The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Atael.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a dirty book showing much wear on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Atael' scribed in faded purple ink.

Author:    Atael          
Date:      Tue Dec  9 07:03:21 2008
Subject     Night Angel.

"This night, the title of Night Angel is passed to you, son." A man spoke
in a quiet voice to a much younger man who was kneeling. Though the kneeling
man was young, he had snow white hair. There was a scar through his right
eye and a tattoo of a strange symbol on his left cheek. "And with the title,
comes the sword, Retribution." The older man says as he offers the sword
out. "Now rise, Atael Stone, and receive the sword that seals your fate."
The younger man stands and takes the sword from his father. "I thank you,
father. I accept the duties of the Night Angel." He says as he draws
Retribution. "Good bye." 

He plunges the sword up to the hilt into his fathers chest, his father can
only look proudly at his son. "Life is meaningless. Life is empty. When I
take a life, I take nothing of value." Atael says as he slides the sword out
of his fathers chest and wipes the blade clean. His father stands there for
a moment, but then falls backwards into a pre-dug grave. Atael slides
Retribution into its home on his back, before filling in the grave. That
night he had become the Night Angel. A force to be feared. He smiles gently
as he slides a cowl up, hiding his face. "Life is meaningless. Life is
empty. When I take a life, I take nothing of value. I am the Night Angel,
bringer of Justice, Vengeance, and Mercy." His voice trails off into the
night air and he vanishes into the shadows. 

Author:    Atael          
Date:      Tue Dec 16 16:06:07 2008
Subject     The figure.

A dark figure is silhouetted against the night sky in Palanthas. It runs
across the rooftops, toward a fairly large estate. He moves swiftly and
nears the walls of the estate. He grins and takes a flying leap over the
wall and into a tree. He moves swiftly through the tree and runs along a
branch toward a window. He throws a dozen or so lead balls at the window and
then leaps into the air drawing Retribution from his back as he flies. The
window shatters as the lead balls hit and he flies through it. He rolls
across the floor and comes to his feet, Retribution held low, its black
blade flashing in the moonlight. A man and a woman sat up in their bed,
looking with horror at the man who just burst through the window. They could
see nothing of him except for the outline of his body and his face of
judgment with its glowing blue eyes. He swiftly throws one of his throwing
knives at the woman and it sinks soundly into her throat, effectively
stopping her from screaming. The man looks over at his wife with wide eyed
horror. Atael pulls the man out of bed and plunges Retribution into his
stomach but is careful not go get any blood on himself. He pulls Retribution
from the mans stomach and watches as he falls to the floor. Wordlessly he
wipes the blood of Retributions blade on the now dead couples blanket and
sheathes it. He bends over and slides a signet ring off the mans hand before
disappearing through the window. He darts across the rooftops toward the
harbor, where he finds the man who took the job out on the noble and his
wife. He tosses the signet ring at the mans feet from the shadow he stood
in. "Ah, you've completed your job Night Angel. I knew i could trust you."
The man says as he picks up the ring. "Just give me what you owe me." Atael
says as he holds a hand out from the shadows. "Of course." The man says as
he tosses a bag of coins into Ataels hand. "You know how to find me if you
need me." Atael says before he disappears into the night. 

Author:    Atael          
Date:      Sun Jan 25 23:24:29 2009
Subject     The Inn.

Atael sits alone at a table in an inn in Windkeep. He sips on a drink and
flips through a book that rests on the table. He was awaiting word from the
Tower of Ursulas test. If she lived he would do nothing, but if she died he
had a message for her family. e sighs and closes the book, and looks around
the inn. There were only a few other patrons in the inn and the loudest
noise was the crackling fire. He frowns and shakes his head, leaning back in
his chair he watches as a thin man in a red robe walks in. The man looks
around and spots Atael, looking at him for a moment. 

