The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Arikaih.

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The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a well written novel on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Arikaih' scribed in dull white ink.

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Sun Sep 10 08:19:59 2006
Subject   Discomfort

She entered the city of Neraka, walking beside the Lady of Night and her
wulfbunde companion, Eshri.  Yet for her training as a young half-elf in
Silvanesti, she would have much preferred to have stayed in the woods
outside the place.  And she was not alone in her thoughts.  The other
members of the Bundesphar and their wulfbunde companions felt the same way. 
Yet they were the lucky ones.  They did not have orders from the Voice of
Takhisis to accompany her into the city proper.  

She shuttered visibly and cursed inwardly to herself for Dante's mysterious
quest that absented her pack mate from her side.  So, now, here she and
Eshri stood, cautious in Neraka.  She made passing glances around her at the
people on the streets, as though daring them to step forward and confront

In the crowds, she spied hooded members of the Bundesphar, all awaiting a
call from either her or Eshri.  That was true discipline.  Not some made up
version of it.  It was how the pack should act, as one complete unit.  One
unit to protect and watch over all other members.  She allowed herself a
smile for only a moment as she knew that they had warmed to her and Eshri. 
She was a mere mage, one who turned from the following her her own father to
seek what her mother had known.  And she had found it.  

Her attention was drawn back to a massive structure before her.  It seemed
to reach upward to tear at the clouds in the sky.  Arikaih shuttered, but
kept her steadfast pace.  

Loud trumpets heralded the arrival of the Lady of Night.  Arikaih growled
out words to the young Knight who had met them at the city gate about the
annoyance of sound, only to be answered by the Lady herself.  'It's still
too much, ' she thought, but said nothing more.  

Then, the doors opened and the strange quartet entered the Temple of
Takhisis.  The Lady and the Knight went forward to offer their prayers at
the altar.  Arikaih and Eshri stayed toward the back of the Temple, Arikaih
kneeling with Eshri laying beside her.  She, too, offered up her prayers to

Then the Lady disappeared into the Temple proper.  The Knight approached her
and offered her insult, thinking that she was to be dressed as befitting a
simple courtesan.  The insult taken offensively, Arikaih stepped forward to
show just why the Bundesphar had grown to accept her.  With fierce
determination, she stood up to the Knight.  The only reason that she retired
into the temple was the fact that the Voice of Takhisis wished for her to be
there.  Otherwise she felt as though the Knight and his small group of
squires would not have stood up to the forces of the Bundesphar.  

Now, standing in a confining room within the temple, she glared at the
squire that had been assigned to dress her.  The squire stepped forward to
start undressing her.  Eshri met the young woman with her hackles raised. 
Arikaih turned to the woman.  "Eshri, no.  Go outside the temple doors and
call for Fron.  She will assist me.  I will have no assistance from a puffed
up peacock."  The wolf seemed to nod and bounded out of the room.  Within
moments, a Bundesphar and her wulfbunde accompanied Eshri into the small
room.  The squire grew red in the face, but quickly left as the wolves began
snapping at her.  Fron stepped over and shut the door.  

Arikaih looked to Fron.  "I am not some poppinjay who will be dressed to
their amusement.  I am the Alpha Female of the Bundesphar."  Fron nodded. 
Fron knelt beside her wulfbunde companion and spoke quietly with her.  The
wolf growled her consent and Fron opened the door.  The wolf bounded out and
Fron closed the door.  "Since you are needed to be clean, take advantage of
the warm water, Alpha.  It may be some time until we find such a luxury
again."  The cleric stepped forward and started unbuckling the slight armor
that Arikaih had grown used to wearing.  

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Sun Sep 10 15:59:12 2006
Subject   Confining walls

She shook her head.  The Knight known as Itobi had entered the rooms in
the temple to berate her for dismissing the woman from her service.  Then,
he had the nerve to call her barbarian.  A smirk crossed her face.  'Poor
fool, ' she thought.  'Perhaps it is best that I leave before anything
happens.  I'm not really needed here for anything.  I should really be out
there, feasting with the Bundesphar.  ' 

She slowly approached the door, but it was swung open by Fron who held up
the finished jerkin.  Arikaih shrugged into it and Fron belted it closed. 
Nodding, Fron walked to the door and bowed to Arikaih.  She turned to Eshri
and spoke quietly to her.  The wolf nodded to Fron and forced Arikaih to the
main temple area to await the arrival of the Lady of Night.  

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Sun Jan  7 07:04:38 2007
Subject     Sorrowful Howl

The red tinted walls of the mountain seemed to close in around her. 
Eshri had gone off hours before, impatient to be out and hunting again, and
Arikaih could feel herself get the feeling of being closed in and
surrounded.  She paced back and forth, her eyes closed, yet the all too
familiar pattern of the walls of the chambers etched into her mind.  She
longed to be outside and running over the grass with the wolves.  

The scratching of nails echoed throught the empty hallways and bounced off
the walls in the empty rooms.  Arikaih turned her head as Eshri entered,
followed by her 4 puppies.  She looked at them with a smile.  The puppies
were growing, romping and fighting as youngsters would.  Inwardly, she
worried about the little black male that had taken such a liking to Lord
Saige before his abrupt disappearance.  For a while, the little black was
moody and bit everyone around, but now he seemed to be focusing on playing
and having fun.  Eshri approached Arikaih and growled softly to her.  When
she was finished, Arikaih nodded and asked her to send a message to her
bondmate, telling him to meet her outside the main gates to the city of
Sanction.  It was time that they moved on and left the solemn chambers to
the man who had deserted them.  

Her message in good hands, Arikaih and the wolf puppies made the treacherous
hike out of the volcanic mountains and to an open area near the gates of

Once there, Arikaih sat down and threw her thoughts to the death that she
had learned about.  Eventhough Maria'sana had not been a positive and
attentive Thorn toward her, Arikaih still felt the loss of the former Thorn
Leader deeply.  She thought of what might have been and how things could
have been if the young mage had been taken by the Thorn instructors.  She
could have been someone to be feared in the magic community, instead of the
Commander of the WolfBound.  She closed her eyes and lowered her head in
silence.  After a while, she lifted her chin and threw a solemn howl into
the dark sky.  The puppies looked at her for a moment, then sat on the
haunches and joined her in the requiem for the dead that they had chosen to

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Sun Jan 21 08:21:13 2007
Subject     The call from beyond

With a forelorn wolf's howl following her, Arikaih set herself back on
the path that she had started traveling.  It was as though there were a pull
that forced her along this pathway, guiding her and setting her feet one at
a time.  Before her loomed a cave, it's entrance dark and mysterious, yet
the young mage was not afraid.  She entered the cave alone, slipping down
the mossy, muddy entrance until the pathway made an abrupt turn and sloped
sharply downward.  Losing her footing, she fell and slid helplessly to the

Stars floating in her vision, she carefully stood back up and whispered
arcane words, creating a small bubble of light that illuminated the area
around her.  A jewel seemed to pulse in one corner of the room and Arikaih
slowly made her way to investigate.  It was a mighty Ruby, as red as blood
itself, sitting alone on a platform of snow white marble.  The contrast of
the dark cave was sharp.  Surrounded by black and darkness, this marble was
a strange thing to see.  In all this room, it seemed out of place and alone.
Not even the Blood Ruby was strange to her.  

She walked around the marble platform, the instincts from the wolves that
she traveled with strong and hinting at danger.  She felt drawn to the Blood
Ruby, compelled to reach out and touch it, yet she held her hand back and
only looked at it.  She finished the inspection of the platform and walked
back to where she had first entered the room.  The passageway was almost a
straight drop.  She would not be able to climb out of it on her own.  She
lifted her head in a howl, alerting her bondmate, the golden wolf Eshri, to
her predicament and asking her to bring Dante to her.  They howl was
answered.  This answer heard, she sat down against the cave wall and
watched, her eyes never stopping movement.  

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Wed May  2 11:53:29
Subject     oops

Author:    Arikaih       

Date:      Wed May  2 12:20:57 2007
Subject     Blood Red

wolf returned to her side, her muzzle red with blood from her kill. 
The almost
grown wolf puppies followed their mother's suit, sitting at the
side of the lone

Arikaih looked around, seeing the wolves and smiling.  She looked down
growled softly to her companion wolf.  The golden wolf turned her
toward Arikaih, seeming to nod.  

"Soon Eshri.  Soon it will be time.  I
have already sent the message to the
only one person I trust.  If he betrays me,
then the honor of the followers
of the Queen is lost and there is nothing left
of honor nor glory to those
following the once calling herself the Voice.  I
tell you, she's good.  She
fooled me at one time, but the "False Voice" has
shown her true colors and
they are yellow."  

Arikaih moved quietly and quickly
towards her hidden location, disappearing
once again into it. 

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Fri May  4 12:10:35
Subject     The wonders of the cave

Night seemed to fall, yet to
the dark accustomed eyes of Arikaih, it was
as though everything was on display
to her.  She stepped out of the cave and
stretched, meeting the fresh air
outside her hiding place with welcome.  She
growled softly and was joined by her
companions, the wolves with whom she
traveled.  She quietly whispered words of
magic and shimmered, shifting her
shape to that of a red tinged wolf.  This
done, she turned to her companions
and growled.  

