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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Blaine.

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Astinus gently places a large tome gilt in gold on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Blaine' scribed in dull green ink.

Author:    Blaine         
Date:      Wed Sep  2 00:06:37 2009
Subject     Blaine di caela

Blaine was borned on the isle of sancrist. His parenets where Drake and
Elsia Di Caela. As he slolwy grew he was given duties as any other boy born
into a famil like his own. He begain to learn the ways of the sword as well
as other training the other son's of house where tault. 

His life was a simple one with out much need or want yet his work load was
heavy for being a son of a knight was never an easy life. His father would
tell him of there line over and over so when he reached of age he too would
follow in his familys foot steps. 

" You are Blaine Di Caela, son of Drake, son of Rondald, son of David, son
of Fredrick, son of James, son of Blaine, son of Alvin, son of Drake, son of
Lucian, son of gabriel the second, son of Gabriel the first Son of duncan,
son of gerald Di Caela. This is your blood line and so you shall know it." 

He was trained to know his bloodline as well as to write and copy it down to
the tee. As the years pass he soon stood ready to Petiton the knight hood to
add his name to the list of blood line who have step foot into the

Author:    Blaine         
Date:      Tue Sep 15 04:35:44 2009
Subject     The path to knighthood pt1

Standing in line with the other newly acepted members of the knights of
Solamnia Blaine moves along the line as they are handed there new gear.
Slowly he removes all his belongs down to his house ring and changes into
the leathers of a Squire. With out thought he hands over his own armor and
crest. Softly his speaks his name and house as an older knight writes down
what belongs to him and places it in a chest. 

Quickly the squires move as they grab the last of the gear that and form a
line outside the building. Blaine look's around him at others who wise to
become knights and is surpize at the small number of people. Quickly the
line was broken down to small group and sent to smaller buildings that would
be home till a knight chose them to be a squire. 

With out much talk or thought Blaine followed the line hes was told to
follow and quickly moved with the others to place there extra gear in there

Once this was done they where gatered. Quickly order where given out and all
the newly accepted squires where on there way to begin basic training, from
working out to reading and weapon training.

As the day came to an end blaine like the others layed in there bed trying
to rest though there body screamed out in pain from the hard workout and
training that was just the first day. Yet with all the pain and sleepness a
smile played on his lip as he said his prayer to Kiri-Jolith and fell

Author:    Blaine         
Date:      Mon Oct  5 22:04:52 2009
Subject     Tarsis (mob quest)

Blaine moved back and forth as the other talked of ways to find there
target in this. His mind wonder why they could not see the simplesty of
simply plan of action would be best here. He only nodded when they asked him
if he would do this task or that task knowing there was only goting to be

The next morning they all where out of the small inn moving though ther
street heading to where they last heard the target was. They keep close
ranks as they move and blaine couldnt help but to think that this alone
would give them away.

The day went by as eyes apon eyes watch the group move thought he city.
Wasnt long till another group slowly closed onto them. Quickly a small brawl
happen and quickly blaine snaped into action. Quickly he slamed into the
nearest to him sending the young man sliding into the side of the building.
Quickly he Turn to see Etilyn with her hands full with another person with
signs of a few cuts on her arm and legs. Quickly with out thinking He slamed
into the person hurting his Closest friend in this group. They man quickly
hit the others ones and they grabs the town down men and fleed from this

Blaine simpley stood his ground near Etilyn making sure no one else was
going to try anything before he checked on her and with a soft heart helped
her to her feet. Slowly the group begain to move again with blaine keeping
close ranks on Etilyn. 

Author:    Blaine         
Date:      Tue Nov 10 21:14:03 2009
Subject     A long way to home

Blaine walks along the port side of the boat that was carrying him back
to Palanthas. His trip since leaveing Taris was almost too easy. His mind
wraps on why Lord Railen would want him to return and leave the otheres to
deal with the problems there.

