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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Argond.

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Author:  Argond
Date    Wed May 19 08:39:37 2004

Subject    Dragoncaller

'Come forth child and hear the tale of your ancestor, Garol Dragoncaller.'
"When Huma Dragonbane went to ask the help of the dragons, a tem of men
followed him and the silver haired woman that was always with him.

Amongst those men was Garol uth Faron, a knight of the Sword. For weeks they
sailed the sea, until one foggy morning they saw the great Dragon island.

the silver haired woman led Huma and his men deep into the island where, in a
valley, they met five magnanimous creatures. Dragons of good, the metalic,
Gold, Silver, Brass, Bronze and Copper.

Huma and the silver haired woman tried to pursuade these dragons, that they
should assist them in the battle against Takhisis, however the great Dragons
were intent on their decision not to inrfere with the worl again.

To the silver haired woman's plead they answered that her plea came from love,
not from a clear mind.

And to Huma's objections they said only that they had agreed to be away from
the world, and that they would not break the oath, they had made, as easily as
other had.

Huma's men were desperate, and started shouting, demanding that the Dragons
must grant them their help. To this the Dragons merely forwned, and spread
their wings preparing to leave.

Then from the midst of the men Garol spoke "Great Wyrms.... I bid you your
attention for only a few moments"

To this did the Dragons comply, granting him the favour of their attention.

"Forgive my companions' brashness, but our need is dire. It is not only the
Dark Queen that has reentered this world... She brings with her an host of her
screeching guests"

Hearing these words the Dragons gave him all of their attention. "We cannot
offer you anything more than hard battles, pain and suffering. But if we are
successful i believe people will forever respect and be in awe of them as they
are now."

"And also it is my solemn belief that no mather how many vows you might have
made, that the great god of the Paladine, would be pleased that you grant your
favour to the people of Ansalon that are in dire need of it."

Hearing this weak and feeble, by comparison to themselves, human's words, the
dragons turned to each other, uncertainty showing in their faces, oppesed to
the certainty of refusal they presented before.

In booming and omnious voices they discussed in their dialect, after which
they turned to Huma and the silver haired woman and gave their acceptance to
aid the people of ansalon in their need.

As Huma and his men sailed back to the shores of Ansalon, Huma turned to Garol
and saied : "You are truly gifted in the art of the word Garol uth Faron, and
have aided Ansalon greatly, I am not a wealthy man, but this much i can offer
you from this day forth you shall be know as the Dragoncaller, the man who
made possible for the dragons to aid Ansalon, let you and your family forever
be known for that"

'And that child is the story of Garol uth Faron, the first of the
Dragoncallers. Now hear your grandfather..... Tioron, son of Garol refused to
follow in his father's footsteps and become a Knight of Solamnia, and from
that time since not a single member of this family has done so. My greatest
sorrow is not to have become one when i was young.... and not to have give my
son the desire to do so.

I believe you will follow in the footsteps of Garol uth Faron, and fight for
what is right and for the people of Ansalon, if you do so, you will honor not
only the memory of your ancestors, but also of those he helped survive for


Author:  Argond
Date    Tue Jul 19 09:14:48 2005
Stamp   1121782488
Subject   Argond uth Faron DragoncalWlweW

Argond uth Faron was born in a small village near Palanthas, a village over
which his father stood as lord.

For the last generations, since the Cataclism, the uth Faron line has stood
apart from the Solamnic Knighthood, the lords of this house prefering to
dedicate themselves to a merchant life. However, Argond's grandfather greatest
regret was not joining the Knighthood when he had the portunit, so he passed
the craving for adventure and to live by honor to his grandson. Lord Shardonas
uth Faron, Argond's father has been against his son's joining the knigthhood,
prefering to see his son continuing the family business. Argond, however,
followed his calling and set off towards Palanthas to follow his heart's

Since childhood, Argond heard his grandfather tell the tale of how their
ancester Shunlar uth Faron had set off with Huma to find the Good Dragons, and
had helped, by issuing a moving speech that had swayed the Dragons' opinion
and convinced them to join forces with the Solamnics.

This is the story of Argond uth Faron, Dragoncaller, or so they tell it in his village.

The Storytellers of Ansalon, The DragonLance MUD

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