The wolves hunted together,
bringing down small game for their meals.  Then
a familiar smell assaulted her
nose and Arikaih crept toward a dark place. 
There stood large hairy beast.  She
stayed in the shadows of the building,
watching.  The beast did not notice her,
or at least, did not let on that it
noticed her.  She shimmered and returned to
her elven form and pulled a
piece of paper from a pouch and wrote some words on
it.  She then nailed it
to a tree and returned to the wolven state.  That deed
done, she continued
on her hunt.  

The meal caught, the wolves pulled the
carcasses to where they had been
living since the problems in the camp.  Arikaih
returned to her elven form
and pulled her dagger out and started to skin the
carcasses and clean them
for eating.  The meal eaten, she sat by the entrance to
the cave and
watched, waiting to see if the one she left the message for would
come, or
if what she feared was true.  

Author:    Arikaih       

Date:      Thu May 31 22:24:16 2007
Subject     Lonely howl

stood near the edge of the woods, looking at where the battle had
taken place. 
She shook her head and sank down on the ground.  A golden wolf
walked from the
woods and sat beside her, looking at her with a slight
growl.  Arikaih turned
her head and looked at the wolf, nodding.  "I agree
Eshri.  There is few places
where we will be accepted or wanted.  I believe
that it's time to step back and
return to where we are useful."  

As she stood up, she removed a lightweight
grey colored cloak from her
pouches.  "I have no use for this either, they don't
seem to care."  She
took one last look at the battlegrounds, sighing.  "If we
are needed, then
let them come to us.  Let us find my mate and be done with this

This said, she laid the cloak on a tree branch and disappeared into

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Tue Jun  5
23:39:39 2007
Subject     A forest run

It felt natural, running as a
wolf.  The form itself presented no harm to
her, or those around her.  The
wolves accepted her as both half elven and as
wolf, so, why not run with them. 

They streaked along, the four of them; her bond mate and three of the
 The other puppy she had asked to remain with the traitor turned
follower in
case he needed their help.  

She could not locate the scent of her life mate. 
He had his own travels to
make and she could not wait.  She had smelled
something familiar from her
past.  She had taken blood once before, now this one
traveled through the
woods and she had heard that he did; the other wolves had
told her.  

She reached the woods where the familiar thing walked.  She slowed
the pack,
scenting the air with her nose.  It was not as keen as the real
wolves, but
she still sensed things that were near.  She shimmered, returning to
humanoid form and sat on the ground, waiting in the shadows of the tree
see if she was correct.  

Her red tinged eyes caught movement.  She tensed
her hand on her dagger. 
She glared at the thing, wanting it to be like the one
she had killed many
years ago.  She wanted the blood on her hands to show them
that she was not
to be found.  And it came into view.  

She growled in her
frustration.  It was a mere human child; not an adult elf
like the bastard that
had sired her and turned her away when all that she
wanted was his acceptance
and love.  He had turned away from her because of
the taint of human blood in
her.  He blamed her for his own lust.  

She sat on the ground beside the tree,
angry with herself for wanting the
death of a pure blood so bad.  She tossed her
head against the tree, seeing
stars as she connected with force.  With pain in
her forehead, she
whimpered.  The child heard her and walked her way, seeing her
and cocking
his head to the side.  "Are you hurt?"  The child asked in his
little voice.
She looked at the child, not understanding the human words at
first.  She
didn't believe that the child would not have run from her.  She was
abomination to the laws of nature; her father had told her repeatedly.  

asked her again.  She shook her head.  "I am fine, just hit my head on
tree," she said, looking away from him.  The child smiled.  "If you need
mommy can put a bandage on it and make it all better," he said the smile
on his
face brilliant and bright.  She shook her head, suddenly afraid.  "I
can't go
there, they won't accept me.  I'm tainted," she said, her father's
words coming
out of her like a litany from the past.  The child looked at
her strangely. 
"What's tainted?"  He asked, a frown on his face.  

She looked at him with
confusion.  She had never heard of a place where she
was not accepted with not a
thought towards what she was.  Even at Storm's
Keep, she was treated as an
outsider, not accepted by those of the magic
order, nor the leader that was in
charge when she was admitted into the
Knights of Takhisis.  The only one who
accepted her was Dante, and he became
her mentor and lifemate.  And he was gone,
not at her side any longer.  In
fact, she did not know where he was.  Again she
looked at the child.  "I
don't know, little one.  I was told that many years ago
by someone who
should have cared for me.  It's just stuck with me," was the only
that Arikaih could tell the child.  He smiled joyfully.  "My name is
What's yours?"  He asked in childish glee.  Arikaih smiled.  "I'm
Ari."  The child clapped his hands together in glee.  From the distance
voice called out for the child to come wash up for supper.  Maddy frowned. 
have to go, but I'll be back tomorrow.  You will here Ari?"  He asked,
to go.  Arikaih nodded.  "I will be here."  She watched as the child
Maddy ran away from her, not in fear, but in childish abandon. 

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Fri Jun  8 12:02:11
Subject     Times past

She ran, her heart pounding in her chest,
trying to escape from its

She ran; the hope that the nightmare
deamons from her past would not catch
up with her and torment her any more. 

She ran.  She had been foolish enough to think that she would not
one of THEM there.  

She ran, hearing the howl of her companions
running behind her, trying to
catch up with her hurried flight into the forest. 

Yet she still ran; the memory of what he had said to her running
through her mind.  

He had found her secret, the buried desire that she
had hidden for so many
years.  He probably didn't even realize it; she had left
quick enough to
make sure of it.  Yet a small part of her still wanted to return
to him; to
speak with the full blood elf more, hearing and learning about the
moons he
spoke of; to know more about the son of Her Queen.  

Her Queen; the
very thought of the hatred and anger that might befall on her
because of her
thoughts and almost betrayal caused her to shiver, slip, and
lose her footing. 
She tumbled in the wet underbrush of the trees and
groundcover, sliding and
slipping as she tried to stand back up.  Finally,
she sat there, wrapping her
arms around her shoulders to ward off her
personal deamons.  

She vividly
remembered the other one, the dark one, the one like him that
had said things to
her.  He was the one who had put her in the darkened
chamber by herself, alone
with no one to talk to.  He promised things, just
like the others like him she
knew and remembered.  She had gotten free, but
at her Order's expense.  She had
been a foolish child, but still old enough
to have the regrets of her stupidity.

It was not cold out, but she shivered, wrapping her arms more tightly
her and she pulled her legs up close to her.  It struck fear in her,
mention of THAT forest; Wayreth Forest, the towers and home of the
of Mages.  Her young life had been filled with the hope that her own
a White Robe Magus, would look favorably on her skills, seeing that she
like him; her dream to follow in his footsteps.  That he would place her
the pathway to follow.  Yet it was not to happen.  

His hatred of what he
had created in her by her birth had clouded her
childhood and her learning.  He
had hated her and her mother.  He turned
from her presence at every chance,
teaching the sons and daughters of full
blood elves like him while ignoring her.
 So instead of studying, she gave
up trying to please him and show him what she
could do, heading to the
forest that surrounded Silvanost; the creatures
becoming her friends and

Then they had hunted her, called her an
abomination and her blood tainted by
the blood of the human woman that had bore
her.  And she ran, hiding in
caves; the caves that seemed to speak to her and
call to her to seek her way
in the world.  Until the day she had found him in
his tent and had snuck up
behind him.  She closed her eyes, shaking her head in
frustration as she
recalled the memory of her dagger sinking into his heart and
the blood
covering her hands.  She had killed him, using her self-taught skills
magic to burn his corpse.  

She shook her head, the memories of the past
burning in her mind; the hope
for training in her skills and art from the
promise of Lord Saige.  She
remembered her fear as she stepped onto the deck of
the boat with her
savior, afraid of what lay ahead.  Then there was the thrill;
the excitement
of not being able to stop the wind that pushed the sails, nor the
water that
the boat moved over.  

Yet the training promised to her had been
replaced by yet more
disappointment; she had been ignored by those she had been
left with; She
did what she was used to; exploring and learning and making
friends with one
who would later become more than a friend; more than a mentor
and protector.
Then the other one had sent her away from him; she still had no
why it happened, but it was a good thing, bringing to her the wolves
she called companions.  

A twig snapped nearby, drawing her from her
closure.  She slowly knelt up,
calling on her feeble attempts and succeeding in
cloaking herself.  She
waited, her hand on her dagger, her mind trying to call
on something she had
saw in the books she took from her father to protect her. 
The flash of
golden fur seemed to settle her.  Her bond mate walked into view
and Arikaih
returned to sight, sinking back down under the tree.  Eshri walked
up to
her, laying down beside her, the golden wolf's head on Arikaih's leg. 

