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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Cyri.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Cyri' scribed in glowing maroon ink.

Author:  Cyri
Date    Fri Apr 26 04:36:55 2002

Subject  Cyri's history

This story is ooc for all on here with exception to the imms.  If there is any
Evil Clerics out there that wants to help me do something please note me,
preferably a worshipper of Chemosh, a dark/black robe mage wouldnt hurt much
either. This story/rp may not make much sense since Im a newbie but the imms
said people can start out at whatever age they want.

I was born in 290 AC in a town named Ak-krin in the Burning Lands north of
Silvanesti.  My parents and I spent our time at night traveling back and forth
between the ruins Santekh, Bakali ruins to the south, another small set of
ruins to the east. But the most important place that I remember was when we
traveled to an empty desert palace just south of my town.  My parents were
archaeologists, or better known as grave robbers, we would wander through the
various places looking for treasure or artifacts buried. My father was quite a
good thief and my mother a cleric that specialized in locating objects.  We
were doing fine until we stumbled upon that palace, we wondered why it was
deserted. We looked all over and could find no evidence of any life, NONE, not
even bugs. That really set my father on edge. While mother used her powers to
find items of worth we scouted the nearby rooms.  None of the rooms had
anything of worth, we felt like this was a waste of time. Until my dad and I
entered what looked like the Sultans room,. there we saw a smear of long dried
blood leading into one of the walls. My father immediately began looking for
the trip to unlock the hidden door, while I inspected the floor and the blood.
I noticed long scratch marks made into the floor with the blood, but the blood
had been there for a while since there was a good deal of dust covering it. I
looked up when I heard a click and saw the wall swinging in.  Before my father
could step inside a small group of undead came swarming out tearing him apart.
 I screamed for my mother hoping she could turn the undead and save my father.
No one came  I sunk on my knees watching my fathers life blood seep from his
body and began praying to the god of these creatures. Chemosh I prayed Please
spare my father and I will dedicate my life and soul to you Looking up at the
creatures through tear clouded vision I see them stop, then they look at me.
Those that had a waist bowed then they turned and headed back into the
dungeon. My mother finally arrived and tried to heal my father. She closed
most of his wounds and wrapped the rest, he barely survived. I never told them
what happened to make the undead go away and they never asked me.  I started
sneaking out to go back to the palace, conversing with the undead, since they
never showed hostility towards me. They explained Chemosh to me and began
teaching me how to worship him and control other undead.  My mother noticed I
was becoming quite adept at clerical magic and was proud I was following her
footsteps instead of my fathers more dangerous ones. If she only knew, If she
only knew what I gave up for everything.


Author:  Cyri
Date    Tue Apr 30 16:33:09 2002

Subject  Death by the dead

Ten years later..

By now I had become quite adept at my clerical abilities and I was also
assisting my mother in searching for relics and treasure.  We were now
traveling father out into Khur and along the northern coast of the Plains of
Dust.  We usually made a good haul from the ruins, usually enough to keep us
sheltered and housed.

Recently I have had more luck finding items of worth, this has been because I
have had help. I contact the spirits residing in these places and talk to
them. Usually I steer the conversation towards riches and wealth hoping they
will give away where they hid their valuables when they were alive. This also
gave me more practice at summoning the undead and binding them to my will. I
was beginning to like being a worshipper of Chemosh, I reveled in the power
over those who had died. The only thing I didnt like was the chill I felt
daily and my skin beginning to pale even after being in the desert all the

