The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Athkanar.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Want color back? Turn Color Back ON!!

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a well written novel on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Athkanar' scribed in light white ink.

Author:    Athkanar       
Date:      Mon Jun  8 15:10:43 2009
Subject     Action Beckons

Athkanar woke after a night of heavy drinking. His mind amazingly clear.
The smell of blood was near but not here and not now. There was going to be
much blood shed soon and he needed to be prepared to face the foe that was
coming. He realised his father was right, he'd spent enough time in taverns
and inns getting drunk and abusing the wenches. The time for action was
almost apon them and he must be ready or face extermination. Determined to
outlive his foes he set of to the Temple of Sargonnas to pray for guidance. 

Author:    Athkanar       
Date:      Sat Jun 13 08:36:07 2009
Subject     Athkanar strives for Fame and Glory

Fame and glory are what Athkanar sought, as it was the only way to gain
the respect of his fellow minotaurs. He wanted to be the strong enough to
sit on the Supreme Circle but wise enough to last longer than his

A brief stay in Palanthas reminded him of the things he hated about the
weak. They need high walls to keep them safe but once inside a warrior like
him could easily prey on the weak. 

It was not long before he tired of the mindless killing just to feed himself
and decided there must be someone who would pay for his martial skills. 

His destination was Neraka where if rumours could be trusted he would find
like minded warriors but it would be a long arduous journey. 

Author:    Athkanar       
Date:      Sun Jun 14 20:53:08 2009
Subject     The Ultimate Betrayal

The traders not directly tied to the main land countries involved in the
constant wars of Ansalon grew rich and this suited the minotaurs who had
made Kothas & Mithos their new homes.

Gernesh the son of Akakosh had risen through the ranks of his fathers small
fleet of trading ships start as a deck hand and working his way to being a

Like his father Gernesh had many children scattered across the islands of
Kothas and Mithos and even some on the mainland where Minotaurs had

Unlike Akakosh Gernesh aspired to be more than just a small trading company
he wanted his legacy to live forever as the greatest merchant naval trading
company of Ansalon. 

Every year it was the same. The sons of Gernesh coming of age would be
pitted against each other in the arena and to the would be placed on a new
ship and with a few years would be expected to work his way to being the
captain of the vessel. 

The coming of age ceremony was Athkanar's first memory. The determination,
passion and glory of winning in the Arena inspired him. Upon going home he
demanded that his mother let him learn to fight like those minotaurs had on
that glorious day. He was too young to realise they were his half brothers
pitted against each other to the death. 

In later years he came to realise what the ceremony was all about and this
just made him more determined to be victorious when it was his turn to enter
the arena. 

The years slipped by and locking horns in the practice arena was not enough
to satiate his desire to see his enemy fall, mortally wounded, as the mock
fights in the training halls always ended before he could harm his sparing

He started going to taverns in the rougher parts of the docks and once there
would drink and into fights with older more experienced sailors. Despite his
youth most of his fights would end with his opponents guts strewn across the
taverns floor before the heavies could put an end to the fight. 

After these fights he would satiate his other needs in the soft arms of a
courtesan, many of whom where very impressed by the number of scars he
carried with pride. 

He was surprised when a week before his Coming of Age ceremony a messenger
summoned him to Gernesh's office. When he arrived he was led into his
fathers plush office by the young nubile assistant.

He could tell straight away from his Gernesh's body language that he was
angry and was not startled when he spun around suddenly and started berating
him for his drunken behaviour in the docklands. 

As a juvenile all he could do was stand there and listen as his father raged
about his unacceptable behaviour and how he had squandered his talents on
booze and cheap harlots. No son of his would be allowed to enter the family
business with that kind of reputation. 

Athkanar was devastated as his life ling dream of rising to the top of the
family was shattered. His father gave him a letter promising the bearer safe
passage to the main land and a small bag of gold and told him that if he
ever returned to Mithos he would be killed on sight as a traitor. 