The wolf growled softly.  Arikaih shook her head.  "No Eshri.  I don't
THAT one was different.  It was like he saw directly into me and pulled
what I wanted.  Not even the ones before him did that to me."  She
her arms around her shoulders, pulling herself tight in a hug.  

wolf raised her head, a howl coming forth as she called to those like
her.  Then
she pressed close to Arikaih, offering the comfort that was the
eternal bond
between the human and wolf.  Arikaih pressed close to the wolf.
"The choice is
mine, but will you honor the choice I make?"  She said, her
voice quietly
pitched to the wolf.  The wolf lifted her head, seeming to
nod.  Arikaih smiled.
 "That is good.  I don't even know what I am going to

Date:      Thu Jun 14 11:25:51 2007
Grumblings and mischief

She was feeling a bit angry.  The walls of the
small room seemed to be
closing in on her, but it was her own fault that she had
drawn her weapon
against the minotaur who was a Master of Magic.  As was her
custom, she had
surrendered her weapon and her freedom to him.  And he had taken
her from
her bondmates and from the freedom she was accustomed to.  Instead she
sat at a table with spell books, forced to dress in a grey robe that was
uniform of a Thorn knight.  

She shifted on her seat, wishing for the
leggings and sleeveless tunic she
always wore.  The mage to whom had been
assigned to teach her this morning
walked behind her and grumbled about her. 
She turned her head slightly,
growling under her breath at him.  It was moments
of circulating glares
between the two of them before the mage walked out of the
room and Arikaih
sighed, returning to studying the same book that she had been
looking at for
the past hours.  

More time passed, causing more friction in the
already hostile room.  The
mage shoved a piece of parchment in front of her,
telling her to scribe a
spell.  Arikaih looked up at him and pointedly crumbled
the parchment in her
fist, lobbing it at his head.  He stood taller, his face
contorted in anger.
He pointed a hand at her, whispering.  She stood quickly,
herself whispering
and shimmering, her form changing to that of a wolf.  She
bounded out right
in front of the lightning bolt that the mage sent toward her
as a teaching

She continued moving, slinking in the shadows until she
reached the safety
of the outdoors.  She ran quickly, moving along the wall of
the castle until
she reached the rocks on the beach.  There she shimmered,
returning to her
humanoid form and she sat, looking forlornly across the water
toward the
bank nearby.  

After a few moments, she sighed, pulling a well worn
spellbook from one of
the pouches they had allowed her to keep.  Finding a more
position on the rocks, she opened the book and began studying,
knowing that
the mage that had tried to teach her would go find the minotaur and
there would be hell to pay.  She should at least give him some reason
think that she was trying.  He did promise her that if she indeed studied,
would allow her to see Eshri, and that kept her sane and sated, but the
would come soon when she would need the open air and the run.  Time
indeed would
come sooner than she wanted.  And neither her human form, nor
the minotaur would
be able to stand in her way.  

Author:    Arikaih        
     Fri Jun 22 03:05:48 2007
Subject     A simple step

She sat in
that same room, the same book in front of her, the same tired
old boring mage
glaring at her from the corner of the room.  She asked to be
let out for a
break.  The mage agreed.  

She walked quickly out the southern gates, looking
to see if her senses were
correct.  Indeed they were as she spied the ship that
would be leaving for
Kalaman.  She shrugged out of the grey colored robe. 
Underneath the robe
was the leggings and shirt she usually wore, her belts at
her waist.  She
smiled and walked to the gangplank.  She slipped the man at the
gangplank a
few coins and the man looked away.  She walked aboard the ship and

The ship set off from the dock.  After a while, she walked out
onto the
deck, glaring back at the fading dock.  She snarled her nose, growling
hissing.  She walked toward the other side of the deck and tilted her
back, a full wolfish howl coming from her throat.  This was her call
freedom and the personal promise of things to come.  

Date:      Mon Jul 23 00:22:15 2007

Sitting quietly in a quiet room, Arikaih studied the open
spellbook on
her lap.  Her studies and her outings to the forest nearby was the
thing that she did.  She waited for the day that one of the two elves
return to speak with her.  

Her thoughts drifted to the letter that the
unfamiliar wolf had delivered to
her.  She had lost the one man who was
important to her.  He had died, then
returned, but it was not him.  She shook
her head, angered that the thoughts
of what she had once had was now gone to
her.  She felt down in a pouch at
her side, her fingers rubbing over the ring
that the false he had tried to
hand to her.  She had refused it then.  She did
not want it now.  This
imposter, althought the reincarnation of her life mate,
did not know her. 
He did not know what she was, nor what she had been through. 
All the
knowledge of this imposter did was to make her angry.  

She shook her
head, trying to clear her memories and her head.  She had more
important things
to do.  She had asked the Highlord for someone to undertake
her instruction,
only to be met with the warning to not overtax them so that
they could not
perform their assigned tasks.  She snorted derisively, her
eyes flickering to
ruby red.  

She closed the spellbook, setting it on a nearby table.  She
through a bag at her waist, pulling from it a large red ruby.  She laid
on the table in front of her, pushing her spellbook aside.  She leaned
looking directly at the ruby, the images within it showing her the
that had once been the Knights of Takhisis.  Her mind wondered, thinking
what the knighthood had now become.  Loss of true leadership, followed
false voices pretending to speak for the Queen, followed by another
that had vanished.  And now, her own mentor had left the falsity of
followers to become something else.  Yet he told her nothing. 
because she had been sent on a fool's mission by the minotaur.  

picked up the ruby, placing it back into the pouch.  She stood up,
her spellbook.  She walked out of the quiet room, casting a spell
before her to
move her to another place.  She stepped through and found
herself in the
familiar temple of Takhisis.  "One day, all will be memories.
Nothing will

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Wed Jul 25
22:03:32 2007
Subject     Something to do

She stared at the dust that
covered the grey cloak that she wore over her
clothing.  Then to her hands she
looked, the dust coated her fingers.  She
shook her hair, sending a cloud of
dust billowing around her.  She turned
her head and looked to the wolf beside
her.  Eshri too was covered with
whatever had been at the bottom of the chasm. 

She sighed, her voice sounding strangely wolfish.  An angry snarl, Arikaih
down on the ground and rummaged through a pouch.  From the pouch she
pulled out
parchment and ink.  With grim and determined look on her face,
Arikaih carefully
composed notes.  She whistled for Eshri's offspring and
gave them specific
instructions.  The young wolves listened to her
directions then took off for
their destinations.  Arikaih turned to Eshri. 
"This is what I need to do."  The
golden wolf nodded in agreement, laying
down beside her companion to wait for
whatever came.  

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Tue Aug
21 12:17:43 2007
Subject     Lost

The pathway grew longer, denser with
trees and foliage.  Arikaih shook
her head.  "Well," she said in a quiet voice. 
"I have really done it this
time.  I honestly can saw that I don't know where I
have brought myself to."

She continued walking, her steps followed by her wolf
companion and the
remaining 2 puppies that called the wolf mother.  She sighed
and sat down
near a large tree.  She looked accusingly at the golden wolf. 
"Eshri, you
knew I would get myself lost down that pathway, didn't you?"  The
seemed to growl softly, a sort of laugh from her as she laid down next
the half-elf and lay her head down on Arikaih's knee.  The puppies
suit, surrounding the young woman.  

Arikaih shook her head.  "I don't
know what I was thinking by trusting that
pure blood.  He is no better than my
father.  The lies, the promises, the
disappointment, I should have expected
every one of them.  He played off my
want to learn.  He is no better than the
false voice, nor the ones who tried
to teach me after the minotaur bested me." 
She turned her head toward the
sky.  "At least the minotaur was honest in his
promise before he left.  He
said that he would place me with mages who could
teach me.  Too bad he was
unable to stay to see what they 'tried' to teach me." 

The wolf growled softly, causing Arikaih to look back down at her. 
about Lord Saige?  He deserted me too, just as they all did.  I have
heard word from any of the young I placed, not from Lord Saige, Kailith
bastard, nor from Mrizen.  Perhaps this is the Dark One's way of
she's angry at me."  Arikaih shrugged her shoulders.  "She's angry at me,
well.  The problem is, I really don't care.  What can she do to me?  Send
to the Abyss?"  Arikaih snorted.  "The Abyss would be a welcome change
what I walk through here."  Arikaih started laughing, quieting down after
bit.  "Would she send a loyal follower to the Abyss and allow another dark
the chance of 'tempting' me.  She doesn't have that much meddle in the
ways of
the mortals on the face of Krynn, Eshri."  

Arikaih stood up, wiping the tears
of laughter from her eyes.  She turned
and walked back down the trail, stopping.
 She turned her head back toward
the dark, dense foilage.  "You know.  There is
always an ending to a trail."
She turned back around and continued into the
darkness.  "I've been lost for
a long time now.  What does it matter that I
can't be found?"  

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Mon
Nov 12 10:21:33 2007
Subject     The way of the scout

Arikaih walked
quietly into the center of the camp as the sun rose. 
Twenty-two of the
twenty-four scouts stood there waiting.  As she walked
along in front of them,
the final two scouts tried to sneak into the line. 
She allowed it, but kept
note of their scent and their looks.   'Those two
will be the first ones to
die.  I will not keep those who cannot show up
when they are required, 'she
thought as she walked toward a spot near the
center of them.  