The fear I had since I started helping my parents with this business finally
happened one day when we were having a particularly good haul around Skullcap,
we found another group who was in the same business.  I saw them approach from
afar, but didnt alert either parent since I assumed they were just travelers
and didnt know they planned to stop here also. I was in a dark area of the
collapsed mound talking to two spirits, a human and a dwarf, when I heard the
screams and fighting. Getting up I ran towards the sounds, as I got closer
they seemed to die down then stop all together. Reaching the main antechamber
I saw something that made my blood run colder than usual. There were four
heavily built men standing over seven corpses, my parents werent standing
anywhere. Two of the dead bandits were charred from my late mothers
flamestrike and the other three dead bandits had small puncture wounds all
over their bodies and lay around my dead father. The bandits turned when they
heard me enter and started advancing on me hoping for another easy kill before
they took their share of my familys wealth. When they got halfway to me they
suddenly froze in their tracks, I could tell by the chill air why they
stopped, the spirits I was talking to had followed me. The rage from losing my
parents welled up inside and all I wanted anymore was the death of those that
caused it. I pointed a long slender finger at the men and yelled, KILL THEM,
the men looked around like they expected more people to come out of hiding and
attack. I chuckled to myself, little did they know their death was rising up
out of the floor.


Author:  Cyri
Date    Tue Apr 30 16:39:09 2002

Subject  Death by the Dead II

The two spirits were coming up out of the stone floor each between two men.
Before the men knew what was happening the spirits plunged a single hand into
each of their chests and touched their hearts. The men fell like bricks to the
floor.. dead. Still feeling rage inside I knelt down beside each of the now
dead men, I prayed Chemosh to take their souls and forever torment them, I did
this to each of the other five dead bandits also. Feeling somewhat better I
headed to my parents, pulling them over side by side I prayed over them,
asking Chemosh to protect their souls. I laid a blanket over each of them
after I take a token of remembrance from each. Grabbing a torch from a sconce
on the wall I set fire to each of the corpses. I head over to what we had
found so far in the ruins and load them on to two horses. Saying my farewells
to the spirits that helped me avenge my parents death I turn and head back to
Ak-Krin with the treasures.

Muttering to myself on the long ride back I will sell all that I dont need
and our house, with the money I shall move to Neraka and there I shall receive
the training I couldnt get when I was hiding my god from my parents. I shall
become a devout follower of Chemosh, so I can personally torment those who
offend me.

I still would like to ask for assistance from a high ranking (rpwise not
necessarily lvl wise) Dark Cleric Also a black robe if possible

Author:  Cyri
Date    Wed May  1 15:55:17 2002

Subject  Learning

Five Years Later...

I began my tutelage under a Cleric of Chemosh, Obros, in Neraka shortly after
I arrived there, he was most impressed with the skills my late mother and I
had taught myself. I quickly learned  the skills he offered and was eager to
learn more. He taught me all there was to know about various undead races and
even showed me most of them, he also showed me how to summon, control, and
dispel them. The thing that intrigued me most about those creatures is the way
they lived forever, sure some were tormented daily by the fact that they could
not have peace, but think of the power one could wield with eternal life. When
I asked Obros what one had to do to attain eternal life like some of the
undead, he shuddered and told me I wasnt ready to know that.  He did have
something else in mind though, over the past few months I could tell he was
becoming more enamored by me. I told him I wasnt interested but he still
pursued, just not as much. Then one day he had gone too far, I awoke in the
morning to find myself not in my bedroom but his. Looking around I see him
laying next to me, both of us naked. Rage burned white hot through my body,
the first time I felt warmth from the cold chills Ive been having for 15
years. I swore when I figured that he used a charm spell on me when I wasnt
aware. I was defiled, both the body and soul I gave to Chemosh. I reached over
the edge of the bed and found my robes. I put them on then grabbed my mace,
with the strength of my rage I raised it then brought it down with a sickening
crunch on his skull. Then pulling a dagger out of his robes I severed his
manhood which had dishonored my body. Taking a minute to pray over his body
for eternal suffering, I begin looting what I need from his house. I go
through his hiding places finding very few magical items and I also take his
mace which is probably the strongest enchanted of his items.  I left his house
and Neraka behind me from that moment with the goal to find me a new teacher
who had more honor and as a second thought, one that would tell me how one
would receive eternal life.

Author:  Cyri
Date    Tue May  7 16:50:07 2002

Subject  The Journey

Thirty Years Ago...

