tristam uth Lethlan.  He died of
old age, being the right hand of the Grand Master.  He was a noble man,
bringing the honor that started it all."  She nodded.  The man smiled. 
"There is a bit of a curse to the armor and weapons, however," the man said.
She turned to him.  "Explain this curse," she said.  The man nodded.  

"Whomever wears the armor or handles the weapons must be a true Knight of
Solamnia.  Any who is not; well that is unknown as only true Knights of
Solamnia have worn that armor and handled those weapons."  She looked at the
armor, touching it gently, then her gaze traveled to the weapons.  "Then
those who are gifted with this armor and the weapons are true to their fate
and their god," she said, her voice quiet.  The man looked at her.  "I don't
understand, young one."  She shook her head.  "It's okay.  I know what must
be done."  She smiled as Cootah brought out the lunch he had prepared.  She
took the meal with them, listening to the conversation that floated around
her head.  

Her trip back to Palanthas was slow.  She rode her stallion, leading another
horse packed with brown cloth bags.  She entered Palanthas, riding her
stallion to the Keep.  She left the pack horse in the care of a stable lad,
explaining that the packs were to be taken to her office and left alone. 
She then returned her stallion to his stable, walking back to the Keep.  

This time the Knights on duty at the gate drew their swords and saluted her
with the grace that had earlier seemed forgotten.  She smiled and returned
their salute, walking through the doors and to her quarters.  The squires
she had sent on their errands stood in the hallway by her door, waiting for
her.  She took the verbal answers and nodded.  She entered her office and
closed the door, unpacking the cloth bags as she waited.  

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Sun Jun 10 11:24:00 2007
Subject     The Curse of uth Lethlan Armor

"If he believes that he is the cause, then something must be done to show
him that he is not," she thought, sitting at the desk in her office.  She
was just a bit nervous as a member of the knighthood would be tested to see
if he were, in fact, a true Solamnic knight.  

She was a bit nervous, just as she had been when Railen had taken the sword
off her desk, at her bidding, and used it.  Her mind drifted, thinking back
to that day and her anxiety, but it was all for nothing.  She had found the
sword in the tombs beneath the building at her family ancestrial home.  She
had been bidden to take it and use it, yet she did not use swords.  There
had been no harm to Railen when he picked up the weapon, for that she was

As she waited, she picked up the journal laying on her desk, opening it to
the next entry.  

My time in New Thalos has been uneventful.  Searching the city for persons
who follow dark gods has proven a small task, as I have found none.  I
continue to practice my skills when I am in training and when I am off duty.

There still seems to be something strange about a couple of the guys in New
Thalos.  They wear the armor of Solamnic Knights, but their actions remind
me of the shady characters that my younger step brother fell in with.  They
seem to pay lip service to the Triumvriate, yet their actions when on patrol
and outside the gazes of the Commander are not knightly.  I have a meeting
with my Patron in a week.  I plan on speaking with him about this and asking
for his guideance.  

On the other hand, I have met a beautiful young woman who has taken fancy to
me.  She is the baker's daughter and goes out of her way to make sure that
she is able to bring me food stuffs when I take patrol.  She has even gone
so far as to ask for me at the gates to the outpost.  She is pleasant
company and her father seems to have no qualms about allowing his daughter
and I to spend time together; in fact, he encourages it.  I can not wait to
spend time with her once I have completed my patrols this day.  I plan to
meet her at her father's shop and take her to a small spring I found the
other day.  

Sir Wilham uth Lethlan

Aramynia closed the journal and smiled.  'It seems like my own grandfather,
times removed, found love while a Solamnic.  I wonder if this were my
grandmother, ' she thought, replacing the book.  A missive caught her eyes. 
She picked it up to read it, but was interrupted by the sudden, noisy,
appearance of Jahrun.  He carried the plate mail armor that she had brought
back with her from her ancestorial home.  

She listened while Jahrun voiced his complaint about wearing armor during
his time of punishment, which she countered with a small point that, while
wearing this armor, he would not hold his rank, but would be training only. 
Inside she smiled, knowing that her fears had been squashed by his handling
of the armor.  There was nothing from the curse on his skin.  

