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An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Calypso.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a worn folio on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Calypso' scribed in unearthly purple ink.

Author:  Calypso
Date    Tue Mar 23 00:36:41 2004

Subject    The Story of Calypso (Revised Edition Part I)

Thunder rolled as torrents of rain fell on a cloaked figure running
along a path through the mountains. The figure pulled down her shroud and

Being of the few Dark Elves, hated and hunted, Calypso had to disguise
herself and just as well be cautious of all things and people. A race of
extinction is her kind. Thirst for blood almost like a vampire's posses
these creatures.

Worshippers of the dark gods and goddesses, they are.                     
Beauty has shown kindness upon Calypso. Raven hair
and eyes, the color of onyx gems.

A body of the utmost seductive kind and the sweetest voice, with a charred
black heart. Characteristics of a human girl show through her, ears oddly
enough not pointed but rounded.

Lips the color of the Moon of Nuitari.

With no skills to keep her safe ,but a few casual spells of light and
magic missile. She searches for her purpose in this world. Wondering if
she should choose to expand her gifts of magic or find a good man to settle
down with. "Bah, men, why the deities created them is beyond me," she thought
many a time.

Leaving her many homes, persay Solace. she sets off to learn more about
her gifts. Traveling many days and nights, she encounters a thunder storm.
Heading for the mountains, her journey begins.

Rivulets of rain struck her cheek as she stood there. Out of the corner of
her eye she saw a cave, with a small opening.

She stood up and walked towards the cave. Reaching her hand in the slit, she
quickly pulled back. "Something might live in there", she thought.

She chanted a spell of light towards the cave opening. The brilliant
light shone every corner of the cave.

It looked like it was a shelter for hunters or even thieves, kenders
specifically. She took her chances and slipped right in the cave.

The spell was weakening and soon she was in total darkness. Too weak to
cast the spell again she slept.

When she awoke she could see nothing. Darkness enveloped her and silence
crept in. Afraid to move she just sat where she was.

She decided to cast the light spell again. As she chanted, she noticed
something glowing faintly in a corner of the cave. She also noticed that
the rain had stopped.

Stopping her chanting, she peered intently at the glowing she slowly got
up. Walking towards it she wondered what it could be. Finally, she was in
reach of it, she cast the light spell. The light expanded and grew brighter
and she saw a book. Polished bone fastened the book shut.

It was a dusty black book with faint traces of silver( she thought it
was silver) etched into its cover.

Bending down she picked up the book and suddenly dropped it back down. Afraid
of the contents of the book she backed away, just as the light grew
dimmer. She spoke softly to herself, "I wonder what kind of book that is, a
book of magic perhaps?"

Once again she crept towards the book and picked it up. She needed to see it
in the light.

Walking towards the cave entrance, she heard a noise from somewhere below her.
Her heart skipped a beat and she looked around. Realizing it was her
stomach,she slipped out of the crevice into the morning light.

Relieved it was bright outside she looked at the book again. Sigils and
symbols covered the surface  of the strange book. It looked to be made out of
black dragonskin and bone.

She unclasped the bone buckle and opened the book.Looking at the pages,
which were covered in sigils, she wondered "Maybe this is an ancient text or
tongue, long forgotten."

Author:  Calypso
Date    Tue Mar 23 00:50:50 2004

Subject    The Story of Calypso (Revised Edition Part II)

A noise startled her and she quickly closed the book.Concealing it into her
knapsack. A wiry man walking with a mule walked by her and stared.

Shrinking within herself she smiled. He grinned and walked along with his mule
down the road. As soon as he was out of view, she looked in her sack and
grabbed the book.

Looking at the cover, still unclasped, she opened the book. The sigil-covered
pages felt soft on her fingers, like rose petals.

One phrase she recognized, seemed to appear on the page she was looking at,
"Xukuth d' Oloth", in common it was "Heart of Darknes."

She closed the book, just as a silver mist escaped from it. The mist
seemed to speak to her, saying "Seke ml'aen."

Calypso's eye's burned as the mist chanted those words. When the burning
stopped, she could see things she never saw before, she seemed to understand
the mist's words.

Then the mist formed an elven mage, blackas the true moon,Nuitari The
mage spoke to her saying "Calypso Oloth Xukuth, lil kaas dos orn tlu izwin
izil dal nindol tangi fotus."

She somehow could understand his words, they felt familiar and yet foreign at
the same time.

The mist spoke again , in common, "I have been freed thanks to you, Calypso
DarkHeart, Calypso Oloth Xukuth.

Calypso was frozen with fear and tried to speak, "What do you want fr..,"

I cast a spell of true-sight on you. For I am a seer, one trapped in a
powerful book. I am called Soulafein Naerth, you have freed me and now I can

"I can read your thoughts, your soul, and your heart. I see great potential in
you, my dear. I want you to use my soul, only you can do it" he interrupted.
"Huh!" ,she exclaimed.

"Child I am a great and powerful seer, from a land unlike this one, I will
form an object and you must wear me to grow stronger" Then I will outfit you
in much more appropriate gear, befitting for such a beautiful lady as
yourself." he explained.

He then grew darker and darker forming an unholy black mist.
Calypso was too scared to run, so she knelt into a fetal position. The mist
closed in on her, covering her in an ominous dark cloud.