And so it was that on the day of his coming of age he found himself in
Palanthas with a small bag of gold and his whole life before him. Old habits
die hard and he headed off to the nearest tavern to drown his sorrows.
Whether it was by chance or the will of Sargonnas he heard of his
half-brothers betrothal, news could not have travelled tbat fast he
realised, he had been pushed to the side in favour of a weaker, less
deserving brother. 

Author:    Athkanar       
Date:      Wed Jul  1 07:42:32 2009
Subject     1st Contract

After meeting with my sponsor and being gated to a strange city I set out
to fulfill my part of the contract.

I looked apon the beast I was to slay and for the 1st time i doubted my
abilities. Could I really slay it or would it just pummel me to the ground.
Regardless of the personal danger I knew that the contract had to be
completed and so charged in attmepting to gore my foe. 

I awoke in the clan hall not remembering anything other than the beasts
hooves battering me to the ground. Realising that the beast was mightier
than I had thought it to be I set about preparing myself properly for our
next encounter. 

Finally almost a month later I found my target once again. This time better
prepared and more confident I once again charged into combat goring it
stomach open and then drawing my sowrd to finish it but it was a might beast
and we fought for some time before it lay dead at my feet. 

Satisfied that it was truly dead I tended my wound and then went looking for
it's rider. Upon seeing me he charged in and a fight to the death was the
only option. The Knight was a worthy oponent who faught bravely but fell

Bloody and battered I made my way back to that cess pit they call Palanthas
and sold his sword and armor to one of the many shops in the northern sector
of the city. 

Next time, I swore to myself, I'll be better prepared.... 

Author:    Athkanar       
Date:      Wed Jul 22 08:07:58 2009
Subject     An ogre needs money

I was in the Mercenary Camp when a black robed Ogre came up to me and
asked if I could loan him some money. After discussing his bussiness plan
and terms of repayment it was agreed that we would meet again in Lemish. 

After a short but intense gryphon flight and a trip to the bank we met again
and I loaned him the money to start his fishing venture. Now all I have to
do is wait and hope that I won't have to use my enforces to get the money

Not that an ogre like Lugg would mind a bit of exercise... but I don't think
Karsa would enjoy being used as a punch bag. 

Author:    Athkanar       
Date:      Sun Jul 26 19:12:08 2009
Subject     Called to Duty

Athkanar was troubled by the slow pace of bussiness. Lending money to
fools and traders was rewarding in its return in wealth but his desire for
power and glory were being neglected. 

The smell of blood was getting stronger every day and Athkanars was starting
to have dreams of marching in an army beside his horned brothers and

Waking early one morning he vividly recalled Takhisis and her consort
summoning him to Neraka. It was a dream that did not fade and by breakfast
time he found himself packing his meager belongings and preparing for the
long journey to Neraka. 

Getting out of Palanthas was the easy part of the journey, as the guards new
him as a money lender and no more than that, but out on the Solamnic Plains
he had to move more carefulyl avoiding patrols and leaving little evidance
of his passing. 

Once in Jalek he new he could relax his gaurd a little but he still moved
with caution always weary of ambushers. Finally the Citadell loomed before
him and he aproached with a sense of accomplishment. 

Apon entering the city he prepared himself for an audience with the new
Emperor. He had learned on his travels from Jalek that Luerk had been
crowned the Emperor and that he had missed the ceremony by a few weeks. 

Athkanar was suprised by how easy it was to get an audience with Emperor
Luerk it seemed that the staff knew of his coming and quickly ushered him
into the great hall. 

"Greetings mercenary. I welcome you to the city of Neraka." Said Emperor
Luerk before continuing "State your name." 

"Athkanar, from the Isle of Mithos" was Athkanar's proud response.

Emperor Luerk nodded and continued "Excellent. The minotaurs of Mithos are
highly regarded and feared." 

Athkanar once again proudly responded "As we should be My Lord."