She stood and crossed the room to him, assisting him in putting on the
ancient armor, all the while knowing that he was destined to follow the path
that Habbakuk had set before him, and that she had encouraged.  She stood,
wiping the expression from her face, asking him how he felt wearing the
armor.  He seemed a bit angry and hot tempered at having to wear the heavy
platemail instead of the normal chain mail that he was used to, but she
waved it off, again asking how he felt inside the armor.  His reply was a
bit cross, but she ignored it.  

Then she related the story of the armor and the curse that it held.  When
she was finished, she steeled herself for Jahrun's reaction.  He reacted as
she would have expected him to; anger and frustration at her trickery.  His
argument was valid; he could have been severely injured by the curse on the
armor.  Then she pointed out to him that he was unharmed; that the curse had
not touched him.  Yet still he fretted.  

Her own temper touched for the first time in many years, she rounded on him,
speaking to him as though he were a pampered child.  Then the realization
seemed to dawn on him.  He was not touched by the curse, yet stood before
her in the cursed uth Lethlan armor with not a scratch on him.  Inside she
smiled as he said the words that she had wanted to hear "I guess that'd make
me a True Solamnic."   The conversation with Jahrun ended with him clanking
angrily out of her office.  She let it go, knowing that his anger at her was
justified, but at the same time knowing that he was a True Solamnic Knight. 
She returned to her chair, and sitting down, pulled out the journal to read

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Fri Jul 13 01:03:06 2007
Subject     Decisions made on rumors

She sat quietly at her desk, reading the missives that she had been
handed.  After a while, she laid the pages down, her eyes going to the armor
in the corner of the room.  The lonely sentinal stood it's guard, watching
over her.  She stood from her seat, her eyes going to the window.  She
walked to it, looking out toward the horizon.  "Okay father.  Now what
should I do?"  She asked the night sky.  Not a sound came to her ears, but
she still looked out.  

Nodding her head, she turned and went to the door.  Opening it, she nodded
to the knights standing watch.  "Send me a squire and the page from the
city.  It's time that I find some answers."  The knights nod and salute,
going in different directions to carry out her orders.  She closed the door
and walked back to her desk.  Once there, she pulled a clean sheet of paper
from a drawer.  Sitting down, she started writing.  

When the page arrived, she handed him the paper.  He nodded and exited the

She stood back up and walked to the armor, looking at it.  The squire
knocked quietly.  She motioned for him to enter.  As he did, she looked at
him.  "Gather some armor.  You will need it if what happens is what I'm
thinking may."  

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Sat Jul 28 18:24:27 2007
Subject     Stone walls

They stood before her on all sides, their sturdy shape giving comfort to
some, but to others, it gave a sense of being closed up.  She knew that they
were needed, that they were necessary for what was coming, but it still gave
her little comfort knowing that these grey stones were protection for one
who was used to being free on the plains of her ancestors.  But still, she
remained, having been asked by her beloved to do just that.  

She saw the workmen coming to put more work into making the stones more
fortified and she quickly turned and walked back the way she came.  Through
the hallways of the Keep that she had grown to know well, to the office that
she was growing more and more to hate with each day that passed.  

Then there was the massive stack of papers on the desk that she fitfully
combed through while the apprentice mage sat and read the book she seemed to
never put down.  She shook her head again, wanting nothing more than to set
fire to the desk and forget about the papers on it.  

She turned her head and looked at the apprentice mage.  Help from afar was
what she had been told.  She again turned and left the room, heading towards
another place.  

Her feet carried her to the doorway to the training grounds.  Her eyes
watched as the trainers took their jobs seriously, showing and teaching the
youngsters what they needed to know about what was expected of them.  She
watched this for a while, then turned and walked back into the stone

She seemed to find a bit of comfort in the halls of the past.  Rooms
dedicated to those who had come before and had left their impression on the
Knighthood.  As much as she wanted to, she knew that there was one room that
she would never find.  That was the room to her parents.  Both of them had
been noble and gallant warriors, protecting those who needed it, but she was
the first person in too many years to follow the pathway that she did.  The
spirits from her ancestorial home were pleased with her, proud that she had
returned glory and honor to her name.  

She sat quietly in the antechamber, listing to the movement around her.  No
one came to find her, no one bothered her, that is until her father's old
trainer walked in.  He shook his head at her.  "How long have you been in
here today?"  He asked with a sad look on his face.  