"I am Arikaih.
 You have been given to me to train a scouts.  We leave now
for the forests." 
 She said slowly.  She turned and headed toward the edge
of the camp.  A
hesitant moment passed, then, slowly, the scouts followed

The small
group walked deeper into the forest.  As they reached a spring,
the bushes
started moving.  A few of the scouts drew their weapons, drawing
an angry glare
from Arikaih.  "The noises in the bushes have followed us
since we left the
camp.  They are noises that you WILL grow used to.  These
noises will guard you
and protect you."   She turned and let loose a loud
wolf's howl.  From the
bushes, four wolves emerged, walking up to Arikaih. 
One of the two scouts who
had arrived to the assembly late snorted, shaking
his head.  That was the last
mistake he would make.  Arikaih lifted her
hand, whispering.  The man grabbed
his throat, trying to remove an invisible
hand as it choked the life from him. 
Moments later, he dropped to the
ground.  "Is there anyone else?"  {nShe
asked, her eyes traveling over the
faces before her.  Seeing no resistance, she
shook her head.  "I command the
WolfBound.  We are scouts.  You will train
with us to learn how to do this
job in quiet.  It is up to me who will return to
the camp to continue to
serve Lord Saige's Queen.  Your lives belong to me."  
She turned and
continued into the forest, the wolves ranging out around her. 
Slowly the
scouts from the camp followed her, some of them with curiousity, the
rest of
them with fear ranging from mild to extreme showing plainly on their

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Sat Nov 24
13:51:03 2007
Subject     Scout's Return

She sat quietly on the limb
of a tree, watching the activity near her.
The final assignment of the scouts
she had been training was for them to
find her. She watched with mild amusement
as Eshri and the pups led the
scouts astray. She laughed to herself as Fron,
another of the returning
WolfBound who had once been Bundesphar under the
Knights of Takhisis, sent
forth her report of her misled scouts.

She stiffened
as a group of two scouts neared her location. They had done as
she had asked and
had taught. One followed the trail while the other
protected them. The tracker
looked up the tree, peering into the coverage.
She bowed deeply as she saw
Arikaih, pointing out the hiding place to the
other scout. This scout too bowed
deeply. Arikaih slipped down the tree,
standing before them. "You are the only
ones who have not been led astray by
the sounds that protected me. Use what I
have taught you to return to Lord
Saige,"  she said quietly. She reached into
her pocket and pulled a rolled
parchment, handing it to the tracker. "You will
both have to do as His
Lordship's scouts until I can get the others

She watched as the two scouts disappeared into the trees. When they
gone, she whistled, imitating a bird. Moments later, Eshri appeared.
turned to the golden wolf. "I have sent two ahead to Lord Saige. Let
round up the failures and make sure that they are well prepared for
next training. Arikaih and the wolf seemed to disappear into the forest.
bit later, screams and yells came from all directions as the WolfBound and
Companions rounded up the scouts and took them back to the camp.

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Sat Dec  1 12:14:56
Subject     Missives and movement

Arikaih stood quietly hidden in
the trees and foilage with Fron, her eyes
watching the progress of the scouts
she trained as they struggled to find
the wolf that was their target. She shook
her head, quietly whispering to
the woman at her side. "I see better progress,
but not what I want to see.
They are becoming more aware, but I see that your
own companion, Ice, walks
around and throws them off the main trail." Fron nods,
a smirk on her face.
"We were trained differently, Commander. These 'humans'
know little, but as
you say, they learn." A smile crossed Fron's face. "I
remember your training
under Captain Dante. I was for certain that you would not
survive that, but
look at what you have managed to become." Arikaih nodded, her
mind quickly
and momentarily taking her back to the time she had spent when she
had first
met Eshri and was slowly learning what she now knew.

Sound of
movement from the trail behind her saw Arikaih turning to face the
footsteps with her hand on the dark obsidian dagger in a sheath at
her side.
Instead of moving for attack, she stood still. A small bit of time
passed when
one of the two scouts she had sent ahead to Lord Saige stepped
out of the
bushes. The young man bowed deeply and was soon joined by the
young woman who
was the other scout that she had sent ahead. Arikaih nodded,
returning their
formal greetings. The young man pulled a rolled parchment
from a pouch at his
side and held it out to her. She nodded, taking it from
him. She broke the
familiar wax seal and skimmed the words on the page. She
rolled the parchment
back up, turning to Fron. "I leave you in charge of
these scouts. I also will
leave you part of the wolves. I have been asked to
return to Lord Saige." Fron
nodded, a smile on her face. "The Queen of the
World calls to her those who
ARE truely her minions. We have Lord Saige. He
is truely Her Representative here
on Krynn....better than others." Arikaih
shrugged her shoulders slightly. "I
still have yet to know of the one you
speak. I follow the orders of the one I
trust. There are none others who
have my loyalty." Fron nods again. "One
day, Commander, you will learn more
about HER. Those who were charged with your
first knowledge of HER were lax
in their teachings. Mark my words, one day SHE
will make herself know to you
and you will understand." Arikaih nods once,
turning her head. Taking in a
deep breath, she tilted her head back and released
a howl. Moments later,
wolves seemed to appear, walking to her side. She knelt
beside them,
exchanging growls and motions. Three slightly small wolves walked
to Fron's
side, sitting on their haunches beside her. The large golden wolf
Eshri turned to the two scouts nearby and growled. The scouts bowed
to the wolf, setting the wolf to ease. A smaller white wolf and a
colored wolf remained at Eshri's side. "Train them to do what is
Lord Saige passed on the orders to me. I now pass them to you. They must
ready. Do what you MUST. If they are not capable of doing what he needs,
them." Fron nodded, her eyes seeming to glow. "They will be ready. But
all of them will make it back." 

Arikaih nodded, turning to the scouts at her
side. "Come, we return to Lord

Author:    Arikaih       

Date:      Wed Jan 30 03:38:35 2008
Subject     [FWD] Seeking

[FWD Note] - [ 52] Arikaih: Seeking guidance
Date] - Fri Jan 25 10:41:41 2008
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Arikaih stalked away from the bloody mess
she had left on the training
field by beheading the former Field Commander.
Behind her she heard the
footsteps of the scouts that seemed intent on following
her every wish and
command. She stopped, turning to them. "Find the rest of
the scouts and
integrate them into the troops. You are the leaders of the
scouts. Keep them
on their toes and make sure that they do NOT get sloppy and
lazy,"  she
said, the same hint of anger and malice lightly hinting in her
words. Sciath
and Teryn nodded, bowing deeply as they backed away from the young

Arikaih turned, continuing her stalking. Not knowing where she walked,
suddenly stopped, realizing her feet carried her back toward Sanction.
shook her head. "There is no reason for me to return to that city. There
nothing that binds me there,"  she thought, shaking her head. "Perhaps it
information you seek, information denied to you by those who filled your
with nonsense and kept you from your rightful place, my child," 
whispered a
dark voice deep inside her head. Arikaih turned, her hand
gripping her dagger
tightly. Seeing no one, she shook her head. "You can't
get rid of me that
simply, child. Have you question, seek you an answer," 
the voice continued,
causing heat and pain to throb from the fresh wounds on
her chest and stomach.
Arikaih gasped, clutching the area, falling to her

Slowly the pain
subsided. Arikaih slowly stood up, careful not to cause more
damage. Again, she
shook her head. 

After standing for a bit, her mind turning over thoughts, she
shrilly. Almost immediately, two wolves seemed to appear before her.
knelt slowly. "Return to Fron and tell her that I return to Sanction. I
speak with Lord Saige,"  she growled quietly to the younger of the
wolves that answered her whistle. The wolf turned and disappeared into
nearby trees. Arikaih then turned her attention to the golden wolf
remained at her side. "Eshri, we must return to Lord Saige. I must
with him. There is much I do not know,"  she growled. The wolf seemed

Arikaih stood up slowly, pulling a stone from a little used pouch at
side. She held the stone, her voice speaking little used words, causing
formation of a shimmering hole before her. She shook her head,
closer to the gate. She slowly took a deep breath and nodded to the
beside her. Together they took a step into the gate.

Stepping directly in
front of the guards at the gate of Sanction. Arikaih
gave a huge sigh of relief.
The wolf at her side growled. Arikaih looked
down. "Honestly Eshri, I didn't
know if that spell would work or not. That
is the first time I have ever used
it,"  she growled, a bit more relaxed. 

Arikaih turned her attention to the
guards at the gate. She walked forward,
her head held high. The guards saluted
her as she passed. She gave the
briefest nod to them.

Her feet carried her to
the pathways leading to where she would find Lord
Saige. She nodded to Eshri.
"Seek him out. Let him know that I have been
injured and must speak with him
about these injuries,"  she growled, sending
Eshri to deliver her message. She
sat down on the ground, putting herself on
guard against any and all who might
cause her harm. 