Nodding Emperor Luerk continues "The dragonarmies have called the sons and
daughters of Sargonnas because we prepare for battle. Horned ones from all
walks of life have gathered to us, and many with excellent military

"And as a servant of Sagonnas I am happy to Serve my Master and His
Mistress" was Athkanar's quick response which was met with a derisive

Despite Athkanar's interjection Emperor Luerk continued "I doubt gold holds
much sway over you, but your service will also be paid in glory and combat.
Will you sign yourself to the cause of the dragonarmies?" 

"I'm afraid that you'll be nothing more than a common footsoldier at first.
But with your prowess and intelligence, I have no doubt that you will rise
to command many." Emperor Luerk continued

Over awed at the prospect Athkanar quickly repsonded "Aye my Lord and you
are right it is glory I seek not wealth that can be stolen by common

"My Lord I would want it no other way than to rise due to my skill as a
warrior and commander." Athkanar added.

"Excellent to hear,"  says Emperor Luerk "you are truly what we seek." 

"Then Athkanar of Mithos, make your mark here and join us in our conquest."
said Emperor Luerk handing Athkanar the paper that would enlist him into the
Dragon Army. 

Reading throught contract carefully Athkanar signed the contract and marked
it with his seal before handing it back to the Emperor. 

Emperor Luerk nodded sagely and pronounced "And so shall it be. Go now and
report to your commanding officer. He will equip you and see that you are
assigned a bunk." 

Apon leaving the Emperor Athkanar made his way to the Temple of Sargonnas to
make a sacrafice to his dark lord, thanking him for leading him on this

Author:    Athkanar       
Date:      Wed Jul 29 20:18:19 2009
Subject     Parting ways

Athkanar held his contract of employment with the Dragon army and
carefuly read through it again. The terms were still clear he would have to
renounce his mercenary ways. 

It was a sad day for him as he walked through the empty clan hall. He had
hoped to talk to his mentor about his resignation. There was no other way
now that he had signed the contract but he knew he'd be able to make it up
to his mentor somehow. Once he was in a position of relative power he'd
employ mercenaries from the band and ensure that the coffers were never

His orders carefully stashed away he made sure his bunk was stripped and the
room tidy before setting out to fullfill his destany and return to his home
land a hero. 

Author:    Athkanar       
Date:      Fri Jul 31 18:16:01 2009
Subject     A brawl in the stores

Getting settled into the Dragon Army was turning out easier than Athkanar
had thought it would be. Dragon army food however left a lot to be desired.
It seemed the grunts like him wear fed by from understaffed and under
buggeted kitchens. Deciding if the food served was edible was sometimes
difficult but when you've lived off the land you learn that you eat what is
there or starve. 

When he reported for his equipment with the other recruits there were four
lines. One for goblins who got goblin sized equipment, one size fits all of
course. The second shorter line, although that may have been because it was
moving more quivkly than the goblin line, was for humans once again one size
fits all. The line for the hobgoblins was probably the shortest, all they
got where trash bags and pointy sticks to clean up the camp. The final queue
was for Ogres. The longest line by far and most definately the slowest as
each ogre faught about the merits of the club and armor offered to them. 

Athkanar quickly muscled his way to the front of the Ogre queue. A tap on
the shoulder here a subtle push there and soon the guards were having to
deal with an ogre brawl. Athkanar looked through the items in the store
while the storeman tried to keep some ogres from bashing everything in

His equipment ready he got the attention of the storeman and signed for his
"standard" equipment and made his way back to barracks. 

Author:    Athkanar       
Date:      Fri Aug 14 14:36:21 2009
Subject     They thought they could break a Minotaur. part 1

It's two hours before dawn. We've just go back from a route march cleaned
our equipment and gotten comfortable in bed when the Sergeant came in
shouting for us all to get ready for inspection.

The ogres grumble and the goblins whine I just roll up my bedroll and secure
it to my pack knowing that another hard day of marching is a head of us.

I'm pleasantly suprised when the Sergeant pairs me with a goblin ranger to
scout ahead of the patrol. I quitely pray to Sargonnas for the strength to
make it through the day and feel his cold cunning presense suround me. 

