The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Brulk.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a leather bound tome with glowing glyphs on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Brulk' scribed in deep brown ink.

Author:    Brulk          
Date:      Sat Sep  4 11:16:38 2010
Subject     making of a monster pt 1

Gentle breeze to stir the heavy sail, the gentle lap of water upon small
boats hull. Deep grunts and groans as massive muscles bulged and rippled
with the strain of fish laden net. Fur dark as night time waters glistened
with the sweet sweat of heavy labor, eyes soft brown in brutish short
muzzled face. Horned head downturned as with a wet plop the net cleared the
rail and fell to the boats deck. A grin split that short boxy muzzle, with
it's touch of sea foam fur. Laughter deep and bellowing carried forth across
the water as sea spray leaped to grace the hulking form. Brulk laughed deep
and rumbling as he looked at his haul his mind toyed with the delight lil
sis would find in todays catch Surely even that old sour, and hateful dock
master would smile and leave off with picking on the clanless and seeming
dim witted minotaur that set about putting catch into the hull. standing
finally at last finished his brown eyed gaze swept the waters, before
closing to better feel the gentle rocking of his tiny fishing boat. To enjoy
the crisp sea air, and feel the awesome power that for the moment seemingly
dormant. yet only a fool would forget the horror of a swift sea storm, would
forget the ragin water. Slow to act or react, patient and calm young Brulk
was many things but foolish was not among them. Nor dim-witted lacking in
any education but that of the sea, of the places to catch certain fish, and
weather. Of how to rig a sail, and mend his nets, these where what he knew
and his fathers before him. knowing nothing of gods or goddesses he still
dropped a carved figure of a leaping fish over the rail and turned his boat
to land. Of how to rig a sail, and mend his nets, these where what he knew
and his fathers before him. knowing nothing of gods or goddesses he still
dropped a carved figure of a leaping fish over the rail and turned his boat
to land. Grinning and whistling Brulk smiled far broader as the peaceful
cove and his little shack lay. at sight of gaint ship the smile turned
downwards, one thickly calloused and scarred finger rose to scratch his
head. His voice like distant thunder rumbled forth from his cavernous chest
"ey now who be dats I wonders... Hopin lil sis be havin nuff left overs fer
me." he spoke still wearing his slight frown. Angling his boat to the tiny
dock, he was soon walking in his slow lumbering fashion to the shack he and
lil sis called home. Shrill scream of some tortured beast rose forth upon
the wind near ear splittting and heart wrenching to hear. Word barely
intelligable one single word from a voice that brought forth a roar to equal
any dragons. Roaring in sheer and utter rage, in mindless black fury that
usual slow and lumbering gait turned into a reckless stampede. One stride,
two and shapes could be seen around his shack shapes both great and small
tall and short. Various forms that where turning slowly to regard the
roaring maddened minotaur. Like him many had horns unlike him broad grins
split there muzzles in twain. "Hey now seems we gets to play with da wenches
lover while boss has his fun." The largest spoke laughing as he slide a
rusty notch bladed cutlass from his sash. striding easily he made to cut off
the roaring beast that charged towards him, those that had seen the rage
unleashed would of warned him, those that had seen the hurricanes aftermath
would have ran. There was no pause, no break, no slowing down the cutlass
sailed backwards as one thick hand slammed into the pirates throat. In
seconds he was upon them roaring and spitting froth from nostrils and mouth,
once brown eyes burned with hideous delight and murderous intent. Words a
stream of such foulness to have the most hardened sailors covering their
bleeding ears erupted from brulks soon blood dripping maw. Spitting out part
of a once breathing pirate Brulk whirled in time to see another minotaur
glide from the shake, naked crimson stained blade held casually in one hand.
In the other a white furred head, large blind eyes staring unseeing at the
hulking brute. A smile spread it's way across the captains face as he saw
what he thought was shock upon Brulks face. A twitch a slow tremble that
grew as scarlet orbs gazed upon lil sis's face, the mind was full of cold
fury went blank, and still. The world itself exploded into darkness lit
briefly by flashes of silver light. few would of thought one so large could
move so quick, his earlier charge was nothinng compared to what now he did.
Muscle memory alone guided him, and sudden euphoria of knowing he would kill
again. It came swiftly a flash of blade that flew to low for the suddenly
flying form, horns long and sharp slammed into the captains stomach through
the kidneys and erupted out his back. Twisted and sick smile curled the left
corner of brulks lips, curled only the left as he landed hard upon one knee.
Standing to his full height thick neck muscles bulging, he roared in
euphoric glee as life water spilled down horns and head. (to be continued) 

Author:    Brulk          
Date:      Mon Sep  6 23:19:39 2010
Subject     making of a monster pt. 2

Pain distant memory in a sea, of emptiness. Crack of rigging and sail
merging with the sound of the cat o nine, as it slashed its way across flesh
and muscle. A grunt soft as lovers kiss denied passage into crisp sea air,
eyes half glazed, empty of life stared forth from the seat before the oars.
The head a huge boulder with a short boxy muzzle tilted to one side,
lifeless eyes stared out over the decking out to the rippling ever moving
world. Deaf ears failed to hear the rage as the first mates arm snapped back
and forward, the whoosh of the cat-o-nines brought no response. Not even a
wince from the huge form. To brulk nothing matter his mind was a vast hole,
filled only with a brief flicker of white, of beauty withing a blind womans
face, and soft words now only a memory. All else didn't matter, not the
cruel bite of the first mates weapon, not the boots that smashed his most
tender areas.Not even the oar that was held uselessly in his heavily
calloused hands.

