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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Dartanio.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Dartanio' scribed in faded white ink.

Author:    Dartanio       
Date:      Sat Sep 16 03:29:51 2017
Subject     Beginnings (1/2)

Lyniara asks Dartanio "Are you sure you do not want to take over the house of Seril?" Dartanio replied "No sister, I am tired of the politics that have corrupted our parents. This is not a way to live life. I am going to find my own path elsewhere". At a young age of 25 years, Dartanio decided to leave his life of nobility to find spiritual enlightenment. It was well known that there was a monastery in the mountains where monks Story + trained. He decided to journey there to find his new path. It was here he met Draxon, a fellow Story + former nobleman who gave up nobility to follow the path of enlightment. Two years had passed since Draxon and Dartanio met on the mountain pass to the monastery Draxon holds out his hand and snickers at knocked down Dartanio saying "Hah, I think that's enough for you today old friend. I don't think hand-to-hand combat suits you very well." Dartanio grabs his friend's hand and pulls himself up and replied "Give me a mace and we will see who is on the ground next. We better get going. Our brethren are about to go down to the village again and help out." Dartanio and Draxon meet up with their brothers and walk down to the village. The brotherhood split up their duties amongst helping the villagers learn their teachings, help in hand-to-hand combat training, and crafting various necessities. After another hard day of work and exchanging goods, the brotherhood gather their things and accept donations. As Dartanio accepts a gift of food from one of the villagers, he notices in the corner of his eye that Draxon is putting coins away into the inner pocket of his robes. "Hmm, that seems strange" mutters Dartanio. That night, Dartanio sees Draxon walking through the center of the monastery grounds. Dartanio asks "Draxon, did I see you setting money aside instead of in the donation basket?" Draxon looks at Dartanio with sly look and says "Not sure what you are accusing me of brother but I did not do anything of the sort". Dartanio lightly jabs Draxon towards his lower left ribs and a small amount of coins jiggle. Draxon snickers "Well, you caught me. Now what?" Dartanio replies "Give back the money to the monastery. This isn't right. Why are you doing this?" Draxon yells back at Dartanio "It's mine! I need it to get out of here! I only came here in exile. Story + My family lost everything and were in severe debt. I would have been sold into slavery had I Story + stayed. This was my escape and only way to get away from them. Once I have enough money I Story + can take a ship away from here and start a new life." Dartanio holds his arms out trying to calm down Draxon and says "Draxon, we have lived as; Story + brothers for two years. It is safe here. Please, give the money back." Draxon pushes Dartanio to the ground and yells "NO! I will never be safe here. You don't understand! If I am ever caught I will be taken back!" Dartanio jumps up and lands on his feet. "No Draxon, we will keep you safe. Let's go talk to the others and just be honest. If you continue down this path you will never find enlightenment." Draxon pulls out a dagger from his robes and lunges at Dartanio screaming "NO!!!" Dartanio dodges Draxon's lunge with little effort. When it came to weapons always had an edge against Draxon due to his house's training. With no weapon on hand, Dartanio runs to the training room with Draxon closing in on him in pursuit. Dartanio quickly grabs a bian and reengages Draxon. Dartanio cries "Stop this Draxon! We are brothers! What are you doing?!" as he parries and dodges Draxon's attempts on Dartanio's life. After minutes of fighting, Dartanio sweeps Draxon onto his back and kicks the dagger out of his hand.

Author: Dartanio Date: Sat Sep 16 03:40:21 2017 Subject Beginnings (Pt. 2)

