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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Conrad.

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Author:  Conrad
Date    Wed Dec  5 23:08:03 2001

Subject  The struggle...

Conrad looked out over the desolation before him.  It was another dream, he
was having them often now.

Always the same as well, the dream would begin like any other dream but soon
was overshadowed by a dark presence.  Almost as if someone were watching him,
judging him.

The air grew dry, and hot, dark knights swarmed out to meet him, a horde, but
he was alone on this battlefield.

Use the power my chosen, you alone are a greater army than anything these
puny beings could muster.

"Who said that? Who's there?" his normal response to the voice every time.

You are greater than you think, you simply have to use that which I have
given you.  Go on, use it, it can help you to triumph.  Bring peace to Krynn. 
Isnt that what you want?

"Yes..peace...but..but not like that...never like that...the power is too
strong...too dark..." Conrad could feel himself shiver as he thought of the
dark power he had kept hidden from so many for so long.

The voice would then sigh, seemingly to itself and would reply...

You will accept my offer one day, and will become more than you could ever
imagine, know more than you ever thought possible.

A god among men, that is what you would be, and all it takes for that, is to
accept what you are, and use your power freely.  Might makes right they
say...and you are indeed mighty Conrad...Mighty indeed...

The voice would then fade into the wind, and the army of dark knights would
shift, would become knights of both light and dark, mages rode alongside the,
as well as minotaur, kender, gnomes, dwarves, elves, ogres, and dragons.

The army would reach him...and would attack without relent.  Thousands upon
thousands seeking his death, he saw friend and foe, young and old.  All sought
his death, all sought his destruction.

A spear would stab him in the side and his rage would release, a defeaning
roar as the pain clouded his thoughts.  The field before him was empty, except
for shards of bloody crystals.

The pain was too great, and always, he would succumb.  Drifting into oblivion,
praying it was for real, only to awaken the next day in a cold sweat.

(I was I thought id start a little story of my own) Conrad

Author:  Conrad
Date    Tue Dec 11 21:01:19 2001

Subject  The Struggle Continues...

His sleep was troubled, it normally was, but tonights dream was made even
worse after the news of his squires death...

Galen couldnt be called his squire anymore, he had grown considerably since
that day so long ago when Conrad had laid eyes on the lad as he had just
earned his right to train as a Solamnic knight.  It was memories like these
that made the voice stronger...

You could have saved him, saved countless others as well, only if you had
accepted my gift.  Such wanton death and destruction, you are fighting for
your life yourself aren't you?  Well aren't you?

Yes....I am

That was all Conrad would say, he no longer fought the longer
questioned its existance...the trying times had caused him to not care what it

The gift I gave you is beyond compare you know...You've tasted its power
more than once...You've felt it coursing in your veins since you were a
child...You've used it before, why not use it now, save those you care for,
let them live...smite your enemies and make them fear your boot...You are my
chosen, and it is a simple task for you...

I dont want to win....not like that....

Conrad paused...the voice which for so long had been devoid of emotion and
life now wasnt a joyful laugh....nor was it simply

Look Conrad, look upon the power you could wield...look upon the true glory
of your power...let it course through your body, let it redefine who you
are...let it make you more than the loathsome sack of flesh, blood, and bone
you are...

A shadow appeared, dimming the vision, casting a shadow over Conrad....over
everything....It invoked an awed fear....the fear of something so beautiful
yet deadly....

Dragon fear....

But this was no normal dragon....shadowed it rose up, taller than anything
Conrad had ever seen before.  Its wings were immense, each larger than a full
grown dragon by themselves.  It rose up taller and taller, larger than any
dragon Conrad had ever seen.  It was was was


The dragon became visible, as clear as if it were standing right in front of
him.  It was indeed a dragon made of crystal, the same crystal Conrad could
call upon in times of great peril...He could feel that it was the same...feel
it as if it wer The dragon became visible, as clear as if it were standing
right in front of him.  It was indeed a dragon made of crystal, the same
crystal Conrad could call upon in times of great peril...He could feel that it
was the same...feel it as if it were the taint deep inside his soul.

This is your true power Conrad, triggered and released, given to you by me
to use as you interest me Conrad...that is why I gave you this you not like the creation I have wrought inside you?

The voice paused...

I can sense your revulsion of my gift...but I must ask why...I have given
you powers mortals would trade their souls for...would give anything to own as
their own...and yet you are afraid of hate it...why?  Why do you
hate my gift?

Because it is is is...tempting...

The voice seemed to chuckle at that...

Is not a sword an evil and foul thing?  A weapon used only to kill...and yet
you are tempted to use it...and use it often...My gift is the same...Look at
the dragon Conrad...look at it closely...tell me what you inside of its

Conrad looked closely, a small form was contained where a dragons heart would was small...almost miniscule compared to the crystal shell around

The small form seemed to rush at him, or was he rushed towards it...Conrad
could not tell...he was growing closer was a man...its body made that

Look upon the power that you hold within you...look upon just an example of
your true might....

