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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Axz.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a bluish black leather-bound book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Axz' scribed in rich yellow ink.

Author:    Axz            
Date:      Wed Jun 13 04:41:33 2007
Subject     Return of the Valkilrakas : Part 1

The sky is filled with purple blues and golden clouds as the
last of the suns rays sinks behind the treeline of the
forest as a young man in robes recites words of magic
engulfing the small pile of tender in flames. After many
weeks of traveling from Tarsis the young man is nearing the
end of his journey.Tired from another full day of treking
the winding paths of the forest he leans back against a
fallen log near the fire placing his staff across his chest
, keeping it close as it is his only weapon other than his
dagger and what little magic the young mage has he cannot
cast as his body is drained from a full days travel.

As the sounds of the night begin to fill the forest with
crickets and tree frogs the mage drifts off to sleep. The
night sky fills with many shining stars and the two moons of
Solinari and Lunitari shine brightly above as the young mage
begins to dream. He pictures himself walking down the
streets of Tarsis his home , he pictures his family ,all
whom he has not seen in months now.He see's his family
walking by him and as he begins to speak the turn away and
run from him. His brother , his sister , even his father all
turning and running down the crowded streets as he tries to
speak to them, As he reaches the end of the street he see's
his mother , she doesnt run but doesnt speak to him.All she
does is look at him with those solem eyes of a troubled
woman beckoning for him to follow. The mage follows his
mother down the road to the local pub where she had worked
while he was a child.She disappears through the door as he
continues behind her.He can hear the sounds of the local
patrons with the chatter and music from behind the
door.Reaching out the mage turns the door knob as the door
creaks in protest from the many years of useage.A sigh of
relief comes over the mage as the sound conforts him with
the familiaraites of his childhood memories

Apon entering the pub the mage is suprized to see there is
nobody there , the firelight he had seen through the windows
did not illuminate the room as exspected.The music and
chatter that had echoed down the street outside was gone.
Peering about the room he saw nothing of the sort , nothing
to hint what he had heard outside not a stirring of any.The
tables all unoccupied with all the chairs set up on
them.Nothing but dust and spider webs filled the room. With
hesitation he yelled our , "Mother". Getting no reply he
speaks again , Mother? This time from nowhere he seens his
mother walking to the back of the pub to the store
room.Mother no Wait , he cries as he runs across the room.

As he opens the door to the store room he see's his mother
was not there , who was playing these games with him , where
had she gone?No are no exits from this room he knew as he
had hidden here many times as a child from his bother and
sister playing while his mother cleaned up after the pub
closed. Nothing but a single table with a black candle
burning shining light onto his face.Looking across the table
with the candle in hand he see's a tattered parchment.What
is this ?Looking down he begins to read.

Young Man ,, I see you are seeking to test for the order of
the conclave of mages.A good goal to be sure. But regretably
your goals and mine are at a cross and without your
corroperation I can no further my cause. I have seen through
your thoughts the love you have for you family , a family
you will no longer have unless you do as I say.All I require
of you is to sign your name to this parchment and seal it
with the wax of the black candle you have now in your
hand.Simple enough isn't it?There is no choice in this.Sign
or they all will meet there end. Axz Valkilrakas

Fearing for this family the mage signs the parchment.Simple
enough I guess he thinks but what trickery is this , Is this
a test? Possibly a joke maybe a wondering kender had played?

Author:    Axz            
Date:      Wed Jun 13 05:02:31 2007
Subject     Return of the Valkilrakas Continued

As the mage sleeps he tosses and turns now breaking out in
cold sweat from the nightmarish hell inside his minds eye.
His mother , his father , all his family reaching out for
him but there grasp pass right through him.There mouths fail
them as they try desperatly to convey some message to him.He
knows something is wrong but what , what are they trying to
say. As he awakens from the sleep the last thing he
remembers is his mothers face stricen with tears of sorrow
and loss.

Oh it was just a dream the mage thinks as he wipes the sweat
from his brow.It must be the stress of the test and the
exspectations to come of the conclave councel.To upset from
the restless slumber the mage packs his things and stands to
continue on.As he reaches the edge of the grove where he had
rest his feet fail him, as if there was some invisible force
pushing him back blocking him from continuing on. Fear falls
over the mage as he hears the faint laughter of someone,
quiet at first then growing to a frenzy of laughter.No
cherping of crickets now , no singing of the tree frogs in
there midnight song.even the stars above had disappeared to
blac kness.Emerging from the shadows a black robed figure
begins to speak.Thank you foolish one for giving me your
life , for giving me freedom , for giving me the chance to
reclaim my place among this world. I am Axz Valkilrakas of
Sanction , For many a year I have been trapped in this limbo
you will now call home.No life , no sound , nothing but
blackness and the emptyness of time eternal.This is your
fate.The black robed figure says as he holds the the
tattered parchment in his hand.And this scroll will bind you
to your cell replaceing me in this hell between
worlds.Turning the young mage franticly looks behind him and
all has gone black nothing there. Not the wind of the sky ,
not the green of the forest, nothing but the pulsing light
of a now dimly shining black candle.

Many a year I awaited in this hell for a young mage to come
along who's life force would rejuvinate mine own and replace
me in this place.I had to wait for the right one someone
pure of heart and at peace in his mind. Something not so
easily found in this world of chaos I can assure you.Its
ashamed you will never get to see those white robes of
Solinari about your torso. But if it is any comfort to you
,everything is with a purpose in this world and your purpose
is this and mine is my own.Chuckling the black robed figure
disappears into the darkness.Smiling slightly as he hears
the screams of the terrofied mage t rapped within his prison
of his own making.

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