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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Azel.

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Author:    Azel           
Date:      Sun Aug  2 15:13:10 2015
Subject     Nightmare's Revenge

Crackling flames, piercing screams, and the sound of swords ripping through flesh echo in the night. Young Azel closes her eyes in her hiding place beneath the kitchen floor and prays to any who might be listening for safety, for help, for anything to stop this horrible night. Thud Thud Thud goes the boots on the floor above, slow, steady, and purposeful. Closer and closer they draw, echoiing the thudding of her young heart as her imagination runs rampant. Soft whimpers escape from behind her fingers as she struggles to be quiet as mama instructed. Thud, Thud, Thud. The footsteps are above her, and they stop. Fervently she prays, fervently she begs, fearfully she hides. Finally, just when her heart feels like its going to burst, she hears a small voice whisper in the darkness. I can save you. I can protect you. I can give you power, so this will never happen again. I can give you command over your fears and your enemies such as you cannot imagine. Embrace me, embrace my love, and feel my wrath flow through you to those who would hurt you. Embrace my darkness my pet. As the words echo through her skull, her mother's dying screams echo above. Startling awake, her hand grasping for her sword hilt, Azel jumps up and scans the forest around her for danger. 10 years had passed since that fateful night, 10 years since she embraced her dark queen, 10 years since she bacame her faithful paladin, and still she woke up in terror of her dreams. Still she felt her hatred for those who came and slaughtered her village, her parents, her friends, her life. With silver armor and crys of For the Oath and The measure, they swept through what they thought was a Dragonarmy stronghold, which in reality was a village for retired dragonarmy veterans who no long fought, who lived their lives peacefully and quietly in reclusion. Shrugging off her fears, wiping her brow to rid herself of her night sweats, she rose and started the fire for breakfast. Pulling out hard tack and last nights rabbits, she quietly mused to herself, about her dreams, about her past, and about her future. Today would see her in sight of the famous castle of Baroness Uth Matar. Tommorow would see her asking for admitance into the blue wing of dragonarmy, and the futheration of her Dark Queen's desires, plans, and her paladins might. Today however, first she must make it there. The Baroness had a reputation as a mighty swordswoman, however a bit odd and reclusive. But with her queen's blessing, Azel had no fear of tomorrow, and with sword and prayers, she would have no fear of any future. Tomorrow, her revenge would begin.

Author: Azel Date: Wed Aug 5 16:52:22 2015 Subject [FWD] Nightmare's Change

[FWD Note] - [110] Azel: Nightmare's Change [FWD Date] - Mon Aug 3 18:51:35 2015 [FWD To ] - all [Original to:] mazerith lunitari [FWD List] - story Striding out from the woodlands, Azel Bluesteel beheld the magnificent castle of the Baroness Uth Matar. Gleaming stones formed a formidible wall, while a steel portcullis guarded the only noticable entrance into the keep. A huge yard led credence to the rumor that the Baroness had a dragon as a beloved friend and companion, and well ordered, well placed, and attentive guards led credence to the might of the castle. Tomorrow, she would enter the castle. Tomorrow, she would begin her revenge. For now however, Azel searched around for a suitible camp spot, out of veiw of the road, but secure enough to defend herself if necessary. One could never be too careful out alone in the wilderness. Grabbing stones, she knelt down and began carving out 6 inch blocks of dirt, pulling them aside to be replaced later. Prudence led her to be overly cautious, so her fire pit was 6 feet in diameter, with two walls of stones between the flames, and the tender folliage of the earth. Having her firepit set up, she pulled out her bow and went hunting for her dinner, hoping to find fresh meat to supplement her dwindling supply of hardtack. Several hours later, as the flames begin to dwindle down and she's sucking the last bit of juices from the bones of the rabbits she caught, Azel finds herself staring into the flames absently, her mind awhirl with plans, possibilites, and rememberence. Without noticing it, the flames went out, and still she sat there musing. It wasnt until they flared back up, burning red flames tinged with black, and a voice spoke, that she snapped out of her reverie. Why so lost in your mind my pet she hears the voice say. Reprimanding herself for her laxness, she bowed to the voice in the flames and replied, The future troubles me my dark queen. The past troubles me, my dark queen. The present is the only thing sure, and I find myself lost. I want my revenge against the knights who slaughtered my family. I want to further your glory, and your plan. I'm glad to hear that my pet, for I have plans for you. You are my faithful paladin, and you have never given me cause to doubt you, but I am not the only one with their eyes on you. My daughter has had her eyes on you as well. She may be fickle, but her plans usually coincide with mine, and in this case that is doubly true. She has requested that I lend you to her, and I see no reason to deny her request. Shocked by the words reverberating in the darkness, Azel nonetheless recovers quickly, only stuttering a little in her response. Whatever your wish is my queen, is my command. So long as you help me with my revenge, my heart, soul, and body are yours to command. What is your new plan for me, my queen? For now, all you need to know is you will still have your revenge, albeit in a different manner. There is a storm coming, and my daughter and I are the eye of it. There's a man, name of Mazerith, that you must meet. Tell him I sent you per my daughter's request, and he will understand. Follow him as you would follow me, but remain my servant in your heart and soul, and revenge shall be yours. With those last words, the flames flared up once more, blinding the young woman, before dying out, the stones cool to the touch. Images flowed into Azel's mind, and with a sigh, she went to sleep. Tomorrow would bring changes alright, albeit of the unexpected kind. Tomorrow she would begin her journey to find this man, and to find her new path.