Leaving Neraka was easier than I thought, they did not discover the mangled
body I left there until I was in Jelek. Every place I stopped I looked for a
Dark Cleric that would aid my cause, most said it was too dreadful to tell me
about. So I traveled from town to town, using what little money I had left
sparingly, selling a magic item only if I needed to.  After a couple of months
I had found myself in Estwilde in a town called Teyr. Stopping again at every
Temple to inquire about my quest, I still had not found the information I
needed. My last stop was a small Temple dedicated to Chemosh, it was deserted
so I went up to the altar and prayed for guidance. After a long time I stood
up, the feeling rushing back into my legs, and turned back towards the street.
I had no sooner stepped outside when a small balding man ran into me. He looks
up and says  scuse me maam I was just walking my dog, didnt mean to harm
you. I look down and I dont see a dog, all I see is a very old leash. I say
to him  Old man, your dog has gone, you are walking nothing. He snickers
and replies  What are you talking about? Hes right here he points down at
the empty space, turns and starts mumbling to the wall. I mutter quietly 
Crazy old fool, I should kill him and send him to Chemosh before he does any
real damage. His eyes pop open suddenly  CHEMOSH?, No miss please dont
make me go back to that place with those creatures. He starts shaking and
whimpering like he just remembered something extremely horrible. Old man,
what do you know about creatures of Chemosh he gained my interest with that
comment.  All I know is you cant make me go back to that evil place with
those putrid worshippers of His Growling at him insulting the worshippers of
my god I clench my mace ready to kill him, but I stay my hand until I find out
where he is talking about, they might be able to help me.  Listen, I wont
harm you if you tell me where this place is.  He becomes more frantic and
begins mumbling to the wall again  through darkness.. wet darkness..
moors..Valkmord..evil beings He kneels down and begins sobbing.   Pity,
you are such a wretch of a human I raise my mace bringing it down on his
skull, releasing him from his insane prison. I drag his lifeless body into an
alley and pray over it sending his soul on its journey.  The crazy old man
must have meant the Great Moors. But Valkmord, I have never heard of that
place. Picking his body clean of any valuables I head off to a map maker
hoping he will know where Valkmord is located.

Cont ...

Author:  Cyri
Date    Mon May 13 18:01:29 2002

Subject  Destination

Upon entering the Mapmakers building I ask about a place called Valkmord. He
paled just like the old man Id just killed did when I asked him. I dont have
any designs of that place nor do I care to map it. I do have a map that shows
the moors, and the land east of there though, and Im sure that evil place lies
east of the moors. I pay him for the map and head out looking for a Tavern
to further examine the map. I reached a seedy tavern on the edge of town
called the Crimson Skull and took a seat inside. Rolling out the map and using
both maces I am carrying to weigh down the ends I begin looking over it.
Examining the land east of the moors I find an old ruin named Valkmord.
Thats the place, now I wonder how I will get there. Returning to the map I
look for a way to get there, not seeing the man walk up to my table. In a
grating voice I hear  Excuse me, you see to be very interested in the moors,
maybe I can help you Extremely angry for being bothered I look up and
casually place my hands on either side of the table, within grasping distance
of my maces. I take in this intruder, looking him over thoroughly. He looks to
be my height and bigger build, but it is hard to tell due to his enveloping
black robe. The robe is beyond repair, rotting at the seams, most everything
on him is rotting, now that I looked closer. Maybe, I am interested in the
moors, what business is it of yours?  I was only offering my help to one
that I was told will need it, I have been given leave to help you cross it so
you can well let me see if you can live long enough first. He gives a short
raspy chuckle, it sounded like a death rattle. Who told you I need help?

I cannot say, Ill only say that he requires your service.  Service?
Sorry I dont do that, I only serve one person and that is Chemosh.   He says
 Who in the abyss do you think told me that you were coming! with that he
pulls aside a portion of his robes revealing a breastplate with a sickly
yellow skull on the front  I was told to bring you there with utmost haste,
so if you dont have anything else I suggest we be on our way  A tremor of
fear runs through my body, quickly replaced by a cold chill. I push the map
into my sack and pick up my maces. With excitement in my voice Shall we go
then? We head out the door with him leading the way out of town and across
the moors.