Then vanishing into a single black rose. Feeling better, Calypso reached
for the rose and stuck it behind her ear.

She felt different and stronger. She wondered what price she was going to have
to pay for such power.Then she fainted.

Author:  Calypso
Date    Tue Mar 23 20:45:19 2004

Subject    The Story of Calypso (Revised Edition Part III)

Waking up she could hear voices. Looking all around her she saw it was
night. The voices ebbed away. "Were they in my head or what", she asked

Looking at herself she saw magnificent clothing adorned on her. Wearing a
revealing shirt, made of black rose petals, with a long slit down the
middle almost completely exposing her bountiful breasts.

Touching the shirt, she felt it was soft and very comfortable to wear. She
then looked at her skirt, which was much too short for her. It seemed to be
made of the finest silk of a spider and covered in more black roses.

She marvelled at all this, then she looked at her boots. Knee-high and made of
what appeared to be black dragon skin. Looking on her neck, she wore a black
chain with a glowing black butterfly Rings of fine-cut onyx were
on each of her hands. Her hair was also different, styled in long flowing
curls. She could not help but gasp. She was even more beautiful than before.

Touching her mouth, she noticed sharp points. Feeling all over her mouth, she
noticed she had fangs. Shrieking she fell to her knees and cried. "What is
happening to me?, she asked noone in particular.

Rising with a wicked grin, she walked towards neraka. Her adventure will be
never ending and full of failures, but she will prevail. She will grow
stronger, as the seer prophesied. Noone will stand in her way or try to stop

Walking towards the moon of Nuitari , she clutched the book. The book
which will guide her towards any goal she sets. Thus she sets off,
disappearing from view as she walks the road to Neraka.

THE END or is it?

Author:  Calypso
Date    Sun Apr  4 03:16:16 2004

Subject    To Find a Dragon II

"Mystic Dragons are powerful beyond all mortal comprehension.", she read
from her book. Continuing her studies she read more,"KNights find glory in
the slaying of Dragonkind, whilst the most powerful of mages can tame

"Charm can be a very powerful spell to mages who can master its use, charmed
creatures or people are the most formidable ally a mage can have.", she read

"Charm, what a splendid spell, I better delve deeper into its uses." she told
herself. Getting up from her chair in the Conclave Library, she decided to
go practice her charming of minor creatures.

She decided she was going to test her skill on the creatures of Wayreth.
Walking along she came across a wolf and charmed it, easily. "This ain't so
hard!", she exclaimed to herself.

Coming up to a ferocious warg ,she charmed it just as easily. Laughing, she
headed towards some faeries and sprites. They didnt charm so easily,
but Calypso enjoyed the slaying of those good for nothing wretches.

Nearing Tantallon she paused. She could hear excitement and a huge
commotion coming from within the gates. Kicking herself for not researching
the scrye spell, she crept closer.

Feeling like a kender, she had to make herself invisible. She took out the
ring of invisibility from her pack and wore it. She vanished just as a
grizzled wolf was approaching.

Walking into the town, she saw many people gathered around the stocks. Seeing
a woman in the stocks she froze. Fear of being detected by Balcombe, she
didn't get any closer.

She then decided to free the girl, make her a slave or so. Charm the girl to
do her evil biddings, an ultimate plan. Plus, she could use a thief to get
through traps and locked doors.

Deciding on a way to distract the townsfolk to get the girl free, she saw
opportunity standing right next to her.

Before rushing up to the stocks, she searched for Balcombe's face not
seeing him there she cast call lightning and control weather. A huge storm
came up and quickly cleared the streets.

Yet, there were still some stragglers, none to be feared by her. She just put
them to sleep and cast invisible on the girl and said "Follow me!", as she
burned the girl's bindings.

The girl not speaking a word followed Calypso, thankful for being free. They
headed out towards The Wayreth Forest. Suddenly, they heard a noise and
were engulfed in Blackness.

Author:  Calypso
Date    Tue Apr 13 18:09:47 2004

Subject    To Find A Dragon III

Running the through the Wayreth Forest, Calypso and Shana eventually ended
up near a place emanating pure evil. Far from Balcombe's scrying eyes,
they examined their surroundings Looking all around them they saw nothing but
trees and an occasional forest dweller. "Stay here!", Calypso commanded
Shana. Shana just nodded and sat there.

Reaching into her cloud of mist, Calypso pulled out a slimy worm, then
gave it to Shana. Which Shana reluctantly accepeted this strange gift.

"Eat this if something comes you can't defeat, it will send you home." Calypso
told her.

Thus ,Calypso began chanting spells upon Shana. A white aura surrounds
Shana, Shana is moving quicker, Shana feels stronger, A link of
chain mail surrounds Shana protecting her, A force field surrounds
Shana, and Shana fades from existence. "I will be back, going to figure
out where we are", said Calypso.

Shana sat there nodding and thinking to her self "Little does this mage know I
can take care of myself." With that, Calypso cast the spell of
invisibility upon herself. and wandered further into the forest.

Looking around as she walked ,she saw a wolf cowering. Laughing she thought to
herself, "This wolf must know I am evil and could kill it in an instant."
Hearing the sound of scurrying rats she turned and looked up.

A huge house surrounded in total darkness stood before her. Then more rats
shuffled as she drew closer Suddenly. she slipped on some mud and was knocked
unconscious (to be continued)

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