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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Cabel.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a manilla folder on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Cabel' scribed in burnt orange ink.

Author:    Cabel          
Date:      Wed Aug 29 18:33:06 2007
Subject     The Wreckage.

The storm was monstrous.  The waves reached upward of seventy-five feet,
lightning arced across the sky and deafening thunderclaps filled the air. Rain
and hail poured from the sky and the clouds swirled.

A single ship braved the storm..  The fools.

The crew of this ship held on for life as the ship rose ponderously and fell
with the gigantic waves, never knowing if they would capsize or worse yet, get
struck by lightning.  They all feared for their lives, at least all of them but
Captain Cabel Morgan.  He stood at the helm, his eyes defiant and void of fear. 
He wore black and brown leather clothing for the most part, and has long brown
dreadlocks coming out from beneath a tricorn hat.

Lifting his voice, he starts to sing a few bars of an old sailor's song.
Stopping he glances around at the nervous crew and shrugs absently.

"Come Men!  Join your voices!"  He shouts as he starts the song over again.

First one, then a few, then at last the whole crew joined in the song.  Together
they sung through the monstrous storm, it seemed to lighten the nervousness. The
crew even started to have a good time.  The song continued and the mood aboard
the ship lightened, at least until the fate of the ship and the men aboard it
was decided.  Slowly, the swirling clouds reached downward, twisting and
turning.  The swirling funnel reaches the water, sucking water up into the
funnel.  Their song broke and fearful cries of alarm ring out.

Cabel saw the water sprout, but it was too late to do anything.  The water
sprout hit the ship dead on, tearing both ship and man apart.

Cabel some how gets sucked up into the funnel and gets thrashed by debris,
before getting thrown back into the sea.  The impact of the water broke bones
and brought a dieing man closer to death.  With the last of his consciousness he
pulls himself onto a piece of debris, where he loses consciousness.

The night passes and as the sun rises he gets washed up on a beach along with a
lot of the wreckage.  He lays there unconscious, his life slipping away.

Author:    Cabel          
Date:      Sat Aug  8 03:29:54 2009
Subject     A new Venture 'board the Odyssey,

Cabel walks across the moonlit sand, looking out at the harbor. He takes
a swig of the amber liquor and pulls his hat off his head and bows to the
sea. It had been some time since he had been at sea. It would feel good to
have the sea under him again. He settles his had back onto his head and
flops down on a rock. His ship, The Sea Dragoon, had been sunk by an awesome
storm off the north coast of Solamnia. Its said Zeboim herself took the
ship, and the crew, but left Ol Captain Cabel alive as punishment.

Cabel sighs and stands, again bowing to the sea, then lifts his bottle.
"Drink up me hearties, yo ho." He says to his fallen crewmen and flops back
down on the rock. Mazerith, an old friend of Cabels told him of a Ship. The
Odyssey. From what Maz said she would soon be finished, and he had been
asked to Be first mate. Cabel agreed without even thinking. He missed the
sea, and this would put him back where he belonged. With a wicked grin he
finishes off his bottle and stagers back toward Palanthas. 

Author:    Cabel          
Date:      Sun Sep 13 16:31:39 2009
Subject     Aboard the Tempest

Cabel stands on the deck next one of the Catapults, a bottle of amber
colored liquor in his hand. As Mazerith makes his little speech, Cabel
tosses back a long swig of his liquor. "FIRE!" Mazerith shouts and Cabel
leans back on one leg and kicks the mechanism and the Catapult launches its
fiery load toward the docks. Everyone on this ship lets out a cheer cept for
him. He smiles grimly and staggers toward the Bow. "Hail Zeboim. Returned
have I unto your water, Savvy?" He says as he takes another long drink. He
looks out at the dark waters for a long moment and then turns, staggering
across the deck toward Mazerith. "Zeboim Welcomes us home, My friend. Take a
drink with me!" Cabel says as he pushes the bottle into Mazeriths hand.
"Lets Head toward Sankton or what have ye. I know I nice spot we can..hide
from them who wish to give us a short drop and a sudden stop." He says
putting his arm around Mazerith and looking out at the sea. "What say ye?"
He asks snatching the bottle away unaware if Maz had even taken a drink yet.

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