The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Aurel.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a worn folio on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Aurel' scribed in deep red ink.

Author:  Aurel
Date    Wed Oct  2 08:42:27 2002

Subject   Aurel's History

I was slowly awakened by the silent, slow dropping of little rain drops on my
cheek. I slowly stood up, my body aching with soreness from working in the
fields the day before.

I was still in the fields, among the wheat. As I looked towards the sky I
noticed it was dawn. I then smelled smoke in my nostrils. I looked towards my
town and saw something I'd never expect.

Our town was on fire. Docked in the harbor were three pirate ships. The
pirates soon left after setting all the buildings on fire, stealing
everything, and killing everyone, except me.

A gentle tear rolled down my rough cheeks. I was a mage, but just an
apprentice. I did not know half of what I'd be able to do, yet I felt so angry
that I could just go kill everyone of those pirates.

But I didn't for two reasons. The first was I knew I'd be slaughtered
instantly, and the second, there ships were just now pulling away from the

I could here them singing as the ship slowly got further and further away.

I was so angry that I ran from the field to study the art of magic of my god
Nuitari. I wished to destory the world for their was nothing left for me.

Then I thought of my friend Rinz who'd gone to become a knight. He had all the
power I'd always fantasized, yet he had honor, and respect and loyalty. Is
that what I wanted?

Author:  Aurel
Date    Fri Oct  4 16:46:43 2002

Subject   Aurel's History (fixed mistake)

As I ran from the field I thought of the night before when I had last seen my
family, and talked to them, listened to them, everything that I last did with

Then the five-headed dragon popped into my head. I remembered the dream the
night before.

I was asleep in the wheat fields when a five-headed dragon came into my dream.
It said that it was Queen Takhisis, ruler of darkness.

She told me of what would happen the next morning, but I did not, would not
believe her. I wouldn't hear of it. She just shrugged and continued saying
that I must no longer follow the ways of Nuitari, that he would not help me.

She said that she could give me the power I wanted, but I would have to serve
her loyally. That the magic of Nuitari was wrong and should never be tought. I
aske her what I should do and she told me

She said," Go and seek out my knights. They will know what to do if you tell
them of this vision. BUT heed my word if you choose the path of Nuitari, when
you die you will have to suffer in the after-life."

I listened to her, not because of the threat, but because I realized she was
right. Where was Nuitari when my village was wiped out. Why wasn't he there to
help? Was I not important enough?

As I pondered that thought Takhisis flew off saying," Go now, awaken." I
suddenly awoke with the smell of smoke around me.

I suddenly stopped running as I thought of the previous nights dream, thinking
of which direction I was heading in I suddenly turned around, and for some
reason ran towards Neraka, though I knew not why.

I knew what I wanted, and I knew what was wanted of me, and that I realized
was why I was going to Neraka. To seek out the Knights of Takhisis.

( I added tis because I forgot to put it in the first one, sorry about the

Author:  Aurel
Date    Thu Oct 17 19:11:44 2002

Subject   A Long Journey

It was midsummer and the sun was just above me, shining down upon my back as I
lay on my stomach sleeping. As I start to get a sunburn a bird lands upon my
back and I wake up with a yell from the pain.

It digs it's claws into my back then releases and takes off, leaving a note
upon my back. I slowly roll over picking off the note before doing so.

As I sat up on my bed in the Thorn Tower I slowly unravelled the note to see a
couple words scrabbled upon it. It seemed to be only four. The note said:
Power, go to library.

So I stood up and put on my dark grey robe, an apprentice robe, and I went
down to the Thorn Library. As I entered the library I smelled the smell of
dusty old books with old withered pages.

I chuckled to myself and began my search through the books for something on
power. There were thousands of books on power but only one struck my eye, the
book titled Akar.

I decided to read this book so I pulled it out gently so as not to tear off
any pages or covers. I slowly opened the book and dust swirled around me, I
sneezed again and chuckled.

I started reading the book and it suddenly caught my attention. The book was
about a Mage named Akar about 3000 years back and his powerful spell book.

As I read on the book said that everywhere Akar went his pet bird, Dir,
traveled with him. On one such occasion Akar was looking for his spell book in
his room when he remembered it in the last city, so Dir flew out and brought
it back.

