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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Deamanil.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a tattered paperback on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Deamanil' scribed in vibrant red ink.

Author:  Deamanil
Date    Fri Dec 13 00:19:55 2002

Subject  Ryline's a flamer

  It was a bright day, the sun hurt the eyes, its halos shining even
brighter because of the rain that happened not long ago.  Along with the
brightness it was calm and warm, unfortately, the dirt was still rather muddy,
of course.  Deamanil had left his feet prints in the mud for quite a ways it
seems, he didn't care much, not as if those dumb hobgoblins could do much
against him, he was gathering food not far from there camp, some berries and
the like.  After some time he saw Ryline following the footprints, looking for
Deamanil... stupid idiot still hadn't learned his lesson, Deamanil shook his
head at the walking dummy approaching him, before running at him with a big
rock... he let Ryline have the rock upside the head, knocking him out cold,
quickly.  Deamanil then spoke 'maybe if I speak idiot, you guys will get the
hint "me bash over head if come near!

no come, me come get!"'.  Deamanil rolled his eyes, took all of the man's
money and then began to route through his belongings, taking a few things
along with him.  He then kicked Ryline hard a few times hoping to leave some
good marks.  He spoke again 'For everytime I see you come close to me, I'm
going to leave more scars until you eventually die, and I hope your death is
nice and slow'.  He kicked him again.  Deamanil walked off, rolling his eyes
saying 'moron'.

Author:  Deamanil
Date    Sun Dec 22 11:42:35 2002

Subject  KreShar finally falls!

  The weather was pitiful, the wind and rain in the plains caused Deamanil
to put up a small shack to stay in until things cleared up.  He dug a hole in
the dirt, A couple slabs of in an arch over the hole and put his blanket
across them, covering that with a layer of dirt and brush to keep it from
getting too overly used by the weather.  For the first while it wasn't working
out for Deamanil, but he eventually put some rocks on top of the brush to keep
it weighted down heavier, it worked out a lot better at this point.

He was for now comfortable in his makeshift hut.

  The wind howled maddeningly the whole day, it was coming onto evening when
he heard a different sound faintly over the wind, a hooting hollar, quite
familiar to Deamanil, actually, it sounded like the bandit leader, KreShar...
but the wind's distortion made it harder to discern.  Deamanil peeked out from
his shack, it was indeed the hobgoblin.

He was hollaring Deamanil's name, Deamanil crawled out of his shack, getting
fairly muddy in the process, his poor irrigation ditch in front of his shack
wasn't holding up the best... He squinted toward the wind and rain to see the
hobgoblin standing a ways away now looking at him as well.  Deamanil wielded
his weapon, ready to attack and the hobgoblin quickly said 'no fight, not
just yet!'.  Deamanil wondered what was the matter with this situation, he
looked around to make sure he wasn't about to be in an ambush... he couldn't
see anything around and he figured no goblin could shoot a bow well enough to
hit him in this rain and wind... he was fairly comfortable in that.  He let
his weapon arm fall to his side, he puffed his chest out arrogantly from where
he stood.  The hobgoblin began to walk closer and Deamnil shouted 'Come
closer and I'll lop your toothy head off'.  The hobgoblin stopped in his
tracks.  He then spoke in a grunting, wind-stricken voice 'me want formal
duel, me want show human what bandit can do, we stronger than human!'. 
Deamanil was quite puzzled at the hobgoblin...

standing not far from him shouting words of a duel... instead of just plain
out coming and attacking...  Deamanil shrugged his shoulders, and spoke
'Call it whatever you want, I'm standing right here', he stomped his foot
in the mushy ground, 'come and get some'.  The hobgoblin's eyes glazed
over with hate at the arrogant human standing not too far from him spitting in
his face verbally.  Deamanil took his fighting stance and his weapons to arm,
this time with two, grinning madly.  The wind seemed to howl even louder as
the hobgoblin readied himself, and charged.  Deamanil crossed his two weapons,
catching the hobgoblin's sword and spear.  Deamanil followed up a counter by
kicking the hobgoblin in the stomach, making him reel temporarily and shout in
his anger.  Deamanil pushed back with his weapons, trying to shove the larger
beats, not succeeding, he ducked and whirled around with a trip, his legs
failed to sweep the hobgoblin to the ground, but it made him stumble and that
as enough, the hobgoblin's feet came out from under him as he slipped in the
mud.  Deamanil threw one of his weapons to the ground with an arrogant smile,
watching the hobgoblin on the ground.