She shrugged.  "I don't know.  I came in here just after breakfast this
morning.  It's been quiet and given me time to think," she said quietly.  

Deltir nodded.  "Do you realize that supper has come and gone and now the
sun has set?"  

Aramynia shook her head.  "Time passes rapidly when time is all you have." 
Deltir smiled.  "Unfortunately that is too true."  He held down his hand to
her, helping her to her feet.  "Get going.  Get some sleep and then think
about things on the morrow," he said, gently pushing her toward the doorway.
She nodded, disappearing into the hallways.  

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Thu Oct 11 11:16:48 2007
Subject     The long trip

The wind seemed to howl, the crisp temperature of it cutting through the
heaviest cloak, yet the small group of people traveled onward, pushing
against the elements as they returned from their destination.  Even the
horses that had traveled with the group were wrapped in heavy cloth to keep
out the wind.  

Days seemed to pass, each like the one before it, followed by yet another
cold and dismal experience.  Then, like a mage had waved his hand, the
weather changed and the days started to warm up.  The travelers shed the
heavy cloaks and replaced them with lighter ones.  Yet they pushed onward,
never looking back on where they had come from.  

Months into their travels, they came to a large estate in the middle of the
plains.  One person went to the gates and the travelers were allowed
entrance.  The Lord and Lady of the estate seemed pleased to welcome the
unknown travelers to their home, but by morning the Lord was outraged as
documents showing that the land they continued to rob of wealth was never
theirs.  The Lord bellowed in anger that the documents had been lost ages
before, but his arguments were met with a stony silence as he was escorted
out of the estate.  His wife, a quiet lady, begged safe haven and the
carrier of the document agreed to it, having met with the woman on a
previous visit.  

That night, none of the weary travelers slept, waiting for the aftermath the
documents would create.  Sure enough, just before midnight, the Lord led the
few men he had paid to fight against the walls of the estate.  They were
soundly defeated and arrested for acts against the estate.  

Days passed, stretching into weeks, then into months.  The estate slowly
took on a different look, accompanied by a different attitude.  Daily, a
young woman and an older man were seen walking the grounds, followed by a
group of well armed men and women.  They spoke with each and every man,
woman, and child who looked to the estate for protection.  These people knew
something had changed, and had changed for the better.  

Early one morning, the woman saddled her horse, tying him in the front of
the estate house.  She re-entered the house and spoke quickly to the older
man and the armed people.  Moments later, she exited the house and mounted
the horse.  The older man handed her up the lead to a pack horse.  She
nodded to him and headed northward.  

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Fri Oct 26 05:09:16 2007
Subject     What time had changed, the stupid returned

Days passed as the young woman rode northward.  Finally on the 2nd week
of her travels she came to her destination.  She shook her head as she was
met by the same lack of pride and greeting that she had fought hard to
instill in those chosen to guard the gates.  Her heart full of a bit of
hope, she continued onward, seeing what she had feared.  When she pulled her
mount to a stop at the gates she traveled to, she shook her head in disgust.

She gained entrance into the once hallowed hallow halls she had dreamed of
in her youth.  Yet in her present attire, she still gained no resistance
from those she passed in the halls.  She walked to a door at the end of a
hallway and unlocked it, entering the familiar room.  

The familiar sentinal greeted her from it's dusty corner.  She walked to it
and placed a familiar hand on the worn armor created specifically for her by
the one who returned her love.  Turning her back, she sighed as just another
memory of something passed through her.  

She walked to an open window and looked down at the sights below.  "Just a
faded past that would never return to what it once was, father.  What you
remember and told me of no longer seems to exist.  The honor and pride does
not seem to exist anymore.  Those who did hold it no longer walk these
halls," she said, her voice quiet and ragged.  

With a quiet movement of her hand, the armor glowed brillant blue.  She
smiled at it and returned to it, putting the armor on.  She pulled an
elegant looking cloak out of the pack near the armor, putting her beloved's
brother's cloak once more around her shoulders.  

