The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Arthas.

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The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a bluish black leather-bound book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Arthas' scribed in purple ink.

Author:  Arthas
Date    Sun Apr  3 17:08:10 2005
Stamp   1112566090
Subject   A lost wanderer.

Arthas' Past

I grew up in a rich kingdom lost to the world. My father was the Lord of the
whole kingdom. My mother was never known to me...

I lived an extremely protected life with servants and tutors. I was well
schooled, but I never paid much attention to my lessons.

I was always bored in the classes and was scolded many times a day. One day, a
Tall warrior came to our castle and invited us to come to another kingdom to
compete in a competition of abilities.

The abilities varied from scholarly tests to wrestling. I immediately
volunteered. That time was my first time out of the castle.

We arrived 3 days and 3 nights later. I was amazed with the structures. A
timid, but melodious voice reached my ear.

I turned around and gasped. Standing before me, was a beutiful elven maiden.
She smiled at me and my heart started beating faster.

She was the host of the games daughter, my father informed me. My father went
one direction, and i went in the other, following her.

She stopped in the garden, and i caught up with her. I grabbed her by the arm.
"Who are you?"i asked.

"My name is Tamatha. But you can call me tammy." My heart lept with inner joy!
We stayed in the garden together for several hours.

We knew we were each others soulmates. But then...My Father's Hand shot down,
grabbing my hair. He was Furious because he was in an arguement with her

"You will NEVER see that girl again, DO YOU HEAR ME?!" I felt pain...A pain i
have never felt before.

I ROARED, Grabbed my fathers arm, and threw him over me. His face was ashen
and Blood trailed from his lips.

"You Are NOT my son! I DON'T HAVE A SON!" he snarled. My father stomped off in
his rage and i never saw him again.

I scanned the area looking for some signs of tammy. I couldn't find her. Then
i heard the sound of clinking Metal and stomping boots.

The king directed his Personal Escort made veterans of many wars and pointed
at me. They formed a half circle around me. I couldn't flee. My back was to a
wall. They all drew their swords.

I drew my sword and saluted them. I was outnumbered 50 to 1. As they started
moving forward with a slow pace, my sword IGNIGHTED in a Blue flame.

Startled, they drew back...And i charged forward, not wondering about my
blade. As I Bisected the first soldier, the two halves of him BLEW UP!
Blinding 5 more. I randomly chose a boat, paid him, and was off...

I ended up in Palanthas...

Re-Told by a Fisherman (with a pouch full of steel)
(Wrote story as a history for KoT)

Author:  Arthas
Date    Sun May 22 00:21:56 2005
Stamp   1116739316
Subject   an encounter with the law

Walking alone down a dark alley, i pondered my path in life. My mentor,
Baroness Ayasana was not with me, so i had some relaxation time.

It was a cool night. The Breeze ruffled through my dark hair, making it sway
in the wind. I changed my stance to make sure my sword was securely strapped
to my belt and no Kender had gotten to it.

Satisfied that the Blue tinged sword was still there, i nodded and continued
down the Alley. Not even in the City State of Palanthas was there safety.

Evil things lurked in every shadow. Theives, Murderers, and the Insane were
living in the city unwatched.

Turning at the corner of the Alley, I heard a Piercing Shriek farther down.
Curious at what was happening, I ran down the Alley. Sword drawn, I sprinted
down the rest of the alley.

A Fair Maiden was being harrassed by a few drunken men. Also being a man of
honor, I Rushed to her aid.

As I ran, the men started taking notice of me. "Hey!!!...thizz izz OUR
feemale. So get lost kid!"

Insulted by his word, I Jumped into the air, and brought my Blade down on his

The other men shouted with surprise and all brandished their Claymores at me.
Instantly sobered up, the men started engaging me in combat.

I knew i was at and extreme disadvantage being smaller then the burly men
carrying Claymores longer than my arm and leg put together.

Using my wits, I quickly whispered a quick prayer to the Dark Queen. "My me in vanquishing these foes with the power of your 5 heads..."

I was filled with a Holy Wrath as they came into reach of my Sword.

Crouching down, I severed a man's arm with an upward slice and bi-sected the
next. The others started withdrawing.

Angered at their cowardliness, I drew out 10 Shining Steel Dagger. With the 5
men fleeing, i hurled the daggers at their calves. All hit with unnerving

All of them tried to flee now. Crying and pitifully trying to crawl away, i
walked to each of them, i ripped my daggers out of them.