I know from experience we have an hours head start on this lazy mob that
want to be soldiers. Having covered a lot of ground with the cover of
darkness we stop near a valley that presents an ideal ambush point. Steeps
sides and a lot of cover for the instructors to hide behind. 

Using the hand signals that the scouts favour I instruct Mogruk to lead us
up the side to over look the valley. Sure enough there in the valley hidden
from the road a group of ogres and hobgoblins are feasting on a fresh kill
and from this distance it is difficult to tell if it is a man or a half

Signalling for Mogruk to move back we retreat and find some where to rest
for an hour or two while the other follow the trail we have left for them. 

The grumbling of the aproaching ogres alerts us and the ambushers to the
arival of the patrol. Mogruk and I move into position behind the ambushers
preparing to attack them when they attack our comrades. 

As expected the leader of the patrol missed our sign that an ambush lay
ahead and they wonder right into the trap. As the instructors rise up and
attack so to do I and Mogruk from behind them. Before they know what is
happening the ambushers are subdued by the two of us. I take particular
pleasure in rendering the ogres unconscious before they can inflict any
serious casualties among the recruits. 

With the odds evened Mogruk and I retreat and continue on the path we must
follow for the day. Working with the cunning scout we move around the mud
ans swamps that the others will blunder through and soon find ourselves in
the area designated for the evening meal. 

With the help of Mogruk we bring down a small buck for our afternoon meal
and having feasted on that wait quietly for the hordes to arrive. 

The forest goes silent long before we hear the aproaching force and we move
out into the open where they will be able to see us and not be suprised as
we step out from where we have been resting.

With them is the Sergeant who woke us up this morning, although his clothes
unlike those of the soldiers are clean, he barks orders for the group to
send out hunting parties. 

Turning to us he barks "Athkanar your actions this morning have been noted.
The captain wishes to speak to you back in camp. You are to leave
immediately and take the road back." 

Thankful for the rest that afternoon i grabbed my pack and the sealed letter
he handed me and made my way back to the main training camp. The journey was
not uneventful as the instructors were unhappy about being ambushed and
their sore heads and dented pride goaded them into attempting more

The smell of human blood and their inability to choose a good ambush spot
neutralised their advantage. They also seemed to have under estimated his
weapons craft and he deftly disarmed them before subduing them all.

Knowing there would be trouble if he was late Athkanar set a hard pace and
was soon back at the camp. His written instructions got him through the main
gate and soon he found himself sitting in the waiting room of the captain
wondering what his punishment would be for this mornings antics. 
more to follow....

Author:    Athkanar       
Date:      Wed Aug 19 08:36:19 2009
Subject     His darkest hours

It was almost midnight before Athkanar was ushered into the camp
commanders office. The first thing Athkanar noticed about the office was the
smell of cheap perfume. The officer had a smug look on his face and it was
obvious to Athkanar that he'd been kept waiting while this pompous fool was
enjoying himself. The sergeant in charge of their training was also present
and looked quite pleased with himself too. 

The outcome of the one sided shouting match was that Athkanar would be
docked all pay for the entire time he was in the training camp but that no
formal charges would be laid against him. He was to return to the field camp
the others were in and rejoin his platoon before dawn.

Knowing it would be a long and dangerous journey back Athkanar set off into
the night and heading his sense of danger managed to avoid the beasts that
lurked in the dark. Safely back in camp for breakfast Athkanar allowed
himself to relax for a short while. 

The next few weeks blurred into one as Athkanar was assigned all the
dangerous assignments and the dirty jobs. On evenings he was placed on guard
duty he knew there would be trouble and the evenings he wasn't on guard duty
he figured they wouldn't be getting any sleep anyway. 

Athkanar had withdrawn from most social contact by now. Loathing his fellow
soldiers and their drunken ways, all that mattered to most of them was were
the next bottle of grog was coming from or if they could find a few willing
wenches to help pass the hours.

Finally the field training was over and they were back in the main base for
a week. It was here that his passion for life was rekindled. It was a chance
meeting after a morning run through the local swamp. Still not allowed much
sleep Athkanar was startled out of his comfort zone when he realised the
human in the queue had curves in all the wrong places to be a man.