Atael discreetly puts his hand on Retributions hilt as the man walks toward
him. "Are you Atael?" THe man asks and Atael shrugs gently. "Its possible I
suppose. Who wants to know?" The man smirks and shakes his head. "I have a
message from Ursula. She wants you to know that she has passed her Test." He
says in an arrogant voice. Atael nods and sits up, looking at him. "Could
you take something to her for me?" He asks pulling out a black scroll case.
The man sighs and finally nods, taking the scroll case. "Thank you
Neighbor." Atael says as he pulls out another scroll case and tosses it onto
the fire. "You may leave now, I have no further use for you." He says to the
mage with a smirk. The mage growls before turning and leaving the inn. Atael
releases Retributions hilt and leans back in his chair, draining the rest of
his drink. "I love messing with mages." He mutters before he orders another

Author:    Atael          
Date:      Sun Feb 15 20:20:04 2009
Subject     Foolish Half-elfs.

Atael crept silently after a pair of Half-elf Brothers who had left the
path. He was curious of what they were doing. He lost sight of them and
started following their tracks. The tracks led him to a cave and with a sigh
he waits outside. He hears what he thinks is two bodies hit the ground and
then a strangled cry. Cursing he draws a throwing dagger in each hand and
darts into the cave. He sees the back of a goblin whos poisoned sword was
stuck through one of the half elfs. He throws both of his daggers and they
sink deep into the goblins back, killing him almost instantly. The one who
was alive rushes to his brothers side, but it was too late, the poison had
already started taking its effect. 

Grimly the brother draws a dagger. "Do it. End his suffering." Atael says in
a quiet voice. After saying something in Elvish, he plunges the dagger into
his brothers heart, ending his suffering. Atael grimly moves to retrieve his
daggers from the back of goblin. Once he cleans them and sheaths them, he
turns and starts to walk away. "Wh..Who are you?" The half elf asks in an
anguished voice. Atael stops and turns just his head to the side. "A
shadow." He says before continuing to leave. The half-elf gets up and runs
in front of Atael, stopping him. "Why did you save him?" The half elf asks.
Ateal looks back at the dead one and smirks. "Obviously I didnt save
anyone." A vicious rage shoots out from the Half elf and he lashes out at
Atael, who easily side steps the feeble attack and watches as the half elf
falls to the ground. 

He starts to cry once more and looks up at Atael. "Kill me." He begs.Atael
shakes his head and looks at the pathetic Half-elf. "And shit on your
Brothers memory?" He asks before smirking again and turning to leave once
more. He would go find Ursula now. He shouldnt of interfered with the
goblin, but his knives were in the air before he could think about it.
Cursing himself he hops back on the path and continues on his way. 

Author:    Atael          
Date:      Sun Feb 15 21:07:28 2009
Subject     Waiting.

Atael sits alone at a table in the Inn of the Last home, his hood and
mask both down around his neck. A plate of Otiks potatoes sits on the table
as well as a glass of wine. He eats quietly, watching the other people. He
figured this would be the best place to wait for Ursula, considering its a
popularity. He sighs and pushes back his plate, pushing his chair back on to
its rear legs and pulls out a small book. He flips through it and skims over
a few things before putting the book away. He stops a patron who just
entered and asks him if hed seen a strange looking elf about, with webbed
fingers and probably a robe on. Of course he hadnt, but Atael gives him a
few coppers anyway. Grumbling he pulls out a whetstone and a knife and
starts to work the blade. He hated waiting like this, but he figured she
would come sooner or later. After awhile he gives up on waiting and pulls
out a key and walks outside and to a room. He unlocks the door and steps in,
relocking it behind him. He removes his weapons harness and his belt and
lays them on a table before sitting on the bed and taking his soft leather
boots off. He grabs a dagger from his harness and slides it under the pillow
before removing his shirt and laying down, before drifting into a light

Author:    Atael          
Date:      Tue Feb 17 17:42:07 2009
Subject     Start of a Journey.

Atael walks slowly through the wilderness under Solace. It seems as if he
would be going to Thorbardin, acting as Ursulas body guard. He shakes his
head and looks around, of course he had nothing else better to do and he had
told her she could count on him. 

He sighs gently and silently wonders what happened to her arm. She had told
him it was from the test, but what? She had also asked him not to ask again,
so that option was out of the door. He kneels and picks out a few herbs and
puts them into a pouch. She was seeking some kind of gem, he didnt really
know much about it other than it was rare.

