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Author:  Bevier
Date    Thu May 23 15:41:14 2002

Subject  Beviers path.

Bevier left the clan hall close to dawn while most of the others still slept.
His steed packed with his assenitals of travel. After a few days of travel he
found the path that Grand Master Teldor marked on his map.

Traveling the path he wandered about his worth in the knighthood. He sighed
but shook the negative thoughts from his mind he paused at a disturbing sound.

Drawing his steed to the side of the road, he drew his sword and advanced
forward through the folage. Creeping a few yards up he Stumbled upon a Bozak
which to his suprise seemed not to notice him but was intent on watching the
road ahead.

His head screamed Ambush immdately and he backed away if there was one
Dracoinan there where atleast 6 more. He trekked back to his steed making sure
to avoid the ambush.

He neared his horse only to here a twig snap and a curse in a strange horse
before turning to ram his sword point straight through a Darkly armored

Cursing he kicked his oppent from his sword and quickly mounted his steed
charging past several other figures trying to encircle him. With a kick he
knocked another oppent to his backside and quickly disappeared into the woods.

(There'll be more later on :) )

Author:  Bevier
Date    Sun May 26 22:32:32 2002

Subject  Beviers path (2nd storie)

After several days of secretive riding by night. Bevier Arrived to witness
Reks ambush. Drawing his sword he readied himself to charge to the aid of his
friend and fellow knight bevier found himself surrounded.

his eyes widened as he found himself staring at several golden and silver
scaled Draconians. Crying out a war cry he swung at his first target a silver
scaled Draco. His blade and aim where true and the blade split the beasts

The sivaks corpse shivered and fell its visage turning to Beviers as its last
dying present to the others the face of its killer. Bevier turned only to be
confronted by a large aurak whom grasped his leg and hauled him to the ground.

swatting at the aurak with his sword Bevier only managed to make the creature
shed a few scales early.

Choking back anger at the loss of his friend and mount he struggled against
his binds only to find that it was extremely painful. Looking down to the
chains he relized they where Razor sharp and would slice into his flesh.

As his struggles became more apparent and painful a nearby Kapak laughed at
him. He growled and spit into the evil creatures face and made a feeble
attempt to kick his foe.

At that the Kapak grew angry and Bevier felt a massive force hit his skull and
he saw nothing but darkness again.

(to be continued :P )

Author:  Bevier
Date    Fri Jun 14 06:17:17 2002

Subject  A Stole Treasure.

Bevier sat upon the Knighthoods Keep in Palanthas resting upon the
battlements he gazed out into the night his Bronze  dragon having left for
the night.

Sighing he stood glancing over the sleeping city watching as for any theives
or Vagabonds that might prowl the streets at night.

That was until a large crash echoed upon the keeps walls. Turning to its
source Bevier quirked a brow and gazed in wonder as two cloaked figures ran
from a building carrying a long bundle.

His mind suddenly screamed "Theif thief After them you fool!" or was it his
mind or the guard captain of keep. Either way he set out at a run after the
two dark cloaked thiefs.

Drawing his sword he panted. his armor was heavy and the light footed theives
where a good distance ahead.

Finally he slowed and watched as the Theives where confronted by two young
knights of the crown. Beliving this Vagabonds caught Bevier watched in contemp
as the thevies drew their weapon dropping their prize.

what he saw next however was not was he expected. The two arrogant knights
where slain after a only brief battle with the now seemingly skill theives. a
prayer was offered to paladine so that he might guide the two lost knights
souls to him.

after his prayer he hurried down the keeps stairs and to the stables where he
summoned forth a Stables squire.  "Go Boy Fetch me a Mount quickly Theives
have slain two of my fellows!" with a nod the squire hurrided away.

He waited what seemed like hours for the squire to return with a proper mount.
with a smile and a ruffle of the boys hair he mounted the stallion and rode
forth to the keeps gates.

Where he was joined by two other knights. One of the Rose  the other a
member of the Sword.

he nodded to the two and allowed the Knight of the Rose to lead the way
after the villians.

"Ello Sir. Wouldn't you happen' to have a Spare Copper or Steel? I'ma So
Hungry." Bevier glanced to the beggar with dispare and  gave the young man a
pouch full of steel. "here my friend eat well. Might you have seen where two
dark cloaked men carrying a large object headed off to? they have stolen it
from the knights keep".  wide eyed the beggard stared at the knight and
nodded quickly "Aye sir i saw'em Buncha Clean cut mean they where. headed
into a cellar of a inn Nearby Called the Skull.Only ruffians and Stray
Knights of Takhisis go there."

 his face turned pale and he hurriedly found the other two knights informing
them of the situation. with nods of agreement the rode forth to the inn.

upon arriving Two Dark Knights where just leaving the Inn. Snarling in disgust
they turned to glance at the Knights of Solamnia.

"you there Stop!. you are under Arrest for Theft from the knight hood." 
why he accused these knights he did not know but their reaction was well
enough  for their blades where drawn without warning.

with a greivous look he sighed and commited to battle dismounting to join the
fray that had already started. between his fellow knight.

He joined the knight of the sword with quiet retribution. His swings where
strong and graceful as he and the sword knight took turns in their blows
against their weary enemie.

finally a blow was struck against the knights helm the rendered him unconious.
turning to help the knight of the rose was futile. his enemie lay slain upon
the road. and the knight was already in the inn dragging out the theives

Returning to the keep with the lost Treasure and a prisoner for questioning
Bevier smiled it was not such a bad night after all. He later discovered the
object was one of the famed dragon lances. and that the knights where going to
use it to try to taint the lance with evil.

(well its 7:30 am and i need sleep it was fun writing this short story though
so have fun reading it.)Bevier Willowblade.

Author:  Bevier
Date    Thu Sep 12 18:35:02 2002

Subject  The JourneyMan 

Stepping from his Favored Copper dragon mount Bevier found himself just
outside of the Lord City.

taking a deep breath, he sighed glancing back to the awakening city wondering
how long it would take for the other knights to notice his absence.

Patting his large friends nose he whispered a few words to the ancient dragon.
Nodding its consent the massive copper hued creature spread its long leathery
wings and took flight leaving him stranded.

Watching his friend leave Bevier gave the surroundings a quick look over
before walking pack in hand towards the nearest road.

he wore just basics. His family encrested breast plate, His heavy Shield
gauntlets, and a suit of full chain mail.

The crisp morning grass crunched softly under foot as Bevier walked on the
first of his adventures. Thinking to himself, he wondered if he would ever
return to the Keep in Palanthas. Pondering the question he failed to notice he
had over passed.

the nearest road by a good mile or so. Boggling how this happened he simply
shrugged off the notion of following the roads. after all the knights of
takhisis where out to pest the Solamnics.

why risk being captured or killed by some stray lizard or cutthroat the Dark
queen seemed to prefer in her knighthood.

Smiling happily at the unimposing freedom of the outdoors he pondered his
destionation. Perhaps Thorbardin. or visit the wildrunners.

perhaps he would even stray near sanction and neraka but only time would tell.

(ooc) this story probably stinks but i'm bored. There'll be somemore storys as
i go about. for sols if i pop up in clan hall i'm not there IC wise.)

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