Some said that they were lifelong friends, and were born at the same time.
What interested me was the magical book. I read on and found a little slit in
the back cover when I had finished reading it.

I pulled out my humming dagger and slowly slit open the back cover, not to cut
it's contents. I heard a creak and looked up to see if I was being watched.

When I felt it was safe, I continued and pulled out a little envelope with the
words Akar's Power, scribbled on it.

I then realized that this was Akar's own biography. And that this envelope was

I carefully opened the envelope to hold two documents, one was a note with a
set of clues and the other was a map of what I saw as a volcano.

I slowly read the note that said: To whoever finds this. My name was Akar and
I owned a powerful and magicul book which I hid before I died. On that map is
the volcano it was hid in. The volcano is called Thurla, meaning Doom.

Now below is a set of clues and good luck to you on finding my book.

There were a set of clues listed from 1-12. I read them carefully and then
went back to my room to pack a bag.

I folded up the two documents and put them in a water-proof case which I also
put in my bag. From there I set out for the volcano which I knew where it was.

I waved to the guards as I walked out of the gates and into Sanction.

I didn't know how exciting the journey was to be, But I would soon find

(To be continued)

Author:  Aurel
Date    Thu Oct 17 19:36:29 2002

Subject   A Long Journey (Continued)

As I walked out of the town of Sanction I headed for the Khalkist Mountains,
on my young pet dragon, Streak. Instead of taking it the hard way over the
mountains I just hopped on Streak and we flew over the mountains.

Streak was extremely worn out after we landed on the other side of the
mountains so I set up camp while he slept. I went to sleep in my little
makeshift tent and fell asleep instantly.

I woke up at dawn to find Streak still asleep. I gently woke him up and we
walked into the next town beside the volcano... Thurla.

I slowly walked with Streak to the volcano's base.

Streak and I looked at each other then we started up the side of the volcano
since there was no path. We reached a cave and the clue said to enter. The
second said to walk all the way to the end of the path and so we did.

The path ended abruptly in the middle of a bright room which was extremely
hot. I slowly looked down to see boiling magma moving around beneath us.

The next clue was to get into the next cave and I looked around to see no
cave. I had a hunch so I jumped on Streak and he flew below the path and there
was a cave. Streak landed and I got off.

I walked down the cave and as soon as I took my sixth step the whole tunnel
lighted up and I entered a massive room. In the middle of the room was a book.
It couldn't be THE book so I read the clues.

The clues said that This was a book, but not THE book, it said to take the
book and jump back into the tunnel. I did so and right after landing on the
tunnel floor the room floor gave way.

Ony a small bridge to the other side remained. The clue said to follow it then
proceed all the way down the path.

The next clue said climb the walls to the top. So I climbed the immensly high
walls to the top where I saw a red light from a room down the tunnel.

Then next clue said watch out for the hole but I payed no heed, absorbed in
the light, as I walked on the ground collapsed and I slid down and down.

Eventually I saw a bright orange light and thought to myself, this is the end,
then Streak caught me just as I fell out of the tunnel. I patted his back and
we flew back to the red light.

As we entered the room the book seemed to float in mid-air and I reached out
and put it in my bag with the other book. The moment I grabbed it the ground
began to shake. I decided it was time to leave.

The next clues were erased over time so I ignored any scribbles that might
have helped. I hopped on Streak and we flew to the top of the volcano the
magma close behind us.

We shot out of the top along with the volcano's magma. I smiled as I held on
tighter to Streak and we flew back to the Keep.

I couldn't wait to examine the book....

(To be continued)

Author:  Aurel
Date    Thu Oct 17 19:43:17 2002

Subject   A Long Journey (Conclusion)

Streak and I landed outside the gates and I smiled and waved to the guards as
they opened the gates for us. I quickly dropped Streak off at the stables and
headed up the Thorn Tower to my room.

I dropped my bag on my bed and hopped on the bed next to it.

I quickly pulled out the book and flipped through the pages feeling the magic
inside of me growing.

I memorized every page in this book and all the spells. And when I reached the
last page I read the last encantation.

My body shook violently and I was lifted off the bed and into the air. A red
essence poured from the book and swirled around me. The entered into my heart.

I could feel the magic flowing through me, I could feel myself growing
stronger and stronger.

As I absorbed the last of this essence I fell to the bed and landed. I quickly
closed the book and locked it with a lock I made out of air.

