The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Cathas.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a heavy leather-bound book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Cathas' scribed in brilliant blue ink.

Author:  Cathas
Date    Sun Sep 29 18:35:45 2002

Subject  Battle agaist Disease

*walking along the battlements of the High Clerist Tower, Cathas seems
distressed...* "I sense a great evil coming... but what is this?"

*looking off into the distance Cathas sees a Red and Black form slowly
approaching in the air being trailed closely by 2 other familiar figures...*
"Adon and Larukon following this creature? For them both to ally, something
must truely be amiss. I will prepare myself and ask them about this creature
when they approach."

*Adon and Larukon are seen throwing spells at the creature, which is slowly
gaining the form of a dragon, a bloated and diseased red dragon that
is deflecting their spells and counterattacking with a ferocity unknown to the
2 attacking clerics.* "Where has a beast like this come from... there have
been a great number of diseased creatures roaming about... could it be
Morgion working foul magics?"

*by this time Larukon and Adon reached the walls of the Tower and through
Cathas' influence, the gates were opened to allow the unlikey pair to enter.*
"Well met Nightlord and Starmaster, what is the nature of this
creature that seems to be harrasing you and heading towrds this Tower?"

Larukon replies, "Well Chosen Prophet, we have been folloing this "Dragon"
around many of the cites of Ansalon, it has been attacking any and all that is
sees, that is, of of any faith or following... it even attacked a known
worshipper of the Diseased One

himself. We do not know where it some from but we do know that it needs to be

Adon says "Would you like to join us Cathas? It would seem to be in all of our
best interests if we team up and defeat this greater evil. Surely the pendulum
mustn't swing too far in either direction."

* thinking deeply and feeling an immense sense of dread... Cathas thinks that
joining this unlikely pair and making it an unlikey trio would be best.*
*nodding to Larukon and Adon in turn* I am with you both. Let us set off and
deal with this menance. Are there others attacking this beast?

*Adon nods and Lakuron answers: "Many dfferent warriors across the lands have
been seen fighting this beast, as well as many mages have been beseiging it
with spells... everyone seems 'disturbed' by the presence of this beast."

*Cathas nods and utters a biref prayer of protection over the group and says:
Let us be off then, we shall join with others and see if we can't find the
reason why this creature is here, and more importantly, stop the destruction
it is causing."

*wordlessly, the trio turn on thier heels and head off in the direction of the
flying creature, intent on discovering what it is, where it came from, and why
it is here..... why....*

Author:  Cathas
Date    Sun Sep 29 23:07:47 2002

Subject  Journal Entry

*...Written in a leather-bound journal filled with fine vellum...* Day of
World Tree, 33rd the Month of Spring Rain.

Today I was in the Solmanic Keep for a variety of reasons one of which was to
speak with Lord Teldor about these current actions against Solamnic controlled
towns. He asked if I would be able to use the magicks granted by Paladine
to me to aid the Knighthood in transport to certain cities that may or may not
be in danger.

I agreed to help them and opened semi-permanent gates from a room in their
Keep in Palanthas to their outposts in Kalamaan and Caergoth. I'm quite
confident that these gates will be able to serve as portals for troop
movements as well as a conduit for instant transfer of messengers.

I'm sure this will aide the Solamnic Knighthood greatly if any of those cities
are beseiged.

Author:  Cathas
Date    Fri Dec 13 15:18:35 2002

To      'holy order' samual derdus

SubjectMessage received

Cathas lies in his bed sleeping lightly only to be awoken by a rapping on
his window. He wakes and walks to the window and opens it when he sees
Hubris, the owl sent to deliver a message to the adventurers near Solace

Cathas checked the owl's pouch for any return correspondence and was please to
find what appeared to be some of Samual's journal pages inside.

Cathas read over the "report" and folded the pages neatly and placed them on
his desk. Placing the owl on the back of his chair, he thanked him and retuned
to his light sleep thinking that all was going quite well.

He hoped that it would continue that way. It is nice now that Derdus and Astea
were well on there way to the others, lending some support against this enemy
they knew nothing about.

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