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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Darvalst.

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Author:  Darvalst
Date    Sat Jan  4 19:41:31 2003

Subject  The awakening

  The Ksar history, a strange one, but a history no less, it all began with
the union of the slave Kybo, who had no real last name and through the years
adapted his final lastname, Ksar.  He had bewed under this name, to a lady of
the Holy Order, a cleric of some note.  She had abandoned her past husband, a
Korvin Waydolson of the Knights of Solamnia in a love affair that eventually
bore Kybo his daughter, Marilina Ksar, Esailya had left the knight for Kybo
not long before the daughter's birth.  It was a pity, however, Esailya had
left her child with her sisters in the Holy Order of the Stars, to sail with
her husband Kybo in a voyage that would never return.  The ship had attracted
the attention of the Zeboim-spawned water-kin Jeniah, who had set out to do
them harm.  The ship was on a voyage from Kern to the Isle of Mithas.  The
Blood Seas were rough and the voice of Jeniah herself in a somber sirene-like
song.  Inari was the first to hear the voice on the waves that would spell out
the trouble that they knew was upon them.  The Stier II was doomed, Jeniah was
calling upon the mother of the Sea herself, Zeboim to take the ship.  The
storm eventually had taken its toll on the Stier II and it finally gave up
under the tow and was swept under the waves of the sea, never to set sail
again.  The ship took many of her best Sailors with it, including Esailya and
Kybo's lives.  Among those that drowned were; Twigpuckle, Inari, and many
others.  Rorin had luckily missed this trip being too drunk to stand, he was
left in the Rusty Rudder last trip from the Port of Palanthas.  He did not die
in the misfortune of the Stier II.  This brings the line down to the daughter,
Marilina Ksar.

Marilina Ksar was raised by the clerics of the Holy Order and of course, had
adapted the trade of the clerical skills and became a cleric herself, a cleric
of Mishakal to be exact.  They had not told her much of her true parents, and
the news never really did make its way back to the Holy Order of Esailya's
death, as far as they knew, Esailya could still be alive out there somewhere,
and unable to come back.  The years passed by and at the age of 18, Marilina
had betrothed to an Ergothian man while on a healing mission in Northern
Ergoth.  She had become pregnant from the insuing honeymoon.  Her new husband
was a sailor, and she was okay with the fact.  It was much like with her
parents, the good cleric meeting the sailor and bearing him a child, however
there was no knight of Solamnia to corrupt her along the way.  Her husband had
to go out to sea, his name was Jack and he had unfortunately died on his
mission, waylaid by pirates.  She was heart-broken and still carried his child
with her, but without a father to bring him up, she knew it would be hard, and
as time had passed, she began to use her surname again, instead of her hubby's
and eventually completely changed it back to Ksar, hoping to find a father for
her child, by this time the kid had been born.  She named him Darvalst, he was
very dark, much like his father; Jack.  She had donned the last name Ksar upon
him immediately, wanting to recognise the parents she never knew.  She had met
no one she had saw as a fitting husband, having to raise her son with no
father figure whatsoever.  She had taught him in the ways of a cleric, as best
she could, giving him a lot to study, along with that.  She never really could
have grasped how much of an impact being fatherless had upon the child, and
behind her back he had studied much about mariners in the past, which she had
told him of, because of the boy's father, sparing him full stories, he never
really knew about his grandparents on either side.  His father had no last
name in any of his stories, neither.  He considered himself a bastard child,
whether or not his parents were married before he was born, he had no


Author:  Darvalst
Date    Sat Jan  4 19:42:49 2003

Subject  Past Transgressions

will to be a follower of the meager Mishakal his father had tried her best
to teach him the ways of.  He had resented her from an early age, he both
wanted and needed a father to show him in the aspects his mother never could,
it was into reading a log of an older ship he had wandered across a name...
the name of a thanoi, one who had been slewn for murder by the Grandmaster of
Solamnia, Malen.  The walrusman had been the devout of a God... one named
Mondraiken, studying the walrusman's history in what he could, he had become
curious of this figure that had been mentioned so many times.  He would persue
this, and later on had met with a fabled cult member of this God.  He was
thrilled to have the ability to gain association with this God, but he was not
so sure of the entry task they had set him on... as the God of Betrayal,
Mondraiken's passing was that Darvalst had to betray the single most important
figure in his life, by taking their life... this of course was ordained as his
mother, he was not so sure about it.  In anger and resent however, he had
gained the courage to strike back at the very person who bore him.  He walked
into her room while she slept, he sat by her bed, crying, she looked so
peaceful while asleep, yet he knew her inner-struggles were much like his own.
 His crying had awoken her, and she sat up quick, wondering what was the
matter with her only child.  She grabbed him, embracing him, trying to coax
him to tell her what was the matter.  He continued crying, without saying a
word, knowing he would not be able to go through with it if he were to say
anything.  While in his embrace, his hand crept to his side, where he pulled
out a poisoned, kris and slowly made his hand around her again.  She was now
crying with him by this time, not knowing what the matter was and he would not
tell her.  He raised his hand in the air behind her.  She reeled back in
shock, looking at him in the eyes, still crying, she struggled to breath.  He
had just planted the kris into her back, puncturing her lung.  He cried all
the harder, seeing how quickly the life of his mother drained before him.  She
fell to the bed, huffing for breath, landing on her side, the bed behind her
turning a crimson bath of blood.  She looked him in the eyes all the while,
begging for answers without words.  He couldn't speak, he just stared at her,
crying, in shock of what he had done.  Eventually... her eyes had closed, and
she had passed on, leaving him truly alone, a device of his own actions.  He
had only one thing left... to follow in the footsteps of his idol, Sansagroth
and become a follower of Mondraiken, God of Betrayal.