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Thu Jan
31 04:52:55 2008
Subject     Returning

The portal opened, swirling
near two scouts. Arikaih stepped out of the
portal, Eshri at her side. Teryn and
Sciath, the first two scouts that
Arikaih had trained, startled in the
disturbance. Arikaih glared at them. "I
could have been someone else. NEVER
let your guard down," she snarled,
scanning the area. Not seeing what she
looked for, she turned toward the
scouts, anger showing in her face. "Where is
Fron? I sent her a message to
assist you both and to keep an eye on Field
Commander Jonis," Arikaih
snapped. Teryn bowed deeply. "I have not seen her
since you ordered us to
leave, Lieutenant. We returned here as you commanded and
set the scouts on
missions to further their skills," the young scout replied.
Arikaih nodded.
"Find her," Arikaih growled, lifting her head and throwing a
howl into the

Moments later, the children of Eshri came into view. Arikaih
growled toward
the puppies. They growled, setting off on the mission she set for

Arikaih turned and headed toward the field where her chosen Field
Jonas worked at training the troops he now oversaw. He heard a noise
turning. When he saw Arikaih, he practically fell over himself bowing
saluting. Arikaih smirked, stopping close to the man. "Were Lord Saige
arrive for a search, you would be killed,"  she said, her eyes beginning
glow red. She turned, looking at the troops practicing. She watched for
bit, her eyes taking in the works. She turned her attention to the
Commander. "Get them prepared. If they do NOT perform up to my
soon, you will NOT live to remedy your mistake," she said,
turning and
walking away from the startled Field Commander who turned and
bellowing orders to the troops below. 

Arikaih walked slowly to the
woods nearby. Her wolf-mate, Eshri, sat quietly
on her haunches. Arikaih slowly
sat down beside the wolf. She turned her
attention to her friend, growling
softly to the wolf. The wolf answered,
whinning softly. Arikaih shook her head,
whinning back. The wolf growled,
pushing her nose into the wound on Arikaih's
stomach. Arikaih gently shoved
her away, growling. 

A rustling nearby sent the
wolf to her feet in front of Arikaih, growling in
protection. Arikaih moved
quickly, hiding the wound. She drew her dagger,
waiting. Sciath slipped through
the trees, her own weapon drawn. Sciath
bowed deeply. "There is no sign of
Fron, Lieutenant,"  she said. Arikaih
nodded. "Then lets do this my way," 
she said turning to Eshri. She looked
at the wolf, growling. She turned to
Sciath. "Assemble the scouts,"  she
growled. Sciath nodded, turning and
heading to where the scouts gathered. 

Author:    Arikaih       

Date:      Thu Jan 31 05:26:24 2008
Subject     Seeing is

Arikaih followed Eshri, her dagger lightly gripped in her
hand. She
glanced around, watching for sign of movement. From up ahead, she
caught a
glimpse of what she was looking for.

She growled quietly to Eshri,
sending the wolf to intercept the others and
to keep them back. She stood
quietly and listened to what was happening in
front of her. And the more she
listened, the angrier her glare became. After
a bit, she turned and walked from
the area. "Deceit is more the work of the
followers of Hiddukel, Fron, not
those pledged to do the work of Takhisis," 
she said, pitching her voice to
carry to where Fron stood over a pit of

Arikaih slipped as she walked,
ignoring the pain that radiated from her
stomach area. She sighed in relief when
she saw the scouts and Eshri. She
walked directly to them, nodding. "Fron is
just ahead. She should join us
soon. When she does, send her to Sanction to get
more training as a cleric.
She is not to destroy the safety of these troops in
ANY way,"  Arikaih said,
turning and walking away, leaving questions in the
eyes of all standing

Climbing a hill, Arikaih stood, watching her
troops. She glared as one group
of troops made a mistake, but smiled a bit as
her chosen Field Commander
bellowed orders to fix the problem and punish the
idiot that caused it. 

Movement to her side caused her to turn her head. Sciath
and Teryn
approached, bowing. "She has been escorted to Sanction,"  Teryn
quietly. Arikaih nodded, returning her gaze to the troops nearby.

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Wed Feb 20 02:51:53
Subject     Supply lines

Sets of eyes peered out of the heavy
brush, watching the barbarians gloat
over the supplies they had stolen from the
Armies of the Queen. No movement
stirred from the bodies owning the eyes, but
each being was tense and ready,
waiting for the small signal from the leader of
this group.

A lone young wolf walked quietly toward the brush, listening for a
sound. When it heard the sound it waited for, it entered the brush,
in front of a hooded figure. It quietly growled its report. The
nodded, returning the growl. The figure slowly stood up, pushing the
back from its head. Beside the figure, two other humanoids also stood
flanking the first human. 

The first human, turned to the rest of the eyes,
motioning with a hand. The
rest of the eyes stood, numbering 12 humans and 4
wolves. With a single hand
motion, the group started moving out. One part of the
group headed toward
the out lying people, dispatching them with quiet ease. More
of the group
started dispatching more of the barbarians. The last group,
consisting of
the first person, the ones standing at the flank, and a golden
wolf. They
started forward, taking out more of the barbarians.

After a bit, the
group returned moved to a bonfire in the center of the
barbarian camp. All the
people and wolves stood around quietly, waiting for
the final group to make it
to the bonfire. The central figure nodded. "That
is what what we need to do to
each and every supply line. Highlord Saige
needs the supplies for the Armies,"
Arikaih said quietly, her red-tinted
eyes moving over each member of her
scouting party. "This MUST be stopped."

She turned and walked back to the
brush, the troops following her. She
abruptly stopped and turned to a few
members of her scouting party. "Go back
to the main body of troops and bring
them here. They will take these
supplies to Highlord Saige. Once that is done,
you and the troops with
return to me," she said to the scouts. The scouts
bowed and took off to find
the troops.

"You have done what you have set out
to do, Lieutenant Arikaih," one of the
scouts flanking her said. Arikaih
turned to the scout. "Done what? I am only
doing what no one else has set out
to do," she said, her eyes narrowing as
she looked at the supplies. The scouts
stood nearby, quietly shaking their
head as Arikaih turned back and walked to
the supplies. She picked up an
empty supply pack, throwing it into the bonfire
with renewed anger. The
scouts watched. One turned to the other. "She is not
taking this well, is
she Sciath?" he asked. The other scout shook her head.
"Fron did something
that should have never been done. From what I understood,
the Lieutenant was
devistated when her lifemate died. The shell returned, but
was not the same.
Fron knew that, but kept pushing. The issue should have been
dropped long
ago. From what I'm seeing, Fron got exactly what she deserved,"
Sciath said,
her eyes never leaving Arikaih. Teryn nodded, returning his gaze

He took the move first, walking to Arikaih. He bowed deeply to her.
would you have me do, Lieutenant?" he asked. She turned toward him,
at him. He nodded, reaching over and picking up an empty supply package.
handed it to her. She yanked it out of his hand and chucked it into
bonfire. "I need no help from anyone. Do what you are ordered to,"
growled at him, stalking into the underbrush. Teryn walked back to
"I tried," he said. 

Author:    Arikaih        
   Wed Feb 20 12:41:00 2008
Subject     Returning the supplies

stood on the top of a small hill, watching her troops, under the
command of her
chosen field commander. The troops packed up the supplies.
Behind her stood her
trusted scouts, Teryn and Sciath. Without saying a
word, Arikaih knew they were
there. The golden wolf at her side told her so.
Arikaih looked down at her
bondmate and nodded. The golden wolf stood up and
loped down toward the troops.
Arikaih turned toward the scouts at her back.
"They will finish soon and take
the needed supplies back to Lord Saige. We
must find the next barbarian camp,"
 she said, her red tinged eyes flashing
angrily. "Send out the more
knowledgeable of the scouts and have them find
the next encampment,"  she
said, turning back toward the troops. She
listened as one of the two scouts
bowed to her, then moved down the back of
the hill. She turned back around to
see Sciath standing nearby. Sciath
raised one hand, palm forward toward Arikaih.
"Forgive my forwardness,
Lieutenant, but you seem troubled. If you need to
speak with anyone, I am
here,"  the young woman said quietly, lowering her
hand. Arikaih growled at
the woman. "I need nothing from anyone. I gave my
trust a few times, for
naught. Unless you can tell me what the Queen plans for
me. Not even the
cleric that was assigned to the troops can heal this wound She
gave to me," 
Arikaih growled, her voice becoming more harsh and anger filled.
nodded her head. "Perhaps I could try something my parents did when I
injured,"  the young woman offered. Arikaih sighed and nodded, lifting
hem of the shirt she wore. Sciath stepped forward and looked at the wound
her commanding officer's stomach. She stepped back and nodded. "I
return with what I need, by your leave,"  she said, bowing deeply.
nodded, turning back to watch the movement of her troops. 

watched the hill from his post with the troops. He smiled as his
scout, Sciath, spoke with the Lieutenant then left. He turned back
to the field
commander, issueing his commands. Teryn allowed a smile to play
on his face as
the commands were carried out. He glanced toward the hill,
smiling as he saw
Arikaih nod her approval in his direction. 

Author:    Arikaih       

Date:      Sun Feb 24 22:51:07 2008
Subject     Movement and

The mountains seemed to loom in the distance, desert and oasis
Troops marked with the Green of the DragonArmies moved as a cohesive
unit, a
trio of people standing nearby and watching.