yet there to was the soft seduction within the sea, the beauty within the
liquid surface mesmorizing movement. A strange faint echo, perhaps a voice,
or perhaps insanity seemed to whisper to him within the sounds of sea. "Bah
this bloody half-wit, is worthless. can't believe he kilt the old cap'n.
Look at him bloody useless steer just stares out at the sea till we beat the
stroke." the mates voice was a harsh guttaral thing coming from the thin
humans twisted lips. Many amongst crew, and slaves nodded, some glancing at
the massive form and roaring in laughter. "oh but that woman now...." the
rest was lost within the mates screams, as once motionless form exploded
into motion. Once blank eyes flaring with scarlet death, huge hand smashed
viscously into the junction of the mates crotch, even as the other snapped
chains that should of held even the large minotaurs impressive strength. yet
few could of guessed the beast within the gnawing ever present hunger for
blood and revenge. Fewer still would of known the swift and deadly mood
swings that had gripped Brulk his entire life. happy one second he could be
involved in a brawl before one could blink an eye. Now a brawl it was as
sailors lunged many swinging weapons that were readily available, striking
viscously the seemed little more then a ball of swinging arms and feet. All
sorrounding an avalanche, of viscous fists, feet, horn and teeth. Lack of
food, and vilest abuse soon became apparant as even the berserker rage did
little more then add a faint trace of xtra strength. Soon staggering
backwards glowing eyes rolling backwards showing white as the foam that
spewed forth from thick lips. Back he was driven the largest part of former
mate swinging within his hand, barely keeping back the clubs, and staves.
Wood smashed against back as he backed into the railing. Back he was driven
the largest part of former mate swinging within his hand, barely keeping
back the clubs, and staves. Wood smashed against back as he backed into the

Pain flared as stave cruel end smashed against his sternum, twas a grunt
that escaped his lips an ommfff of bellowous air that toppled him backwards
and into Zeboims arms.

Author:    Brulk          
Date:      Fri Sep 10 17:08:29 2010
Subject     Green makes Brulk smash

Soft swells like virgin breasts danced within silken the silken
moonlight, lovers whispers lay within the genlte lap of water and rock. The
gentle mist of salty spray a fair maidens kiss upon furred form, and the
faint breeze that carressed his dark form. Raucous calls, and drunken song
far distant from the seductive lure of his beloved seas. Yet still the fires
of hate and rage filled his eyes, his form trembled as with the rythmic beat
of the surf massive hands opened and closed. Gone was the stillness brought
forth from some faint remanant of inner peace, gone was the calm that danced
within him at the sight of the mother. Strange one would think upon seeing
those eyes, seeing not the roaring, raging forestfires that was his norm.
Nay oculars of fire as cold, deadly and unforgiven as the lands of ice
starred out from his dark form. His face frozen into a mask of disbelieving
rage, and contempt as words spoken in his booming, and ponderous way escaped
his muzzle. "Not right, this not right at all. Water no green, yet there it
is green as slime on side of ship."

Movement came then swift and sudden explosive like the attack of a predatory
shark, soon lost within the silken embrace of darkness save for the rythmic
thumping of heavily calloused feet. The stops he chose that night where few
and as diverse as any adventuring group had ever been. A tavern loud, with
roaring songs threating to deafen everyone within the city. Soon though he
was once more upon the move, leaving behind the brawling sailors

The next stop strange, mind boggling for like a nightmare he swept into the
library. His eyes burning for revenge, yet his voice was silken soft a
whisper as narrowed eyes continually swept the shaking scholar. Soon though
he was lead to yet another scholar, who soon was closeted into a readign
room with the massive minotaur. Dawn had come and gone before brulks feet
dealt the ground successive death blows again. His face, and eyes had yet to
change, and still his hands opened and closed with lethal intent.

but one more stop did he make more outrageous and would of had every crew
that knew him rolling in laughter, then hanging someone that dared utter
such a lie. For indeed his hatred of those he deemed lil robes was almost as
bad as his hatred for the one behind his sisters murder. Yet there within
the city of palanthas the massive minotaur gained audience with a mage that
he had fought beside. Long did these two talk, long did they like discuss
Brulks questions about the strange disturbance at the harbor. Like a bulldog
with a bone, Brulk picked the poor mages brain like he did for the previous
people apart. Searching trying to glean the faintest hint of any clue,
indeed going so far if anything similar had ever happened. As with the two
previous the mage was left shaking his head at the retreating back, his
words where a bare whisper. "Talks like a daft blubbering steer. Roars like
a dragon with a kender in his treasure chamber, bout as couth as a half
naked savage. yet perhaps there is a brain within that oversized horned head
of his." shaking his head yet again the mage turned and was soon involved in
digging up scraps searching for answers to the questions poised this day. 

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