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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Blasken.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Blasken' scribed in earth-colored orange ink.

Author:  Blasken
Date    Thu May  9 14:34:29 2002

Subject  The Gauntlet of Orore

Long ago I read some books about ancient artifacts, most long lost or
forgoten. This is brought to mind because recently I have come across some
information of the location of one of these artifacts.

The information was genuine as far as I could tell. It corresponded with what
information I knew.

The location is all that stopped me from trying to find this artifact, now
knowing the location nothing was holding me back.

Though I could have gone alone to get this artifact and other treasures that
would be there. I felt it would be best to higher someone who knew how to get
in and out of places where they were not suppost to be.

I imployed the services of one known as Ketrid. After we have prepared for the
long travel we left for Shark Reef.

During the night between Telvan and Kalaman, we had some "guests" a Knight of
the Lily and one of the prisoners as he said. Knight said he was taking his
prisoner to Kalaman His prisoner seemed familure, it wouldn't be long untill I
figured out that he was a drunk that bumped into us as we left the tavern in

As the night wore on, and entity came who knows where. I tried to speak with
it though magical means but it did not respond. The knight foolishly attacked
the entity, when the fool made contact with the entity he became paralized.

Eventually I dispelled what ever it was that was holdinng him, and he finely
was able to move again. The entity had disappeared. The odd thing about this
whole incident was the reaction the prisoner had to the knight.

The prisoner seemed concerned about the knight, one would think that the
prisoner would want him to die.

I questioned them about it, eventualy the prisoner told me. Turns out that he
was really a noble of Neraka and that the knight was to escort him to Kalaman.

I was still suspisous about the whole situation. A Knight of Takhisis,
Escorting a elven noble of Neraka? Though I was suspicous of them, I thought
they might prove useful in the future.

At day break we left headed to Kalaman. As the day wore on the noble, Caelum
felt the need to talk with me, ask me questions.

He was intrested in my magic, asked me questions about it. Then he begain
about how he knew a couple low level spells, but nothing that the Conclave
would take intrest in.

I on the other hand did take a intrest. I decided I would keep a closer watch
on him.

As night fell we set up camp. As the night wore on I noticed this "noble" go
off into the woods, I decided to follow. As I went deeper into the woods I
noticed just ahead, a green glow.

As I got closer I saw Caelum in this green glow. I knew then that he again

Being a member of the Conclave it was my duty to destory this renegade. So I
started casting a fireball at the renegade, but he noticed me and quickly
dodged out of the way.

The noice alerted the knight and he started chargeing at me, and Ketred
followed after the knight. I moved out of the way of the charging knight, and
he tripped and fell appon the renegade.

The renegade asked me to stop, that we have some common intrests. I told him
that he perverts the gifts of the moons and how he must be destroyed. Suddenly
I heard the Knight crashing through the wood. I moved out of the way as he
charged me.

As he came in the knight tripped crashing into the renegade, I took the
oppertunity to take the renegade out. I begain casting a lightning bolt at
them when Ketrid came in, and tried to stop me but it was to late.

The renegade told the night to move and quickly got out of the lightning bolt.
Ketrid finely calmed me down, how we might beable to use them. So I begain to
parley with the renegade.

The knight stomped off back to camp annoyed with our "squabbling" as he put

As I talked with the renegade he revield himself as Llewyn. I know this name,
once a powerful magic of the conclave who became a renegade. I knew that if I
were to fight him now, I would lose.

He also told me how he over heard that I was after the Gauntlet of Orore. That
with the gauntlet was a artifact known as the Tablet of Chislev.

-----to be continued------

Author:  Blasken
Date    Thu May  9 16:24:20 2002

Subject  The Gauntlet of Orore (continued)

Also he was saying how it sould be in our best intrests to work together. So I
decided we sould work together to accomplish our goals. Besides, I can always
kill him later and with the gauntlet it would make it that much easier.

So in agreement we go back to camp, the rest of the night is uneventful.

At day break we headed to the caves. The rest of the way was uneventful, but
as we neared the caves I noticed Llewyn start to get nervous.

Upon intering the caves I noticed Llewyn start to panic. I smiled, to think
such a powerful mage as him claustrophobic. I knew this could be used to my

As The knight, renegade, Ketrid and I enter the cave we soon come across
ancient ruins in the cave. Undoubtably pre-cataclysmic the cave opend up into
a vast cavern. Inside a ruined long forgoten city.

I noticed some faded drawings on the wall. It was a picutre of a dragon, so I
showed the picture to the others. I told them that we sould be quiet from here
on in. But of corse this was not to be.

Upon hearin somethin in the dark Llewyn screamed asking what was that. I
sneered, and told him it was probably that as I pointed to the picture of the

A great green dragon started coming out of its lair asking who was there. 
Quickly we all got into more definceable postions. I moved behind a

When the dragon started to moved closer to me, I thought it best to blind it
so I cast a spell of continual light into its eyes. The spell did its job, and
also enraged the beast.

Now with the dragon temporaily blinded by the light. I desided to make my way
to the beast's lair. Since that is where the gauntlet is most likely to be.

As I near the lair I notice a hole in the ceiling from where the dragon comes
and goes showing blue sky.

Enter they lair I see and go for the Guantlet of Orore. Unforchanetly, the
spell has worn off the dragon, and sees me in its lair and begins to charge.

Soon the blue sky from the hole becomes dark and with a gesture, a lighting
bolt comes from the sky to the guantlet then toward the dragon.

Lucky for the dragon, I missed and the lighting crashed into the wall on the
other side of the cavern causing the whole cave to shake.

