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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Aurius.

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Author:    Aurius         
Date:      Tue Oct  3 01:25:59 2006
Subject   The Days of Darkness

Being the High Archmage of the Black robe mages of Krynn had been a
worthwhile dream for Aurius.  But studying under Shilaan as well as
Galaphale for all those years had made Aurius see and do things not quite
how his god Nuitari had envisioned them.

After several days in prayer trying to understand what it was he was
acually doing wrong..  Aurius felt a powerful tug from what was left of his
soul.  Feeling slightly weakened and not being able to feel his gods
presense anymore cause quite a stir within himself.

Suddenly Aurius found himself somewhere else..

Not quite in the Black tower in the conclaves forest like he just was.

Feeling disoriented and a little out of sorts Aurius decides to find out
exactly where he is.. After spending close to two days in search of life.. 
He seemed to be nearing a city...  A large dark city.  Amazed that he was
transported through no action of his own to the city of neraka was almost

Standing in the street with his cowl low and his ebony horns..  He looked
just like any other minotaur walking around.  Making his way to the temple
of Takhisis not feeling the wroth that he once felt..  Aurius began to
think that maybe SHE had something to do with his appearance near here.

Spending another day in prayer there brought forth some interesting answers
for Aurius.  While there praying..  A shrouded figure calling himself
Arauko appeared seemingly out of the darkness..  Knowing some of my
thoughts..  I was sure SHE has sent him as her messenger.  After several
minutes of duscussion Arauko melted back into the shadows as if he'd never
been there in the first place.

Several days later while still praying...  A slightly familiar figure
showed up in the temple as if she knew what i was here for.. Not that i
knew at the time who she was..  But Ayasana surprised me quite well.  She
was the one Aurius was toying with on the forest road near jelek close to a
week or so prior..  Unknowing to him that she was the leader of the
majesties knights these days..  Thinking to himself "live and learn i
guess".  After her prayers and our talks..  Ayasana invited me to "rejoin"
the thorn knights i had once lead many years ago..

But this time..  I'd have to start fresh..  Since i shunned HER the last

I agreed..

Not really wanting to be commanded by someone weaker than me..  I had
several reservations..  But Ayasana assured me the one whose command i was
to be under was no fool..  Nor weak.

Ayasana was already on her way back to Storms keep..  And decided that it'd
be best if i traveled with her so i could "relearn" how things were done...
 Chain of command, duties, etc... So i agreed and spent most of my time on
the trip in study..  Trying not to think about the things that had happened
in the last week or so..  It all seemed like a dream..  Or a mild
nightmare.  And so begins the new tales and travels of Aurius the
Ebonheart in her majesties service.

Author:    Aurius         
Date:      Tue Nov 14 21:00:02 2006
Subject   Silent goodbye.

Laying on a cot at a cleric of Takhisis' feet, wounds still seeping blood
from a recent battle Aurius starts to rethink his "position" within HER
ranks with careful and deliberate thought.  Laying there thinking about what
has happened and what should happen started to inflame his anger, makeing it
very difficult, if not almost impossible for the cleric to fully heal his
wounds.  Twisting in pain which only made his anger more and more visible,
Aurius shoved the cleric and guards away from him with the force of his will
and anger.  Sitting up on the cot and eventually standing, the glare from
his eyes keeping the guards away..  Aurius reaches into a small pouch at his
side and withdraws a bit of sulfer and bat guano.  Glare still keeping the
cleric and guards standing there in shock Aurius holds the ingredients in
his palm and "throws" them at the trio..  All the while chanting in the
language of the arcane.  The spell was meant to be just a small fireball to
force them to flee in terror..  But the force of his will and a flex of his
rage forced the small fireball into something much larger..  Much fiercer. 
As if it had a mind of it's own the fireball that was cast grew larger and
larger..  Until it had grown too large for the tent to contain.  It suddenly
exploded outwards..  Consuming all the contents of the tent as well as the 4
nearby.  Walking out of the tent, fur singed off and skin partially
blackened from the intense heat..  Aurius strode to a nearby stream as
casually as if the people and horses around him were not burning to ashes. 
Skin and fur burned away in places..  Aurius kneels down in the stream and
starts to wash off the "ashes" of what was nearby when the explosion took
place..  As well as the fur and skin hanging in tatters on parts of his
body.  Still kneeling in the stream "cooling" his blood and skin..  Aurius
began to think back to what the "Queen" had promised him this time.  

In his mind he remembered her dark enchanting voice as it told him: Lead my
Thorns into glory as you once did..  There will be who can stand in your
way..  No one to block your rise back into power that was yours by right of
knowledge and power.  

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Author:    Aurius         
Date:      Tue Nov 14 21:21:54 2006
Subject   Silent Goodbye (Part 2)

For doing this i will grant you arcane spells and books lost throughout
the ages.  