Author:  Cyri
Date    Wed May 29 04:16:12 2002

Subject  Learning

Five years ago It had been twenty five years since the man, who I now know as
Deathcleric Shen, brought me across the moors and into the ruins of an old
partially collapsed cathedral. From what the other clerics told me this was a
Temple of Chemosh since before the Cataclysm and was destroyed by the
Kingpriest. That did not deter them from worshipping, they retreated down into
the catacombs and rebuilt there.  Over the past two and a half decades I
rarely left the temple, unless it was to get needed supplies from Teyr, the
temple quickly became like home to me. I was taught even more than Obros
taught me, once again I was a quick study and rose through the ranks of
clerics. I was favored in the eyes of Chemosh, I loved the power he granted
me. I had even found out the answer to my question I had been seeking, but to
earn that I had to perform great deeds in the name of Chemosh.

I usually spent my night conversing with the spirits that clung to the
demolished temple. Hearing their stories about the Age of Light and the
Kingpriest, then hearing how they were trapped in a collapsing building and
died. All of this upset me greatly How could those righteous bastards think
that killing those they thought were evil was doing good and honorable work,
they are still murderers. They should be made to realize the evil they hold
within and they should suffer knowing they are what they hate. Standing up I
bow to the spirit and head back to my room to meditate. If I make them pay,
maybe then Chemosh will grant me my wish. Grinning evilly I head into my
room and kneel before the altar and begin meditating.

Author:  Cyri
Date    Thu Jun  6 19:02:30 2002

Subject  five years ago

It had been five long years since I have moved into the Cathedral of Chemosh.
My studies had been getting more and more complicated. I have begun summoning
lesser creatures back from the dead and begun my training animating the dead
and resurrecting people.  On one of my trips out to Teyr I encountered a newly
initiated cleric of Paladine speaking to those who were straying from his path
and not letting them do as he pleased. I stood back in the shadows and watched
him speak. He was not the greatest orator, he spoke mainly of the wrongs he
saw and how he wanted to correct them.  I did not know if he was one of those
I hated that was evil inside and shrouded with his idea of righteousness. I
left the square and headed to one of the taverns before beginning my journey
back to the temple. I was eating my meal when I saw the same cleric entering
the tavern and began looking over the patrons. Since I was sitting in the back
I didn't think he could see me. But when his eyes strayed over into my area I
could tell he did see me. He turned and left the pub and I resumed eating my
meal. I had finished eating and was leaving the bar and the town on my way
back when I felt a tingle rise on my neck. Instinctively I ducked to the side
to feel something swinging past where my head once was. Turning as I ducked I
see that same damnable cleric. Worshipper of evil, I shall rid this town of
you and your ways, you taint this town with evil He swung his spiked flail
at me again and again he barely missed. I stood my ground and faced him with
my twin maces What makes you think I am evil? Just because of the God I
worship? Look at yourself, attacking a woman from behind, if you are so intent
of getting rid of evil look in your own heart first. He spits in my
direction and yells You are the evil one and for your ways I shall make you
pay  Twirling I evade another one of his wild swings.  You do not see the
error you have made, I promise you shall meet my God before I do  As he
raises his arm again for another swing,  I lift one of my maces and throw it
at him, it smacks into his chest knocking the wind out of him. Quickly I rush
in to meet him with my other mace bringing it down on his shoulder with a
crunch. He drops the flail in pain and sinks to his knees praying to his God
for help. I pick up my other mace and swing my arms back for the death blow.
As he is finishing his prayer and softly begins to glow healing his wound. I
bring my maces together crushing his head inbetween them, brains and gore
splattering everywhere, and breaking the handle on my unenchanted mace.
Cursing at my luck I discard it and spit on the dead cleric.  This is all
your fault if you were not so full of your own righteousness you would still
be alive As I kneel down to send his soul to Chemosh, hoping he has fun
meeting my God that he thinks is so evil, I notice that he still has a slight
glow to his one arm.  I notice that there is a signet ring on that finger, but
I cannot pry it off. So bracing his body with my foot I pull on his arm, I
hear his shoulder dislocate and tearing of tendons, suddenly there is a very
loud popping and tearing sounds and his arm comes free from his body dripping
blood everywhere. I smile to myself as I realize that this would make an
excellent club, complete with a God's blessing.  Paladine should really
appreciate what his cleric has given to me I say with a sneer to my lip. I
strip him of all other magical items and head off home swinging the arm beside

