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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Bergrius.

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The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a tattered paperback on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Bergrius' scribed in deep maroon ink.

Author:    Bergrius       
Date:      Fri Sep 28 07:08:28 2007
Subject     The One With A Snake

"It seems I'm lost" Bergrius sighed as he looked around him.  He found
himself surrounded by beautiful oak trees.  Though used to the beauty of
nature, his home being in Solace, he found himself in awe of the almost
unnatural perfection of the forest.  Weary of his travels, Bergrius decided
to rest under of the giant oak trees.  He removed his backpack and set it
down next to a tall oak tree.  Sitting down next to his pack, Bergrius
smiled as he stared up into the forest canopy.  Sunrays peeked through the
rustling leaves and left Bergrius in a peaceful state as he closed his eyes.
His worries of his travels seemed to disappear.  He even forgot that he was

Bergrius awoke an hour or so later to a soft hissing sound near his ear.
The sun was still peeking through the forest ceiling, Bergrius noted as he
stood and looked around.  He jumped back as his eyes wandered to his pack. 
"A SNAKE!!!  " Bergrius nearly yelled his head off while his bulging eyes
stayed on the snake.  He stayed completely still for fear of being bitten. 
He studied the snake as best as he could in his predicament.  After a few
minutes, he realized the snake would not move from his pack.  Relaxing his
guard for a moment, Bergrius inched his way towards his pack, and the snake.

He got to his pack without any resistance from the snake.  As he reached
for the pack, he realized the snake was making no menacing movements. 
Pondering this for a moment, he decided to run a test.  He moved his hand
above the snake's head and left it there for a moment.  No movement.  He
scratched his head with his other hand.  He shrugged and decided to go a
little further with his test.  He lowered his hand slowly, his eyes peering
intently at the snake.  Holding his breath, Bergrius brushed his finger
along the snake's head.  No movement!  He let out a sigh of relief as he
picked up the snake by its head.  He examined it more closely now.  The
snake hissed lightly, its tongue wandering about Bergrius' fingers. 

"It's harmless!" Bergrius smiled as he let the snake coil around his arm.
He fussed with his pack, putting it on awkwardly.
"What are you doing here? You shouldn't be here!"
Startled, Bergrius whirled around to face the person belonging to the voice.
His hand moved to his sword hilt instinctively. He gripped the hilt as he
looked for the owner of the voice. A woman stepped out from the cover of an
oak tree.  Bergrius loosened his grip on his sword.

"Hey, aren't you a-" Before he could finish, Bergrius felt a shooting pain
in his sword arm.  He looked down at his hand. 'Too late,' he thought.
Bergrius' eyes closed as he fell forward. 

The snake bit him...

Author:    Bergrius       
Date:      Sun Sep 30 03:55:27 2007
Subject     The One With A Hive

Weeks passed since Bergrius' run in with the snake.  He was lucky enough
to be saved by woman he "met."  She woke him up after he fainted from the
snake bite.  Apparently, he was so worried about dying from what he found
out was a "nonpoisonous snake" that he fainted.  

Bergrius was back home in Solace, away from the horrors of unknown snakes
and other creepy crawlers and whatnot.  Happy to be home, Bergrius indulged
himself with food and drink, especially the drink.  After another round of
merriment in the late afternoon with his fellow bar patrons, he found himself
staring down a range, trying to hit a dummy with knives.

*THUD* Bergrius giggled as he watched the knife hit the dummy then fall
to the ground with a resounding *CLANK*.
*THUD* Another failed throw, another giggle fit. *CLANK*

*THWOK* Bergrius blinked.  That was something new.  He made his way to
the dummy, stumbling over his own feet here and there.  He knelt down and
picked up his failures then stood up, holding onto the dummy for fear of
falling.  He grinned from ear to ear when he saw his knife buried in what
would be the dummy's chest.  He yanked the knife out of the dummy, taken
over by yet another giggling fit.  Bergrius sauntered back to his spot away
from the dummy.

*THUD* *CLANK* Bergrius resumed his fun.
*THUD* *CLANK* Bergrius shook his head, trying to fight back the drowsiness.
He staggered forward, knife in hand.  He looked at the knife, then back
at the dummy.  He smiled as he watched the dummy sway from side to side. 
'I'll still getcha even if ya move!' Bergrius grinned as he wound his arm
back then let the knife fly.  He scowled as he watched the dummy dodge his
knife.  'How'd you do that?' He asked, dumbfounded.  The knife sailed
past the dummy and went out of sight.

*SHWICK* The sound puzzled Bergrius.  Wondering what it could possibly be,
he stalked his way past the dummy and in the direction of the sound. As he
passed the dummy, he heard a low buzzing sound. He recognized the sound from
somewhere, but he couldn't place where. He shrugged as he looked around.
He saw the knife glimmer from the setting sun. It was stuck in a tree.
Bergrius staggered toward the tree, readying himself to climb it.

The buzzing was louder now, right overhead.  He looked up as he searched
for a firm foothold.  His mouth gaped open as he gasped.  The buzzing was
circling him now. Too Late! The source of the buzzing washed away his
drunken stupor.  


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