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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Arelas.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Arelas' scribed in rich green ink.

Author:  Arelas
Date    Sun Jun 19 21:17:25 2005
Subject   Arelas's Past

It had been a difficult and rather strange path for him to walk. One that many
others of his kind would think to be very absurd and bizarre. The path he had
chosen had left him disowned by his father. Yet even though his homeland had
not exiled him, his father's cruel treatment had done almost as bad to him,
causing him to not return for being too ashamed. And now, as he stood on the
high cliff above the sea, watching the sun set across the horizon, he
wondered, "Was it worth it?" He thought back now to those days that were not
so long ago when he was still an apprentice under his father's teachings. The
teachings for him to become a member of the White Robes of the Conclave. Back
to a time when the only thing that was on Arelas's mind was learning more
spells to become more powerful in the arcane arts....

It had been almost a lifetime ago now it seemed. Back to the life of the young
elven boy who was interested in magic from a very young age. He was born of a
noble wealthy family of the Qualinesti Nation. He was an only child then. He
lived with his mother and father in their sprawling mansion in Qualinost, the
Elven Capital. Back then, Arelas had only one friend, and a strange one to
have for elven standards. His name was Dartain. He was a human of Solamnic
descent. The two had met when Arelas accompanied his father on one of his many
missions given to him by the Conclave to gather as much information about any
force that could be a friend or foe to the Conclave. As it had turned out,
Arelas and his father were headed to Dartain's house in Solamnia. Arelas's
father kept close tabs on the Knights of Solamnia with Dartain's father's
help. At the time, Arleas and Dartain were almost the same age in maturity, if
not true age count. And, naturally, the two became very good friends over the

Eventually, Arelas's lessons with his father began to progress, until he was
not too far from being ready to take the Test in the Tower of High Sorcery in
Wayreth. Then, on one of his father's visits outside of the Elven Capital, his
father made a grave mistake that changed Arelas's family forever. While
traveling home one night, he stayed at an Inn. Apparently, Arelas's father had
gotten very drunk that night. Not too long after, his father came to that same
Inn again to find one of the barmaids bearing his child! When word of this
reached Arelas's mother, she went into a state of shock and depression. Her
health steadily declined until she died, only a few das before her husband's
return with more troubling news. Just as the half-breed baby was being born,
the mother died from childbirth. The day his father arrived home was a
terrible day. For during this time of his father's affair and his mother's
death, Arelas had, for some strange reason, decided to become a Red Robe
rather than a White Robe as previously planned. With all of this, Arelas's
father went into a mad frenzy! While in this state, he disowned both Arelas
and the newborn, which was to be named Tye.

A few years after leaving his homeland behind, is where we find Arelas now. He
is nearly prepared to take the Test to see if he is fit to enter the Conclave,
having picked up more knowledge of magic throughout his travels. At the same
time, he has recently begun to search for the God Lunitari to guide his way as
a Red Robe. He hopes one day to worship her instead of his former master,
Solinari, God of Good Magic. Arelas now must complete what he started, in
hopes that all he has sacrificed so far was not for nothing.

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