Spatting at the fleeing forms, i wiped my daggers on the body of the
unfortunate drunkards.

The Maiden sighed with relief as she draped herself around me giving me a
kiss. trying to push her away, i found she had a firm grip.

Not wanting to harm her, i struggled to wrest her grip from myself. A
wandering Squire saw me, and thought i was trying to molest her. Drawing his
sword, he had no small ego.

Shouting,"Don't worry My lovely Miss! I will save you from that Beast of a
man!" Grumbling in annoyance at the intrusion, i sighed and waited for him to
engage me in combat.

Being slightly older than me, but not Nearly as experianced in the art of the
Blade as i was, he fumbled many times.

Snorting at his swordsmanship, i easily tripped him. Holding my sword at his
throat, i said to him,"I didn't do anything to her, or the men around you.

I saved this woman from being raped. Now can you kindly leave me alone?"

He shivered...whispered,"My Honor is My Life." he SHOUTED,"HELP!!! TOWN

Cursing him for his stupidity, i knocked him out with the flat of my blade.
Lanterns appeared in all directions. sighing once more, i pulled out my bow
and and arrow with a long rope attached to it.

I knocked the arrow, and let it loose. It lodged deep in a nearby building.
After scaling the building, I found the Moonlight soothing. I sat down and
started meditating. After thanking the Queen for aiding me, I departed for my
dweling in Palanthas.

Arthas The Dark Warrior.

Author:  Arthas
Date    Mon Jun  6 16:53:52 2005
Stamp   1118094832
Subject   Observation in Palanthas

Resting in the shadows, i watch as things went by. A Shrill cry arose and i
stood up and swiftly pulled out my sword. A woman dressed in light colors was
wrestling with a man dressed in Black over a tiny purse. About to mount my
steed and charge, i saw a shar Glare. A Solamnic. Sitting loosely in my
saddle, watching from a distance, I watched as the solamnic got closer to the
theif. Instead of taking action, the Solamnic just started shouting for help.
A couple men turned their heads toward the commotion, but only a few Actually
sprinted towards the thief. The thief started running. The solamnics did not
bother to pursue the thief, but instead stooped by the lady. Seeing the thief
come near, i watched for the moment to strike. In a Lightning Fast Motion, I
whipped out my blade, and stuck it right in between his feet. He threw the
purse up in the air trying to catch himself. Catching the Purse in the air, i
shoved the theif out of my way, and headed towards the lady.

"Here's your purse ma'am". i said bowing to her. 

Sighing with relief, the lady left the area. 

Back at my dwelling place, i started writing my report to the Knighthood.

Arthas, Knight Of the Lily.

Author:  Arthas
Date    Sun Jul 17 21:51:24 2005
Stamp   1121655084
Subject   Patrol around kalaman Prt 1.

'Time for you patrol route Arthas.' I sigh as i nodded to my commander.
Strapping on my sword to my back, i stretch in the sunlight. Flexing my
muscles, i survey the area. Grabbing all my Platemail, and helm, i donned them
and i headed out of the camp. Heading out for the hills, i start making my

Almost an hour into my patrol, Nothing happens. I spot deer tracks, and i
unslung my bow, and knocked and arrow. Hearing a faint breathing sound, i
aimed in that direction. Pulling the bow string slowly back, the Buck appeared
cautiously. As it lowered its head to nibble some grass, I let loose the
arrow. It wizzed forward and went clean through the buck's heart, killing it
instantly. Grinning as i fetched my arrow and checked its feathers, i smile
and think of the big dinner the camp will eat tonight. Whispering a quick
Prayer to my Dark Queen, i lift the carcass onto my shoulders and head for

Just then, i hear the Snap of a twig, and i drew my blade with my fingers on
its sides to silence the metal Shink.

walking softly into the vicinity came two Solamnic Scouts that looked tired
and weakend. Smiling from the fact that our barricade was working, i estimated
my chance of defeating both. Nodding to myself, i readied myself as they came
into range.

I Lept from the Shadows and i quickly dispatch one of them by smashing the
flat of my blade on his skull. I smiled as i heard the Crunch of Bone and the
cracking of his Skull. His eyes imediately glazed over.

His parter was a female Solamnic of fair beuaty. Hesitating at first, i took a
light swing at her. She easily deflected the blow with her Silver Sword with a
Ruby inlaid on the cross-piece.