I stored the book with my bad in a secret spot in my room and I stood up with
an evil grin upon my face and I walked out of the Tower.

I went to the stables and whispered into Streak's ear all that had happened.
He seemed to nod as if he understood. I grinned evilly again and walked back
up to my room wondering, what to do with my new found power.

(The End)

Author:  Aurel
Date    Sun Oct 20 15:40:39 2002

Subject   A New Sword

I RPed again today. This was about a new magical sword I found. Here's how it

I walked out of the Torn Tower, and off out the gate to collect supplies, but
before I left I accidentally bumped into Lord Decred.

I asked him if he would like to help me, but he said he had an important
meeting with the Highlord, so I went off on my own. Lyrac went with me but
left when I entered the forest.

I entered my clearing and collected my supplies, then lost the path and
wandered around only to find myself back in the clearing. I saw a small
manuscript and picked it up.

I read it and memorized the translations and the picture, then I turned it
over to find the word Biundg scribbled and I figured that was what the city
was called.

I put it into my bag and tried to find my way out of the forest, but couldn't
so as I continued walking I fell down the side of a cliff which wasn't very
steep cause I slid down it. Though not on purpose and I was badly bruised.

I helped myself up and saw a sign in the ground which said: Biundg. I smiled
as I looked up to see a massive dome. I entered the dome noticing all of the
war pictures and that each one had a black sword in it.

I continued walking into the next room with square pillars with jagged roofs.
These had the runes on them.

The runes talked about the sword and about a central pillar. This pillar I
found, was taller than the rest and was spiraled around by the other pillars.

I looked to the top of the pillar where I saw a black sword, which although it
was carved in, seemed to slowly rotate. I read the words in common,
translating them.

I slowly floated up to just below the carving, and continued to read the words
my voice getting louder each time.

A black essence poured out of the carving and slowly spiraled around me
upward. I watched as it suddenly shot to the roof and spread across the rof
like a liquid virus.

I chanted these words at the top of my lungs and there was a bright light, and
then the black sword in all the pictures slowly spiraled down into my
outstretched hand.

Gripping the sword tightly there was another bright flash of light and I
slowly awakened to find myself on the edge of the forest.

I slowly stood up and looked down to see the sword in my swordbelt but I
didn't have a swordbelt before. I muttered to myself as I walked back to the
keep. I entered and walked up the Thorn Tower stairs' to my bedroom where I
lied upon my bed.

I checked my bag and it had all my supplies. I slowly fell asleep after the
hard previous night, wondering what would happen if anything, in the morning.

(ooc) Decred and I started, then we had to go, so I made a spot for Lyrac and
he jumped in. Then I left for a few and when I came back he wasn't there so I
continued without him.

I finished RPing, and it was a long RP but it was fun, as I said before, if
any of you have ideas just send em to me.

Aurel Irth'kar Wielder of The Black Blade

Author:  Aurel
Date    Fri Oct 25 22:09:21 2002

Subject   Jelek

Waking slowly to the dawn sun light, I slowly looked out my window. I was
happy I chose this room, with such a nice view of the forest. As I stood up,
still wearing my robes I heard a slight tapping at my door.

Picking up my swordbelt and strapping it on, I slung my bag over my shoulder,
which I carried everywhere for it contained my spellbook of extreme power.

I heard the tapping again and turned to the door which suddenly opened, and
there stood a friend of mine, Klymn, also a squire, but of the Lily.

He said to me," Good that you are already ready Aurel, your patron, Highlord
Konan, wishes to have a word with you."

I nodded and said," I will see him immediately." I patted him on the back
and waved, slowly descending down the Thorn Tower stairs.

He smiled and waved to me as he went back to the courtyard to train. I turned
and walked tower the Highlord's quarters.

I stood outside his quarters and knocked once, I heard a muffled," Come
in." I opened the door and swiftly walked in. I closed it then turned to him
and saluted.

I said to him," You wished to see me sir?" He nodded and motioned for me
to sit down in one of the chairs.

He slowly walked around his desk, as if deciding wheter or not he should say
what he was about to say when I spoke up," Lord, whatever it is you are
about to say, say it please, I can handle whatever you ask me to do."

