The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Auschmal.

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The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a heavy platinum-covered book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Auschmal' scribed in black ink.

Author:  Auschmal
Date    Sat Aug 21 12:16:48 1999

Subject  Farewell

About 5 people were holding down a rampaging thanoi, flailing around the
dagger tha cured him yet led him more into that madness. Medea was standing
a few steps back, shouting and crying, trying to stop her captain from
losing his grip of reality. Sansagroth resisted every force that rushed
him, every weapon that cut him, and every cuss that offended him. In a
blind rage, he threw each and every person that jumped on his back. It was
hopeless, the beast cannot be controlled any longer. He slowly approached
Medea, blood dripping from his jaw, carrying a grin that was seen on many
who have held the Dagger of Vengeance. He slowly approached the weeping
girl, yet she made no effort to move out of the way, it's not in her power
to stop a monstrosity like this anymore...

'Admiral!' Kybo calls out to the road as he saw Auschmal from a distance.
'Come quick Admiral! we need you r help! Sansagroth... he...' just at the
name of Sansagroth, the minotaur snarled and unsheathed his rusty cutlass,
ready to silence the creature who once was his good friend. Tears dropped
from his angry eyes, yet his undying desire to destroy what has become of
Sansagroth, maybe even Sansagroth himself. He stepped up the dock and
jumped from there to the Orlouge. Too late... Medea lay before the walrus,
coughing what's left of her proud life as a sailor of the Orlouge. Selec
lay in a heap of blood and guts to his side and Victor lay slumped against
the masts, headless. 'Cap'n... why did it have to end this way?' Auschmal
whispers to himself as he brandished the gaffhook of the original captain
of the Orlouge. 'SANSAGROTH! If it has to end, then let the legacy of our
work end here, as our final battle!' he shouts, the gaffhook raised up in
the air. It had to come to this, he thought to himself. Each and every one
of the former crew has already met with their patron. The dream was no
longer a reality. The Unity was falling apart. 'SANSAGROTH! DRAW YOUR
WEAPON!' And in a magnificent crack of lightning, the two warriors rushed
into each other... [Hit Return to continue]

'I'm sorry Kiarra...' A wizened minotaur said, putting his arms around the
weeping widow's shoulder. She looked up at him and smiled. 'Thank you
father...' She said as she hugged the old man. 'Don't worry my child... you
will join him under Sargas's... grace' he said as he stuck a dagger into
the woman's back. He knelt down to the ground and lay her body softly.
'Auschmal... My son, I wish i could have looked back... but I can't... My
duty is with Mithas. May Sargas watch over your souls...'

Kybo, Rorin and Twigpuckle circled the bed of the girl who was slowly
losing her life. Their hands, each clasping each other's. Twigpuckle and
Rorin wept bitterly as Kybo maintained a strong grip on the girl's hand.
'Kyb... Kybo sir... It hurts... don't squeeze my hand that hard' She said
as her pale face lightened with a soft smile. 'I know... I haven't worked
with all of you long, but I loved every minute of it, I wish it could have
been longer, but It was my duty to go down with my captain...' She coughed.
'Shh, don't talk like that, girl. Be strong!' Kybo said, a tear finally
running down his stern face. 'It's inevitable... we all have to go
sometimes, sir...' This comment made Twigpuckle cry even more. '2 of my
precious friends. about gone... I wish I could have done something...'
Twigpuckle sobbed. Rorin put his hand on the kender's shoulder. 'Don't
worry, I'm sure the gods will take care of them as much as they've taken
care of us...' Medea smiled at Rorin for one last time, and slowly, her
breath stuttered... then finally stop.


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