While panting from the tiring battle, Dartanio mutters "It's over". Draxon quickly rolls over to his dagger and takes a lunge at Dartanio again. Dartanio dodges the lunge and spins into a counter blow against Draxon's back. Dartanio's bian connects into the back of Draxon's skull. Draxon's head rams into a monastery pillar and bounces off the pillar into the ground. Dartanio drops his weapon and quickly runs over to a lifeless Draxon. He checks Draxon's pulse and feels nothing. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!". Moments later, monks begin running towards the courtyard to aid their brothers. Dartanio explains to everyone what happened. While a few monks surround Draxon and Dartanio, a few others run to Draxon's bunk and examine his belongings. They quickly come back and nod at their brothers. One of the grandmasters says "We found a stash of silver coins under Draxon's bed. Dartanio Story + seems to be telling the truth. Take Draxon away and prepare his funeral." The other monks take Draxon's body away, leaving Dartanio and the grandmaster alone. The grandmaster puts his hand on Dartanio's shoulder and says "Dartanio, you have been with us for two years. You have shown great progress in your path to enlightenment. You have worked very hard to earn respect amongst the villagers and your brothers here. Do not think of this as a setback. Think of this as a milestone in your journey. Unfortunately, this is where we part ways. Accident or not, self-defense or not, Dartanio, you killed a brother. I wish you safe travels." Dartanio wipes away his tears of regret and sorrow. "Where do I go from here?" The grandmaster takes a small bronze spider the size of his palm laced into and hands it to Dartanio. "This was given to me by a cleric of Majere visiting the village down the mountain. He saw what our brotherhood had been doing for the village and told me to have this and to give this to someone if they ever lost his way and to seek him in Palanthas. I suggest you seek him out." Dartanio nods and bows to the grandmaster and accepts the token. "Thank you grandmaster. May we meet again one day". The grandmaster bows and nods. The next day, Dartanio gathered all of his belongings and quietly snuck out of the monastery. As he is within viewing distance of the monastery, he clutches the purse of coins his brothers gave him that morning and says "I will never forget my two years here. Thank you brothers". Two months later, Dartanio arrives in Palanthas. After hours talking with the townsfolk and looking around the city he finds the Temple of Majere. Dartanio enters the temple and a cleric greets him. Dartanio shows the cleric the small bronze spider and tells him about the monastery. The cleric nods and says "let me introduce you to the high cleric, Kaln". The cleric brings Dartanio to the altar where Kaln is praying. Kaln stands up and says "I have been expecting that trinket to come back. What brings you to the Temple of Majere?" Dartanio explains his story to Kaln. Kaln nods and hugs Dartanio saying "I am sorry for your loss". Kaln steps back and asks Dartanio, "What will you do now?" Dartanio stands tall and replies, "I am without house and friends. What happened to Draxon was a shame but I stand by my requests for him to turn himself in. Without honor and discipline, one cannot live a meaningful life. A life of dishonesty and greed will only lead to evil. I only wish to do good for the world." Kaln nods and says "These values fall in line with the followers of Majere. It is not by chance I gave a symbol of Majere and a disciplined soul brought it back. I encourage you to continue your path with Majere and his followers. If you choose, you may join our temple." Dartanio nods. "I accept."

Author: Dartanio Date: Sat Sep 16 03:41:12 2017 Subject Beginnings (Pt. 3)

Kaln smiles and beckons Dartanio to hand over the small bronze spider into his righ hand. Kaln pulls out a small trinket from his robes and holds it with his left hand. Kaln closes his eyes and mutters 'fido'. Kaln then opens his eyes and tells Dartanio, "Take this. This is your medallion of faith. As a priest of Majere, you will be able to use this to cast protections. As you rise through the ranks, more spells will be granted. May Majere guide you towards enlightenment". Dartanio nods and accepts the medallion and says "Thank you."

Author: Dartanio Date: Sun Oct 1 10:47:05 2017 Subject Higher Calling

It has been three years since Dartanio joined the Temple of Majere. Dartanio has wandered around the Palanthas area healing the sick and tending to the people's needs. While the joy of helping others keeps Dartanio going, he feels that something is missing. He wonders how he can help rid the perils of the lands rather than reacting to them. Only then can he truly be closer to enlightenment. While on a short trip south of Palanthas, Dartanio visits a local tavern in Thelgaard. A few men cheer as they drink a few tankards of ale and yell "For Schalsea!". Dartanio ponders over what they can be talking about. He asks them "What of Schalsea?". A large man stands up from the table and laughs at Dartanio "Haven't you heard, the bloody Dragonarmy have taken over Schalsea! Sir Maccus Mar'Mahcphi of the Solamnic Order has come to rally troops to reinforce Caergoth!" Dartanio wondered about the overall war. The day to day suffering overall was a result of the lack of peace in the lands. He had seen many families torn apart but never really asked why. As he journeyed back to Palanthas, he began noticing more women and children on the streets and in the field. Little boys would be playing with long sticks playfully practicing. This was all new to him given Dartanio's last few years as a cleric and childhood as a noble. At the temple, Dartanio greets Kaln after his short journey to the south. Dartanio asks "Kaln, what do clerics do in times of war? Do we stay behind and help the populace or do we help directly?" Kaln smiles and pats Dartanio on the shoulder saying "I will be here to help those in need. You have are still young and able and have a higher calling. The Solamnic Knights are there to fight the Dragon Army. If you wish to fight, I have heard they are regrouping in Caergoth. You can choose to fight on the front lines or help with the back lines. Always remember though you will have a home here." With that said, Dartanio packed his belongings and began his journey to Caergoth.

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