Author:  Cyri
Date    Fri Jun  7 03:53:31 2002

Subject  Meeting Rivin

Time has passed since then and Cyri is still carrying the arm of the cleric
that assulted her. She has completed all of her studies under Shen and has
risen to his rank of DeathCleric. It was during one of her meditation sessions
that Chemosh came and spoke to her. He told her of a new temple that was being
excavated secretly under his current temple in Neraka. He suggested that she
go there and seek out his High Priest, Rivin, and assist him with his task.
She comes out of her trance and begins to pack what is needed for the journey.
On her way out she stops to tell Shen that she will be gone for a while.
Heading out of the sanctuary Cyri heads to the stables picking out her
favorite steed, and heading back to Neraka. After a couple of days she reaches
the outskirts of Neraka and soon she is walking along the familiar Snake Way
heading to the temple where she spent most of her early years. Upon entering
the decaying temple she walks around examining the temple looking for any
changes that might show the entrance to the new temple. Reaching the spot
behind the bloody altar her torchlight shows stair under the iron grate in
which the blood flows into, Lifting and slipping under the grate she heads
down the stairs. The passageway leading from the stairs into the other
portions of the temple are not like what she has seen before, on closer
inspection she sees sand lying all over the floor showing that the stone was
not carved but instead decayed.

Shivering from the cold air around her as she mutters This place is perfect
for Chemosh, everything is rotting and cold Heading down the largest
corridor towards a dim light at the end the air gets even colder and a strange
sense of fear starts to affect her. Reaching the end of the passage she enters
a large worship hall with many rotting pews and a large stone altar. The size
of the hall is so great that she barely notices the man standing behind the
altar. Walking towards the man she says He must be the one I am sent to see,
he must be very powerful to command this aura of fear surrounding him. As
she gets closer she can make some of his features, a rotten clerics mantle
resembling those worn ages ago, sunken eyes, and thin frail looking limbs.
When she is standing in front of him she is trembling slightly and now she
sees why, Chemosh's High Priest is a lich. Greetings disciple of Chemosh
he said while bowing I have been told that you will come here and have been
expecting you. My name is Rivin. Greetings Rivin, I have journeyed far to
meet you says Cyri I hope to learn much from you, I can already see why
Chemosh likes you so much  Yes, I have been his favored one for a long
time. You may be able to guess how long by the garments I am wearing. Cyri
looks him over closely noting his out of date mantle and tarnished medallion,
with a short gasp she notices a ring with the emblem of Cleric of the
Kingpriest of Istar on it. She grins and says so you were a cleric of the
Kingpriest Rivin nods Yes, I was once a follower of light until the
Cataclysm struck and I saw the light dim. When I saw the fiery mountain fall
from the heavens I myself fell to my knees and prayed for someone to save me.
The only one who heard was our Master, he asked if I would trade my soul to be
protected from the destruction. I eagerly accepted and now I stand before you
as his most faithful. Which is why I am working on bringing him into this
world How is that possible? Cyri gasps. He can be brought here by
gathering elven souls.

longevity will allow my Master to walk this realm. He absent-mindedly picks
at some skin covering his bones. It is then that Cyri notices that Rivin does
not look like a normal lich, he looks more alive than the others. cont.....