The sound of the watch in the crows nest yelling out they have reached the
port shocked blaine. The whole port looks as if something big had happen to
it. Repairs being made along the docks as well as portions of the

Blaine quickly gather what little gear he had and made ready to place his
feet back on the ground and leave the sea to those who care for it. slowly
what felt like days the boat finaly tied off on the dock and lowered its
gang plank. Slowly blaine made his way with the few other that made the

He waited on the dock till his horse was finaly unloaded by the crew.
Quickly he mounted his horse and began to make his way from the docks to the

Author:    Blaine         
Date:      Fri Nov 20 13:40:37 2009
Subject     A homecoming

Blaine walked along his small band of troops looking at each one over as
they slowly made there way along sancrist island. He looks ahead as they
moved though the island as if he never seen the island in years. 
" Ok guys this is are chance to gather more troops while we here  keep an eye and ear out as we make it though the town about any who wish to aid agest the vial dragonarmy."
Blaines words where a bit hard as he walked though the line of his troops he came to call the young lions.

Author:    Blaine         
Date:      Wed Nov 25 06:59:39 2009
Subject     War is hell

BLaine walks back and forth among the men he lead to the battle. They
Finaly seeing there first fight and came out alive. His mind races at seeing
the other Solmnics fallen to the enemy as he got there.

" Men we have see what the dark queen wishes of the land." He points to the
bodys and the damaged land around him. " We can not let this happen. We are
the young Lions and we must be as hungry about taken are land back and keep
it safe from the darkness that has befallen us." He takes a moment to let
his words to be heard.

Blaine slowly walks back and forth in frount of his troops looking each in
there eye as he begins to speak again, " We will be outnumber from here out
there is no nothing we can do about that, We will Railly any troops we can
find and teach them the way of the oath and measure. May Kiri-jolith guild
are swords, For this will be a war we need his blessing." 
Blaine makes his way  from his troops to plain there next movement.

Author:    Blaine         
Date:      Wed Dec 16 22:45:59 2009
Subject     Lost

Blaine looks over his troops he has come to know as close friends. He
looked along the edge of the sea and closes his eyes in prayer. SLowly he
trys to clear his mind as his men prepare the ship to leave the main lands.
Slowly he see's an image of a holy place and knows that is where he must

" Ok young lions hurry up with all of are stuff it is time we leave this
land for now and travle to find are brother and sisters in arms." His words
are stern, his mind yells for letting the land go as it is and taken his men
to safety when they should stay and fight for the land. 

Slowly he walks along the dock checking on his men saying a few words to
each giving them hope. Stepping on the ship he begins to give orders to
break port and sail. 

Author:    Blaine         
Date:      Mon Dec 21 09:53:57 2009
Subject     Knighting 

Blaine kneeled before the whitestone glade saying prayers to each of the
patrons of the knighthood. His mind clearing of the thought of what is to
happen in a few hours and the war that took most of the land from them. 

Yesterday it was decided he was to be knighted and honored by having it done
here. Much of the talk was done with out him being there but it was decided
and now he awaited the ceremony. 

Slowly the other knights who have made it to Sancrist began to circle around
the white stone to start then knighting. Soft chants of solamnic prayers
begin to fill the glade like a song. 

Lord Railen slowly makes his way along the knights and comes to stand before
Blaine. He places on hand on his shoulder and gives a nod. blaines head
looks up as he slowly draws his sword with his right hand placing the hilt
over his hard and the blade vertical. 

" Repeat afther me Blaine di Caele" Railen states in a stern tone. ""I do
hereby pledge to honor the strictures of this sacred heritage and promise by
my faith to be loyal to the Holy Brotherhood of Solamnic Knights,
maintaining my devotion against all persons without deception or
forethought. Further, I vow to uphold the principles of loyalty, obedience,
courage, heroism, justice, and honor and to solemnly and faithfully follow
the edicts of the Triumvirate. I take this pledge freely, without coercion
or expectation of reward, sworn in this holy place before our lords
Paladine, Kiri-Jolith, and Habbakuk, and in blessed memory of those who have
given their lives to this noble cause. Est Solarus oth Mithas, sifat." 

Blaine repeats word for word. slowly he moves his sword to hold it by the
blade presenting the hilt to Lord Railen. With a steady hand Railen takes
the sword. Blaine lowers his head as Railen taps each side of his shoulder
with the blade. 

"arise Sir Blaine Knight of Solamnia." Railens words ring out loudly. Slowly
blaine stands and Salutes Railen. Retriving his sword he claps hands with
railen as the other knights come to welcome the newest knight. 

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