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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Bisathan.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Bisathan' scribed in dull white ink.

Author:  Bisathan
Date    Thu Jan 16 00:41:52 2003

Subject    It Has Begun

Bisathans' pulse was racing,he had just came from the Knight Champion Slades'
office where he had recieved very important orders.

Bis was given  the responsibility to get supplies  and labor for a new keep.It
was  going to be a huge keep and their were plans afoot after it had been
built the Thorns were finished with it,it would be able to fly.

Making his way to the quatermasters' office,Bis started to think of the
supplies he would need,stone,steel and lumber,preferably ironwood,yes he
thought thats a good start.Also he would need builders and labourers for the
construction of the keep

Upon arriving at the quatermasters' office,he found that much of the knights
supplies that they had were being used in the building of the new section of
Storm's Kep.

It was made clear to Bisathan by Champion Slade that the only ones to know of
this keep  were to be knights of Takhisis only.

The keep was to be built on the north-west pennisula of Neraka.Realizing more
supplies had to be ordered and the fact that the knights of Takhisis wanted it
as discreet as possible,

Bis decided to seek out an old friend of his fathers,who was a merchant in
Sanction and dealt in most things.

Firstly though he had to organise workers for the keep.

Bis looked at the quatermaster and thought he might as well try his
luck.speaking to the Q.M "i suppose then all the builders we have are working
on the new keep then?"

The Q.M spoke with a gruff tone "most of em are working on the new section
,but we can get more in if ya want."

Bisathan nodded, "good,it will be a month or so i'd say before supplies start
to come in,so organise as many as you can to start working then."

The Q.M nodded and was writing it down in a book as Bis left the room and
headed towards his quarters.Once there he changed from his armor to wearing
plain garb over a chain shirt and two hidden daggers in his boots.

Once ready Bis set off for Sanction and to meet an old friend.

( to be cont)

Author:  Bisathan
Date    Thu Jan 16 01:55:51 2003

Subject    It Has Begun (cont)

Walking through Sanction ,the plainly dressed minotaur did not attract much
attention,Bis made his way to Korpax's house,it had been eight years since

he had seen Korpax,in that time Bis' father had died and he had

wondered why Korpax had not been heard from,anyway Bisathan had more pressing
matters to deal with at the moment.Once Korpax's house was found ,Bis
approached the front door and knocked,a servant answered and after brief
discussion Bis was shown

to the lounging room,while waiting Bis looked around the room,the place was
filled with lavish furnishings and artwork.

Korpax entered the room,he was human of Nerakan descent,just under six foot
and was a tad on the plump side.Korpax wore an outfit made of green silk with
gold and silver embroidery,he was obviously doing well in his business now.

"Bisathan De Chorth  is that you?By Takhisis you have grown since last i saw
you." Korpax motioned for Bis to sit on a lavish lounge chair.

As Bis sat down Korpax moved to a small table and began pouring two glasses of
firebreath,once done Korpax moved over to Bis and handed him a glass.

"It has been some time since i have seen you Bisathan,alot has happen in this
time,i am to sorry to hear about your father,and my belated condolensces go to
you and your mother.

Bisathan nodded and looked at the human ,Korpax was in his fifties and
probably could not hold a sword as well as he used to."Thank you friend,yes it
has been a while since we have come accross each other"

Korpax then raised his glass,"a toast to your father,a fierce and brave
warrior who fought with honor,to to Torpal De Chorth"

Both of them then sat and Korpax was the first to speak."So what brings you
here to my lavish house Bis?

Bisathan spoke "I am here primarily on business Korpax i need supplies and i
know you can get them.What i need is a large quantity of the best stone and
steel which will probably come from the dwarves,and as much ironwood as you
can get your hand

s on,and i think that comes from Solace."Bis watched  Korpax's face ,he
appeared to be suprised by the amount being ordered.

Korpax's voice when he spoke sounded jovial "Well fuck me boy,you've been busy
if you can afford all of this,damn sounds like your building a huge
construction of some type" the last part sounding more like a question than
anything else.

Bis nodded "Yeah ,sounds big dosen't it,but its actually for a noble that was
indulgent in his lifestyle,some sort of mansion or such"

Korpax slowly nodded absorbing the white lie Bis had just spoke"So how much of
each Bis and i can give you a quote and time,although i don't know how much i
can get my hands on."

Bisathan wasn't really quite sure on how much he needed for the keep but
figured it would have to be big."Well first let me stress Korpax i need the
best quality around 250 tonnes of stone and steel,and as much of that in
Ironwood,and here is a

small deposit on the order"Bis pulled a large pouch out of his cloak and
tossed to Korpax,upon opening the pouch Korpax face beamed,he was very pleased

"There are about twenty diamonds here Bis,i'll make arrangements for the
supplies to come,where are they to be deliverd?It won't be until at least six
to eight weekes before they start arriving."

Bis nodded once more "yeah twenty diamonds,the supplies are to be delivered to
neraka,but i'll confirm the exact whereabouts later,and the noble i am working
for would like it kept hush as well Korpax,so please be discreet about our

Korpax was smiling now and nodded to Bis "Don't worry Bis i'll keep it quiet
but i'll need more money as the supplies come in."

Bis spoke  "there is no problem there you will be paid what it requires and
thank you Korpax"

With that being done,Bis left Korpax to his duties and Bis headed back to
Storm Keep,making sure no one followed him or took any extra attention towards

Once back in the keep Bis went to see Slade to tell him of events,bis also had
to organise some guards for the building site but not for a while yet.

Author:  Bisathan
Date    Thu Jan 16 02:01:53 2003

Subject    It Has Begun (cont)

As he appraoched Slades' door he thought today had been a good day,in due time
Krynn would be brought to its knees by the Dark Queen and here Knights.

Yes today had been a good day.


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