With a sigh, she once more turned and looked at the room.  "What once was no
longer exists.  If it ever returns..."  She stopped.  "I don't think it ever

Her helm in her hands and her sword buckled to her side, Aramynia uth Lethan
walked out of the office, leaving the door open.  She walked past startled
people who stood like ducks in the hallways, never saying a word to them. 
In the courtyard, she turned to the black horse she had tethered.  "Come on
Tiefor.  Let's go find somewhere that the things that my father told me of
knights and their code still exists.  Maybe to the east will hold what I
seek."  She mounted the horse and rode out of the gates, her head never
looking back.  

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Fri Feb 22 01:26:15 2008
Subject     The return of a ghost

Night time fell over the grounds, coating them in an eerie light. Few
things moved around the grounds, with the exception of creatures of the
night, and a human cloaked in black. 

Whispered words saw Aramynia uth Lethlan stepping back into Lanfer's keep.
She quietly removed the heavy black cloak from around her, hanging in on a
nearby stand. An older man smiled at her as she turned around. "Welcome back
Lady Lethlan," Deltir, the old man, said in a quiet voice. She nodded to
him. "It's good to be back, my old friend," she said in return. He bowed
slightly, as much as his older age would allow. "Cootah has prepared a meal
in the dining area," he said, turning and shuffling toward the other room.

Aramynia shook her head, a smile on her face. 'I would have never believed
it had I not seen it with my own eyes, ' she thought, kneeling and removing
her boots by the door. 

She slowly walked into the dining room, smiling at the men in the room. She
nodded as Cootah, Lanfer's old friend, pulled out a chair for her. She
seated herself in the chair, nodding her head at Cootah.

The meal was eaten in silence. Once the meal was finished, Cootah cleared
his throat. "It is rumored that the Clerical Orders have undergone change.
There is a possible change for the followers of Light,"  he said, smiling
slightly. He leaned closer to Aramynia. "My Lord would not like to see what
I see,"  he said, standing tall and picking up the dishes from the table and
heading toward the cooking area. Aramynia looked at Deltir, but the man too
seemed to disappear into the woodwork. She stood, shaking her head.

Confusion racing through her head, Aramynia made her way back to the front
entrance. Putting back on her boots, she exited the keep and headed to the
stable area in the back.

Hecran, her painted stallion, and Tiefor, the black-as-night mount she had
helped Lanfer procure both stood quietly in their stalls. Both horses perked
up their heads as she entered. She walked strongly to her own horse,
caressing his neck. "Is it time to take up what is truely mine and return to
that which I walked away from? Is it time to return to that which I left
with honor and dignity?" she asked the horse. He nodded his head, quietly
nickering, as though answering her questions. She threw her arms around
Hecran's neck. "I guess it's time, my oldest friend,"  she said quietly.
Releasing the hug, she turned and walked to Tiefor. She laid her hand on his
neck. "One day, Lanfer will return to get you,"  she said, walking out of
the stable and into the darkness. 

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Fri Feb 22 16:19:56 2008
Subject     The gates looming ahead

The road from New Thalos was pleasantly unbusy. Aramynia pulled the black
cloak tighter around her, but kept her horse pointed toward Palanthas. She
glimpsed around, watching the scenery pass, a small part of her dreading her
return. Yet in all the want to turn back, she continued.

After a few hours in the saddle, the gates of Palanthas loomed in the
distance. She shook her head, watching the Solamnics guarding the gate. She
rode past them with not so much as a second glance, her destination laying
ahead. The large stone keep, the home of the Knights of Solamnia, rose befoe

She pulled her horse to a stop, looking up at the large stone structure. She
shook her head. 'Once there were banners and pinions flying high,
proclaiming the pride of Solamnia. Where are they now?' she thought, sighing

She kneed her mount forward, approaching the gates of the stronghold. The
guards stepped forward, stopping her. She bowed her head slightly toward
them. "Send word to your Grand Master that Lady Aramynia uth Lethlan, Knight
of the Rose, has returned to Palanthas. I will be at the Temple of Paladine
if the leadership wishes to have words with me,"  she said, inclining her
head as she turned her horse toward the temple. 

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Fri Jun 27 03:24:07 2008
Subject     Drowning sorrows

The waterfront tavern smelled sharply of stale sweat, salty water, and
beer. People of all shapes, sizes, races, and genders sat around the tables
and bars, drinking, talking, and whatever else people did in the bar like
atmosphere. Among them sat one who, for reasons strange to most, should not
have been there. Aramynia uth Lethlan, cleric and knight, sat at the long
bar, one hand grasping the handle of the glass that was partially full
filled with an amber liquid. 