Shouting a Warcry, she attacked me with relentless fury. Being well trained in
the art of the Sword, i had no trouble stopping her. I Disarmed her and smiled
and i lightly side-stepped a punch from a Gauntletted  hand. I grumbled as i
quickly changed to a wooden sword. Smashing the flat side of the wood on her
head, She Blacked Out. I Picked her up, Chain Armor  and all, and i hefted her
on my shoulders. Grunting with the effort, i slowly moved to the nearby river.

I set her down near a tree, and i quickly stripped her of her Armor. Looking
over her body, i noticed she wore little besides a thin leather tunic and a
light skirt. Resisting temptation, i sighed and tied her hands behind her
back. Walking to the river, i filled my flask with fresh water. Slowly running
my hand over her body, i grinned as she started waking up. As she woke up, she
started struggling to be set free. 'Stop moving. You'll harm yourself more if
you do.' i ordered. She stopped at once. Not gagged, she spoke,'I will not
talk Lily knight. Just kill me now and finish it.' I had no intention of
killing her, and i quickly helped her sit upright on the Tree. As she noticed
i looked at her body, she Blushed and turned her head away. 'Do what you will
with me. I don't Fear. Paladine will see me through...' I sighed and put my
flask to her lips. She spat and i backed away. 'Its just water. You don't have
to fear. I wont harm you.' Being extremely pale and gaunt, she accepted the
water without a second thought. I withdrew a small Dagger and cut her bonds.
Being suspicous, she looked around for a way out. Realizing what she was
thinking, i quickly said,'There is no way out. You'll never get past me. Let
me introduce myself. I am Arthas. Who are you?' 'I am Herlaxis. Knight of the
Crown. What will you do with me?' shaking my head i said,'nothing. i will see
what happens and decide from there.' I noticed she also looked at me again the
way a flirtacious girl would a Handsome villageman. I flashed her a smile and
told her to sit still. I also warned her that my pet was in the area and if
she moved, she would be injured.

I went back to the deer carcass and found it in the same spot as i left it.

Author:  Arthas
Date    Sun Jul 17 22:08:32 2005
Stamp   1121656112
Subject   Patrol around kalaman Prt 2.

Lugging it back to the river, i saw the girl had not moved. smiling at her, i
said, 'Thank god you trust me. If you moved, a dragon would've came to see
what was up' She shivered at the thought of a dragon swooping down on her. I
swiftly created a fire, and during the proccess, i saw her eye the meat
hungrily. Quickly Grilling it, i gave her a piece. She devoured the piece of
meat within a minute. I gave She shivered at the thought of a dragon swooping
down on her. I swiftly created a fire, and during the proccess, i saw her eye
the meat hungrily. Quickly Grilling it, i gave her a piece. She devoured the
piece of meat within a minute. I gave her more meat until she was full.
Sighing happily, the Solamnic now eyed me cautiously. I decided to make camp
here because of the late hour. Writing a note, i whistled and a dragon
arrived. The dragon was of the color of purest saphire. Tying the message to
his feet, i dismissed him and he went towards our main camp. setting up two
bedrolls, i rested in one while the other one was given to the Solamnic.

Darkness descended quickly and she was lightly breathing.

Morning came and i awaoke with a start. the Solamnic was still in her roll
sleeping. I knelt down and started rubbing her to wake her.

She rolled over and tried to pin me to the ground. Slightly aroused because of
our position, i grinned and eyed her. She was aware too, and didn't try to
move. Instead, she leaned forward and Kissed  me. Wondering what the kiss was
for, i flipped her over and pinned her down. 'That was for your hospitality to
me. I owe you my life. I would've starved...' shaking my head, i whistled
sharply, and a Huge Blue Dragon Landed nearby. i tied my prisoner's hands
without trouble. Setting her in front of me, we head off to our main camp by
dragonback. Landing, i went straight to my superiours with my Prisoner. They
were glad they had more information about the Solamnics now that we knew that
can get past our siege. 'She will be safe when you are done with her.' The
officer chuckled. I never really liked him much. He was a large man that was
strict and mean. 'hehehe...Dont worry. I wont harm your little Alley
Cat...Much...' snorting, i left her in his care. Not all Knights oF Takhisis
are as kind as me.

I hold honor above many things. And i will defend mine, and others' honor.
Including Solamnics If they are honorable people.

Arthas, Knight of the Lily, Squire to Baroness Ayasana, and Servant of

The Storytellers of Ansalon, The DragonLance MUD

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