Author:  Cyri
Date    Fri Jun  7 03:55:32 2002

Subject  Meeting part II

Needing to think these new developments over she faces Rivin I have traveled
far to get here and am very weary. If someone could show me to a place where I
might stay and rest, I can get started on this tomorrow. Certainly Rivin
says. He guestures and a novice cleric comes running out of the shadows bowing
to both of us. Show Cyri to her room and see she has everything she needs
The novice bows and motions for Cyri to follow. Until tomorrow then, she
says to Rivin and turns and follows the boy. Thinking to herself 'This
Rivin, I don't trust him, he was given the gift of being an undead and now it
looks like he is wanting to come back to life. We shall see what is going on,
and if he is treating his gift like a toy. Then I shall have to deal with him
accordingly. In the meantime I shall help him bring my lord to the world, this
should be very entertaining.' Chuckling to herself as she walks down the

Author:  Cyri
Date    Sat Jun  8 06:16:10 2002

Subject  The Soul Summoning

Waking up after sleeping through night and morning, Cyri is rested and knows
what her plan is. I shall help this.. Rivin.. to see what he is really up
to. Then I will decide if he needs to be disposed of. She dons her robe and
boots and walks out to the main antechamber again. When she walks in it looks
like he had never moved, he is still standing in the same place.  I see you
are already prepared she says.

Unlike you mortals, I don't need any rest growls Rivin I have been
meditating all night and looking for more souls to add to my... err Chemosh's

Wondering if she had heard his slip up correctly, she decides that it was a
minor mistake but she did not rule out the possibility that he was keeping
some of the souls for himself. I am prepared to help you gather these elven
souls. I assume you have found an area where there would be enough to make it
worth it? Yes, I have found a suitable amount of souls for us today.
says Rivin I will show you how to gather these souls in case I am
unavailable or busy so you can continue this work.

Cyri nods and walks over to stand beside Rivin feeling the cold emanate from
his rotting body. She looks down on the altar and sees a grave marker lying
there. The name is some elven name that she doesn't even want to waste the
time to try and pronounce. But from the looks of it, the marker is more
ancient than Rivin. What is the meaning behind this marker?

As you know these elven souls will not come willingly to us, so we have
corrupted this grave marker of the last king of the elven nation before the
Kinslayer wars. We will use this stone to send out a call from this elf to his
brethren. The stupid creatures think it is actually a summons from the king
and will come. That is when we capture these souls in this same marker for us
to save for the summoning ritual.

+ She smiles at the simplicity of the plan and nods. Shall we begin then?
she says I am anxious to see this with my own eyes.

Rivin nods and the lights in his eye sockets wink out as he begins the
ceremony. He begin mumbling the prayer of summoning. Cyri moves closer as he
begins and repeats the words to herself memorizing them.

He finishes the prayer and the grave stone begins to glow with a sick green
light. Now we wait as they come to us Rivin says.

They both wait watching the glowing marker pulse quicker and quicker they can
tell the souls are getting closer by the intensity of the flashes. Suddenly
the stone stops pulsing and glows constantly, Rivin looks up to the ceiling
and Cyri follows suit. It appears as if fog begins to cover the upper portion
of the temple, as it grows thicker Cyri notices that the fog begins to take
shape, the shape of dozens of spirits. As the fog decends it begins to pool
around the stone, the souls of the elves looking at the stone with hope, then
looking at the clerics with despair. The stone flashes brightly once and then
the souls being to be sucked into the stone. Out of the corner of her eye Cyri
sees a soul miss the stone and enter Rivin. Thinking this to be another trick
of her mind she goes back to watching the stone absorb the souls. Once again
she sees a soul miss the stone and go into Rivin. She looks over at him and he
has this exulting look on his face. As the last few souls go into the stone no
one is watching it, Rivin's eyes are closed and his head raised, Cyri on the
other hand is astonished to see more skin start to appear on the Lich. Sucking
in a breath and muttering I can't believe this he is doing this to hide the
fact that he is resurrecting himself. Anger grows up inside Cyri as she
thinks about the selfish act of one of Chemosh's most trusted priests.

Something WILL be done about this, as soon as I figure out how to deal with
him Rivin lowers his head and says Now you know how this rite is
performed. I hope to see progress out of you in finding more souls.

Author:  Cyri
Date    Sat Jun  8 06:16:53 2002

Subject  Summoning part II

Oh you will see progress, I plan to learn everything possible from you
says Cyri secretly hoping that she will find some weakness to exploit to teach
him not to take Chemosh's gift for granted.