Tilting the glass back, she downed the liquid, wincing slightly as the taste
of it had her wanting to gag. Yet she lifted the glass toward the bartender,
calling for another round. The bartender drew her another glass of beer,
setting it before her. She nodded absently at him, tilting the glass and
draining part of it. She sat the glass down, looking deeply into the liquid.
All she saw was the image of the ones lost to her. She picked the glass back
up, draining it. Again, she lifted the glass. And again, the bartender
replaced the glass with a full one.

Cootah came for her a little after midnight. He shook his head, saddened by
what he now saw from the once proud woman. She looked disheveled, her eyes
unfocused from all that she'd had to drink. It wasn't the first time. She
had been moving among the taverns of the city, drinking away her pain and
sorrows. Deltir saw to her part of the time, the old man cursing those who
hurt her. 

Aramynia stumbled along beside Cootah, her steps unsure and clumsy. Yet she
cared little, when she stumbled, falling in the filth of the streets. She
knelt there, shaking her head to regain her balance. The shaking of her head
caused her stomach to catch. Cootah sighed, leaning down to hold onto her
shoulders as what little food she ate spewed up with the alcohol in her
system. Dry heaves rocked her as her body attempted to get rid of what was
in her. Finally, after a while, it all stopped. With trouble, she regained
her footing, stumbling forward on her way home. 

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Fri Jun 27 11:32:48 2008
Subject     The morning after

Somehow Cootah, with the help of Deltir, managed to get Aramynia cleaned
up and snuggled into blankets on the bed where the two men had once cared
for an injured Lanfer. Sadly, it was now fitting that she was the one they
tended to. 

Nightmares were all of too vivid for Aramynia. The loss of those she cared
for, starting at the early age with her parents and running to more
recently. She could only watch in the horror of dreams as people were
slaughtered over and over again. 

Waking came early for her, yet another set of visions causing her to sit up
in the bed. Cursing she threw off the coverings and stumbled out of the
bedroom. She tripped over armored boots, cursing as she turned and saw that
they were the boots crafted to be worn with the armor she had once took
great pride in. Now it sat in a jumbled stack in the corner of a room, dust
collecting on it. She snarled at it. She kicked at the boots again, jamming
her toe against the unweilding metal. 

Cursing she stumbled into the kitchen, going to a cupboard holding food
supplies. She opened it, reaching back into the darkness and pulled out a
glass bottle, half full of yet more amber liquid. She pulled the cork out of
it, taking a long drink of it. Sighing sadly, she walked out of the kitchen,
clutching the bottle as she made her way back to the bedroom and fell back
onto the bed, the bottle clutched tightly in her hand. "Here'sssss to als
whos lefted mes 'ahind. Mays t'Abysses takes you," she said, the words
slurring as she downed more of the drink. Hiccuping, she hefted the bottle,
finishing it before throwing it toward a wall. The bottle made it no farther
than a couple of feet from the bed, but Aramynia didn't care. She turned
onto her side, sobbing herself back to sleep. 

Deltir had heard the disturbance. He waited until she slept again before
returning to her side. "All of them would be unhappy to see you in such
state, milady. Mayhaps what I tried to do will help you. Mayhaps the Goddess
heard me and will send us help for you,"  he whispered, drawing a cover over
her. With a sigh, he retrieved the empty bottle and left the room. 

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Sun Jun 29 16:54:07 2008
Subject     Why the hell did I give word to return?

The events of the past evening still ringing in her head, along with the
side affects of the alcohol in her system, Aramynia sighed as she was faced
with the early morning trip. The bright sunlight was painfully strong that
morning. Her bloodshot eyes, as shielded as they could be hidden under the
hood of her cloak, still burned with their dryness and their irritation.
Using skills drummed into her since an early age, she sat balanced on the
back of her paint horse. With one free hand she pulled the cloak farther
over her head, grumbling about the light of day. That frustrating task
finished, she dug under her cloak, fumbling for a bottle she had hidden
under her dark cloak. Looking around, she took a small drink, replacing the
bottle with a quick look around. With a sigh, she looked at her haven of the
past. She turned the horse, heading toward her meeting with Kiyohime in

The road to Palanthas was long. She rode in silence, taking the bottle out
from her cloak, drawing a long drink, then replacing it. The trip wore on
her, causing her to look around. And the long trip was the reason that she
was jittery as she entered the large city gates. She looked around the city
that had changed a bit from her last time here. She shook her head,
remembering things. 