He smiled and breathed a sigh of relief, then turned to me and said," I knew
you would say that Aurel, Just a matter of time. Now here is what I have for
you. The town of Jelek, North of the Neraka forest. I wish you to go there.

 I want you to take as many people as you need, and build a fortress around
the city, or make a wall of some sort, create a defense.

 I want you to creat this defense so that the Solamnics can not take over
that city. Then I want you to train some people there, though some soldiers
are stationed there.

 After you have trained a few regiments leave some knights there to train
the rest. Understand?" I nodded after this long speach, taking it all in.

He smiled and said,"Now go choose the people you need and get over to Jelek
ASAP for those defenses." I nodded then saluted him, he returned the salute
and I walked out to the courtyard, the people accompanying me already chosen.

I called out the people coming along and they walked over, I gave them a brief
detail of what was to happen and they nodded each of them going off to get
another set of squires.

The knights all mounted horses while I mounted my dragon, Streak, with the
squires walking behind us.

We left through the front gates, heading towards the city of Jelek.....

(To Be Continued)

Author:  Aurel
Date    Fri Oct 25 22:50:37 2002

Subject   Jelek (Continued)

As they marched through the Neraka forest I realized that some of the squires
might be getting tired. I told the group to setup camp, just off the main
road. We trudged over to the little clearing where tents immediately sprang

I had a set of squires setup the knights tents, I set up my own. And then all
of the knights and I got together for a quick meeting.

We discussed several issues, and then I brought up an important subject:
materials, building materials.

The knights all nodded in agreement, we had the tools, we had the man power,
but we needed materials to build with. I said wood and they all agreed.

I whistled loudly, and several squires came rushing in. I whispered a few
quick words into there ears. Telling them to find wood, lot's of it, and bring
it back, but it had to be strong and fresh.

They nodded and quickly left the tent to go gather wood. The meeting quickly
wrapped up and we all went to sleep, I left 10 squires on watch duty, and let
them pick the next squires for duty after them.

I woke up again at dawn, just like any normal routine. I always awake at dawn.

I slowly awoke the troops telling them to get ready. When everything was
picked up and ready, I had several of the strong dwarf squires carry the
wooden logs found the previous night. They seemed none to happy but orders are

We arrived in Jelek 3 hours later and I had the dwarves drop the wood off just
inside the city, though there were no gates.

There was no real governor or mayor or anything of that sort, so I immediately
took charge of the town, gicing out orders for everyone to meet at Central
Avenue in 1 hour.

1 hour later the whole town was at Central Avenue. I smiled at the huge amount
of strong men, and draconians all willing to help out, and I stated my
proposition to them.

" Now the city could be taken easily, so the Lords of the Knights of
Takhisis have decided that my comrades and I come here and build a fortress or
some kind of defence.

 So that is what I've come here to do. Now how many of you are willing to
help." I slowly looked out across the crowd as all of the hands went up.

I smiled and said," Good. Now we must get to work immediately."  I began
giving out orders and soon the whole town was buzzing like a bee hive.

The wood was being chopped up and measured accordingly to a certain size, for
tall gates. I smiled as men heaved with ropes pulling the wood into place. I
went all around the town, uttering words of magic to seal the wood together.

The wood molded itself together and I saw the wall of wood begin to up all
around the town.

I smiled to myself and saw a 30 foot high wall around the town, with wooden
spikes pointing towards the sky, and a tall central formation of where the
gates would be.

I shouted words of magic turning the wood hard as stone, and still wood, but
not able to catch on fire.

I then had the stone masons form metal gates, stronger than any metal ever
made, with a little one of my earlier concotions with the breastplate metal.

I had the metal framework hauled over and put into place. It fit perfectly and
with a little magic was instantly molded into the wooden walls, and only being
able to open from the inside.

I took everyone outside the city to look at the new defence wall. We all
walked out and gaped in awe at the marvelous defence wall which had turned out
better than expected.

I quickly muttered instructions to some knights, making the wisest the new
governor of the town. The other knights were to stay behind and train the
people of the town to be able to guard the gates, and also to fight.

I took the squires, also with 2 knights that didn't need to stay in Jelek,
that were needed to help with things back at the keep.

We quickly marched back to the keep, without stopping for a break this time.
We were there in a matter of hours.

After coming back to the gates of the keep I dismissed all the squires and
kngihts to go back to whatever they had preivously been doing. Then I sent one
squire to inform the Highlord of the success.