Of course with the promise of power Aurius had agreed to lead HER mages to
glory..  Only to be denied by the ones currently leading them.  Deliberating
all this while trying to sooth the pain and anger from his skin and bones.. 
Aurius had had enough.  Slowly standing up from the stream Aurius notices
that one has escaped the massive fireball..  A scout..  Just what he needed
to send a message back to his leaders.  Motioning to the scout who seemed
undamaged in any way, Aurius drew him close..  Sensing that the scout didnt
see who or what had caused the explosion.  Speaking to the scout Aurius told
him to report back to neraka and explain what had happened here.  The scout
hesitated inquiring about him needing assistance and such..  Aurius flicked
him away with a wave of his hand and ordered him to follow his orders to get
back to neraka as fast as he could.  Seeing the scout pick himself up and
head in the general direction of Neraka..  Aurius was satisfied.  Thinking
to himself: "This should leave a lasting impression to HER..  Never promise
what you do not or can not provide" Looking around for some supplies that
might have escaped the destruction..  Aurius Finds a few rations and a large
canteen that seem only barely singed..  Taking them into his care and making
a loincloth out of some of the unburnt scraps..  Aurius head bowed in anger
and pain still..  Headed for Palanthas.  

Author:    Aurius         
Date:      Fri Nov 17 12:48:26 2006
Subject   Silent Goodbye (part 3)

Being nearby Palanthas didnt make the trip much better...  The damage
from the intense fire had chared the fur and skin rather well.  Going to the
tavern near the eastern part of Palanthas to the Healer where Aurius has
spent a nice amount of time before and after fights had taken a lot of
strength and energy..  Not to mention shear willpower.  Walking through the
door the crowd took notice of Aurius and gasped in astonishment..  Not
seeing how such a badly burned erson could have made it through the door
crawling..  Much less walking.  Reaching into a pouch as he passed the
innkeep Aurius drew out a silver and ordered some food and ale..  Determined
to prove to these "cretins" just what he was made of.  Sitting at a nearby
table the innkeep brought over a large platter of what looked like pork.. 
Roasted..  How fitting..  Both the food and Aurius' skin seemed to share the
burnt and shriveled quality..  But at least the food smelled better. 
Digging into the platter and thirstily drinking the ale..  Aurius still
couldnt get the taste of his own burnt flesh out of his mouth.  Finishing
the meal and two mugs of ale, Aurius decided he had spent enough time in
"pain".  Standing up straight and heading to one of the back rooms Aurius
needed the healer..  Before he passed out.  Costing him a mere 10 silver and
3 days in bed, Aurius was glad he had made it.  Skin no longer devestated
but still a little tender..  Aurius decided he was as healed as he was going
to get anytime soon.  Now that he was healed..  Aurius decided to see about
passage on a ship..  Didnt matter where it was bound..  He just wanted time
to clear his head and "explore".  Heading to the docks he stopped by another
tavern..  One reputed to house pirates and merchants alike.  Aurius decided
to put of the word that he was seeking passage and that he could pay..  As
well as lend a hand..  Even though it had been quite some time since he had
been on a ship.  

Author:    Aurius         
Date:      Tue Nov 21 09:39:14 2006
Subject   Silent Goodbye (part 4)

Standing inside the Rusty Rudder Tavern in Palanthas, Aurius decided his
search for a trustworthy captain was for naught.  He came to this conclusion
after he was attacked by someone..  A mage..  Right after he decided to go
back to the inn east of Palanthas for the night.  Walking out of the tavern
he heard the ruffleing of something that sounded like parchment and then the
recitation of arcane words.  Hearing this Aurius was instantly put on guard,
Getting several spells ready just in case the attack was aimed at him Aurius
drew his dagger.  Scanning the area and not seeing anyone was a triffle
disconcerting but not unexpected..  He knew that the conclave of mages might
send out their assassins, but didnt think they'd go as far as an open attack
in the city of Palanthas.  Suddenly Aurius felt VERY sleepy, thinking to
himself just before he fell asleep " damn..  I shoulda known they would have
heard something from these bunch of pirates ".  Falling fast asleep and with
the sensation of "flying" Aurius figured he was done for.  Suddenly he was
awoken with a sharp pain as if a lance or sword was struck into his side.. 
Causeing considerable pain and waking him straight out of sleep.  Slightly
confused, Aurius fled into the night..  Not realising that thieves had
stolen much of his more valuable pieces of armor and clothing.  Not sure if
he was being chased or not Aurius decided to duck into a shadowed alley and
cast a spell he had held in case of emergencies.  Calming himself and
steadying his mind Aurius recited the words to the transport spell.  World
spinning and all things blending into one, Aurius saw the world simply
"blink" and then suddenly he was standing in calf high grass with some very
very tall and robust tree's overhead.  Casting a cloak of invisibility as
soon as he felt able, Aurius decided to find out exactly what part of solace
he had come to.  Walking of of some of the darkest shadows Aurius stood at
the base of an enormous vallenwood tree..  With a "house" atop it..  Must be
the inn of the last home he thought to himself..  Very good.  Walking up the
long flight of stairs Aurius opened the door to the inn and walked in to a
table cloaked in shadow in the corner.  Sitting down at the table the
red-haired barmaid "Tika" came to get his order, ordering his usual Aurius
just wanted some peace and quiet for some meditation at the moment.  Taking
stock of his money situation Aurius then decided to put out word that he was
willing to do some deeds..  For a price.  After he sent word with several
reliable sources here in solace Aurius decided to enjoy his meal and wait.  