Author:  Darvalst
Date    Sun Jan 12 12:43:12 2003

Subject  Silikas' attempt

  Darvalst had made many small acquaintenances during his travels, one was
that of a dwarven woman, almost completely mad, which was the type of company
he could stand for most, as his patience was much too short for all the 'goody
goodies' he had unfortunately stumbled upon through his days.  Kelvenda was
her name, a holy warrior of some sort, used to dispatching the lesser undeads,
or so Darvalst had gathered through his limitted time knowing the woman.  She
had helped him a few times when he needed the assistance of some brute force
before.  The two had argued for quite some time, about their faiths in their
gods and whose would make a prevailing step if the two were ever to fight.  Of
course, as a dwarf she could never take being wrong, even in the least.  So it
came down to it, they were to have a duel of sorts, until the other had given
in.  The battle started and went on with time, it was a fair match for all,
but Kelvenda had given in after some of Darvalst's clerical abilities had put
her down quite a bit.  Another dwarf, however, by the name of Silikas had
happened upon the fight, Kelvenda on one knee and taken by anger and
frustration made him think to assault Darvalst at first.

But, Darvalst wasn't all too sure about it, so he had 'magicially' altered her
voice as to make it fact in Silikas' mind.  He had rushed to her aid, wanting
to 'save' her from being attacked further, but little to Silikas' knowledge,
it was a ploy, and he was attacking in naught.   The battle was short lived,
Silikas was ill-prepared compared to what Darvalst already had readied for. 
Silikas had been blinded by the same forces that had lost the battle for
Kelvenda, and eventually, he fell in exhaustion after the the insuing battle. 
Darvalst didn't do anything further, instead, he felt kind of sorry for
Silikas and after the battle had offered him some clerical assistance, not a
common thing for Darvalst at all.

Author:  Darvalst
Date    Sat Jan 25 21:00:03 2003

Subject  Mondraiken's servant arrives

Darvalst watched the man in robes eagerly for what seemed hours, until he
finally left the confides of the city, where Darvalst felt the knights could
not intervene into what was to happen.  Darvalst could tell by the the robes
he wore, he followed with the clerics in the Holy Order under Mishakal or some
other lame "God's" banner.  His knowledge was furthered by watching the man...
his name Sobleski.  What chance did the elven-like man stand against
Darvalst's blessed power?  None the matter, after he made his attack, he let
the man know full well of his intentions and long before finishing the
cowering individual off, he warned him of the great Mondraiken and what would
befall all clerics who would oppose his will, those within the Light Holy
Order of the Stars, particularly.  Sobleski offered little challenge and
Darvalst was arrogant about his ways, before his initial strike, he even
healed the man a bit, adding discomfort in all the aspects of the fight.  The
man fell with no where to run and his faith in his god obviously undeserved,
as he could not even remove the maladictions cast forth upon him.  Darvalst
took his coins and looked through the man's bags, looking for pictures or
insignia, he would then attempt to strike at the man's family if he could find
the rightful means of doing so.  He was unsuccessful -- perhaps later he would
query the man.

Author:  Darvalst
Date    Sun Jan 26 02:58:21 2003

Subject  Yew and Sobleski

Darvalst had not long after beating the crap out of Sobleski taken the
opportunity to rent a room within New Thalos.  It was all going rather
commonly, nothing too much out of the ordinary, until the inn keeper came to
his room and told him there were two looking for him and that he should go see
what they want... naturally he did that, being as curious and arrogant as he
is.  It turned out to be Yew, a cleric of the Holy Order... a kender...
KENDER, and a badly beat up and bruised Sobleski ranting for revenge... the
two challenged him and he wouldn't see to backing down, so they fought.  It
wasn't long into the fight when the two had fallen and Darvalst made way with
their money.

Morning came, and Darvalst eventually came across Sobleski again, so he began
to think about ways he could mess with him, just to show him up for thinking
his faith was so much more benevolent than Darvaslts.

Sobleski cowered away, expecting an open onslaught of attacks by Darvalst, but
instead, he was relaxed by a strange object wielded by Darvalst, which swayed
the man's thoughts.  Darvalst quietly lead the man away, not yet showing any
sign of aggression, but when he got him away from the open, he made things all
too familiar for the cleric.

He called forth the wrath he had before, blinding and confusing the young
cleric, and still swayed by Darvalst's attire, he grinned and asked the man
'do you wish this away?', the man quickly retorted 'yes, please, let me
go, please'.  Darvalst felt a bit leisurous at the time and then nodded his
head.  'You shall have it your way then, peon'.  Darvalst then poured a
flask of strange liquod on the man.  Where the liquod touched boils erupted
onto the man's skin and he screamed from agony.  Darvalst then kicked him down
to the ground and left him there, to be blinded, confused and slowly dying
from the plague Darvalst had placed briefly upon him.  It weighed on his mind
very little, and he expected the man wouldn't die from this... and he thought
that was the best way to have it... "more fun for later".

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