(To be continued)

Author:  Aurel
Date    Fri Oct 25 22:54:35 2002

Subject   Jelek (Conclusion)

Walking up the Thorn Tower stairs I slowly entered my dormitory, dropping my
bag on the floor, I slung my swordbelt over the post on my bed.

I lied down on bed and instantly fell asleep after so much magic use, in such
a short period of time.

I wondered what tomorrow would hold in store for this young mage.....

(The End!)

Author:  Aurel
Date    Thu Nov 28 07:33:53 2002

Subject   Letter Recieved and Letter Returned

Sitting in my dormitory, reviewing my spells over and over again, I was
suddenly interuppted. Looking up I muttered,"Come in."

A young courier entered and spoke in gruff harsh voice,"Sir Aurel, Knight of
the Order of the Thorn. I have a letter for you, from Sir Slade Barron,
Campion of the Order of the Lily."

Nodding I motioned for him to hand me the letter. He did so and left after
bowing once again to me.

Slitting open the envelope I unfolded the letter and read over it.

Greetings Master Mage, Sir Slade Barron formally requests the help of your
well known skill in the arcane arts to fulfill Her Dark Majesty's Will. Please
respond as your efforts are greatfully appreciated in the eyes of our Order
and especially i

in the eyes or our Order and in the eyes of our Almighty Queen, Takhisis.
Knight Champion, Slade "The Blackblade" Barron.

Tossing the letter on the bed Aurel pulled out his own parchment and quill and
began writing.

"Greetings Knight Champion, Sir Aurel Irth'kar  will come to help with his
skill in arcane arts, to fulfill Her Dark Majesty's Will, and to help out
another Order. He would like to know where he is needed and he will arrive as
soon as possible.

He hopes to help with whatever this great need is."


Knight of the Thorn, Aurel Irth'kar

Whistling for one of his wyvern, he looks out his window to see it floating
there. Opening the window he pats the wyvern on the head and hands it the
tightly sealed  letter with the Death Thorn on the back. Patting the wyvern,
Aurel watched it fl

Fly off into the night.

Closing the window Aurel began to pack his things for the journey.

Author:  Aurel
Date    Fri Feb  7 17:02:28 2003

Subject The Beginnings of Darkness

As I walked through the city of Neraka after leaving my enormous black mount
in a nearby cave, I ignored all the transients and drunks.

Upon arriving at the Northern Gates, I finally turned my gaze upon the city.
Smiling to myself, I watched as the patrolling Knights and Squires cleared the
streets of the city. Turning around I left the City of Neraka.

As I walked down the unkept dirt road, I threw fireballs at the roots I kept
tripping over, until I arrived at an immense darkness.

Peering at the darkness all I could see were a few mangled oak trees with
limbs and no leaves. Lightning a ball of fire in my hand, I walked inside.

Looking around I couldn't see more than five feet from my light. Then I
stepped in some muck, looking down to see what I'd stepped in, I smiled to
myslef. I'd reached my destination.

Stepping into the swamp, I took my ball of fire and threw it into the air,
being magical it landed on the far side of the swamp, right in the middle.
Nodding to myself I trudged over to the spot where a tree had caught fire,
muttering words of ma

magic, I put up a shield around the tree so that no fire could get out.

Then calling to a crow nearby, it soon landed on my shoulders and I gave it a
scroll case. Whispering diretions to it, it pecked my ear and flew off. I sat
on a dry patch of grass and waited.

Soon I saw many lights around the forest, appearing rapidly. Standing up I
stode over to the biggest light and returned his salute and beckoned for him
to follow me.

As he followed I spoke,"Hello Thorn Knight Dashis, Talon Leader. I'm glad
you could make it. You know what this is about right?"

He nodded and said," Yes, isn't it about the Tower of High Sorcery for the
Knights of Takhisis, Order of Thorn?" I nodded and he looked around the

As we reached the tree on fire, I told him what we were going to do, and how
we were going to do it. I told him to get his men in a line all around the
edge of the swamp, I told him to stand behind me and I'd stand in the center.