Instead of heading directly toward either the place where she was to meet
Kiyohime, or to the Solamnic Stronghold, she picked her way to a seedy
tavern on the north side of the city. 

Author:    Aramynia       
Date:      Sun Jul  6 14:20:22 2008
Subject     Inner Demons

The hot water bath had helped, even with the strange newcomer that she
thought could have been elven. Aramynia shook her head as she turned back
and looked at the door behind her. She wanted to walk out of that same door
and wander back to the tavern she'd stumbled out of. Instead she stood in a
darkened room in the Temple of Mishakal, and more strange to her, in
Palanthas. She had made a vow that she would not return to this city, yet
here she stood. 

She laid her ear against the door, hearing the sounds of the monks that
Kiyohime had assigned to stand guard over her. She snickered, knowing that
they could not stop her if she wanted to leave. No, she thought again, right
now she could not do anything against them. She shrugged, walking into the
room. With weary sigh, she lay down on the bed and closed her eyes, allowing
sleep to over take her. 

The dreams started slowly, mere memories of her past. They stood together,
her parents waving at her as she rode toward the place she would learn
different skills. She was happy, being allowed to travel to the other
village. She trained and learned, then heard the whispers that were hidden
from her. She remembered riding out that day, back to her home and seeing
nothing but death around her as far as she could see. That day, she returned
to the other village, vowing revenge and rememberance. 

She awoke with a start, blinking her eyes fiercely. A monk opened the door.
"Are you okay, Lady Aramynia?" he asked. She looked up at him, nodding.
"Just a bad dream,"  she managed. He nodded and left her alone again. 

She stood and walked around the room. The weight of exhaustion made her lay
back down on the bed, her eyes closing. She rode with the killing party,
meeting slash for slash against the people that had massacred her parents.
The man who rode beside her was cut down protecting her back. Her horse, the
first one she had bonded with, had been slaughtered out from underneath her,
falling as she rode. She spent three days in the forest, hiding from the

She woke again, her hand striking the wall next to the bed. She sat up,
rubbing the wounded hand. Another monk, not the same one as before, opened
the door, peering in. "Is all well, milady?" he asked. She nodded. He
smiled, closing the door behind him as he went back to his vigil. 

She rose again, pacing around the room. She fought when against going to
sleep, but the weight of sleep put her back on the bed with her eyes closed.
She saw the Lanfer's house, the glint of armor on her arms. She saw herself
speaking to him, then him falling to the ground with an arrow sticking out
of his chest. She rushed to his side, willing him to survive the wound. Then
he disappeared, she was riding toward the house of her father's family. She
saw the ogres rush her, surrounding her and she fought against her. She
lived, badly wounded.

She woke this time, a priestess shaking her gently. "Milady, are you well?"
she asked, her eyes wild. Aramynia sat up, lookin around. She was still in
the safety of the room in Mishakal's temple. Her hand throbbed where she had
hit it earlier. She smiled shyly, watching the door once again close. This
time she rose, looking out of a window into the night surrounding

This time there was no sleep when the visions came. She saw the body brought
back to her, her beloved Lanfer. She heard the report from Jahrun of his
possible report before he became the Pheonix. She watched the burial of the
body, fighting back against everything inside her. With little sound, she
sunk to her knees, tears sliding freely down her cheeks to land in wet
patches on the floor. Almost instantly, a priestess opened the door,
crossing to her to hold her shoulders as she wept. The shakes came next,
causing the priestess to wrap a blanket around Aramynia, then her arms to
hold her steady. And still the sobs were quiet, the pain tearing at
everything inside her. The priestess sat there, rocking with the pain that
was being thrown out in the mournful cries. Aramynia held onto the
priestess's shoulders, the sorrow and the pain that she had bottled up now
coming out in full force. 

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