He knelt down, dipping his hand in the mud and getting a handful.  He walked
around the hobgoblin, circling until the hobgoblin finally got up, KreShar was
pissed.  He charged, to Deamanil's surprise, it sent him flying rather well,
he landed on his back, getting even muddier.  KreShar wasted no time and
charged again, swinging his sword down on Deamanil, who rolled out of the way,
the hobgoblin's spearhand however managed to smack Deamanil in the shoulder
with the blunt end of his spear.  He hurt and Deamanil jumped up, he flung the
mud he had in hand into the hobgoblin's face, making it squeal blindly. 
Deamanil knew he only had so much time before the wind and rain


Author:  Deamanil
Date    Sun Dec 22 11:43:59 2002

Subject  KreShar finally falls! (2)

washed the ugly devil's face off.  Deamanil roundhoused, smacking the
hobgoblin to the side of its head with his foot soundly.  The hobgoblin looked
shocked, unable to see where Deamanil was, it began to run off, Deamanil slid
to grab his second weapon, and took it up.  The hobgoblin woddled back and
forth still unable to see, slipping every now and again in the mud which was
everywhere.  Deamanil gave chase not wanting to allow his very best chance at
the hobgoblin KreShar to pass without a satisfactory end.  He shouted 'Stay
and fight!', his anger was intense as his shoulder ached from the lucky hit
by the hobgoblin.  He ran, the hobgoblin not far in front of him, Deamanil
jumped, weapons out, trying to strike the beast in its back for a killing
blow, it hadn't landed however, the hobgoblin heard him coming and stumbled
out of the way.  Deamanil tripped him, kicked the weapons out of his hands,
braced his feet onto the hobgoblin's arms so it couldn't do much but yell, and
he began to beat KreShar's face with his bare fists angrily.  He boomed with
incoherent babbles as he knocked the large beast unconscious... he thought he
had killed it, wanting the satisfaction of doing it without even using his
weapons... he hadn't guessed later on the creature would up and walk away.

  Deamanil looked liberally through the beast's belongings, not that a dead
hobgoblin would need anything, or so he thought.  He took all of the beast's
loot, a few gems it probably got off of some wealthy merchant, its money and a
few other things.

Author:  Deamanil
Date    Sat Jan  4 18:32:35 2003

Subject  A Good Day

  Deamanil had taken a short span of time away from his 'mission' of keeping
a cap on the bandit activity in the plains, he would come back immediately
after he went to cash in on a bit of their money he had looted... after they
initially looted from others, it was the way of life, right?  Heh-heh.  At
least it was what he had to deal with in the latest times.  Either way, it was
proving quite good in the money-side, he had more now than he had ever in his
life, had at once.  He travelled from where he was toward Palanthas, trying to
get there as fast as his feet could take him, a few days later, he finally
made it.  He had stated his name and business to the guards, who after quite a
bit of annoyance via questioning, he was allowed inside.  He first made his
way to the first bar he could find, he would get pleasantly slant-eyed for a
while and see what kind of 'adventure' he could transpire before renting a
room for the night.  He went in taking casual observations of the folk inside
the inn, not caring much of the folk he saw.  Mostly all drunks he had never
saw before, they were little to nothing in the world Deamanil lived in.  He
cared for very little other then himself and his wife.