He nodded and got his men in the right places, then he took his place behind
me. I nodded and took up my staff and began chanting. I felt the magic flow
through my veins, the ecstasy lifting me from this plane. Getting so lost up
in the joy I did

not notice the other magi were chanting and I was practically shouting. I took
out my longsword and held my staff and longsword together. Then I spread them

I suddenly slammed the two together creating sparks, every spark that fell to
the ground formed into a gigantic python or a huge alligator, then the other
magi did the same as I had done.

Soon the swamp was alive with twisting and wrigglign creatures, The branches
were whipping out with deadly force, at all of those not worshiping and
worrthy of Her Majesty. The roots were alive and wrapping around everyone's

Laughing extremely loudly I raised the staff and longsword above my head and
spread them a part then slammed them together. Demons form the Abyss walked
from the swamp waters and rose from the ground. Undead creatures dropped from
the trees.

Whirpools from in the swamp water as all the creatures, pythons,
alligators,demons, and undead, even the trees, began to swirl around the
center, me! It was a dizzying motion when all of a sudden a black wave of
darkness swept over the whole swam

silencing everything, causing everything to stop moving, then after several
minutes the darkness disappeared and everythign was quiet, everything was

All the magi gathered around me as we wondered if it had all just really
happened, when we heard a hiss and a scream of agony. We quickly turned to see
a newly Knighted Thorn, being pulled into the water by a gigantic python.

Shrugging, I turned as another scream filled the air. A demon had suddenly
appeared and grabbed a fairly veteran Knight whom we'd suspected of treachery
by the shoulder, and supposedly took him to the Abyss.

Author:  Aurel
Date    Fri Feb  7 17:07:00 2003

Subject The Beginnings of Darkness (End of Part I)

Turning to the gathered magi I said,"Let this be a warning to all who defy
Her Majesty. And to those who do not follow Her cause, or worship Our Almighty
Queen. Those who enter this swamp with treacherous intentions......won't come

As a few nodded in agreement, I said," Ok, I have already talked with Talon
Leader Dashis about this. This whole swamp has to be removed to another
location. He knows the location and will tell each of you personally. I want
this whole swamp mo

 moved by dusk. Let's go people!" I shouted as I gave out orders. This was
to be the Beginnings of Darkness for the magical world as everyone knows it. A
beginnings of darkness.....

(To Be Continued)

Author:  Aurel
Date    Sun Feb  9 20:24:10 2003

Subject   Story About Me

(ooc) Thomas wrote this story, but since it was myself that helped him on how
to write notes/stories, he wrote it to me. I am relaying this story to you
all. He is a bit new so I'm helping him RP, if any of you wanna help, don't be
afraid to pitc

pitch in.

Hey my name is Thomas. I'm a half-elf from Neraka. I never knew who my parents
were they were killed by a mob of Solamnic knights.

I grew up alone and hungry.

Here lately I have been having wierd dreams. But I never finish them

I finished the dream and it showed me watching my parents being killed again.

Then at the end there was Takhisis reaching out for me to give me the help I

Since then I have been given a safe place to stay and food to eat.

Then one day Takhisis came to me and said"I have been watching you and I like
what I have seen."

She told me that she was the Queen of Darkness.

And she asked me if I wanted to get back at the solamnic knights that killed
my mom and dad.

She told me about her group KoT that helped people see the light.

She said if I wanted to join, all I had to do was ask because I was worthy
enough to join.

So here I'm asking you if I could join.

(ooc) I basically told him to write about his History and about the Vision. I
explained the Vision to him, but even though he said he got it, I don't think
so :P let's help him out a bit guys.

Author:  Aurel
Date    Mon Feb 10 18:32:29 2003

Subject The Beginnings of Darkness (Part II)

After the swamp had been removed, I set my stones around me, and gated to the
new location. Scanning the area, I smiled because there was good covering,
because of the big trees.

I looked at the remaining talon members, I called to them so that I could
explain to them what we were going to do. When they came around I said.

" Here is what is going to happen boys. You are all going to stand around
the edges of the swamp, and 5 abyssal demons will stand in the space between
each of you.

 You will follow my chanting and we will attempt to warp this swamp area.
The outcome will be a huge space for the tower. Any questions? Good, let's get
to work."

As they took their positions and raised longsowrd and staff, I did the same
and shouted magical words and abyssal demons appeared from the waters, dropped
from trees, and rose from the ground to stand beside each knight. We began
chanting, I coul

hear the chants from fellow Knights and the inunderstandable language of the
demons as they all chanted. I could feel parts of me, flow into the ground.
When I felt enough had gone I looked up, what I saw amazed me.