With a sigh he stands and starts toward the spot they had picked out to meet
when each had done what they needed to do. "By the Night Angels, Im bound to
being her body guard." He says and gently curses. He pulls his mask up over
his face and steps out onto the path, walking down it a ways before coming
to an intersection, the one they would meet at. With a smirk he steps into
the shadows and waits for Ursula. 

Author:    Atael          
Date:      Thu Feb 19 23:23:14 2009
Subject     Getting Black.

She thought of him as a murderer. How droll. He was the Night Angel, He
delivered justice to those who deserved it. He hadn't even killed anyone
since the deader in Palanthas. He smirks gently as he look down the path.
His hair had surprised her. For being in his twenties he had stark white

They approached a small house and Atael told Ursula to wait here and he'd be
back. He walks into a barn and a few moments leads the huge black horse
known as Black. It looked like a reunion of old friends then that of man and
beast. Soon Black was saddled and Atael leads Black over to Ursula. "You'll
ride up front, it'll be easier considering your arm." He says and helps her
up onto Black and then climbs up himself. He grabs the reins and pushes
Black into a brisk trot. They would make better time now, at least until
they started hitting mountains. He smirks behind her back at all her
complaining. She wasnt used to riding horses, and he couldnt wait until
later tonight when they stoped to make camp. She would hardly be able to
walk. He hears an all to familar twang of a bow and curses himself. The
arrow shatters against the sheath of Retribition and he grunts. Glancing
around quickly he rolls off the back of Black and looks at Ursula. "Bandits!
Ride till you get to Haven! I'll meet you there!"  He says as he slaps
Blacks behind and he leaps into a run. Cursing Atael draws the shortsword
off his lower back and turns to meet he bandits. 

Author:    Atael          
Date:      Fri Feb 20 05:02:57 2009
Subject     Bandits

The archer loosens another arrow and Atael barely makes it out of the
way, leaving a nice gash on his cheek. With a grunt he throws a knife at the
archer and draws Retribution from his back. The knife sinks into the mans
gut and he falls to the ground. Atael hears a light chant and curses as he
glances over his shoulder, Ursula was casting a spell.

He jumps to the right and roll across the ground just as she throws a fine
sand into the air. The spell hits the bandits and they fall to the ground
almost instantly. Atael comes to his feet, cursing and glaring angrily at
Ursula. He sheathes Retribution across his back and retrieves his short
sword before walking over to were Ursula half lay. His shoulder was bleeding
badly and when he jumped to the ground it had broken the arrows shaft off
almost flesh with his skin. Black was already standing by Ursula.

"What were you thinking? Casting a sleep spell like that?! What if you would
of hit me and not them? We both would have been screwed. You asked me to
protect you and I plan on doing so. I could of handled it!"

He says to her angrily as he winces and crouches beside her. He takes a deep
breath and looks down at her leg. "Are you alright?" He drops the short
blade on the ground and looks up at her. 

Author:    Atael          
Date:      Sun Feb 22 05:50:48 2009
Subject     Wounded..

Atael winces as he ties the cloth around Ursulas leg. Pain shot through
his whole body and he was loosing blood fast. He shakes his head and glances
around. They seemed to be safe for now but Not for long. Cursing under his
breath he looks back at her. "Are you able to get up onto Black? We gotta
make it to Haven." He says before shaking his head, the inevitable dizziness
already hitting him. She starts to say something but he growls and points at
Black. "Get on!" He says and stand, bracing himself on Black. "I havent much
time and theres nothing you can do to help. Im losing blood fast. We need to

He says as he offers his hand to her and helps her to her feet. He helps her
up onto Blacks back and with a slight bit of trouble climbs up behind her.
"Hold on, were going to have to gallop." He says and flicks the reins a few
times. Black thunders down the path toward Haven and Atael sways dangerously
in the saddle. Ursula grabs him with her good arm and pulls him against her
back to try and make sure he doesnt fall. His hood had fallen back and he
was growing weaker by the minute. But at last he saw what he hoped was
salvation. They thundered into Haven and Atael reins in Black. 

"" He says before he slides off Blacks back and falls heavily to
the ground. 

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