Author: Azel Date: Sun Aug 9 09:27:37 2015 Subject Nightmare's Freedom, A new port

Blue water spread out endlessly on all sides, salty spray ran through the air like sprites on wing, splashing Azel in the face as she stood on the bow, arms wide open, earsplitting grin upon her features. Never before had she felt such freedom, such giddiness, such amazement. Her queen's orders had led her to Sanction, a bustling port town, where one look at the embossed 5 headed dragon on her breastplate and the mention of the name Mazerith got her terrified looks and bowed heads. So far, all she had been able to get out of these witless cows had been a town name, Port o call, and a warning. Stay far away from Mazerith, the Tempest of Zeboim. Tcha, fools. She had the might of her dark queen, of her own sword arm, and her orders. With a stern command, and a few inches of blessed steel, she had commondeered a ship, and its captain and crew, to sail her to Port o call, to her destiny, to her future. Such a grave and momentous occasion, and yet here she stood, rictus grin on her face, all thoughts of revenge and gravity lost in the new found sense of freedom. Born in a small landlocked village, and raised in another, albeit larger, landlocked city, she had swam in rivers and streams but had never before faced the might and majesty of the seas. For all her might, for all her faith, for all her power, she was naught but a child tossed about on the bosom of a greater mother, and while she might steer, here was one place she could never conquer. The overwhelming sense of awe she felt washed away her cares, her worries, her ...LAND HO the words reverberated from the crow's nest, interrupting Azel's musings. It seemed her first stop was almost at hand. After seeing the pure terror on people's faces at the mention of the name Mazerith, prudence had led her to make a stop on the way to port o call. Her contacts, the same ones who had mentioned Baroness Uth Matar, had mentioned a wizard in Schallsea of reputable power, albeit of the darker nature. From him she hoped to find a few magical tokens to help her in both finding, and convincing, this Mazerith of her queens orders. As the ship bunked loudly against the wooden pier, Azel jumped from the deck to the pier, impatiently unable to wait for the gangplank. Keep the ship ready, we depart within the hour. This wont take long. she shouts back as she strides towards her destination. Along the streets, sight of her face cleared the path before her, and left a wake of whispered prayers. Many thought death had come to port, so fierce was the frown on her face. Suddenly furious at the loss of her newfound freedom, Azel stormed throught the fishy streets of schallsea, her directions leading her to a darkened corner of town, wherein which sat a squat stone building with the mage's three mooned eye emblazoned across the door. With a resounding thud, she pounded her mailed fist on the door, waking the inhabitants inside and probably the dead nearby as well. As the door cracked open, she whispered something under her breath, and was allowed to slip inside. Her status as a dark paladin was well known. An hour later, Azel came striding up the pier once again, her questions answered, but many more resulting, and magical trinkets stashed upon her person. Tucked into her belt was a new weapon, a dark obsidian sword, slightly shorter than her previous one, but one better suited to battle upon the sea. Blessed by her queen, and enchanted by the dark wizard, when coupled with newly enchanted armor and other items, she couldnt be more prepared. And yet, somehow, she was even more worried. For she had found out why the name Mazerith struck fear into the hearts of people. He was the tempest of the sea, the dread pirate captain, and zeboim's chosen. He was dread, he was calculating, and he was a ghost. Few saw him and lived, fewer still followed him. And yet, follow him she must, for those were her queens orders. Set sail for Port o Call. I have an appointment with destiny to keep. With a sigh, she once again turned her thoughts to tomorrow. May takhisis guide her steps, and luck guide her wits. She was going to need all the help she could get

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