I felt as if in a different dimension, my vision, made everything look as if
it were at a demented angle of the swamp around me.

But I hardly noticed it because I was so caught up in the ecstasy of magic,
the magic flowing feverently through my veins, pulsing with eternal life.

I pushed with all my might, as all the things around me seemed to pull with
immortal strength. There was a loud -BANG- and the ground shook so violently,
I fell to the ground with a shout.

I could tell others had fallen because I could hear shouts and yells as people
grew frustrated, as I myself did. But I was knocked unconscious by my head
hitting a tree. I woke up to someone shaking my shoulder. I put my hand to my
head, to slow

the pulsing pain. As my vision returned to normal I smiled happily at what I
saw. There was a huge cleared space with the warped, enchanted swamp
stretching around it.

I used my staff for support as I stood up and had someone measure the area.
There were in fact two areas.

The first area, a square area with 200 sq/yards. And in the middle of the
square area was a circular area, with a diameter of 100 yards. I smiled
grimly. Then I picked up my longsword.

I called Dashis over and said<" I'd like to thank you and your men for the
hell of a job you men did. I'm sorry about the two lost Knights but they were
both traitors. When you go back, could you send two more talons?" He nodded
and gave a we

weary smile, then walked back to his men and told him the news. Some gave
weary smiles, and since they were to tired to walk back, together, they
created one huge portal. Before entering, they turned and saluted me. Smiling
I returned the salute.

They entered the portal and I walked over to quickly close it up. Then I went
to sleep, slumped against the flaming tree.

I woke up to feel the air shimmering with magic. I looked over to see two
talons standing at attention across the clearing. The two Talon leaders walked
over and we returned salutes, then I said.

" Talon Leaders Tagrin and Rewin?" They nodded and I said," Do you know
what we're doing?" They nodded again.

I explained," The circular area will hold the base of the tower. It will be
a minimum of 100 yards high. I want stone from the City of Istar used to build
this Tower. I also want the strongest metal enchanted, to make a gate with
spiked tops. I

 want you to dig out a basement. See that flaming tree? That will be the
center. I want everything put in, to be enchanted, ok? Good. Two towers will
branch off from the sides of the main tower. This whole area will be a

I want 50 minotaurs, and 50 ogres, adult mind you. Willing slaves from the
slavemaster. Tagrin, send one of your men for it. I want everyone to get a
good nights sleep, tomorrow will be very rough." I tossed Tagrin a big money
bag and we retu

Author:  Aurel
Date    Mon Feb 10 18:36:22 2003

Subject The Beginnings of Darkness (End of Part II)

I tossed Tagrin a money bag and we returned salutes. I had them both bring
their men over, and I had them all walk through the swamp. They all survived
so I knew I could trust them. As they began to setup camp, I slumped against
the flaming tree,

trying to get as much sleep as much as possible before the difficult day
ahead. This would be the starting of darkness.....

(To Be Continued)

(ooc) I'm not revealing the location, so as their are no Mooner Raiding
parties while we're vulnerable. Hehe, I'm never going to reveal the location.
So good luck. :P

Author:  Aurel
Date    Sun Feb 23 14:05:52 2003

Subject   Aurius-Test of Magic

As Knight Aurius and I faced eachother in a spar, after we had cast all the
spells we could on ourselves, I attacked after we saluted.

I cast a spell upon him, attempting to put him to sleep. It failed and he
struck me.  I felt the blow of his dagger, strike my face.

I threw white sand at him, blinding him. Then I mutered the words of magic,
and all of his protecting spells dissapated. A pink aura suddenly surrounded

He did not seemed the least frightened. I quickly threw blasts of acid upon
him. He flinched as they seared his flesh, knocking him to the ground.

I stood over him and bowed. Helping him up, I pointed the way to the healers.
He nodded then returned the bow. I watched as he limped off, then returned to
my studies.

(ooc) We got bored so we dueled, we had the same spell ups only what we could
cast upon ourselves. No charmies or pets. I dispelled him, blinded, the landed
FF. He was out of luck.

It went fast from then on, I landed two acid blasts, both butchers. Thanks for
the duel Aurius. :P

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