"Excuse me miss are you sure you sure you're in the right place" Athkanar
inquired before carefully looking her over. Her hands had nasty callouses
from the weapons training everyone was required to do and she was wearing
the uniform of a trainee. 

Her response was lost in the noise of the mess hall and grabbing a tray of
something that looked bearly edible Athkanar suggested they go sit near the
window before muscling his way through the crowded room.

While picking at their food the conversation turned to how she had ended up
in boot camp and Athkanar was suprised that the Emperor would force her to
endure weeks of this hell but she seemed to be capable of holding her own
among the humans in the army.

Their conversation was cut short when a fight broke out in the mess hall.
Athkanar had anticipated this and opening the window slipped out through it
before advising the young woman, who's name he still did not know, to leave
the same way.

They parted company but Athkanar was bouyed with the knowledge that he was
not alone in the emperor's plans and hoping to meet the young lady again in
the future under less stressful circumstances.

Author:    Athkanar       
Date:      Wed Aug 19 14:39:09 2009
Subject     Not a routine patrol

A routine patrol is what they were told they were going on but this was
to far south to be routine and the snatches of conversation between the
sergeants of the platoons seemed to confirm his suspisions.

Once again he and Mogruk were partnered and scouting ahead. The hairs on te
back of his neck stood up as they aproached the clearing and he order Mogruk
to stop. Although he couldn't see the elves he knew they were there

As quietly as possible they retreated to the advancing platoon to inform the
sergeant in charge. He wouldn't listen to reason and sent them back out to
scout ahead again. Mogruk signalled that they should get going and Athkanar
not trusting himself to be able to control his temper left quickly.

Skirting around the area where the ambush was set Mogruk and Athkanar waited
for the main force to be caught in it. The shouting and screaming Sergeant
could be heard from where they were safely hiding and when the ambush was
sprung they moved in from the rear of the ambushers.

By the time they joined the combat te sergeant had been silenced by an
elven arrow. The aim had been true and his eye was neatly pierced. The 4
elves had killed 6 of the 19 soldiers in the platoon before Athkanar and
Mogruk had suprised them from behind and killed them humanely.

The platoon was in complete disarray the ogres yelling at each other and the
hobgoblins trying to stay out of their way.

"Silence!" Athkanar said commandingly and almost instantly there was.
Athkanar moved among the soldiers to the fallen sergeant plucking his rank
insignia from his body. "Do any of you doubt I should be wearing these?" he
asking menacingly before beheading the sergeant.

"You bring the head,"  he said to the biggest ogre "we must keep moving so
that we can rondevous with the other platoons." To the others he said "
Strip all the bodies of regualtion army equipment. I doubt the Emperor wants
to explain why we started a war with the elves" 

Splitting the attacking force further Athkanar knew would reduce the chance
of them al being caught in an ambush and if one group was ambushed the other
two would be able to respond from the flanks.

5 minutes after starting off for their rondevous point the jungle was once
again filled with the sounds of dying soldiers. By agreement the three
groups under Athkanars control converged and then headed of towards the area
the comabt had taken place. 

The scene was similar to thier ambush. The leader probably shot 1st and the
other then picked of in the ensuing chaos. Once again removing all equipment
that could be linked to the Dragon Armies Athkanar set off in the direction
the last group was headed.

The smell of blood alerted him to the sight of the attack. It was the same
again, a small force of elves had suprised the raiders and picked them off.
The soldiers under his command were soon looting the corpses and removing
everything that could be linked to the Dragon Army.

It was almost dawn by now and he knew the elves would be sending out larger
groups and possibly gryphons to scout for them and so he ordered a forced
march back to the training camp.

Breaking from the trees and into the high ground south of Neraka Athkanar
looked back stopping Mogruk and allowing the others to go ahead. "You
understand that coming back was my idea. I doubt they will listen to what i
have to say regarding this so make sure the sergeants head is submitted as
evidence. There is a human woman, a mage, among the human trainees. Make
sure she knows what happened."