As it charges into its lair, I jump out of the way but I was poisoned slightly
by its breath attack as it crashes into the wall.

Again I try to hit shoot it but, being poisoned weakend me. The dragon was
able to dodge the shot.

As the dragon dodges the lightning, a bolt of rainbow colored light hits the
dragon  causing a bright flash.

Now coming at me was a flying vampiric monky. He attacked me with the dragon
breath, but it was to strong for him and it knocked him back.

The monkey quickly got up and came after me again. I was able to get off a
fireball but that missed. The monkey bit down on my left arm sinking its teeth
deeply into my arm.

Eventually I was able to pull it from my arm, but is slipped from my hand and
attacked me again this time bighting my in my chest.

Ketrid suddinly shows up and rips the monkey from my chest and smashes its
head agenst a wall, killing it.

I asked where the others were, Ketred showed me. The knight had both legs
broken, bleeding greatly, and was out cold.

The renegade had a death grip on his tablet, and looked as though he was dead.
I then realized that that bolt of rainbow light came from that tablet
channeled though Llewyn.

Ketrid went back to gather as much treasure as he could carry. Then we made
our way out of the cave, leaving the other two for dead.

---The End---

Author:  Blasken
Date    Mon May 13 16:05:14 2002

Subject  The Gauntlet of Orore: Epilogue

As Ketrid and I exit the cave, to find that night has fallen. We decided it
would be best to make camp.

After camp was made I pulled out some herbs and made a elixir. It was to stave
off the effects of the dragon's poison. Though I know it would not cure the
poison, for that I would need a cleric.

If I didn't find someone that could cure the poison, I would be dead within a

So I figured my best bet would be to find one who could cure it would be in

It sould only take three or fur days to reach Kalaman, so I would have some
time. The elixir I made however culd only stave off the effects of the poison
for half a fortnight. So time was of the essence, lest I be overcome by the

Morning quickly came, I found the camp empty. It seemed Ketrid had taken off
in the night.

I wasn't too suprised at him taking off in the night. I figured he would leave
me sooner or later. Such are the ways of there breed.

I packed up my things and left the camp. It was a few hours before I came
across the skeletons of three burning wagons, with bodies scattered around the
area of the wagons. It would seem that these merchents had been recently
attacked by bandits.

I go in for a closer look when I hear a thunk, I turn to see what it was. It
was an arrow hitting the wagon. I look to the place where the arrow would have
come from, and then I saw them.

Bandits, about a dozen stron. Quickly I cast a spell to make me invisable and
then moved from where I was stading. I thought that would work but three more
arrows came at me, one grazed my arm.

I didn't know how they did it but they could see me, even though I was
invisable. I decided to try out my newly acquired Gauntlet of Orore.

It was as though the glove told me how to use it. I waved my hand in a
sweeping motion with an incantation, when a heavy fog appeared.

This fog didn't act like anyother fog I had seen before. The fog began to grow
then move to the bandits encompassing them.

Once that happend the thought of lightnign came into my head. I pointed my
gauntlet at the fog and said an incantaion. A bolt of lightning came down from
the overcast sky to the Orore guantlet, then shot into the fog.

When the lightning bolt entered the fog, the fog flashed. Once that happned
the fog begain to dissipate. When the fog lifted all that was left bodies.

I went to see who they were. When I got to them it looked as though they were
all indirectly stuck by lightning.

I looked to where the path of the lightning bolt would have gone and there on
a small hill was where the lightning actually hit.

It was the combination of fog and lightning that did this to them. The water
in the fog acted as a conductor for the lightning as the lightning passed
though the heavy fog.

I looked through the bodies and found some glasses on some of the bodies. Four
glasses in all, they had the ability to see the invisible. I proptly destroyed
them so that somethin like this wouldn't happen again.

After all that happend I began to feel weaker. All that took its toll. I
continued my travel to Kalaman.

----to be continued-----

Author:  Blasken
Date    Mon May 13 18:08:45 2002

Subject  The Gauntlet of Orore: Epilogue (continued)

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. it began to get dark, so I made camp
for the night. I had made better time than I thought I would. Kalaman was just
two days travel now.

The night passed quickly, at day break I set out. I made good time. When night
came, Kalaman was in sight. I sould make it ther by mid-day.

That night a young women staggered into my camp. She looked as though she was
attacked by some highway men. I took her into my camp and patched her up best
I could.

The next day she woke. She told me how she was coming from a near by village,
when her was attacked.

Turns out I was right it was highway men. She asked me if I could escort her
the rest of the way to kalaman. Since I was headed there my self I desided I

Seeing as how I was headed to Kalaman too, desided I would. She introduced her
self as Chalamar. We soon headed out.

A few hours away from Kalaman, the highway men that attacked Chalamar
appeared. There were only two of them but they split up making it more

Again the gauntlet seeming spoke to me, I started an incantion and made a
swirling motion toward the closer of the two.

Then a blast of air shot forth from the gauntlet, causing the highway men to
go flying against a tree. Killing him instantly, the other highway men seeing
this fled.

That last attack took its toll on me. The elixir started to wear off. The
exertion with the gauntlet weakend me causeing the poison to act more quickly.

I started breaking out into cold sweats. Upon reaching the gates of Kalaman, I

Later I woke to find it was night. I had been placed in a bed. Then Chalamar
appeared, she told me how thankful she was. That she had me taken here to be

I found out then that she was training to be a cleric of Mishakal. That
because of my aid to her she inturn gave me aid by taking me to her temple and
had me healed.

Healed from the poison, the power of the Gauntlet of Orore in my possession, I
am now a force to be reckoned with.

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