Arikaih watched as the
assigned troops marched their pathway toward their
destination. Arikaih turned
to the scouts at her sides, speaking with them
in quiet tones. The scouts, one
male and one female, spoke to her with
respect and truth. At times she would
not, other times she would glare at
the troops below. 

Another scout approached
from the direction the troops were traveling. He
stepped before Arikaih.
"Lieutenant, we have them. They are 1/2 day march in
the current direction,"
 he said, bowing. She nodded. "Find them, watch
them. When I return from
Alek-khan, we will finish this and find HighLord
Saige," she said with a nod.
The scout nodded, heading toward the troops. 

Author:    Arikaih     
Date:      Tue Feb 26 14:52:47 2008
Subject     Healers of

Arikaih walked quietly into Alek-khan, a dirty cloak pulled
around her.
Still weary of many people, she seemed to avoid them when she

Flanking her, but far enough back to leave her "alone" walked the scouts
had trained, Sciath and Teryn. Their duty to her, in their mind, was to
an eye on her. 

Arikaih turned her head slightly, catching a glimpse of
the scouts. She
stopped, growling deeply in her throat. The scouts froze,
hearing the
warning in her voice. They looked at each other, then turned and
briskly from the city. 

Arikaih turned her head again, nodding at not
seeing the scouts around her.
She sighed and continued on her walk.

carefully walked the street, looking for something that would be useful
to her.
She stopped in front of a small shop near the center of the city.
Taking a deep
breath, she entered the shop. 

Inside the shop, a man stood dressed in robes of
suet black. He looked up at
Arikaih and nodded, his eyes taking in her clothing.
"What you want?" he
asked. "Cleric of the Queen?" she asked, her eyes
glaring at him. He
returned her glare, not backing down. "It depends on who's
asking for what
reason?" he said, his hand slowly moving toward something
under the

Arikaih watched his movements with a careful eye. "Would
it help to know
that I am a Lieutenant under the command of HighLord Saige?"
she said, her
own hand moving slowly out of the dirty robe.

The cleric lifted
his hand to the top of the counter. He smirked. "What
proof do you have of
this?" he said, looking at her. She opened her cloak,
showing her hands to the
cleric. "Do I need to show you?" she asked, her
hands starting to glow red.
The cleric nodded, smiling. "Now I truely see
who you are, Lieutenant Arikaih.
What can a humble cleric of Our Queen do
for you?" he asked, giving a slight
bow to her.

Arikaih slowly lifted the hem of her shirt to reveal the bottom
curve of the
bloody crescent carved into her stomach. The cleric nodded. "You
have been
marked by the hand of Takhisis. She sent you a message, Lieutenant?"
cleric asked. Arikaih nodded. "Her message was sent, and received
plainly. However, I can't perform the duties set upon me by Her
HighLord with such a wound that never heals. The clerics assigned to
troops are unable to do anything to staunch the flow of blood and this
caused me to collapse in following my given orders," she said, pulling
shirt back down. The cleric smiled. "And you wish me to commune with Her
help you?" he asked, walking around the counter to face her. With
left to say, Arikaih simply nodded, pulling the cloak around her

The man nodded, his hand pointing toward a back area. She nodded,
walking in
front of him. 

She stepped into the back room and her eyes were met
with familiar signs of
Takhisis. Symbolic items of the cleric's worship of
Takhisis lay everywhere.
She looked around, stepping forward slightly to allow
the cleric to join
her. He stepped around her, motioning for her to follow him.
With a quick
look around, she did.

He led her to the corner of the room. He
waved his hand and steps leading
downward appeared. "Go below, I'll be with
you in a moment,"  he said,
looking back toward the front of the shop.

walked down the steps, into complete darkness. She growled, scenting the
She whispered uninteligable words, causing her eyes to cover with a
hazy red
film. Her eyes tingled for a few moments, gradually becoming clear
in their

The cleric walked down the steps. He muttered a couple of words,
causing dim
lights to light the area. Arikaih stood in the center of the room,
near a
red gem. "I have seen these before. What are they cleric?" she asked,
head turning towards him. The cleric shrugged his shoulders. "I have yet
figure that out, Lieutenant. All I know is that they enhance what I am
to do,"  he said, stepping around her. He motioned for her to join him in
room farther from the gem. She took one last look at the gem and followed

They entered a small room. He motioned to a table in the center of the
"Disrobe as proper as you see fit and lay on the table I will do what I
to heal your wounds,"  the cleric said, turning his back to her.
sighed, dropping the cloak to the floor. She pulled her shirt off,
it on top of her cloak. She lay on the table, her arms crossed over

The cleric twisted his arm back, holding a blanket. Arikaih saw it
pulled it from his grasp. She covered herself, looking away from

The cleric turned back around, his hands toward Arikaih. She sighed
closed her eyes as he gently touched the bottom curve of the crescent on
stomach. "Her agent did a number on this wound, Lieutenant. I will do
best,"  he said, beginning his whispering.

Pain coursed through her body,
causing her to bite down on her lower lip.
Arikaih fought to hold her body still
under the ministrations of the cleric.
She opened her eyes, forcing herself to
look directly at the cleric. He
looked at her, returning her red tinged gaze
with his own gaze, his eyes
tinted red also. He laid her hands on her stomach.
Again the pain was
excrutiating, causing her to black out. 

Date:      Wed Feb 27 12:36:13 2008
Subject     Was it
all a dream?

A breeze seemed to flutter through the room, hitting
Arikaih and waking
her. She slowly opened her eyes, looking around her. She lay
on the only
furniture in a falling down building.

She jerked to her feet, aware
that her stomach and chest no longer pained
her. Her eyes quickly scanned the
area around her, seeing only a pack on the
ground near where she had dropped her
own dusty cloak and bloody shirt. 

She looked down, realizing for the first
time that her shirt was back on.
She slowly and carefully lifted the hem on the
shirt, seeing the curving
crescent of a newly healed scar. She gently touched
the new skin around the
wound and felt a twinge of pain, nothing more.

curiousity led her to the pouch. She lifted it and set it on the table
she had
woken up on. Opening it, she noticed dark cloth in the bag.
Wondering, she
pulled it all out.

At the bottom of all the cloth in the bag was a folded note.
She picked it
up and carefully opened it.


I have done my duty to Our
Queen. It is now time that you take your place as
Her loyal follower. Shed that
which you knew and start fresh. She has seen
fit to spare your life this time,
but WILL NOT be so lenient the next.


Shocked by the wording of the note,
Arikaih lifted the cloth and set it out.
She stared at the cloth for many
minutes, contemplating the meaning of it,
then nodded. "Thy orders obeyed, My
Queen,"  she said quietly as she slowly
removed the clothing she wore and
replaced it with the cloth in the bag. 

Finished dressing, Arikaih looked
around her at what she could see of her
new look. She felt a bit conscious of
herself, but made the decision to drop
the uncertainty.

She stepped out of the
collapsing building, meeting the rising of the sun.
She smiled, looking upward
and seeing the familiar sight of the Queen's
likeness in the sky. She placed her
fist over her heart and, with her head
raised, walked from Alek-khan to return
to her troops. 

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Thu Feb
28 18:05:18 2008
Subject     Supplies to the masses

Arikaih walked out
of Alek-khan, a cloak thrown haphazardly over her
shoulders. She casually laid a
hand at sheath of the dagger at her waist.

Her footsteps soon carried her to
the outskirts of troops of the Green
Dragonarmies, under the command of her
field commander. She walked into the
center of the troops before anyone realized
she was there. The anger on her
face was apparent as she sought out the
commander. He never got a chance to
turn to salute her as she plunged her dagger
into his spine at the base of
his neck. He crumpled to the ground, sightless
eyes staring at her. She
knelt and pulled the dagger from the corpse.

Standing, she turned to the first soldier. "You are now field commander,"

she snarled at the young female soldier. "Don't disappoint me. You see
happens,"  she said, spinning on her heal and walking away from the

Sciath approached her, bowing deeply. Arikaih glared at the female
"Find the scouts and get them on the perimeter, NOW,"  she growled
Sciath bowed, backing away, sending a whistle into the air to call
scouts to her. 

Still angry, Arikaih stalked to a nearby tent, sending the
occupants out.
She shouted orders to the nearby soldiers, sending them every
which way.
After nearly an hour of angry shouting, Arikaih called the new
commander to her. The woman entered the tent, knowing full well that
life could be forfeit.

While the situation in the camp was hectic, the
scouts hustled to secure a
perimeter around the camp. Teryn and Sciath, the lead
scouts, met each other
briefly. "That's new from her,"  Teryn said,
casually. Sciath nodded.
"Something has happened to cause this sudden change.
Right now, we do what
we must. She will soon call for us and we MUST be ready
for anything,"  she
said, moving away. Teryn nodded, looking back toward the
camp center. He
shook his head and continued his duties. 

Date:      Tue Mar  4 11:49:11 2008
Subject     Taking
over the barbarian camp

Tugging at the clothing she now wore, Arikaih
watched the barbarian camp
with hooded curiousity. On her right side stood the
newly appointed field
commander, Andra. Andra watched over Arikaih's shoulder,
determined not to
follow in the footsteps of the former commanders. She
whispered questions to
the young mage, which were answered in hushed tones. The
scouts stood
nearby, listening closely.