Conrad stopped, his mouth agape at the form that was held within the
crystalline shell of the dragon....he was speachless...

...Conrad was staring at himself


Author:  Conrad
Date    Wed Dec 12 22:54:43 2001

Subject  The struggle within....

(The ongoing story of Conrad's troubled dreams)

You stare at my creation as if it were something disgusting...Yet you know
the power you could have dont you?  Yes, you know the power that only
I can grant...So what do you say COnrad...will you accept my gift and take on
the full

power you hold?

Conrad couldnt speak...he was dumbfounded....the form before him...the
crystalline was magnificent...glorious beyond measure, its
crystalline muscles flexed and moved...but something caught his eye...

His form within the dragon was motionless...devoid of hung their
limply..its eyes constantly staring forwad into oblivion...was this how Conrad
wanted to live?

Well?  Do you accept?  Conrad....My chosen....Do you accept the full power
of the gifts I have offered you?


It was just a whisper at first...but it grew stronger as he continued....

no....Never.....I....I Wont accept this..this...TAINT....I...I will never
use these powers...NEVER....DO YOU HEAR ME!....NEVEEEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!!

The voice seemed to chuckle as all seemed to go black....

You will accept my offer Conrad....some will truly become my very soon...

The voice faded, only to be replaced by a growing roar....unlike anything
Conrad had ever heard before...It grew until the sound itself was
painful...and then it appear....the Crystalline dragon...Conrad trapped within
its breast...It was coming for him....

The jaws snapped and cracked as it lunged at the unarmed Conrad, caught on the
things misaimed snout Conrad was flung through the empty space to land with a
thud far away from the crystalline menace.  It opened its mouth as if to use a
dragons breath weapon, and shards of crystal shot from its fearsome maw,
cutting Conrad's armor to ribbons...cutting Conrad to ribbons...

Conrad lay, bleeding, helpless, beaten...he would die...eaten by the menace of
his own power...lost to the darkness....

Pala....Paladine..I...I have...failed you...please...give me
the...the..strength to...take this...beast with me...when I die...

Conrad felt Paladines glory fill him, felt the comfort, the ease...the
sadness...the dragon lunged...Conrad screamed one last battle cry as a glow
filled the empty space...armor of Loyalty....a sword of courage...A shield of
honor...they were the only weapons a true knight could ever hope to
wield....the crystalline dragon shrieked in pain as the pitiable form before
him was armed once again...It bit once more, hell bent on crushing the puny
being before him...destroy it utterly...


The pain was unbearable...searing heat, freezing cold, numbing
electricity...they were as nothing compared to this pain...a flash of
light...and Conrad awoke in a sweat..his sheets were cold with sweat...

Outside the window in his quarters, he could see the moon shining down on the
guards making their rounds outside the High Clerist Tower.  Conrad's dreams
were becoming more frequent...more desperate...what did they mean...Conrad
knew he may never find out what they mean....but he knew he had to try....

(There will be more...) Conrad

Author:  Conrad
Date    Sat Dec 22 22:30:03 2001

Subject  The Free Knight...

He wandered the streets of Vingaard, wearing no more than the rust stained
clothing he wore with his armor.

All but the sword, called "Fear" by the one who bestowed it upon him.  The
sword knew what he felt, it had seen his dreams.  It wasnt the best traveling
companion, it belittled him more and more each day.  At least it was something
to keep him company, and on guard.  He was nearing the guarded walls of the
city now.  The guards wouldnt be there.  He had set the guard schedules
himself, and unless the others knew he was gone and had changed them, he would
escape unnoticed.

If they dont need me anymore...then I wont stay...they can have their new
leader, and I....I will fade away...

Those words started memories turning again, he had been wandering through the
keep after having brought more troops for its defense.  It was by accident he
stumbled upon the meeting between the newest knights granted their status, the
High Warrior, and others he had watched grow up.  They were discussing him
strangely.  It was what he overheard that caused him to be out like this.

They think me too old and incompetent to lead them...just an old relic to be
put on a shelf to look at and think of how nice things used to be...To show
to others in the hopes of gaining their support...nothing more than

The sword at his side seemed to chuckle at this, and the voice in his head
seemed to laugh along with it.

He was doing the right thing...they'd have their chosen leader...and they'd be
rid of their old relic of a knight.  He would show them how wrong they were,
and then he'd simply leave.  Once they understood their mistake...they would
know all he was willing to teach them...

He slipped through the gates unnoticed, just another dirty beggar leaving the
city.  They wouldnt know until later that a search had started for him.  He
slipped off into the countryside, his only possessions being a few supplies,
the rust stained clothes on his back, and the gift of the Wildrunners...the
sword "Fear" at his side.

The Free Knight is born...

Conrad Solamnus Free Knight of Krynn

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