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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Cylas.

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Author:    Cylas          
Date:      Sat Aug 12 18:47:39 2017
Subject     The begining of a Hero's tale

"The last year had been a long one for young master Von, Shadow of the Tempest, pruveyor of death to those marked for death by the great sea Goddess. Truth was our death bringer was much more then a Kender to be feared, he was also quite the looker." Cylas paused for a moment to reguard the people milling about the dock, now most focused away from what ever task they were set to do and on him and his narative. They always listened, even if most said his need to recount the goings on of his day out loud was bothersum or even anoying. "Lazy pricks, the lot of you, alwyas looking for a reason to not be doing what the Cap'n has set you to do. Find any reason to not put in the full days work you are paid for. Bloody goat brained fools I say." Shaking his head at the group of workers now going back to their jobs Cylas realized he had lost his place. "And now I have lost where I was, can any of you do anything right? No I would guess now. Worthless....Why would I have even thought this was a good place to come and think?" It was true Cylas may have been a bit on edge. The cap'n hadn't sent him on any mission in nearly a year. In Truth the old coot hadn't left his cabin in months. It was like the old human had just given up on being a Pirate. It was sad, the old guy loved what he did at one point, but now it seemed like all of that was gone. Tempest had not left port since the war started. In a time when plunder was plentiful Tempest sat and rotted away in this disease infested human hell hole. Balling up his fist Cylas slammed it down on the top of the crate he was perched on, which got a start from everyone around him. He may have been little but the people on the dock knew what he was for the tempest. They knew he enjoyed spilling blood more then those tin can Solamnic enjoyed looking at the slightly exposed leg of a bar maid and all of them were wary of him. Jumping up from his perch got a few of them to jump or step back again making that sly smile cross the Kenders lips. "You humans and half breeds crack me up." Turning and heading towards town seemed the only thing to do, and perhaps the only way he could continue to narate his story. "Setting off towards the rows of shops lining the docks our looker of a Hero spots a young lad sitting by the edge of the pier.The lad should know that the water was cold and he was in a perilious situation. The fall alone may be enough to break an arm and the water cold enough to take his breath away. What if someone was to," The splash as the boy his the water was enough to send the Kender into a fit of laughter. The looks from those who saw him push the boy in didnt help him gain composure as he co ntinued towards town. "Continuing on our Kender Hero had to stop letting silly things get in his way. There was a meeting to be had, a man to meet about a horse. Not that praverbial horse people talk about, a real horse. A satllion, the kind that winnied and galloped and transported its owner great distances.The kind you could cut open when the food ran low during a winters seige and you were not quite ready to eat your fellow comrads. More importantly one that would get our Hero to a city deep in the Elven home land. A city that housed a bank, a bank run by a mage of the conclave." Truth was Cylas had more respect for the Elves then he did for humans and half breeds. Perhaps more respect for any other race, save his own and the Minotaurs. Those guys just knew how to have a good time. "Once the Stable master was met our Dapper Kender could be on his way. It was time to strike out on his own, away from this drab place. Mazerith wasn't leaving any time soon that was for sure. This job needed to be done, a debt needed to be repaid. It was risky, the Hero knew this. He might lose his head," Pausing for a moment Cylas shook his head at the thought of that ever becoming reality. "It was risky, but the Hero knew that the prize would be worth any uncertinty that was ahead of him." There that was better he thought. "And he knew things about the building that was to be infultrated, things only the owner of said building knew. It was amazing how some people talked when you were removing their skin from their flesh. Lots of information could be obtained. Living a good life was in the details. Understanding the details you needed was the key." "It was then that Cylas Von realized he was where he needed to be and quickly ducked inside the Stable building. Setting his eyes on the stable master he brashly began a diologue with him. It is great misfortune for you that you are so bad at cards Gren. You lost everything you had with you, plus this prize Pony you are about to turn over. Had we played one more hand I might have won a night with that pretty wife of yours. I'd feel safe in saying that you might be more upset about losing such a prize animal over your wife though. Everyone in town has ridden that harlot. And before you go getting all puffy just stop. Go saddle her, I have business to attend to in Qualinesti." Grumbling to himself the stable master reined in his anger at the Kenders words, "I can not say I will be sad to see you go Cylas. Your play by play has become more then tiresum in this town. The people only tolerate you because they feer reprisal. Just remember the Tempest can not protect you when you head inland." "That sounded very much like a threat Gren, you are lucky I like you. And that buxom little human sword sheath you call a daughter. Im pretty sure she has alread beaded her way through every human in this dank hole of a town. Perhaps I should stay another day or two and see if she moves on to those of us in the superior race?" "You little bastard of a....." was all the stable master could get out before he was talked over by Cylas. "The stable masters pulse began to race with rage, How dare our Hero speak to him in such a way? An insult on his angle of daughter, the apple of his eye, a whore just liker her mother and the one who would grace his life with four hundred grand children." A vein in Gren's neck was nearly about to burst as he yelled over Cylas, "ENOUGH Cylas. I will get the horse ready and you will be off. Away from here and if the gods are fair we will never see you again." Muttering something else under his breath along the lines of hoping Cylas get eaten by

Author: Cylas Date: Sat Aug 12 18:57:23 2017 Subject The begining of a Hero's tale II

A Green Dragon, Gren stomped off to get Cylas his prize. Calling after him Cylas coulden't help but poke the man a bit more, "Make sure you use the good tack Gren, I dont want that shoddy stuff you sell to your customers. I dont even know how you stay in business." Returning to his story Cylas continued, "As the dolt of a stable master stalked off to ready Cylas his horse, and perhaps find the balls his wife had taken years earlier. In time our hear would be on his way. A right wronged, wait a wrong righted, is righted even a word? No bother either way, they would know what our Hero meant. Taking a breath and musing about how well his tale was coming together Cylas nearly jumped for joy as Gren rounded the corner leading a dark black pony by the reins. "Snatching the reins from the dolt of a stable master, Cylas Von quickly mounted his new steed and turned and trotted off with nare a thank you or a gods bless to Gren. Upon his trusty Mustang....." Cylas stopped and blinked for a second before leaning over to one side to get a good look at hte ponies face, noding after a few moments happily. "Upon his trusty mustang Leeland anything was possiable. The journy would take some time but soon, very soon our Hero would be richer and more famed then any spear twirling Knight in the land. Soon death would come for a man who had been marked for far too long."

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