Author:    Aurius         
Date:      Mon Jan 22 13:41:23 2007
Subject     Silent Goodbye/New Beginning.

After finding my way to Solace and meeting with a well known group of
Mercenaries..  I decided to put my new found knowledge to use.  Seeing as
how the Mercenaries had taken the time and effort to train me on several new
techniques of defending myself..  Figured it was only fair to see if they
acually worked.  Calling upon the spells i've had since i can remember..  I
selected a gate spell to carry me back to the inn near palanthas in which i
had spent many a night.  Entering the gate i found myself at once in a
familiar place about 20 feet or so from the back of the inn.  Hopefully the
innkeeper remembers me and has kept my room..  I would hate to have to sleep
in a room recently slept in by a lowly thieving human.  Walking up to the
door it swung open with a crash..  It seems some thugs had robbed the
innkeeper and were trying to make off with things that obviously didnt
belong to them.  Pulling my staff to the "guard" position..  I quickly lept
to smack one of the 2 across the neck and shoulders..  Catching him
unawares..  I was successful.  Hearing the "OOMPH" coming from his partner..
The first thug turned toward me and charged..  Much to his downfall. 
Slipping to the side i quickly slammed my staff into his knee's.. 
Shattering the bones and making the smelly human fall down the steps and
onto his face.  Smiling at him and turning back toward the door i left him
for the innkeepers henchmen..  I was sure they were up the the task of
"disposing" of the wretch.  After some thank yous and other pleasantries.. 
I was finally able to get my things stowed in my old room..  Which had been
left unoccupied since i had left a couple months back much to my surprise. 
After stowing some of my things i went to the common room to have a
satisfying meal and to contemplate what i was going to do next.  Utterly
greatful the innkeeper had given me the room and meals for a solid week "on
the house"..  I wasnt unhappy..  More than likely i would be here for the
full week while i decided my future.  Calling upon some spells i picked up
from my former master..  I summoned what is known on this plane as an air
elemental..  But on most planes it is commonly known as an aerial servant. 
I figured it might be time to send a message to my old friend wh who just
recently took up the mantle of "grand vizier" of the thorn knights.. 
Figuring it was time to let him know that i am alive.  Giving the servant
his instructions and the message that would only be given to Valliak..  I
sent it on it's way.  Now all i have left is to wait.  He'll come to me when
he finds the time.  

Author:    Aurius         
Date:      Mon May  7 04:27:08 2007
Subject     Retaking Leadership of Thorns

Valliak the current leader of her majesties thorn knights was an
acceptable leader, but i knew she had brought me back into the fold to lead
them.  So after several months of planning and garnering support i finally
laid down the challenge to him.  Granted..  I had no intentions of losing
him as a thorn..  But i did grant him one boon..  To serve as my second
until such a time as he was able to either take the leadership back or he
died.  He knew he had no chance of winning against me..  But his courage was
outshining most of the "lily's"..  Who are supposedly honorable and
courageous as the hated solamnics.  We fought for some time..  Trading
spells and blows from weapons..  But both of us were dertermined not to
lose..  But in the end the victor of the battle was never in question.  My
years of study and my "upbringing" gave me the edge that was required to
prove "might is right".  After his defeat i called upon her majesties
clerics to heal his many wounds if she was willing to retain his services. 
After several hours of rest and many clerical spells of healing..  He was
finally retored to a semblance of health.  Just proving his stamina and
determination were far superior to those of the lesser followers of
takhisis.  After his recovery we went to "my" office and discussed how we
should proceed with the efforts of conquering ansalon.  We both knew we
couldnt depend on the pathetic lily to do anything but stand in an armies
way..  So i made the suggestion of reopening the portals i set in place many
many years ago.  This was agreed upon as well as fortifying neraka as well
as sanction.  Im sure in further talks we will find several things lacking..
Not counting this foolish notion that Lord Saige is a traitor.  But those
are for another time.  As i have other issues that need be addressed

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