And so it was that apon the return to the camp Athkanar was thrown into the
stockade to await his court martial. 

Author:    Athkanar       
Date:      Tue Sep  1 06:55:26 2009
Subject     Running from his past

Something grabed Athkanar by the scruff of the neck and pulled him
upright. It was dark and overcast and raining and as he spun around to see
who had woken him found himself still alone in the pit they call a

Something was wrong and he realised he needed to prepare for his escape.
He'd only have one chance and he was not going to miss it. Moving into the
area that was in darkness even when a guard looked down with a lantern
Athkanar prepared his ambush. Now he had to wait fro his oppertunity. 

He did not have to wait long. The screams of a goblin in agony getting
closer and the squelching of the guards boots in the heavy mud confirmed
that someone was being braught to the stockade. 

Keys jingled as the jailors open the lock, Athkanar relaxed concentrating on
where the sound was coming from, his horms would tear through the leather
vest the jailors wore and their guts would spill apon the ground. No
Minotaur worrior would die without a fight. 

From up above the words of the guards confirmed his suspecions "Shut up you
snivveling little goblin. You and your traitorous friend will hang at dawn"
the guard sneered. 

The door open and Athkanar launched himself from the floor at the guard. His
horns struck true but unfortunately Athkanar did not have time to revel in
the killing of his enemy. He had to silence the other one before he raised
the alarm.

Spinning around toward the light, his rage consumed him and he tore into the
second guard. They would never be able to identify him, his internal organs
hanging out and his head kicked into a bloody pulp. 

Looking down in the mud near the remains of the 1st guard Athkanr was
disgusted to see how they had tortured Mogruk. His arms broken, his
breathing eratic and it seemed his tongue had been cut out too. 

Using the remains of the guards uniform Athkanar bound Moogruk to his back
and slipped into the darkness to find his belongings. The storage tent with
his equipment was easy to find but Athkanar was not suprised to see that
some of it had been removed. 

Dressing quickly Athkanar enquired of Mogruk using the hand signals of the
goblin tracker as to which way they must go to find his people. Athkanar
knew that Mogruk would prefer to die with his people. 

On a cold wet night like this Athkanar knew that none of the guards would be
vigilant and quickly slipped out of the camp and headed towards the goblin
warrens. Looking back at the camp he wondered how the human who had tried to
help him would fare. 

Author:    Athkanar       
Date:      Mon Sep 14 13:52:39 2009
Subject     Born to the Sea

Leaving the remote goblin village where he had delivered Mogruk Athkanar
set off for the coast. He realised he missed the smell of the sea and the
sounds of the waves pounding relentlessly against the shore. 

Maelstrom, the Mistress the seas, had expended her wrath on this section of
coast line. Small fishing vessels lay broken on the shoreline along with
some of the crew. Apon closer inspection what had looked like fishing
vessels turned out to be long boats. It seemed to Athkanar that some illicit
activity had been interupted by the storm. 

Searching the area carefully turned nothing of value up but gave Athkanar
time to think about his future employment. If there was one privateer ship
operating along the coast there must be more. It was just a matter of
finding them and offering his services. 

In Kalaman Athkanar went from pub to pub buying frinks and prying
information out of sailors about possible berths on a ship. Times where hard
and most ships already had a full crew but those he pressed insisted
something was happening in Palanthas. 

In Palanthas information about a new ship being built was a well kept secret
but a ship being built could not be kept a secret from everyone. 

After almost a month of searching for the right people to speak to Athkanar
got the break through he needed. Captain Mazerith was assembling a crew for
a ship that was going to be the fastest ship on the ocean. The fact that
Athkanar was from a family of sea going Minotaurs helped him through the
questions regarding the handling of sheets and sails. 

Walking up the gang plank Athkanar observed the motley crew of Sailors. Not
one flinched as his gaize travelled across them and this pleased Athkanar.
Here were men he could work and fight beside. 

A game of dice, with coppers the stakes, soon had the crew distracted from
the wait to launch and leave this stinking city behind. 

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