He walked to the counter and threw some coins down onto the bar, asking for
whiskey, waiting for it, he peered around the smokey atmosphere of the bar. 
Nothing interested him directly... however a little green creature in dark
robes was approaching the bar, looking directly at him, he found it a bit...
peculiar at first, but this is Palanthas afterall, enough mystery in here to
keep a gnome satsified for years.  The creature kept its stride toward,
Deamanil, a mug in its hand full of liquor, it spilled some as it woddled,
onto the floor, probably for someone to end up slipping into later, and
starting a barfight over which.  The creature getting closer appeared to be a
goblin, Deamanil jumped back from the bar a bit and puffed his chest out
arrogantly, thinking there was about to be a fight, if this creature belonged
to the encampment he's been ruining the plans of.  He tilted his head to the
side to crack it and the goblin was before him.  Deamanil looked down at the
little creature.  'What the hell do you want ya little runt?'  The goblin
snapped back 'me hear you fights!'.  Deamanil's eye brow raises in
perplexion.  The goblin then says 'me be watch since come in Palanthas me
interested, HATE elfies! me want destroyed, me want hire you, bring elf heads
back Silchas, Silchas pay!'  Deamanil thought for a second, his father was
an elf, in fact but that didn't mean much, elves were snooty to everyone,
particularly those of his brood... the half-elven children... he thought about
it, but when the bartender come back with his whiskey he nodded to the goblin.
 'It will depend heavily on which elf has the misfortune of meeting me, but
I believe the money speaks loudly here and I am quite able to be of service,
where can I contact you?'.  The goblin snapped back ' No find Silchas,
Silchas find you!'.  The goblin then started snapping words to itself and in
a show of smoke and sparks, he disappeared from sight, causing only a mild
reaction from the barfolk before they went back to drinking.  Deamanil grinned
to himself, knowing that he has some more income capability now.  He then sat
at the bar taking some of his drink down and thinking.

  Time passed by as it does, and Deamanil slowly made due of his drink,
after he had felt the affects of the alcohol to his content, he decided he'd
hit the streets and see what kind of 'fun' he could stir up.  He threw another
few coins at the bartender, nodded and left as quickly as his drunken stupor
allowed.  It was after midnight some time, he had been passing through a crowd
that were admiring the fountain at Imperial Square... a few were walking
through the streets still, even at how late it was, he walked past someone in
a travelling robe, covering their entire form, except that it (Continued)

Author:  Deamanil
Date    Sat Jan  4 18:33:37 2003

Subject  A Good Day (2)

was sleeveless and he noticed something very familiar.  The arm appeared that
of a a woman's and on the uppermost part there was a tattoo.  He looked at his
arm, the two tattoos had matched perfectly.  His mind wandered temporarily
wondering who else would have his tattoo... he came to only one conclusion, on
their marriage; his wife and him had betrothed and then had an identical
tattoo put on their arm in tribute to their marriage... this was the tattoo,
and the tattoo on the travelling woman, a wolf, while sitting, howling at the
moon.  He raced over to the woman and grabbed her hand gently, while saying
'it's a bit late to be out and about all alone, isn't it miss?', the
startled woman whipped around, thinking she might be about to be robbed and
she reached from her side, ready to grab a weapon... but she stopped with a
gasp, she then undid her hood and pulled it down.  Deamanil was right, it was
Breeze, his wife!  His heart pounded in excitement and he looked her over
quickly before saying 'wouldn't wanna slice up your husband now would
ya?', she smirked and then said 'well, I don't know, afterall he does look
pretty drunk, perhaps he's not himself' She winked at him.  She always had
her own way about things like that.  But, in all it wasn't long into that that
the two were embracing with a kiss.  They made up for the time apart, filling
each other in on where they've been since last being together while walking
down the street.  They were going to, together, get a room and complete their
tales before retiring.  Deamanil was over-pleased, he had missed her so much
and from her side of the story, she had missed him as much.  In the morning
they'd awake, finally reunited, he had also told her about the meeting with
the goblin, who had offered money for the heads of any elven Deamanil would
come across, she didn't look like she held an answer to what she would do for

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