After a while, Arikaih called the
scouts to her, issuing orders for claiming
the camp. The scouts bowed deeply,
backing away. She then turned to Andra.
"It's time." she said with a

The camp knew little as to the situation as the troops under the command
Arikaih swept down upon them, this time, with Arikaih in the middle of

As the fight began to subside, the troops of the DragonArmies stood a
taller, seeing their Lieutenant among them. Some of the troops cheered
Arikaih raised her hand, calling for the appointed commanders in the
to her side. She spoke briefly with them, her eyes flashing amber and
tint. After she finished talking to the commanders, they bowed
heading back to their individual assignments. Those assignments were
out swiftly, bring order to the camp.

She walked through the center of
the camp, flanked by the field commander.
She entered a large tent, looking
around. She smiled slightly, seeing the
supplies that had not made it to
Sanction. She nodded to Andra. "Gather the
wagons we hid in the woods. Load
these supplies. We travel to meet up with
Highlord Saige,"  she said, turning
her back to the woman. Arikaih did not
see the bow, but heard the woman move out
of the tent.

Arikaih stepped out of the tent, nodding to Sciath and Teryn.
"Do we have
captives? " she asked. The scouts nodded. Arikaih smiled, an
evil gleam in
her eyes. She again nodded, resuming her walking excursion of the

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Sun Mar  9
14:43:43 2008
Subject     Remnants of the past

Arikaih stepped into
the beginnings of her troops camp, the scouts ranged
out behind her. Amongst the
10 remaining members of the scouts, they carried
8 large deer. She nodded to
Teryn and Sciath, and headed toward a tent
toward the center of the

Alone, she entered the tent. She looked around, shaking her head.
reminds me of the time that I woke up the scouts of Lord Saige's camp, '
thought, smiling at the memories of the reactions of the so-called scouts.

She stepped to the desk in the center of the tent and removed the belt at
waist, dropping it on the scarred top of the desk. She moved across the
pulling back a division to reveal another small room. A large backpack
lay on
the hastily erected cot. She upended the backpack, tossing clean
clothing onto
the bed. Quickly she used a nearby pitcher of water and the
shirt she was
wearing to take an impromptu bath.

That finished, she stepped out of the small
room, closing the curtain again.
Her belt and the pouches had been pushed aside,
a steaming bowl of soup
placed in the center of the desk. Arikaih grumbled
angrily, seeing the
pouches on the belt, their contents scattered around.

hastily started to return things to the pouches. She picked up the red
she had found in the cave, looking at them with hidden curiousity.
Without a
second thought, she returned them to the pouch.

A shimmer of blue caught her
attention. She picked it up, looking at it with
amazement. She turned the
strange sapphire over in her hands. "Is it
possible that he still exists?"
she asked, looking into the sapphire. "He
probably lied to me, just like the
others,"  she pondered. Shaking her head,
she closed her eyes. "Will you
still answer me after all this time?" she
asked, remembering what he had
looked like.

Sighing, she opened her eyes and shoved the newly re-colored
sapphire back
into a pouch. She closed the pouches and gently set the belt on
the ground,
returning to the present, leaving the past behind her.

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Mon Mar 17 22:19:43
Subject     Movement and discipline

Shouts filled the air,
commands coming from voices new to their role. A
young man, whiskers still new
to his face, stood with grizzled med whose
faces showed the battles they had
been in. The young man would turn to an
older man, speaking quietly to him. The
older man would, in return, speak to
the young man. This finished the young man
would lift his voice to the air,
giving orders to the surrounding troops.

lone figure stood atop a nearby hill, watching. To anyone watching from
afar, it
would have seemed as through the figure were spying on the
activity. However,
this was a misleading train of thought. Upon closer view,
the figure seemed to
radiate anger. She stood as still as a statue, just

Scouts returned
to the camp area, their spirits low after witnessing one of
their own beaten for
failing in her orders. Teryn, the other lead scout,
seemed dazed as he walked,
stubbing his toe occasionally. He caught himself,
glancing around. He looked up,
catching Arikaih's glare on him. She made a
sharp gesture at him, calling him to
her. He bowed slightly, altering his
course to climb the hill to her. He bowed
deeply to her, straightening
himself to a stiff attention, his eyes focused
behind her. 

Arikaih looked at the scout before her, her red tinted eyes
seeming to
simmer in anger. After a bit, she turned her attention back to the

"Have you problems, scout?" she asked, her voice tinged
with malice. Teryn
dropped his gaze to her face. He watched her for a moment,
gathering courage
for his next action. "Premission to speak freely,
Lieutenant?" he asked, his
voice faltering a bit. Arikaih looked at his and
nodded, her eyes not
leaving him. "I disagree with what has been done,
Lieutenant," he said,
again keeping an eye on Arikaih. "How so?" came the
snarled reply. Teryn
sighed inwardly, continuing. "Lord Saige would have been
well aware of any
scouts assigned to watch him. Sciath did as she was ordered.
There was no
call for the punishment given to her," he said, diverting his
gaze from

Arikaih snorted, stepping closer to Teryn. "She was seen,
scout. She was not
the only one ordered to keep eyes on the Highlord's party.
The others
reported back and were never seen. Sciath got sloppy," Arikaih
said, turning
her gaze to the troops. Teryn swallowed hard, pushing his fear
away. "What
about the Field Commander you seemed smitten with, scout?"
Arikaih asked,
contempt flowing throughout the question. Teryn looked at
Arikaih, his fear
coming forth. Arikaih walked past him, her back to him.

turned his head to look at her. A growl nearby caused him to snap his
head back
around to attention. The golden wolf bound to Arikaih walked up
the hill,
sitting in front of Teryn. "Answer the question, scout," he heard
behind him. The golden wolf growled, emphasizing the command. He
sighed. "Her
death, to me, is a great loss. It, however, was her fault that
she died, this I
cannot find fault," he said, clearing all emotion from his

turned to face the back of the scout. She watched his body language
as he spoke
of the death of the female field commander. Silently she moved
behind him.

Teryn tensed as Arikaih's hands closed around his neck. He struggled to
his breath as she tightened her grip. Then, without warning, she
released her
grip. He dropped to his knees, gasping for air.

Arikaih knelt beside Teryn.
"Never forget this lesson, scout. Return to the
others and tell them to make
ready to move," she hissed, turning and walking
down the hill, the wolf

Arikaih shook her head as she walked down the hill. Eshri growled
softly to
her. Arikaih turned, stopping to look at her companion. She knelt
beside the
wolf, speaking to the companion in soft growls. After a while,
Arikaih stood
and continued toward the troops. Eshri remained where she was for
a bit,
then raised her muzzle, releasing a howl into the air. Arikaih
walking, ignoring the haunting accusation that followed her.

walked to the newest field commander, glaring at the veteran soldiers
surrounded him. The soldiers backed away, leaving the field commander
to face
their Lieutenant, his knees trembling as he moved to stand at a
rigid attention.
Arikaih watched him, her red eyes seeming to show a hint of

she turned, looking to the east. "Move the troops slowly eastward.
Make it a
leisurely movement, allowing anyone in the area to see us. I will
leave scouts
with you for messages to be passed," she said, turning her head
"Don't follow in the footsteps of your predecessors," she growled,
the young man's face drain of color as her words sank in. She
turned abruptly on
her heel and headed east, away from the center of

She stopped a ways
from the camp, reaching into the pouch at her side.
Smiling, she pulled out the
glowing sapphire. "What would you teach me, pure
blood?" she asked in a
snarl. She shoved the sapphire back into her pouch.
She waited a few moments,
the released a shrill whistle into the air,
calling the scouts and WolfBound to
her side.

She watched as all of them approached. She looked over the 10
scouts and 7 wolves, her brows narrowing as her gaze passed over Teryn
Sciath. Her face returned to a stony faade as she turned slightly. "We
east by the orders of the Highlord. Part will move forward, seeing
ahead. Others will remain with the camp, and forward messages. The rest
remain one day behind and guard the rear," she said, looking over the
"Two will travel with me, being my eyes and ears." The group looked
Teryn and Sciath, as though guessing the choices. However, Arikaih
forward, laying her hands on the shoulders of two other scouts. "You
remain at my side," she said, surprising the entire group. 

She gave the
assignments to all the scouts, separating Sciath and Teryn.
This finished, she
and the lead group headed out, moving to the east. 

Date:      Sat Mar 22 01:45:32 2008
Subject     Back to

Still shifted in her shape, Arikaih loped along, the path she
taking her back to where the scouts waited. She stopped a few yards
from the
camp, resuming her elven form. She turned, looking behind her for
Eshri. Not
seeing her companion, she shook her head and looked ahead.

She moved
forward quietly, looking for the sentry scouts she had assigned.
She saw the
first one, the scout's weapon in hand. Arikaih smiled, stepping
into the open.
The scout bowed deeply, moving out of Arikaih's way. Arikaih
nodded as she
walked past the scout.

Before her loomed the opening of a cave. She entered the
cave, nodding to
the remainder of the scouts and wolves assembled there.