Let me know when you have found more souls and we can continue. Rivin says
heading to one of the pews and begins his meditative search.

Author:  Cyri
Date    Wed Jun 12 16:13:47 2002

Subject  Summoning of souls II

Cyri begins to think over what has happened. Rivin returning from undeath,
stealing souls away from their master, and lying to Chemosh's faithful. She
silently begins to form a plan of action. Since he is still a lich, that
means he still is immortal, but since he is gaining back life does that mean
he can die? Maybe I should go along with this plan and wait until he has
become alive enough for me to take that away from him. She goes over her
plan again and again looking for any flaws in it. The only one she can think
of is that Chemosh will protect his high priest even though that is unlikely.

You shall live your new life as long as I will let you she says grinning.
Sitting down in one of the back pews she falls into a trance searching for
more elven souls for both Rivin and Chemosh. One of the blessing Chemosh had
given her is the ability to talk to souls and traverse Krynn for them as a
spirit herself.

Separating her spirit from her body she drifts off into the world, thinking
that Rivin would have already searched for souls in and around the elven
kingdoms she starts looking through the areas of the major battles.
Remembering the story of Kith-Kanan she forces her spirit towards Pax Tharkas.

Her spirit raced across the continent until she reached the lands around the
fortress.  Reaching down into the ground below the fortress she searches for
those killed from the battle there long ago. Reaching the dungeons she
suddenly feels the spirits of many elves. Stopping there she calls out to them
Fallen protectors of Pax Tharkas come to me, I seek your knowledge Hoping
that they wouldn't feel threatened to show up and share what they know. First
a couple then more spirits show up and begin answering Cyri's random
questions. All the while she is keeping a count of how many elves and their
age. She turns her questions to the elves specifically, asking how many there
were here and their ages, and other various questions. After finding out their
numbers she bows and thanks them for their time. As she returns to her body
she goes over her plan once more I will give Rivin these souls, since most
of them are young they should affect him more than the older souls. Hopefully
it will make him mortal enough so he can be killed.  Waking up out of the
trance and shaking out the cramps she walks up to Rivin and shakes him out of
his trance. With him glaring at her for interrupting him she says I have
found some, actually a lot.

The anger in him settles at hearing more elven souls await him. Then we
should start again. Do you think you would be able to handle it this time?
he says to her.

I am ready for whatever you need me for she says bowing to him. They both
walk over to the altar again, this time Cyri is standing next to the grave
marker. She begins the summoning this time holding her hands up and reciting
the prayer. Peeking out of the corner of her eye as she finishes she looks
Rivin and sees an anxious look in his eyes. As the stone begins to glow green
Rivin steps closer to the altar and the marker. Shortly the souls once again
start to appear through the ceiling and working their way down into the room.

You have done well  says Rivin This is more than we had last time As
the souls start funneling into the grave marker Cyri sees some of the same
spirits she just talked to looking with hatred towards her now they know what
is happening. With Rivin standing so close to the marker Cyri can't see how
many of the souls he is absorbing but it must be more than the last time.
Quicker than last time skin starts reappearing in shreds along his limbs and
sickly hair sprouts up along his skull. As the last of the souls enter the
marker she sees Rivin shivering. He must be alive enough now that he can
feel the chill of death in this room she says to herself. If he is truly
alive then he must now sleep like the rest of us. That will be the time to
strike cont...

Author:  Cyri
Date    Wed Jun 12 16:15:44 2002

Subject  Summoning of souls II part II :)

Saying that the summoning has weakened her she excuses herself and returns to
her cell like room. She quickly writes a missive on a sheet of parchment.

 To my fellow brethren of Chemosh, it has come to my attention that the High
Priest Rivin has been sacrilegious with his gift. He has been funneling souls
from Chemosh into himself in order to regain his life. I seek out the
strongest in both faith and heart to come and help dispose of this creature.
Seek me at the Inn of the Rotting Skull in Neraka one week hence, I shall give
out the rest of the details then. I hope to find others as repulsed as I am to
these actions. I await the faithful.

Cyri Deathcleric of Chemosh

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