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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Azumi.

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Author:    Azumi          
Date:      Thu May 13 02:16:37 2010
Subject     [FWD] Azumi and Segwarides meet : Part 1

[FWD Note] - [184] Azumi: Azumi and Segwarides meet : Part 1

[FWD Date] - Thu May 13 02:09:53 2010

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5:45 Pm., Day of Boreadai, 19th the Month of Sirrimont. Azumi Di'
Everstar (Journals to her father the fallen Rose Knight Hytar Di'Everstar)

Today Dearest father I was in training at the Solamnic acadamy.Another day
of drills, exercises and weapons practice. It is my lifes honor to follow in
your footsteps.Im am pleased to let you know today I met Marshal Segwarides
of the Crown. Marshal Segwarides is a hard and blunt man, I do believe he
has something against me.Pushing me much harder than the other recruits.But
father, I was relieved to find he knew you.He said he was in battle with you
and that you were a valliant and brave knight.You always said I was much
like mother, Paladine rest her soul.Heh, I guess you were right father the
temperment I inherited from mother got the best of me today.I was practicing
drills when...

Thrush, bash, block the sounds of a commander barking out orders to new
squires.Azumi swinging her sword growing frustrated with the childlike
manner she was being treated stands facing another squire in battle
stance.The young squire swinging his sword at Azumi, she parries his attack
as he does. "How is that suppost to be your best?" Azumi exclaims to the
young squire. "Just because I'm a lady doesnt mean you have to hold back"
Azumi says.The young squire recovers and again comes at Azumi this time with
his full force, knocking Azumi back sending her training sword flying."I
told you" the young squire replies.Azumi looking up from the ground her eyes
narrow, "I bet ya cant do that again" she states .She tosses her training
weapons aside.The young squire looks to her, "Azumi, how can you repel my
attack with no weapon?"

Azumi flashes a smirking glance to the young squire. "You let me worry about
that" she replies as she lowers her stance putting her center of gravity
lower to the ground.Raising her hands to her torso she holds her right arm
foward aligned with her face for defense.Her left close to her head near her
left ear, palm open.With a clasp of her right hand she motions for the
squire to attack."Remember no holding back" she says.Watching as the young
squires hands tighten on his training sword, and his weight shift she knows
he is about to attack.As the young squire swings, she steps out of the way
letting the training sword swoosh past her face.She spins down to the ground
tripping the squire he lands with a resounding thud as the air is pushed out
of his lungs.Azumi noticing the seconds vulnerbility rolls over on her back
grabbing the squires arm between her legs she crosses them tightly around
his arm.Grasping his wrist she pulls away from him placing great pressure on
the squires elbow to the point it almost breaks.The young squire yelps with
pain as he begs for her to release him.

Azumi with a proud chuckle releases the squire.Standing the young squire
ask," Where did you learn something like that?" Azumi replies "From Master
Majurno, a monk of Majere formerly in my fathers employ at the Everstar
eastate." Noticing the two a senior squire walks over."You two should be
practicing with your squire issue training weapons" the senior squire
says."Azumi dont need them" the young squire says."I seriously doubt she is
adept enough to be moving on to standard issue weapons just yet" the senior
cadet exclaims. " I dont need them to best you !!" Azumi cries as she tosses
her training weapons to the ground in frustration. When Lord Marshal
Segwarides takes notice of the commotion.

"Stop you three, what seems to be the problem here?" Segwarides ask. "These
two recruit squire dont think they need to use there training issue
weapons." The senior Squire says. "I never said that!" Azumi replies in
frustration."It's just" "Its just what?" Segwarides ask."Its just, I dont
need them" Azumi replies."Dont need them?" Segwarides replies "I'll be the
judge of that." as he orders the other two squires away toward the other
side of the training yard."Now ready yourself, Azumi" as he picks up a
training sword and tower shield.

Author:    Azumi          
Date:      Thu May 13 02:16:47 2010
Subject     [FWD] Azumi and Segwarides meet : Part 2

[FWD Note] - [185] Azumi: Azumi and Segwarides meet : Part 2

[FWD Date] - Thu May 13 02:15:21 2010

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Azumi taking the same stance readies herself for the Marshal's
command."Now hit me if you can." Segwarides says with a chuckel.Azumi
advances with a fury of kicks, trip and punches.Not once landing a strike on
Segwarides."Oh I see the extent of your training" he says with a mocking
smirk."Now squire go get a training sword and tower shield from the weapons
racks.Following the senior knights orders she grabs a training sword and
shield from the supply racks."Now attack" Segwarides says.Azumi swinging her
sword at Segwarides as he steps out of the way missing him again."Again" he
says.This time Azumi trying to combine her new weapons with her previous
training runs at Segwarides droping the shield just before

"Now Azumi maybe you see the importance of your training here" Segwarides
states."Now lets see you execute your drills learned today." Azumi standing
at the ready awaits his command."One my orders, Thrust." Azumi pushes her
sword forward. "You can do better than that Azumi" Segwarides says with a
cold glare. "Again, on my order, Thrust" Azumi sends her sword pushing
forward from her body pointing the tip aligned with her shoulder to the pull
extent of her arm."Better" Segwarides says "Now if we can just work on that
temper of yours, be mindful of this Azumi it will serve you no good"
Segwarides turns and dismissed Azumi along with the other squires........

See father not exactly what I would call a easy day but another day of
training in none the less.... Signed Your loving daughter Azumi, (She tears
the pages from the journal wrapping them with a red ribbon, walking them
over to a small shrine to Kiri-Jolith in her quaters she pray "Kiri-Jolith
honorable god of War I pay these thoughts reach my father) 

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