Sitting down near the fire in the center of the cave, she opened the
pulling out the strange blue sapphire. She held is gently in her
sending her thoughts toward it. 'Do you still walk among the living, or
another hold the mate to this stone?' she thought, her curiousity
toward the stone and the being in possession of the other sapphire.
'Do you
still offer what you once did?' she thought, cautious of her
remembering her conversation with the HighLord.

Soon she tired of the
conversation. She returned the sapphire to the pouch
and lay back, waiting for
the start of the next day. 

Author:    Arikaih        
  Thu Apr  3 11:43:22 2008
Subject     News

Arikaih sat quietly in the
cave, her eyes glaring at the red Wolfbound
puppy known as Tolinar. In return,
the puppy kept his head low, as though a
child in trouble. She looked across the
cave at the intruder she had taken
captive. She looked back at the puppy,
growing at him. The puppy walked
slowly out of the cave, his head held

Movement outside brought one of the scouts. He entered, bowing deeply.
message from the Highlord," he said quietly, handing a rolled parchment
her. She nodded, taking the roll. The scout bowed deeply, backing out of

She opened the parchment, reading the words carefully. After reading
message, she rose to her feet and stepped to the mouth of the cave.
the scouts to me, we return to the Southern Troops," she said turning
head toward the captive in the cave. "Make sure that he follows us
If he tries anything, deal with it,"  she said, walking out of the
cave. The
nearby scout bowed, then stood and entered the cave.

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Thu Apr 10 11:31:45
Subject     Back to the Borders

Arikaih walked a steady pace,
keeping her eyes trained on the
surroundings. Behind her ranged the scouts and
her captive. She glared
around her, catching glimpse of the red WolfBound puppy.
Narrowing her eyes,
she growled, sending the menacing warning to the puppy, who,
upon hearing
it, tucked his tail between his legs and took off to do what he was
to do.

She caught sight of the Border three days into her journey.
Instead of
calling for a halt, she continued ahead, apparently eager to take
command of
the troops stationed nearby.

Hours until the Border, sounds of
battle caught her ears. She held up a
hand, halting the band of scouts.
Whistling, she called the WolfBound to
her. Kneeling beside a large golden wolf,
Arikaih spoke to the wolf in soft
growls. The wolf returned her growls,
confirming her thoughts. She stood,
turning to the scouts behind her. "Prepare
yourselves. Both Eshri and I hear
the sounds of battle ahead. It may be nothing
but practice, but it may also
not be,"  she said, her voice quiet. She looked
to the captive nearby,
shaking her head. "I have no time to watch over him.
Untie him. Should he
fall in the skirmish, less for me to worry about,"  she
said, her eyes
boring into the red WolfBound puppy. The puppy, again, bowed his
head, but
defiantly walked to stand beside the young man. Arikaih shook her head
continued on her way. 

The closer the scouts got to the Border, the louder
and more agressive the
sounds of battle were. Arikaih frowned as she smelled the
first scent of the
battle, the blood. She hastened her pace, moving more quickly
toward what
lay ahead.

She entered a clearing near where the Border troops were
to be stationed.
Here lay the skirmish. Barbarians clashed with the troops of
Dragonarmies. Arikaih smiled slightly, drawing the weaponry from her
She hissed through clenched teeth and the scouts ranged out, joining in
battle with quiet stealth. 

Arikaih drew back her arm, and threw one of the
daggers that she carried. It
hit a barbarian, causing him to turn around. He
laughed a horrible sound as
he advanced on her.

He was a bit quicker than she
as he unleashed his sword on her. The sword
bit into her left upper arm,
creating a gouge in her shoulder. She dropped
the weapon in her left hand, yet
remained quiet. She kicked up dirt from the
ground allowing the breeze to carry
it into the barbarian's face. He backed
off, wiping at the dirt that entered his
eyes. This gave Arikaih a few more
minutes. She stepped back, sheathed the
weapon in her right hand, and
withdrew spell components from the pouch at her
waist. She whispered,
releasing the spell at the exact moment. Takhisis seemed
to be looking down,
guarding her path as lightning from the sky struck the
barbarian, frying

As their leader fell to the ground in a crispy shell,
the barbarians slowly
began retreating into the surrounding area. This gave
Arikaih the time to
survey the damage surrounding her. Bodies of both
DragonArmies soldiers and
the Barbarians lay scattered around the area. She
turned, looking for
someone in charge of the troops, then caught sight of
familiar beings.
Sciath, Teryn, and Fron stood nearby, their eyes watching her.
forced her face to become unreadable as she moved toward them. "A
report,"  she ordered, her voice remaining impassive. 

Teryn nodded,
standing taller and saluting her. "They caught us as we were
changing guard
posts. There was little we could do except fend them off. The
clerics and magic
users with us did give us a slight advantage, but their
numbers were greater
than ours. The field commander did a good job keeping
everything together, but
he was cut down near the middle stages of the
battle. Now, we rely on the
veteran officers for commands,"  he said, his
expression hidden.

nodded. She turned and headed toward a group of older men gathered
Teryn turned to Sciath and Fron. "Should we tell her, or wait?"
Fron shook
her head. "It is my duty to tell her. I will do it when the time
is right."

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Mon May 12 03:21:18
Subject      It is time...Part 4

A bright fire seemed to burn
from within the safe confines of a cave set
in a mountain base. Various humanoid
figures seemed to make their way in and
out of the cave with little effort.
Higher on the mountain, a lone figure
stood, watching everything around. To the
east of the mountain cave, in a
slight depression in the land, a ring of
well-armed troops stood, ringing a
band of prisoners. To the west of the
mountain cave, in another depression,
another ring of troops stood guard over

A lone messenger approached the cave, handing something to a nearby
This guard read through the missive. He nodded, handing the message back
the messenger and motioning toward the figure standing watch.

The messenger
trekked up the hill, stopping. He bowed formally, handing the
missive to the
lone woman standing watch on the hill. The woman took the
missive, nodding at
the messenger. She opened the notice, reading through it
thoroughly. When she
finished, she turned back to the messenger. She nodded,
walking past him and
toward the bonfire. "Gather the troops. We head toward
Kortal and the rest of
the troops of the Highlord,"  she said, her voice
quiet but seeming to ring
with authority. The troops near the bonfire bowed
deeply, turning and heading
different directions. Almost immediately, word
started passing to ready
themselves for the move.

Arikaih stood quietly, her back flanked by the bonfire
as she watched the
troops ready for movement. Two figures moved quietly, bowing
deeply before
her. She turned toward them, her expressions neutral. The figures
deeply. "The scouts are ready to move forward, Major,"  the closest
said quietly. Arikaih looked toward the figure. She nodded, her
remaining impassive and stonelike. "Move the forward scouts out
now, Teryn.
Sciath will lead the rear scouts when the troops move out," 
Arikaih said,
her voice ringing with the hint of mistrust and malice. The scout
Teryn bowed deeply, turning and moving down the hill. The scout
Sciath also bowed, yet remained, returning to a strict attention.
looked at the woman, her eyes seeming to change color to reflect a more
tint. "What is on your mind, scout?" she asked. The woman nodded,
forward and whispering something to Arikaih.

Arikaih glared at the
woman, then nodded.  "See to it. I want NO problems
from that one,"  she
growled. The scout bowed deeply, this time turning and
heading down the

Arikaih stood quietly on the mountain, watching the movement below
her. She
took in all the movement around her, her eyes constantly moving. At
beckoning motion from the field commander, she started down the
coming to stand before the man. He bowed nervously. "All is in
Major. We await your command to move out,"  he said, his voice
Arikaih nodded. "Give the command,"  she said in a quiet voice,
walking away
from the man. She let forth a shrill whistle. Movement from
nearby brought
wolves to her side. She nodded toward the movement. Wolves
moved forward, with
the exception of an older golden wolf. Arikaih looked
down, a smile crossing her
face for a moment. She moved forward with the
troops, her eyes scanning the

Author:    Arikaih        
Date:      Thu Jun 26
14:19:03 2008
Subject     Waiting, merely waiting

The darkness crept
closer to the mouth of the cave near Kortal. Inside, a
troop of people, all
wearing the marks of the DragonArmy, milled around.
They seemed to wait for
something to happen, the boredom showing through
some of them who made the
decision to try their skill at hand to hand
combat. Training exercises, they
seemed to call them.

A select few people stood outside the cave, cloaked in the
darkness. They
watched with curiousity as another person wandered the hill,
looking around,
as though searching for something. Movement from around the
figure caused
noone to jump or be scared. Wolves wandered around, strangely
helping the
figure look for whatever it was that it wanted to find. 

With a
grubby, dirty hand, the figure, a woman called Arikaih, stood up,
"I have found another one of them," she said, a chipper laugh in
the voice.
The figures with her came to her side, looking into the woman's
hand. A glowing
red stone lay in the open palm of her hand. She picked it up
between her
fingers, looking into it. 

Almost instantly, she was whisked into dreams. She
walked in the dreams,
looking around. They were whispers of the past, she

She came back to the darkness, looking around her. 'Strange. They
coming, but none of them answer why,"  she thought. 

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